Hi, everyone. So.. this is my first fic in a loooong time. I used to write some Alias fanfic and always really enjoyed it… Saw Frozen and the itch came back. I just really love Elsa's character and I thought it would be fun to see what it could have been like to get her side of things. I didn't want to change anything really, tried to keep the flow the same and use what was given from the movie and screenplay to help elaborate some. I hope you guys like it.. and if not, remember I haven't done this in a while. ;) Comments are welcome and appreciated. Thanks!

"The party is over. Close the gates." Elsa announced to the Royal Handler as she made her way for the ballroom doors. A familiar coolness stirred within her, threatening to release what she'd fought all day to control. But she had to hide it, she had no choice.


But she was tired, so very tired, mentally and physically. The day's activities were all so new and overwhelming to her and any trace of emotion that had risen up inside her had to be pushed back down and ignored. She was constantly on guard, not allowing herself to truly enjoy her coronation.

Don't feel.

The more she wrestled with her emotions, the more exhausted she felt, and the more exhausted she felt the harder it was to fight the power.

Usually she could release the magic whenever she wanted and nobody would have cared… because no one was ever there. Now, in this room full of people, she craved the solitude of the bedroom that she had spent thirteen years of her life confined to. What once felt like a prison was now a sanctuary. At least there it was quiet, there were no people to impress, no pressure to be someone she wasn't… to hide a part of herself that was as much a part of her as the nose on her face. It was the only place she could be herself with no expectations. But today she couldn't hide in her room, today she was the center of attention. All eyes were on her.

Don't let it show.

The people of Arendelle were overjoyed with the crowning of their new ruler, excited to finally lay eyes on the mysterious Princess – now Queen – Elsa. But they didn't know the secret that hid behind the beauty of the snow white complexion and icy blue eyes of their new queen. And they never could.

She had to leave, before it was too late.

"What? Elsa, no. No, wait!" Anna called after her as caught her sister's hand.

Not at all used to ever being touched, Elsa instinctively pulled free as Anna spun her face to face, simultaneously slipping the glove off her hand in the process. Elsa gasped, suddenly feeling vulnerable without the presence of the little piece of cloth. "Give me my glove!" She cried, reaching for it but falling short.

Oblivious of its importance, Anna now clutched it close to her, pleading, "Elsa, please. Please. I can't live like this anymore."

Those simple words stung in a way that Anna could never understand. Perhaps it was only a moment of frustration for her, but for Elsa it was a fact she was all too familiar with, something she'd beaten herself up for over and over again. No, Anna shouldn't have to live this way… locked away, sheltered from the world. She was the one that was cursed, but Anna still suffered because of it. It was her fault her sister was unhappy and she could never forgive herself for that, but there was nothing she could do or say to fix it, except the one thing she couldn't bear to think about. But she would do it; she would sacrifice chance at happiness, for Anna's.

It was the hardest thing she'd ever had to say, but there was no choice in the matter. She tried to push the feelings away, but it only made her weaker. She hoped Anna wouldn't see. "…Then leave."

Elsa wrapped her bare hand around to her side protectively, cradling it against herself with the other. She didn't want to hurt anyone.

Don't feel.

Anna leaned back, ever so slightly, taken aback. Didn't she understand that this was for her own good? But the heartbroken expression on her little sister's face was too much to withstand. Elsa's palms began to tingle and her fingers throbbed as the power built up, preparing to be unleashed.

Make one wrong move and everyone will know.

She sighed and turned back for the door.

"…What did I ever do to you?!"

"Enough, Anna." Elsa called back over her shoulder. The cold was getting stronger, begging her to be freed. She had to keep going. Deep breaths…

"No. Why? Why do you shut me out?!" Anna yelled, drawing the attention of the guests scattered around the ballroom. "Why do you shut the world out?!"

Don't feel.

But that was easier said than done. She couldn't ignore the pain. The more she tried, the more the storm churned within her, ready to explode at any moment. She hugged her arms tighter around herself, shut her eyes – as if she could hold it in by force – and pressed on towards the door. Almost there.

"What are you so afraid of?!"

"I said enough!" And with that, the power surged and before she could stop herself, her arm flung back and threw down and arc of angry frozen spikes.

If you guys liked it, I can continue… I had planned to hit each Elsa scene and see where things went from there. WDYT