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Chapter 1

I felt drawn to a specific island. An island with a dark surrounding. Clouds blocking the sun, and topping it off was a jagged mountain that reached high into the sky, covering the whole island. Not my first choice as a home.

It was almost as if there was a force making me, maybe forcing me to arrive to the island. I was just passing by, even though I had been warned not to pass these lands or territories. Even I had a bad intuition about the place. Yet, I had to come. I needed to see for myself, why I had been warned.

I struggled to stay in the sky. Being a female Night Fury, I could always be agile and have control in the sky. Today seemed to be different. The winds seemed to be against me; I couldn't back out and my flight seemed to go down hill. I was trapped. Everything seemed to happen so fast, I could hardly interpret the situation.

Then, BANG. I was knocked out cold, by crashing into the mountain.


My head ached, and my throat felt parched. My eyes were begging me for rest, and it took all of my strength to keep awake. I felt as though I were moving. As soon as I realized, I jolted fully awake. My eyes were fully wide and were as sharp as spears. What was happening?

My head arched up to see two red Monstrous Nightmares dragging me. Their tails were wrapped around my forearms, while my back legs were being dragged on the ground. I harshly took back my limbs and backed up. I was soon met with more dragons.

I was prepared to bolt for an escape as soon as possible. Though, wasn't I the one questioning why I shouldn't be on these lands? These dragons were leading me somewhere, and although risky, I was tempted to follow. The dragons behind me pushed forward making me follow the Nightmares.

I took a moment to observe at where I was. There were dragons, hundreds, maybe even thousands of different species in the mountain. All of them divided with their own species. Currently, many of them stared at me. Some emotionless and some fearfull. But, not at me.. At what? As I looked at all the dragons, I was devastated.

From what I interpreted, all of them had their souls corrupted. Normally, I'm not the one to think on those things, but it was practically screaming at me. I could see it in their eyes. All I saw was darkness and depression.

The poor dragons, it's not their fault. They just couldn't withstand living in the unhopeful life. I felt sorrow for them, no dragon should deserve this. I could not be corrupted, not anymore. The experience had helped my wisdom. I'm not sure how I'm supposed to teach the same skills to these given-up dragons.

I sensed the dragons in front of me had stopped. They stepped out of the way, and to my surprise, there was an enormous hole. A hole, that appeared as it was engulfed in flames. A head had suddenly start to show. A really big one. Panick struck me, as the other dragons had started to cower away. The head coming out vertically, had made eye contact with me. With all six of its eyes.

At an intimidating height, the dragon had tilted its head to be in front of me. I really wanted to leave now.

"You are the dragon who has arrived? A Night Fury at that. What a surprise! Such a rare species, and a pleasure to be found on my island. You will prove to be usefull out in raids. What is your name?" the deep voice asked as it echoed through the mountain. I couldn't hide the shiver that went down my spine. Still, I remained calm and bold.

"Icy." I replied back. IcyEyes, that was my true name. I never liked it. It had been what I was called before. I wasn't revealing that to this dragon. No, my instincts told me that this was what the other dragons had been warning me about.

"Icy, you will be assigned to a location along with other dragons. The location you will be in, is human territory. You are to help dragons gain the food anyway you'd like. Since you are a Night Fury, you will be put in the front of the group." he explained. I tensed up. What had I gotten myself into? I'm not one to fight, I'm more of a peace-maker. The thought of attacking, made me sick to my stomach.

"Wait!" I exclaimed out of impulse. Not the wisest thing to do. The huge dragon narrowed its eyes and stopped. I couldn't help but hear gasps from the other dragons. Before the larger dragon could respond, I continued. "Why can't I prove my usefulness elsewhere? I am a healer. I can heal dragons, so you won't loose any. You'll also have more dragons to return with more food." I said.

"What does it matter? He's gonna eat them anyway." A dragon mumbled. There was a small bang from where that voice came from.

"There is no such thing as a dragon healer." the gigantic dragon said laughing. Not the friendly kind of laugh, the laugh that made you seem pathetic.

"There is, only for those who know how to use the right remedies." I said. The huge dragon remained pensitive. Murmurs were heard all around and I tensed up at the stares.

"Beg for the job." he said refering to my suggestion. My eyes turned into a menacing glare.

"No." I stated boldly and loudly. My voice reverberated in the mountain, and all the other dragons remained silent. I wasn't trying to defy him intentionaly, but those words were something that were said instinctively. Although I don't approve of some things Night Furies are known for, I do know that Night Furies do not beg. No matter what the circumstances. Suddenly, I could foresee, that something bad was going to happen. The huge dragon was arising. Not good, not good!

Snap! The jaws came so close to gripping my body. With fast reflexes, I avoided them by so little. I hovered in the air, frightful to come down. I didn't want to become food for him.

Then, he did something unexpected. He gave a low chuckle. One that made me spine shiver. His chuckle bounced off all the walls in the cave. I was still wary of returning to the ground.

"I will give you one chance to prove yourself. Think of it as a test. Find a cave or make one. The raids start tomorrow. Be prepared." he said. Slowly, his head started to vanish down in his hole. "Don't even try to escape. You'll only find yourself where you started."

I landed in the same spot and sighed in relief. I felt utterly tired. The silence broke and the mountain was filled with voices. Dragons looked at me like I was something new that didn't belong. It made me almost regret arriving. I would put up with it, after all they're just looks.

I was confused on where to go next. I was thinking along the lines of leaving this island. But I took the large dragon's threat seriously.

I guess that means I'm staying in this island. I didn't think so much could happen in a short period of time. I flew to the top of the mountain. Somewhere up there, would be my home. As I flew up, I passed great amounts of dragons. The amount decreased as I reached the top. There were only a few Terrors resting there.

I landed on a ledge. I rested for a bit before I began moving boulders out of the way. I arranged and removed more boulders, and I was able to successfully make a horrible cave with an small entrance.

Making homes is not something I should do. It would take me more time to make more space, and make it at least stable. I curled myself tightly, trying to block out the outside world.

I saw for myself why I had been warned. Now, what can I do about it? How do I make the situation better? How do I help? How do I give hope?

This night would probably be the hardest to sleep through.

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