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Chapter 19: Hope Doesn't End


There is always a moment, whether tragic or wondrous, that makes you reflect back. There's always one moment, where you freeze and remember everything.

That moment, was right now.

I remembered EVERYTHING.

I remembered how timid, yet intrigued I was by Toothless. Talking to me. Always getting injured. Always coming. How Hiccup was very advanced in drawing and in communicating with us. How like-able he had been, which helped our trust grow. How intelligent he was for thinking differently in assisting, not only a dragon enemy, but a Night Fury! I remembered how the three of us were like together, and how we all warmed up to each other. How amazing all that had been, and how that bought a new feeling to my heart.

To think, that everything all started when Toothless took me out to the raids. That day seemed blurry, but I remembered every emotion I had felt that morning.

When Toothless got caught, I was convinced that, that was the worst jolt into fright I had ever experienced.

I was wrong.

Right now, Toothless wasn't reacting, and Hiccup was no where to be found. And, I was scared. I was scared, because my whole life, I had depended on hope to get me through. Hope isn't just an expectation towards something, it's knowing that what's really out there is the dark, and what you can be, is the light.

But now, the light was dying out… and darkness was overcoming all the barriers I put around it.

As I cradled Toothless's head, I shook him to snap him out of whatever sleep he was in. There was no reaction. Anybody could clearly recognize the signs. No patterned breathing, no movement. No eyes opening.

Just nothing.

I began to get frustrated with Toothless. I was convinced that he was fooling around, and he didn't want to get up. That in the next second he would jump up saying 'I'm just kidding.'

I looked down in utter sorrow and disappointment.

"Toothless…?" I asked. I suddenly realized how cold he was getting. I wrapped my wing around him. As soon as my wing made contact with him, he began to warm up. It almost seemed impossible. "Toothless…? Toothless?! DarkFire!" I exclaimed. The name sounded foreign once I said it. I wasn't even sure I said it right.

But I was glad I did, because when I said the name, there was an immediate reaction.

His bright eyes fluttered open and I was finally able to hear his rugged breathing. I sighed in relief. I was able to smile, with tears threatening to burst out. I crooned loudly as my heart palpitated quickly. I closed my eyes and nuzzled him.

"IcyEyes," Toothless whispered. I anxiously leaned closer to him.

Then, he whispered something to me. Something unreal. Something that completely took me by surprise. It was enough to slap me fully awake. My eyes widened completely and before I could respond, Hiccup's dad had gotten Toothless's attention.

I stood back and observed the large human. He was down on all of his paws. His head was bowed down in despair. The large human grieved.

"Oh, son." his gruff voice said. I looked at Toothless expectantly. But, only he narrowed his eyes. I couldn't understand, the human was clearly suffering from the loss, but Toothless didn't seem to sympathy it. I looked at him puzzled, but he shook his head.

"I did this." the human continued. There was complete silence, expect for Toothless's breathing. Ashes and dust blew around us. Toothless ducked his head to sniff under his wings. I was still anxious and a bit impatient to see when exactly he would reveal. When, he poked his head back out, the human spoke again.

"Oh, son. I'm so sorry." he said softly. The human looked at both of us. His eyes were full of sorrow and regret. When the human had apologized, I knew that half of it was meant for us.

Toothless looked at me and nodded. I was still confused to what he meant.

He untucked his large wings and spread them out, revealing… none other than Hiccup. My eyes widened with more excitement.

"Hiccup!" his father exclaimed. He grabbed his unconscious figure and held him close. His father took off the weaponry from his head, and placed his head on Hiccup's chest. He laughed in glee and smiled.

"He's alive! You bought him back alive!" Hiccup's father exclaimed with joy. Everybody in the background cheered and exclaimed, including some of the dragons. Hiccup lived, and everybody seemed to be happy about it. (Though, I still felt doubtful.)

"Thank you," his father said sincerely, even surprisingly glancing up at me. Hiccup's father patted Toothless's snout. "For saving my son."

Toothless's eyes dilated and he nodded. He laid his head back down, and I was reminded how weary he must be. He stressed his muscles too much today, and the fall did not help.

"Well, ya know, most of him.." another human piped up. My eyes flickered curiously to what the human had suggested, and when I saw Hiccup's leg, I couldn't help but gasp.

"What is it?" Toothless asked groggily and hoarsely. He was about to lift his head, but I pushed it down. I soothed him by rubbing my tail on his scales. I gently pressed my nose against his cheek.

"Rest." I commanded.


Slowly, reality faded in, and I began to wake up. I saw the silhouette of IcyEyes. And I felt my body being lifted up. I jolted awake, and became aware of my surroundings. I was being lifted up. I growled in immediate dislike.

"He's awake!" I heard.

"Night Fury! Get down!"

"Both of 'em are comin' at us!"

I jumped off the surface I was on and growled at the humans. IcyEyes came by my side right away. It looked like she was hiding at a distance from them while being near me.

The humans snarled at me and gripped their weapons, but regardless to that, they backed up an shielded themselves. I knew that they feared. I snarled back in return. That caught the attention of Hiccup's father.

"What's happening?" I asked turning IcyEyes. I glanced back at the humans, as they glared at us behind their shielded weapons. I didn't like that, so I held my wing out so IcyEyes wouldn't have to see them.

"We're leaving towards the island. The dragons are migrating too. But, it seems that the humans don't seem to trust only US." she replied.

"I wonder why…" I remarked sarcastically.

"Chief, we can't take 'em! They'll destroy da ship or attack us. You of all people kno tha' we can't trust 'em." a human said. The others agreed.

"I would think that they were stupid if they did." I muttered.

"They're comin' on the island, whether ye' like it, or not. I will not leave 'em here." Hiccup's father said.

"Well, we refuse ta go on a ship wit them." the other humans said. Hiccup's father paused.

"Then, they travel wit me. Now, lets geta move on! Prepare to travel! We have to take Hiccup ta Gothi." he said walking away. I had a feeling that, that was his final word, and the command that would be followed.

As I passed the glaring humans, I falsely jumped near them, making them flinch back. I sneered and walked forward, hitting them with my tail.

"I will never understand male pride." IcyEyes mumbled.

"That wasn't male pride." I said. She sighed, clearly disagreeing with me.

As I got onto the wooden surface, other humans stared at us. Some judge-fully, others curiously, or bitterly, and with resentment. They were just stares though, and I was not bothered at all by them. I didn't care, there were only a couple humans I could say I liked, heck, I didn't even like other dragons that much.

Once I was fully on the wooden surface, I saw Hiccup unconscious covered in furs. He was held by Astrid. IcyEyes was the first to step forward. Hiccup's father was standing near him, and I had an instinct that he was wary.

I was caution and aware, I didn't want IcyEyes getting harmed either. Hiccup's father looked at us warily, but IcyEyes stared back at him, unafraid.

Our eyes bore into his, and I guess he couldn't take the intensity of our gazes. He even seemed shocked about it. We were fierce creatures, not mindless beasts. One of our stares could pierce through you like a hole.

He looked away and IcyEyes fully came close to Hiccup and sniffed him. She looked up, as if still asking for permission. Hiccup's father nodded and Astrid let Hiccup rest on IcyEyes.

For this moment, my main focus would be staying close to Hiccup. I would have to ignore the other unimportant humans, and survive the stay without Hiccup's help. Which meant, not fighting or being provoked by these humans. I knew they didn't like me, but I didn't like them either.

The only upside so far, was that I wasn't alone. I had IcyEyes to help me survive through this, and help me keep my sanity. She would stay with me. The one and only dragon that I trusted. I would at least get to spend time with her after almost having her die of a broken heart.

I came close to the trio in front of me. That made Hiccup's father pay very close attention to me, as if I would try something.

I wasn't surprised; trust doesn't come as easily.

And it would take a lot to begin trusting this change. Because, I know that everything has changed.

Hiccup's House

IcyEyes, Hiccup, and me stuck together, that was our (unofficial) rule. So, when the humans decided to disagree with that rule, IcyEyes and me began to get angry.

None of them were there when he was up in the skies, risking his life. None of them saw all that he did! None of them know him, like we do. We weren't going to leave him, and they were going to see how stubborn a Night Fury can get.

Once we entered the human structure, no human dared to go against us. Stoick, Hiccup's father was OK with it. Sure, the humans did yell, but they were too scared to enter and match their words with actions.

The only humans that did enter, were Hiccup's father, Astrid, another large human with missing limbs, and a mute human.

The mute human was peculiar. She didn't speak, nor did she seem afraid of being alone with two Night Furies. She healed Hiccup in a way that mystified IcyEyes. Her way of communicating, was giving us messages with her eyes. Before Gothi left, she even seemed to give us a warm smile. Like I said, mystifying.

Her name was found out to be Gothi.

The human with missing limbs was also assisting her. He didn't look at us much. He acknowledged our presence, but he seemed to keep his distance. One of the reasons he came in, was to stare and almost study my tail. When I would catch his gaze on it, he would look away sheepishly.

The other reason he came in, was to help Gothi attach something on to Hiccup.

I was curious as to what and why, but IcyEyes wouldn't let me see. When both humans left, she still wouldn't let me near. It was frustrating me, but I wouldn't counter against IcyEyes.

"IcyEyes, they left. Let me go near him. They attached something to Hiccup." I said. She let out a deep, long sigh.

"Toothless, I need to tell you something." she said with seriousness. I knew that whatever she had to say, wasn't good. "You know that what you did to save Hiccup, was… the most selfless and risking thing anyone could do for someone." she continued.

"IcyEyes…" I asked warily. But she ignored me.

"But, there's always a price. I know that this is just between us. Nobody will know, but YOU have to know that you are the bravest dragon I know, and I love you so much…" IcyEyes said averting eye-contact.

"IcyEyes…?" I asked questionably.

"Hiccup… didn't come out completely unscathed," she finished. She stepped out of the way and I slowly walked forward.

I still couldn't comprehend what IcyEyes meant. I blinked a couple times, musing. When I walked up to Hiccup, I smiled, but at the same time, immediately frowned. I smelled Hiccup and his scent… but there was something different to him. I could smell metal on him. That only further puzzled me.

I leaned down to smell where it was coming from. I stopped down at where his hind left paw was. I lifted the human wrapping to see what it was, and when I did, it startled me. I blinked, not believing what I saw.

My breathing was suddenly off. I backed up, almost tripping on my tail. When I did fall, and I rolled to the side to get up. My breathing continually hitched and I felt my blood run colder than it was supposed to be. I panicked and glanced everywhere, not being able to comprehend the situation.

"Toothless?!" Toothless?!" IcyEyes asked very concerned. I forced myself to respond, but only small breathes came out. I shook my head and closed my eyes tightly.

Then, I felt something wrap around me. That made me drop down to the ground, with my eyes still tight shut.

"It's OK! It's ok… I got you." IcyEyes said. I opened my dilated eyes and stared at her. Her wing covered me and she wore a smile. It was a smile that illuminated her eyes. I focused into them, and my breathing slowed down, and my body relaxed.

I nuzzled into her neck and inhaled her scent. I closed my eyes and continued to rest my head on her. I felt her lightly sigh, as her chest moved.

"What did I do to him?" I asked.

"You saved him." she stated. I looked up with wide eyes. IcyEyes smiled down at me.

"I didn't even know that I did that to him! Everything happened so fast!"

"Just accept, that if you didn't do it, he wouldn't live now! I don't like it when you do this! When you look at the one bad thing, compared to the other good ones." IcyEyes snapped.

"It still doesn't feel right…" I mumbled.

"I know. But it'll get better. You'll realize that. You were able to forgive Hiccup, and I'm positive that he'll do the same." she said softly. I couldn't say anything to her. I knew she was right. Our friendship is too strong to get too affected by this, and I know what I did was… effective…

IcyEyes leaned her head down and licked my face, and I didn't feel cold anymore. Out of instinct, and before I could register, I did what I did next. I wanted just a little more affection than she was giving me.

I leaned up and pressed my nose against hers, and it must've been by surprise because her eyes were wide open, and I felt her shiver from the contact. Nevertheless, she pressed back with more fervor. At that point, my insides burned and spread throughout me. IcyEyes's nose was colder than mine, but once it was pressed against my own, it felt like flames. The feeling was very pleasant, and I don't recall feeling like this before. When she backed up, I wore a dazed look. She giggled, and licked my nose.

I laid my head back under the spot in her neck. I used my claws to harmlessly cling on to the arm she had around me. Then, she began to lick the scars I had around my back and chest. All of it was too comfortable, and it made me drowsy.

"Wait, I h-have to stay awake. I need to watch for Hiccup!" I said trying to keep my eyes open.

"Both of you have gotten injured. You need rest, I'll watch him and if he wakes up, I'll tell you." she replied.

"Stop putting me to sleep." I muttered. She laughed and I allowed myself to finally fall asleep after a very long day.

I suddenly woke up, feeling like I had missed something. My eyes were raised, and I was alert. I turned and saw that IcyEyes was awake and staring ahead at the almost unmoving body of Hiccup.

"How long was I asleep for?" I asked with my voice having traces of sleepiness.

"You were down for a while. As soon as you went to sleep, it was almost like you were knocked down. It's almost day time." IcyEyes said.

"Has he woken up?" I asked hopefully. IcyEyes paused and looked down. Her eyes shone with concern.

"No." she replied softly. I closed my eyes and sighed. IcyEyes stood up, and let her wing relax back into place. She walked over to Hiccup and sat near him. I followed her and sat on the other side.

We looked down and studied him. He was dirty and his fur was unkempt. It was silent. Nothing was said. Nothing was heard.

All of a sudden there was something interrupting the silence. My ears rose. It was coming from the opening of the structure. It was Astrid. She slowly and hesitantly walked in eyeing both of us.

I stared at her as she made her way next to IcyEyes. Astrid used her paw to grab Hiccup's, front under his human covers. She sighed and it was quiet again.

"You know, before all of this, many people didn't pay attention to Hiccup…" Astrid said. It seemed like she didn't care whether we listened or not. IcyEyes and me looked at her curiously.

"He would come up with these, brilliant inventions! They looked like they would actually work! He has a brilliant mind, and I guess that's why he was different

"But… nobody would pay attention… Hiccup never knew, but I did." she mused looking at Hiccup's face. Her words proved that Hiccup and her did have further history.

"We would never talk… But we used to do something. He would stare at me when I "wasn't looking." And I would stare at him, a little more discretely." she rambled. The scales on her cheeks turned a shade of red. So… they're something?

"I just never noticed who Hiccup really was! How willing he was. I wish I had, sooner. He… is a very great person." she said. Again, there was silence, and I watched how Astrid watched Hiccup with admiration and even... likeness? No, a LOT of likeness.

Then, she stood up and her face made contact with his cheek. I could only infer that it was a loving gesture.

"Stay alive, Hiccup." she said.


After Astrid had left, IcyEyes and me watched Hiccup. I wanted him to wake up already! I wanted him to look at all the progress.

He would love everything that the humans were preparing outside. I could easily pick up the scents and chatters of the dragons outside. How they were talking about "living together with the humans in peace, and compromising." Hiccup would love it.

"He's a strange human." I stated lightly chuckling.

"In many ways, he reminds me of you." IcyEyes said not taking her eyes off him. That caught my interest.

"How?" I asked narrowing my eyes playfully. She broke into a smile.

"Well, both of you are dry-humored, stubborn, sarcastic…" she continued. I rolled my eyes. "Oh, and you both do that too," she laughed.

"Is that all?" I asked. She lightly laughed again.

"No. Both of you are determined, selfless, green-eyed, also, open-minded, caring, and very different." IcyEyes said slowly. I looked up as my expression softened.

"I think that we all have that in common." I said. She looked away shyly.

"Do you think I'm green-eyed?" she asked slowly smiling. I chuckled. Before I could respond, I was interrupted.

"Hmmhnm…" someone groaned. My eyes widened and dilated as I looked down. IcyEyes and me both leaned down closer to him. I sniffed him to sense any other movements.

Hiccup groaned and moved his shoulders. IcyEyes growled at him, and he moved once more. I growled louder for him to get up.

Finally… he slowly opened his eyes. IcyEyes and me nuzzled and licked him, also pushing him back because of the force.

"IcyEyes! He's awake! He's finally awake! I can't believe- Can you believe this?!" I asked loudly. Her tail swished wildly as she chirped and crooned at the sight of Hiccup.

He started to smile.

"Hey guys. Toothless, IcyEyes, I'm happy to see you two, too." Hiccup said clearly tired.

"He needs to get up. He needs to see everything outside!" I exclaimed excitedly.

"Calm down, he needs to get up first." IcyEyes said.

"Then, help me." I said beginning to push Hiccup up. IcyEyes pushed him up a little more gentler than I did.

We came closer to him, but I must've stepped on him, because he winced and immediately sat up. IcyEyes pushed me off him, clearly amused at my excitement. Hiccup leaned on IcyEyes's neck, as he sat up.

"I'm in my house…" he said looking around. House? So, that what it was called. He looked at me and I licked my lips, eager to get moving! IcyEyes jumped over by my side, knocking me over in the process. I laughed and got up, also pushing her.

"Uhh, both of you are in my house!" Hiccup said nervously. I wonder why he sounded nervous.

I began to jump around, even more anxious and excited. IcyEyes followed, chasing me around, trying to grab my tail.

"Does my dad know that both of you are here?" Hiccup asked a bit distressed.

"Yes, he does." I stated to him.

"What? Ok, Ok," Hiccup said unsure on what to do. I looked up, and noticed IcyEyes sitting on a wooden branch above. I wanted to try it too.

"Toothless! No, no! IcyEyes?! Why did you- IcyEyes, Toothless?! Oh, come on!" Hiccup groaned.

Just as he was going to stand up, he stopped. Hiccup frowned and I jumped off, followed by IcyEyes. Hiccup looked down in disbelief and in utter shock. He gasped and stared blankly at his leg.

When he put his hind paw down, I sniffed the metal attached to his leg. When I looked at him, I saw the sudden sadness radiating off of him. I looked at him sadly.

IcyEyes licked his cheek, and he glanced at her, trying to smile, but failing. Hiccup took a deep breathe and leaned on a piece of wood. He took a step, and another, but fell in the process.

I caught him before he fell. IcyEyes helped him up, and so did I.

"OK, thanks guys." he said sitting again. I looked at him puzzled and I nudged him to get up again.

"Sorry… I'm just…" Hiccup mused. I crooned to him. He looked up and hid a smile. I motioned IcyEyes to sit down, after I did.

"So, we're at Berk again; my village." he said. I nodded.

"Where else?" I asked rolling my eyes. He chuckled softly.

"I was just thinking, what are we going to do when we go out there? I'm sure not everybody's warmed up to you guys." he said. I shrugged.

"Maybe he's not just thinking about that." IcyEyes said tilting her head. Hiccup glanced at her, making eye-contact.

"We did it, we killed the beast. But, I feel like something's missing! You know?" he asked. I grunted in agreement. IcyEyes hummed in confusion.

"Alright, I just figured out that I'm not completely useless. So, I have a lot going for me." he said. I nudged his arm ad he used it to scratch on my snout.

"Besides that, I just figured out what we all, can do. And it's incredible! We've proved ourselves all the way not just to these people, but to ourselves… so, the question is…" Hiccup continued. IcyEyes looked at him more expectantly than I did.

"Does it end here?" he asked. I shook my head quickly. Hiccup looked taken aback. "Really? So, why doesn't it?" he asked leaning back.

I sought his new metal hind paw, and swished my bare tail next to it. Hiccup stared at it for a long moment. His eyes turned from dull to wonder and realization.

With bright green eyes, he smiled at me, and wrapped his arm around my neck. He gave me a silent gratitude, with his eyes filling up with admiration.

"You too, IcyEyes! Come over here!" Hiccup beckoned. She brightly smiled and joined us, with Hiccup wrapping his other arm around her neck. "You're in this too, and you're stuck with Toothless and I." he said. IcyEyes chuckled.

"After you." Hiccup said. We helped him stand up and walk forward.

"OK, thanks guys." he said. As we made it towards the entrance, Hiccup opened the obstacle, but was confronted by a Monstrous Nightmare roar. Hiccup closed the entrance.

"IcyEyes, Toothless, stay here." Hiccup commanded. I managed to take a look at what was waiting outside.

"What?" Hiccup asked.

There were multiple dragons flying freely, eating fishes, and being there. None of them seemed to be bothered that humans were there! Or even riding them!

"I knew it, I'm dead." Hiccup said. The entrance closed and I stared at the wood. I didn't go after Hiccup yet, I just stood there first.

"What's wrong?" IcyEyes asked. I blinked.

"This is strange." I stated. She chuckled.

"Maybe it is; It's a neutral feeling." IcyEyes said.

"What do I do now?" I asked still staring at the wood. IcyEyes licked my cheek.

"I don't know. WE're, are going to see what else happens." she said.

"And, what else will happen?" I asked.

"Does it matter? One day at a time." she said. I blinked again and slowly grinned.

"Then lets explore." I said mischievously. IcyEyes smiled, and we pushed the wooden entrance open.

"Night Furies! Get down!" humans yelled. I purposely jumped on one or two of the them as I made my way towards Hiccup.

Hiccup stared at us happily with familiar equipment in his arms. I looked at him and gave a toothless smile.

After I had been connected to the saddle, I felt more relieved; It felt natural. The only two things that changed, was that Hiccup's prothetic was connected to the tail he controlled now. I knew exactly what that symbolized, and I didn't feel as guilty anymore.

The other thing that changed, was that the other tail-fin was now red. It was a peculiar color, but I knew it would grow on me.

"Welcome to my village," Hiccup said to us. "Maybe it's not the best, but we just got an addition." Hiccup said motioning everywhere, to the humans and dragons.

"So, what do you want to do next?" he asked.

All three of us exchanged knowing glanced.

"That was exactly what I was thinking." Hiccup said grinning.

All of us, took off into the sky of possibilities. Finally.

The three of us remain strong. Our bonds hold us together. Our fates overlap, but our destinies intertwine. We are all in sync. We are a team. We are like family.

All of this has happened, and we've gone far. Farther than any other dragon has. Farther than any human has.

Hiccup, IcyEyes, and me are inseparable. It's just us, like in the cove. We don't need anybody else. We rely on each other, but not in the way you would think. We rely in each other to hold each other up. If one falls, the others jump down, and we climb back to the top together.

The cold, hard, sharp embrace of loneliness is not our issue anymore.

Two Night Furies and a brilliant human, is better than one.

Hiccup and me are connected. We are like brothers. No, we are brothers. It's not our bond that holds us together, it's because we connected, that we were able to bond. He is a true friend, and one that would never turn on me. And it turns out, we are more alike than we thought. We are all stuck together for a long time now, and we like it like that.

IcyEyes and me are deeply fallen into each other. I say fallen, because I fell. I fell from the spot I was in, and closed my eyes before IcyEyes was there to catch me. That was when she gave me a new type of embrace. One I couldn't get enough of. She took half of my heart, and greedily kept it to herself.

She won't admit it, though. I don't get why she's so shy around everyone when they mention US specifically. Especially when I try to show everyone. It's adorable at how embarrassed she gets, and she always claims I do it on purpose. I do, but I'll never tell her. The only time when she's not 'shy' is when we're around Hiccup. (She also does that on purpose.)

So, you can say I've seen and been through many things. Some unspeakable.

But it was all nothing compared to these last weeks. It was a very long journey. The moment I came to IcyEyes, everything changed. She helped me encounter love and opened my mind. I was so open minded, that I accepted to bond with a human. She claims that I am the true hero, along with Hiccup, but I know that she's a hero too.

I've experienced so much, and it changed my hole view of things; My perspective. It's unexplainable.

I know that there just needed to be someone who was willingly open for a change. Once all three of us found each other, it was pieces sticking together, and it fit perfectly. IcyEyes shares our bond, even though she's told me that Hiccup and me share something only between us. IcyEyes and me also share something special that only we know off.

But all three of us share something greater than a bond, and stronger than a friendship.

All of it began with just a little bit of hope.

I knew how to have hope, but there was something that needed to give me the reassurance and the reason. So, I pursued. And when I learned it, I constantly started reminding myself that,

Hope is not dead, it's just larger than our imaginations; its purpose going farther than our comprehension.

This was a personal ending, and I also added a touch of what I felt, and I tried my best to perfect this chapter, constantly going back to edit. I agree, it was a little corny and sappy, but I did my best to keep it simple, yet explain the concept. The concept of the story extends to many ends, but sticks mainly with the title.

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~A Night Furies' Last Hope~

"Hope is not dead, it's just larger than our imaginations; its purpose extending far beyond our comprehension."- Kathy Hobaugh