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Chapter 1: The Popular and the Outcast


"MY GOSH! It's Lucy Heartfilia!"

"Really?! Where?!"

"Oh! I wanna be just like her!"

"And here she comes with Juvia Lockser!"

"They're so beautiful!" Lucy smiled at everyone she passed by. Everyone knew her as kind, smart, and loyal. When really, her friends knew her as spoiled, rude, and sarcastic. As she and her blue haired friend Juvia entered the library, they saw three of their other friends; Erza Scarlet, Mirajane Strauss, and Cana Alberona.

"Hey Lucy." Mira greeted her as Lucy sat down next Cana and Juvia sitting next to Mira.

Lucy smiled as she pulled out her phone, "Yea. Hey Mira." She looked over at Cana and laughed. "Again? You do realize the principle is going to find out sooner or later that you're drinking on school campus."

Cana rolled her eyes, "And now's the time you say that?" Lucy nodded and continued looking at her phone. Lucy was glad that the library was empty. If people found out of her actual personality...she'd be screwed. "Lucy! Put your phone away!" Erza scolded.

"But Erza! I'm just using it right now! wouldn't tell anybody would you?" Lucy said with puppy dog eyes. Erza instead chose to ignore her and continued counting her paint brushes, pencils, books and such. She was the student council president! Teachers expect her to be organized and prepared. And no surprise right there...she was organized and prepared. Maybe a bit too much.

Cana suddenly hid her booze and looked at every single one of her friends, "I'm bored. Lets play a game! Truth or Dare? Any objections? No. Good!" The girls stopped what they were doing and listened to Cana. The brunette took awhile to choose her first victim and when she did...the victim wanted the time to last longer. Cana smirked as she had chosen a certain someone, "Lucy. If you pick dare, I'll let Mira choose it for you. If you pick truth...I'll give you the question which you'll have to answer honestly! So..truth or dare?"

"Dare." Lucy answered. They all looked at Mira as she smiled evilly. "Lucy..."

Lucy suddenly felt like the answer she just made was a mistake, "Y-yea Mira?"

"I dare you to ask out..."


"NATSU DRAGNEEL! Pay attention boy!" Professor Gildarts shouted at a boy with salmon spiked up hair. Natsu sighed and nodded. He heard laughing in the far side of the room.

"Would you look at that? Pinky over there got in trouble—again!" a guy with raven messed up black hair laughed. Natsu gritted his teeth and clenched his fist. "Shut up Gray! No one asked for you to open your big mouth!" Natsu roared. The said guy, glared at the Dragneel boy.

"What? Are you talking to me? I'm sorry. I don't talk to strangers. What are you doing in this school anyway? I thought you were homeschooled." Gray said. The whole room gasped. Natsu's comeback shocked them the most, "Oh really? Then why are you talking to me now!? And I've been in this school for the past two years! Idiot! What are you blind?!"

Just as Gray was about to pounce on the guy, Gildarts stepped in, "That is enough! Both of you are staying after class!" The class kept quiet as they didn't want to stay after class along with two of them. The last time they stayed after class with the two of them, they got detention for a month and two weeks. And that's because Natsu set the garbage can on fire while Gray was seen near him.

" I was saying before I got rudely interrupted..." Gildarts continued but was cut off by the bell ringing. "Class dismissed. Natsu, Gray, come over here right now!" Natsu walked up slowly while Gray ran over there.

"Okay. Hurry up Mr. G! I've got football practice after this!" Gray said. Gildarts shook his head and Natsu finally took a seat. "I don't get it! What is up with you two never getting along?" Gildarts asked.

Gray looked at Gildarts with bug eyes. "Have you already forgotten what this fool got me into two months ago?! My mother practically almost killed me!" Gildarts narrowed his eyes.

"You were laughing. You were laughing while Natsu tried to put the fire out." Gray snorted while Natsu turned bright red. "Yeah because it was funny!" Gray laughed.

"It wasn't funny!" Gildarts said. He rubbed his temples while sighing tiredly. "You are dismissed. If I find you two fooling around again, I will not let you off the hook that easily!"

Natsu scoffed, "What are you going to do? Send us to Principle Makarov's office or something?" Gray glared at him.

Gildarts grinned evilly, "Yes."


Lucy walked through the halls angrily. "Stupid Mira! She's placing my reputation in jeopardy by daring me to ask him out!" she muttered. Lucy turned the corner and found her target.

She cleared her throat, smiled and walked up to him, "Hey! I'm Lucy! I was wondering if you'd like to go out sometime."

The guy raised an eyebrow, "I would say yes, but you don't even know my name and you hardly know me. And you're probably confusing me with someone else. You're popular. I'm not. I'm practically the loner of this away." Lucy gasped mentally.

"But actually, I do know your name. You're Natsu Dragneel. See! I do know you!" Lucy said. Natsu rubbed his eyes with the palm of his eyes. "Look. Luigi or whatever your name is. I barely know you and you're asking me out!"

Lucy tried to hide her frustration. 'Luigi huh? I already hate the guy!'

Lucy breathed in and out slowly, creeping Nastu out in the process.

"Look. Natsu right? I'm guessing yes. We could get to know each other on the date. All you have to do is say yes. Okay?" Lucy said. Natsu thought about it for a moment. Shocker. He sighed irritated. "You're not leaving until I say yes aren't you?" Lucy nodded. "Fine. But if I don't like how the date goes, you can forget about going on another!"

Lucy nodded and waved goodbye as Natsu walked away, "BYE! See you on Saturday at two p.m!"

Once she saw that he was gone, she rolled her eyes, "Now all I have to do is keep this up for a month...easy as pie right?"

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