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Cato POV I wait with the guys by the door until the girls arrive. Already I've seen about twenty werewolves and even more devils. I decided to go with the vampire look. I could definitely look the part: tousled messy hair, ripped up blood stained clothes that look like they belonged in the 1860's, not to mention the dark lips with sharp fangs.

Gale came as a doctor with blood and fake limbs strewn around his neck, Marvel stupidly came as a werewolf and looks like a right dickhead with all that fur and Finnick, well, he came as himself.

"Madge is here, I'm off guys." Gale tells us as he walks off with some blonde in a very short, very tight nurses dress. Then, as if out of nowhere a blonde and two brunette a step out of the thick white fog that coats the floor.

i have to say, Glimmer does look good, I have to say, she's dressed as a witch with dark smokey eyes and a tight black dress. Clove however, she looks stunning, it seems she went with the vampire look as well. She's wearing a tight strapless a line beige dress with a pleated lace overlay which is slashed and cut at regular intervals, her hair is in soft curls and she has the front parts loosely pulled away from her face. The part that strikes me the most is how dreadfully sexy she looks with her fangs, she has painted her lips a dark wine and fake blood drips from both corners but god do those fangs look amazing.

i turn to tell Marvel that I'll be with Clove but he's disappeared off with Glimmer. "Clove!" I call as I head towards her.

"My, don't you just look like the Stefan Salvatore rip off that I didn't want to see tonight." She sighs spinning to face me.

"I'm here now." I grin, flashing her my fake fangs.

"Unfortunately." She manages to slip in, flashing me an equally sexy smirk revealing the fangs she has too.

"Fine, it wouldn't work out anyway, we come from different eras," I reply gesturing to our outfits.

"Yeah, which were you from, the Stone Age?" She quips.

"Ouch! Well do you want to get a drink?"

"Yeah actually I do!" She grins, spinning in her killer heels and stalking off to the bar.

Cashmere POV. "There is not one boy here that is hot enough to make out with, not even with liquor goggles." I sigh, downing another shot of tequila.

"I don't know, the blonde vampire over there looks pretty attractive." Delly smiles signalling over to a tall, muscular boy but I hardly notice him.

"Or is it his friend that's the good looking one?" I smile over at the bronze haired beauty.

"Okay, well go ahead Cash, see how far he'll go." Delly smiles.

"I intend to." I grin, placing my horns back on my head and walking over to the boy, swinging my tail as I walk. "Hey handsome, you do know this is a costume party right." I smirk at the green eyed boy.

"I am in a costume." He winks at me.

"Well it doesn't look like it, and sex god doesn't count as a costume." I smile devilishly twirling a piece of my hair.

"I'm a werewolf, before transition but I think the rules apply to you too, being the hottest chick here doesn't count as a costume either." He grins, flashing his bright white teeth.

"Oh, well maybe the sex god and the hot chick have something in common, care to dance?"

"I'd love to."

Katniss POV "Okay, remember, no drinking at all! I don't want to have to be responsible for that!" I hear Eliza yapping on at us, I'm surprised she didn't come as a drunk teenager, certainly scares her enough. Irresponsibility, what a monstrous thought.

She did come, however as a zombie bride, I tried to tell her they tried that in mean girls and that didn't go well but she didn't listen. Annie came as a sea monster wearing a beautiful blue dress with dramatic make up. I just came as a witch, real original I know, I just couldn't think of anything.

We hear the party before we see it. Around across campus I can already hear Team by Lorde blaring out into the night.

"Great, now I'm going to be dead before the night is over." I hear Eliza huff beside me.

"Oh relax grandma, it's a party would you rather be silent?" Annie quips.

"Well . . ."

"You know what no, don't answer that," I sigh. Finally making our way across campus the house is in sight.

The rooms look alive from out here, fog slowly glides across the floor and the walls reflect bright colours from strobe lights.

"Katniss!" I hear a voice cry as I reach the top step to the house.

"Hey Peeta!" I smile as he reaches me, dressed as a vampire. Laugh all you want but I thought it was sweet.

"I brought you a vanilla coke, as requested." He grins.

"Thank you!" I smile as we step inside. Yeah Eliza, I really can't handle this.

Johanna POV I'll have another shot please." I tell the barman/werewolf.

"Another? I'm surprised your still awake." Says a voice two stools down from me.

I groan and turn to look at the voice next to me, "Well I can hold my liquor, and was I talking to you, I mean unless you came as the barman."

He smirks and takes a sip of his beer making his olive skin crinkle around his perfectly shaped lips, he runs a hand through his dark black tousled and he puts the drink down before replying.

"Well I didn't realise I was talking to a serial killer, what happened, someone try to take away your flask." He grins hopping stools over to sit next to me as he hollers,"Make that two shots," to the barman. Now I can see him better, I gaze into his gooey chocolate brown eyes before remembering I actually have to speak.

"It's a costume, dumb ass, besides I'm an axe murderer get it right. What are you some kind of red leprechaun?" I smirk rolling my eyes.

"I'm sorry for my lack of knowledge of serial killers and their weapons of choice, but I am the boy devil, horns not give that away?" He smirks back, inching closer to me.

"Well you're certainly horn-Y." I grin.

"You like it really, don't deny."

"You're a bit of an asshole aren't you?"

"A bit?" He grins, his face now closer to mine, noses touching, tan skin on porcelain.

We are broken apart by two glasses being set down in front of us and a short, disapproving cough from the barman. I take my glass as we brake apart, coughing a little after downing my shot.

"So, you wanna do this again sometime," he suggests with a wink.

"I don't know? I think you're a bit top cocky for my liking." I grin as he is distracted by paying the barman.

While he isn't looking I grab a napkin, write my name and number on it, fold it up and slyly place it in his pocket.

"Yes to drinks, call me," I grin and with that I swing off the stool and saunter off.

"Hey I never even got your number."

"I'm sure it'll find it's way to you." I call over my shoulder, and with that, and a wink, I'm gone.

Clove POV. I'm dancing by myself, Feel So Close by Calvin Harris is blaring through the speakers and I smile running my hand through my hair whist turning only to find Cato dancing behind me.

"I thought you wanted a drink," I grin.

"I've had my fix."

I wrap my hands around my neck and our bodies press closer. All of a sudden, I couldn't care less about the strobe lights that sweep the room like a spotlight, the puffs of smoke that rise from groups dotted around the room, or the hundreds of other bodies packed in all around us. It's like I've given in to my deepest desires, being close to Cato makes me feel alive in ways I can't explain.

You can say that I'm drunk and the alcohol is going to my head but there's something else there and I can't fight it anymore. I let my arms slip from his wast and fall onto his abs beneath his half open shirt, he strokes my hair. It feels as if all that there is is me and him, our bodies pressed against one another, the fake blood painted on our necks and face intermingling with one another until I can't tell who's is who's anymore, and I don't even care.

Eliza POV I decide to make a beeline for the door whilst Annie has gone looking to chat with Finnick and Katniss is off with Peeta somewhere but a hand sloppily grips my arm and I flinch immediately. I'm faced with a very drunk looking brown haired guy breaking apart from a very steamy make out session with the blonde on his lap.

"Hey, you're in my chem. class right?" He slurrs, it stinks of alcohol over here.

"Yeah why?" I reply scrunching up my nose, the girl looks bored and annoyed as she sets her head on the boys shoulder. Well I'm sorry that I broke you up from playing tonsil tennis I didn't want to be here either.

"I'm totally going to fail this test that we have coming up, and you're like super clever so would you like help me?" He slurrs again. How many likes can a person put into one sentence? Not enough apparently as he opens his mouth yet again.

"I don't mean that you like have to I just really need some like help."

"Yes, alright, fine. Meet me in the library tomorrow at one."

"We have a library?" His utter tone of disbelief is ridiculous, it's as if the boy never even looked at the map.

"Yes see you at one, don't be late or I'll leave."

"Yeah whatever," he huffs as he slithers his tongue into the blonde's mouth again.

Well after that prime example of what teenage hormones and excessive alcohol can do for you I will be out of here.

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