Shanks reaction since some people pointed out that I never included it.

Shanks was relaxing in the grand line drinking sake with the boys when a bird flew over head dropping a news paper in his lap. Curiously he picked the paper up and skimmed the front cover. Nothing really caught his attention until he got to the bottom of the page, a small article about a massive fire in the East Blue.

Dread started to fill him as he read on. About the fire being started by the nobles and marine forces working to contain the blaze and minimize casualties. His heart sank as he read that one suck casualty was the grandson of marine hero Monkey D. Garp. Shanks didn't even have to read Luffy's name to know that it was him but seeing it in print only made it more real.

The Yanko couldn't stop the tears that had suddenly built up in his eye and flowed freely down his face. He had, had high hopes for that kid, knew that he would have eventually been a great pirate, and maybe even became king. However in a single unfortunate incident that dream was snuffed out. Ben took the paper for his captain to see what had caused such a reaction, he found himself in a similar state after reading.

Shanks composed himself and told the rest of the crew. They had all been fond of Luffy who was like family to them. He had looked up to them and they had wanted to protect him from everything. Shanks could only sit back and think about what ifs. What if he had just given in to the boy and took him out to sea. Would he still be alive now of he had? That night the crew had sat around the campfire solemnly, mourning the loss of a dear friend.


The wind blew though Ace's hair as he stood in front of the execution platform in the town square of Lounge Town. He looked up at the high scaffolding and closed his eye as he imagined his father sitting there a huge grin on his face, just waiting for it to end. Ace had learned a lot about Gol D. Roger since he left Dawn Island eleven years ago with his brothers under the watchful eye of the Whitebeard Pirates. In that time he had worked hard and had been appointed as Whitebeard's second division commander, a position that had been vacant long before the three boys had came on board. Ace had been nervous but honored none the less.

He learned that weather Roger was a saint or a monster depended on whom you asked. It had taken him a while but he had finally come to terms with it and he was more determined then ever to prove to the world that he was not his father even if he was his son. The first step had been coming here.

"You know that Lounge Town is also known as the town of the beginning and the end," Luffy stated from his right, an impossibly wide grin on his seventeen year old face.

"You actually remembered something," Sabo praised from Ace's left.

"Of course I remember! This is where the King of the Pirates lived and died!" Luffy exclaimed. He had learned all he could about Roger, still claiming that he would be the next pirate king. They had come to the East Blue to see Luffy off. He was going to be leaving and setting out to form his own crew. Ace thought it would be a good opportunity to see the place his father had been born.

"I'd have thought you two would have been smart enough to go into hiding," a gruff voice said from behind them. Ace knew that voice anywhere. He grinned as he turned around.

"Hey there Smokey," he greeted. They hadn't seen the marine since he had left them escape but he had found out that the man was stationed here. "You knew I wouldn't have been able to stay hidden for too long."

"I suppose you're right," he said blowing out smoke from the two cigars in his mouth. "Trouble makers will always find trouble."

"Hey are you saying we're trouble makers?" Luffy asked actually sounding offended. Smoker snorted. He knew the boy's were nothing put trouble. Luckily none of them had warranted a wanted poster yet so he was still in the clear with the jerks in the head office. Still Ace was making quiet a name for himself being apart of whitebeards crew. He wasn't stupid. He had heard rumors and he was certain that was Whitebeards ship he had seen just off the harbor. It was too large to dock in a small place like this. It wasn't often that they came back from the grand line either so Smoker figured there must be some occasion.

"What are you brats doing back in the East Blue?" he asked, blatantly ignoring Luffy's question.

"It's time for Luffy here to set sail on his own," Ace explained with a proud smile. Sabo didn't say much as he didn't know Smoker aside from the story Ace and Luffy had told him once they were safe.

"Becoming a pirate huh? I ought to arrest you brats now and save me the trouble," he gruffed as he blew out some smoke. In the end he just shook his head and let them go. After all, bringing them in now would be admitting to knowing they had been alive all this time. If they boy's wanted to be criminals then so be it, at least it was a path of their own choosing this time around. They knew the consequences and the risks and that was all that really mattered to Smoker, because everyone deserves a chance to live and choose for themselves and even now as he walked away knowing those brats were going to only cause him a world of trouble, he couldn't find it in him to regret letting them go that day.

"Come what will," he muttered to himself as he watched the two older boys packing the youngest boat, just a tiny little thing, more like a life boat then anything but he supposed that even though he knew Whitbread would have happily provided one of his so called son's with his own ship. Monkey D. Luffy wouldn't have accepted it. He could tell this kid planned to start out just like he would have if it wasn't for the marines that day. Even though he had the world strongest crew at his back he would make his own name, he knew he would never use Whitebeard's to get where he wanted and he could admire that.

"Remember to write, Luffy," Sabo told him after hugging him tightly. "If you ever need us you know where to find us.

Ace handed his brother a blank sheet of paper and told him to hand on to it so he could meet him again when he needed to. Luffy knew what it was; he had been living on the grand line after all. He pocketed the paper and smiled. Later he would find a safer place, maybe see if someone could sew it onto his hat. Ace hugged him tightly before letting him board his boat. He set sail, waving to his brother's knowing then next time they saw him it would be on a wanted poster. He couldn't wait to start forming his crew.

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