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The sound of a baby crying echoed in the Emerald City Palace. Oscar, who was holding his breath outside the chamber his wife was in, finally could take a deep breath when he heard the baby's cry. He stood up just as a midwife came out through the door; she was one of a few who knew that Oscar was actually still alive since Glinda needed her assistance.

"Glinda is asking for you, Wizard of Oz." she said before stepping aside to let Oscar pass through.

There she was, sitting on the bed with pillows propped behind her, was none but Glinda the Good herself. She was covered in thin layer of sweat, her blonde hair stick to the sides of her face and forehead, and she was holding a white bundle in her arms, smiling happily and proudly.

Oscar made his way to the bed, sitting beside his lovely wife. He moved a strand of hair away and kissed her forehead lovingly.

"Oscar, we have a daughter…" Glinda whispered softly, looking down at her newborn baby in her arms.

Oscar smiled and offered his pinkie to his daughter, which she gripped pretty tightly. "She has a strong grip…" he murmured,

Glinda chuckled softly, kissing the top of her baby's head. "You should invite the other in… I'm sure they're eager to meet her."

Oscar nodded and got up from the bed, kissing Glinda's forehead once again before making his way toward the door and opened it, inviting their friends in.

Master Tinker, Finley, China Girl, and Knuck all went in. China Girl, who had been the most eager to meet the new addition to their 'family' quickly rushed to the bed once she saw Glinda who was holding her newborn baby.

The girl climbed onto the bed and looked over to see the baby's face. "She's so cute and small, Glinda!"

Glinda chuckled and nodded. "Yes, she is…"

"She inherits her mother's beauty." Finley said, smiling at Glinda who smiled back.

"And of course the intelligence of her father…" Master Tinker added,

"The new Princess has born," Knuck said, "I shall blow a fanfare!"

"Knuck!" Glinda, Oscar, Master Tinker, Finley, and China Girl said simultaneously, fearing that the fanfare might wake the baby and made her cry. "Not now."

But hearing they all spoke around her made the little princess yawned and opened her eyes. Everyone looked down at her, meeting with her warm chocolate eyes.

"Awww… she's adorable!" China Girl cooed as the baby's tiny hand reached up to China Girl's hand, which she gladly accepted. "So what do you call her?"

Glinda and Oscar exchanged looks, smiling. "Izzabelle…" The Good Witch said,

"Izzabelle Justine Diggs…" Oscar finished for his wife, kissing his daughter's forehead softly…