Wilbur's POV:

I went to my room early, without even thinking about eating dinner. I am so stressed out by Carl trying to annoy me by saying that I have a crush on that Violet Parr aka Invisigirl! I mean, I know I said she is cute and all but, still, NO!

Anyway, as I was saying, after making sure that my door is shut tight, I took out Violet's diary from my backpack and placed it in my study table (yes, I have one!) and before opening it, I looked at the door one last time just to make sure that Carl isn't spying on me.

Taking a deep breath, I opened her diary and continued reading where I have left off.

=~-# #-~==~-# #-~==~-# #-~==~-# #-~==~-# #-~=
2015, September
Dear Diary

I am so gonna kill Dash when I see that face of his again.
What did the 'twerp' do this time? HE MESSED UP MY NEW
BEDROOM! I slipped on a green blob of goo (Eeeeew),
fell on my butt over a ripped pile of magazines, and ... Let's
not talk about it!
Then, I saw him by the hallways and he ran very fast and
hit me in the gut. At that moment when I have the chance
in punching him for once in my life, I did what I had to do!
At first, it felt good in punching him for the first time until
Dash told on Mom WHO is at the living room.
"Mom, Violet hit me!" he says
"He hit me first!" But, of course, since it didn't work in
pre-school, it won't work on Mom.
And, get this! During dinner, he threw that chunky meatloaf
at my face. I pounced on him and was about to knock my
"brother-bringer-of-disaster" into tomorrow when Dad just
'intervened' just as what Mom asked her to do.
One thing you should always know: My family is SO WEIRD!
But, still, they're not that bad! But, they aren't that good, either!
=~-# #-~==~-# #-~==~-# #-~==~-# #-~==~-# #-~=

I want to laugh my ass off at that Diary entry! She calls her family weird! Well, mine is MORE weird than hers. What could be more weirder if one of your aunties is a puppet? or the fact that you have a gigantic dog and dino as pets?

But, all in all, her family looked normal! I could see that by their picture, glued to that diary page.

Moving on, NEXT PAGE!

=~-# #-~==~-# #-~==~-# #-~==~-# #-~==~-# #-~=
2015, September
Dear Diary,

School sucks! I can't believe that just because I'm a
newbie, I'd be picked on by some *^&(#^& )# ~&%!
Heck, they're like, devil's spawn from darkness itself! I
wish they'd go straight back to hell! They are lucky
because I can't use my powers on them.
I wasn't even doing anything to them yet, they would
mess with me on my first day there! Well, guess what?
They just messed with the wrong girl and I know where
they live! Bwahahahaha! Nah! Just kidding!
But the next time they'd mess with me, I would be so
to be *dun dun dun dun* THEIR WORST NIGHTMARE!
=~-# #-~==~-# #-~==~-# #-~==~-# #-~==~-# #-~=


Hearing the door open, I quickly closed the diary! I looked back to see who it was and realized that it's just mom! Relieved, I puffed up my cheeks and released air out of my lungs.

"Hey, kiddo, whatcha got there?" Mom asked me, pointing at the diary

"Nothing, mom! It's just -" Before I could explain, Mom grabbed the diary and looked at it. I'M SO DEAD!

"Violet Parr? Hmm!" She smiled at me, knowingly. "Do you like her?"

"Let me guess, it's Carl who told you!" I told her sarcastically "She is cute, okay? But - it's not like that! I-it's not what you think!" Then, I took the diary from my mom's hands and placed it back at my study desk.

"Sweetie!" then, she held my cheek and made me face her "Do you want to talk about it?"

I want to say 'No, not at all' but to my surprise what came out of my mouth was "Yes"

"Well, then, you could tell me anything! Anything, at all!" Mom said as she sat on my bed

I told her about Violet's secret identity, how I found her diary and how I lied to her the moment she asked me about it. I even told her about some of the things I knew about her through her diary and the questions that has been bugging me ever since I found that diary.

After I was finished, Mom stood up and brushed her skirt with her hands.

"Why did you lie to her?" she asked me.

"I guess I want to know more!" I replied.

A few moments of silence

"I have an idea! Why don't you invite her over for dinner tomorrow? Then, you two could probably work things out" she suggested.

"Like a date?" It was more of a statement than a question.

"If that's how you put it!"

"Fine! I'll ask her! Thanks, mom!"

"Goodnight, sweetie!" she said as she kissed my forehead.

"Night, mom!"