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Let's just say that waking up that next morning was not a peaceful affair. "Get up, dumb ass," are the first words I hear that morning. Then the head ache hit and it was like there was a man bashing at every blood vessel in my head forcing me to face the day.

"Coffee's hot," Glimmer grins as she places a pink ceramic mug on the hardwood bedside table.

"Thanks Glim, so how was your night."

"Oh you know, hung out with a few people, danced a little, drank a lot."

"Really? Because one of the few blurred memories I have of last night are of you and Marvel getting a little too close for comfort in an armchair," I grin sipping the coffee.

"Well, I seem to remember you and a tall blonde heating things up on the dance floor."

I almost spit my coffee all over her."I what?"

"Oh yeah, you and Cato in the center of the floor stroking, grinding, maybe a little kissing? I remember things Clove, I'm practically immune to the morning after remember." she grins sitting down on her bed next to me.

"Not again," I groan checking the alarm clock. Great, it's only 7:30.

"Do you want to talk about it?" Glimmer wonders aloud.

"No, I can't. I think I'll just take a long shower and head out on a run around campus, clear my head."

"Well alright. I'll be getting ready."

I quickly shower, the hot water giving me no resolution any more, only more intrigue. What is it about this boy that makes me feel like this. I get changed into a bright blue sports bra, athletic hoodie, trainers and yoga pants. "Eurgh, Glimmer it's eight o'clock what the hell s wrong with you?" I guess Johanna's up then.

"Morning all." I grin feeling less groggy after my shower.

"I'll give you a fucking morning if you don't stop being so cheery."

"Jesus, whats gotten into her?" I ask clipping on my iPod Nano.

"I'm guessing numerous units of alcohol and if the night went to plan a few unidentfied objects in the downstairs area." Glimmer quips popping some toast.

"Oh you can shut it blondie, don't act like i didn't her you creaking in at 5 this morning." Johanna groans.

"What's this?"

"I might have gone over to Marvel's for a bit."


"Nothing happened, believe me I wanted it to but he blew me off!" She cries, hitting the toaster.

"Well I gotta dash but I do wish you the best of luck with him Glim."

"Same with you and your man Clo."

"He's not my man Glim," I cry slamming the door.


"My brother? Seriously Delly what is wrong with you?"

"I don't know, it just sorta happened?" I heard another voice try for an excuse. Upon opening my eyes I see both Delly and Cashmere standing in the middle of the room in matching black lace underwear, creepy, snarking at each other and two boys gathering their clothes off the ground.

"Come on Cash, it was a one time deal." The blonde says, he's cute, with the same bright blonde hair and dazzling green eyes as... oh wait, so that would be Cashmere's brother, Gloss. I've heard all about him from Cashmere. He's a Junior this year and he's a star football player.

"So that's all I am to you just a one time deal?" Delly shrieks at Gloss.

"Well yeah, I thought we both agreed, I mean you're beautiful and amazing in the sack but I will never be a one woman man, maybe when I'm 70 but..."

"You're such an ass," she shouts hurling a black heel at him but Gloss ducks just in time only for the shoe to hit the other guy on the head.

"Hey!" he shouts turning to face her, Finnick? Suddenly the room is alive with shouting everyone screaming one profanity after another at each other. Delly at Gloss, Gloss at Cashmere, Cashmere at Delly and Finnick at Delly.

"Everyone shut up!" I shout.

"So Delly slept with your brother Cashmere? I'm sure you've done worse to Delly more than once. Delly, so what if it's a one time thing I mean come on he is your best friend's brother after all. Gloss, she may jsut be your sisters best friend but you still shouldn't be allowed to treat her like that and Finnick? Well I'm sorry you got hit in the head with a flying Prada heel."

"Actually it was a chl-"

"I don't want to hear it." I nip in holding up my hand.

"Calm down people what is wrong with you? Now I have to go get changed, I trust you won't all murder each other in my absence."

"We'll try." Says Finnick.

"Good, now, good morning everybody."

"Good morning Madge." "Very well done." I reply. As soon as I shut the bathroom door the uproar begins again.


"Man, you get any last night?" I ask Cato whilst gelling up my hair.

"I don't know, not much I can remember. You?"

"I don't know Glimmer and I were definitely getting things on but, I think she left."

"Well it looks like Finnick wins then," Cato says, gesturing to the empty bed in the corner of the room.

"Yeah, lucky guy it was some blonde chick right, your brothers friend Gloss' sister. Cashmere right, damn she looked good last night." I chuckle.

"Yeah something like that, hey man I'm gonna go grab some food, you want anything?" Cato replies.

"Nah dude, I'm good."

"Cool mate see you in a bit." And he's gone. Now Cato's out, Finnick's probably passed in some girl's dorm somewhere I see now as the perfect opportunity to invite Glimmer over, show her I'm really sorry.


Glimmer just up and left, said she had to kick some jerks ass. Clove's on a run, and I'm sat here eating whatever I can find watching Netflix. And off my phone goes, great a distraction. I mute the TV and check the caller ID: unidentified.


"Hi, it's Jesse from last night, you do remember me right?" comes a low gravelly voice from the other end of the line.

"Of course, like I said I can hold my Liquour."

"Good, well I found your little note, cunning by the way I like that."

"Oh yeah? And whatever happened to the three day rule?"

"Well I never was one for patience, especially when the object of my desire is within my grasp." I can't help it. I crack a smile.

"Really? I bet youre one of those guys who flush the toilet before they're done peeing and race the toilet to finish."

"How did you know?" he gasps.

"Call it instinct."

"Well, down to the point of this call, I wanted to invite you to a lunch with me tomorrow."

"Ooh I don't know, I'll have to check my calender."

"Sarcasm, I like it." "I think I can just squeeze you in at 12." "Great so I'll pick you up then?" "It's a date." "See you tomorrow." And with that I hung up, and went back to The Walking Dead


As I'm running, memories only come back in short flashes, Finnick with a blonde, shots, dancing with Clove, more shots. I'm about to give up when I see Clove sat on a bench drinking some water.

"Hey, freckles!" I call going to sit beside her.

"I'm really not in the mood Cato."

"Mood for what? I just wanted to talk, about this whole situation."

"Really, and what is this whole situation?" She questions pulling out her earphones.

"Well you know about the kiss, the two kisses actually."

"You know what? I really don't have time for this," she says getting up to leave.

"Wait! I just I wanted to tell you that I do really like you, as hard as that may be to believe, and don't lie because I know you feel it too." She sits back down.

"So what if I do Cato? This really shouldn't happen, I'm so confused I really don't know what to do."

"I'm here for you." I grin grabbing her hand. And just like that all the memories come flooding back from last night, how beautiful she looked, the uv lights, this kiss, thee feeling that I have when I'm with her, I barely know this girl but already I'm falling for her. I look up at her and know she feels the same.

"We should go out some time."

"I'd love to but I'm afraid you'll get the wrong idea." she smiles.

"I can take away any idea I want to."

"Right, cocky now are we?"


"Fine, we'll do something tomorrow, pick me up at 3?"

"You've got it." And with that she sets off running again, leaving me sat on the bench to think.

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