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"Oh my god! That was so awesome!" I yell, laughing at the incredible adrenaline rush. Sarah giggles and grabs my hand, pulling me towards the candyfloss stand.

After the war, Sarah had one thing only that she really wanted to do, and I know it sound ridiculous.

She had to take me to Disney World.

Ever since our conversation in the car on the way to meet Five, Six and Sarah have been teasing me about my cheesiness. But in the end, it was Sarah who organised the whole trip (with a little help from Nine's credit card) and here we all are.

We split up into groups, me and Sarah, Marina Eight and Ella, and Nine, Six, Adam and Sam. I don't think Nine was massively thrilled, but no way was he going with Adam by himself, or with me and Sarah. This is our first proper date in ages, and it's been the best one yet.

We have been on all the tame rides, and after the parade (she calls me cheesy) we are meeting Six and the rest of her group at Space Mountain.

Six wasn't exactly raring to come, but everyone else was, and there was Space Mountain of course. I don't think any of us let that one slip.

"Are you ready?" I ask Six, grinning as she tries to smirk and look tough. It doesn't work. We are on Space Mountain at the moment, waiting for it to start. I basically payed Nine to let me sit next to Six, not that I like her or anything, but me and Sarah are the only ones who know about her 'confession'.

So far it's been totally worth it. She tries to act tough, but – even in this light – her face is paler than usual and her brow is slightly sweaty. Though neither of us had been on a rollercoaster before today, I am enjoying it a lot more than Six.

Just as I am about to start teasing her again, the carriage that we are in gives a jolt and we are on the move. Six grips the railing, hard.

The way the ride works is that we are launched upwards, and then shot around and upside down in dark rooms. When I say it like that, it doesn't sound too appealing, but trust me, if its the kind of exciting that doesn't involve ripping off a Mogs head, I'm in.

I laugh wildly, half from the excitement, and half from the sick look on Six's face.

"Here we go!" I yell

Six grimaces.

Then we are flying.


When Sarah suggested Disney World, I knew it would be fun, but seriously? This is the best time I have had in ages!

Marina and Eight have been really cheesy. After going on the teacups for gods sake, they made me come to the parade.

Yes, I admit the dress up dogs are cute and the huge floats covered in glitter are quite impressive, but all I want to do is go on rides. I think I have been on most of them now, well, all the good ones at least. There are still a few though, I'm thinking I'll just get Nine to go on with me instead. He's way more fun, and that would give Marina and Eight some alone time.

I'm so thoughtful!

"Nine..." I say, sidling up to him, he grins down at me.

"Yes kid?"

This will be too easy.

"Can you take me to the other rides? Marina won't let me go by myself, pleeeease?" I bat my eyelashes.

"Sure!" He chuckles "Where do you want to go?"


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