Wilbur's POV:

I didn't know how my Dad talked me into asking Violet out for dinner but I am sure of one thing: If it wasn't Violet who will bury me alive, it will be my parents!

You do realize that I'm just over-exaggerating! How did he convince me, by the way?


"I can't do this!" I told my dad, slightly on a rampage. I really meant what I said last night about asking her but, right now, I am having a battle with myself over it. He is on the corner of my room, smiling weakly at me while I kept on pacing back and forth, shirtless and flinging T-shirts around, unsure if it goes well with my jeans or not.

"It's not like I'm asking her out on a date or something but it still feels AWKWARD! I mean, what if she realizes that I lied to her and took her diary? If only she's NOT a super, I don't have to deal with being beaten to a pulp but, NO! She just had to be a superhero! I can't just waltz right in front of her and say 'I have your diary, would you like to have dinner with my family?' I seriously CANNOT do it!" I looked at him who is staring blankly at me. Then, he opened his mouth to speak.

"Wilbur ..." my dad started but I cut him off.

"But I have to do this! She doesn't deserve to be lied to and I had to fix this problem before it's too late! Besides, I promised Mom I will do this and I can't go back on my word. I am Wilbur Robinson, for crying out loud!" I held my chin up high and put a fist at my chest.

"Wilbur ..." dad tried to speak but I cut him off again.

"You do realize that it's not yet too late to back out on this plan so while I have the chance to run away, I'll do it! Better safe than sorry! I'd rather be grounded until I die! I can't ..." Before I could say another word, Dad held my shoulder and made me stop talking.

"Son, you have to ask her out for dinner. Your mom has already prepared a buffet and when she makes a buffet, it has to be pushed through. It's just like your Uncle Joe in eating Peanut Butter and Jelly during dinner, okay? It will just be a walk in a park, just be yourself and be confident! Besides, its not good for your mom to get stressed now that the baby will be coming soon!"

"But its NOT a date, right?" "If that is what you think it is, why not? You're old enough to go out on a date, anyway. And if you're going to ask me ..." he walked towards my wardrobe pulled out a gray hoodie "... I think this hoodie will go well with your jeans!"

I stared at my dad blankly for a moment. He noticed this and gave me a look as if to say 'What?'.

"Dad, thanks for the advice but I don't know if -" before I could complain, Dad cut me off just like what I did to him earlier earlier.

"Come on, kiddo! Just give it a try." Before leaving the room, he gave me a small smile and said "You could do this!"

~End of Flashback~

You could do this! That phrase haunted me for the entire day. And now, I'm whispering that four-word sentence over and over again as I slowly approach Violet from across the hallway. I tried to walk even slower but adrenaline coursed through my veins, pursuing me to walk twice as fast, almost brisk walking. It was as if an invisible force is pushing me towards her and before I even knew it, I was standing a few meters away from her. I looked at her ocean blue eyes and she looked into mine for a few seconds until she decided to look away. But, still, she didn't move from her location. It's almost as if she knew I want to speak to to her.

"Hey, miss!" I waved at her, feeling a thousand butterflies flutter in my stomach. She looked behind her and probably thought that I was expecting somebody. She looked at me again and pointed to herself.

"Me?" I nodded as a reply. "What is it?" she asked me, taking a few steps forward. I opened my mouth to speak but the words almost choke me, making it hard for me to breathe.

"Violet, I want to ask ... Could you ... My parents ... Would you go ..." Taking a deep breath "Would you like to go to dinner with me - my family!" I scratched the back of my head, hoping for the best.

"Sure, sounds nice!" she told me, smiling weakly.

"Okay! See you at dismissal!" I told her, dancing energetically inside.

"Yeah, see you! Later!" then, she left, tucking her hair behind her ear. No sooner when she left, I began jumping up and down, celebrating for my triumph. It wasn't so bad, after all!