Title: The Winds of Change

Summery: Ace, Sabo and Luffy are living on their own. The Whitebeard Pirates come to the island to get out of a storm and re-supply their ship on their way and discover the boys.


The sky was raging black as thunder and lightening lit up the night. No one was outside, shut inside taking shelter from the storm in their cozy homes, sleeping. Everything was silence aside from the odd crashes of thunder in the distance. All accept a small tree house deep in the mountains, outside of Fuusha Village and past the Gray Terminal where two young boys tried to calm their distraught little brother.

Luffy hated thunderstorms, he always had and even though he was now made of rubber and lightening couldn't hurt him he just couldn't let go of the fear that each loud boom in the distance made.

"Shh, Lu," Ace tried to soothe as he rocked Luffy in his arms. Sabo was trying to distract the seven year old with stories but it only worked until the next roar of thunder hit. "You're so weak," Ace told him but it was half hearted. He wasn't used to this. He had never had to comfort another before Luffy came along. Luffy was their brother now though and he was just going to have to learn how to calm him down.

Sabo eventually gave up on trying to distract the boy and settled in beside Ace and Luffy. Ace laid down with Luffy between them and all night they spoke words of comfort to their little brother until he finally fell asleep.

Outside a bit farther away, just on the shore came a huge ship that looked like a whale, looking for a place to dock in the terrible storm.

"There's an island just up ahead!" Marco; the first division commander shouted over the howling winds.

"That's the Goa Kingdom isn't it?" another crew member asked as he squinted to see the island through the heavy rain.

"It would appear so," Marco agreed before turning to their captain. "Should we try to dock there, Pops?"

"If I remember correctly there's a small village on this island, Fuusha I believe that's protected by Vice-admiral Garp."

"Garp the fist?" someone asked, their eyes wide.

"Yes, it's his home town if memory serves," Whitebeard said thoughtfully. "There's no saying that he's here or not. Either way I'd rather not have to deal with the marines, We'll drop anchor away from the village."

"Sure thing, Pops," Marco said before going off to let their navigator know where they were headed.

Not long after, the Moby Dick was pulled up as close to the island as they could be before dropping anchor. They were instructed to stay on the ship until the morning so the majority of the crew went down to their cabins to catch some sleep so they would be ready to explore the island in the morning and gather their supplies.

The brothers didn't know what that ship would bring and the ships crew were unaware of what they were stumbling upon by going there, they just knew that somewhere deep inside, they could feel the winds of change.

AN: I know it's pretty short but it's just the prologue. Reviews are appreciated. I'd like to know what you all think and if should continue you this. I know there's a lot of ASL story's out there but I can't help it I love the idea of the three growing up together so I had to write one of my own. Also I'm looking for a beta reader for this story and another One Piece one I'm working on. If anyone knows a good beta or would like to help me please PM me I'd appreciate it.