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Chapter 12: Regret and Forgive


Black. That is all he could see before he slowly opened his eyes, only to close them quickly at the blinding flash of light. All he could hear were voices and blaring sirens. He attempted to open his eyes once more and he only managed very thin slits. His ears were ringing and the only voice that was competing with the sirens was hers.

"You're going to be okay...Natsu...you're going to be okay..!" Lucy. The girl who had so mercilessly crushed his heart with a simple dare. But here he was, wanting to embrace her as tight as he could. He simply stared at her blankly, before giving in to exhaustion and...pain? His bones felt like they were all snapped. He shut his eyes again and suddenly he could hear nothing. He almost felt at peace.

Lucy, on the other hand, was feeling anything but peace. She was sobbing into her hands as Wendy was sobbing just as bad, if not worse. Lucy practically dug her nails into her cheeks. "This is my fault...had I not..." She couldn't muster up the words to finish that sentence. Instead, she started running after the ambulance that was currently holding Natsu. The wet air made her lungs feel heavy and her airways stuffy, but that didn't stop her from making sure he was okay.

"Wait for me..Natsu!"

In the end, Natsu returned to Magnolia hospital.


Erza stared out the window of the car as Ultear hummed lightly. Her phone suddenly started buzzing and she picked it up. "..Lucy?" She accepted the call, only for her ears to burst.


"Erza! Head...to...Magnolia Hospital! Natsu!" The call suddenly ended and Erza couldn't help but stare at her phone in confusion. Ultear simply raised an eyebrow before changing the direction of the car. "Wouldn't mind making a stop there. Shopping can always wait." Erza simply nodded before looking back at her phone. Her stomach started to make knots and she narrowed her eyes, wondering what could had happened.


Gray had gotten a strange call from Lucy as well. He shrugged and sighed. Not many things make the blonde get all riled up like this, and especially not to the point she'd call him. He grabbed his things and shoved his keys and phone into his pocket. He slammed the door shut before locking it and shuffling his way towards the hospital.


Burn. That is what he was feeling as he slowly opened his eyes. He noticed that many areas of his body were bandaged and his face had many stitches. His knuckles were bruised and he could've sworn he'd prefer to be dead right now.

His senses slowly started focusing around his surroundings and he could smell the strong scent of hand sanitizer. Natsu began looking around the room and realized he had been asleep for a couple of days. 10 days to be exact. He felt a big weight at his legs and he tried to move his head slightly. A head of blonde was resting on them and he had to think before realizing who it was. He groaned quietly and looked around the room to see Erza and Gray, all cuddled up and asleep. Idiots. They probably didn't realize they were in that position. Wendy was in between the two, hugging Erza close.

Natsu took a deep breath before trying to move before yelping in pain. "What, was I hit by a truck or something...?"

"Yes, technically." He looked at the source of the voice and there she was, rubbing her eyes to stay awake. He looked away quickly and breathed slowly.

"Lucy, what are you doing here?"

"...It's my fault you got here."

Natsu rolled his eyes and tried to get comfortable. "Right, because you were the person behind the wheel." His sarcasm was like a slap to the face for every person in the room. Lucy was wondering whether or not saying sorry again was even worth a second time. She shook her head. She wasn't here to say sorry again. She was heading to his place to say something completely different.

"Natsu, listen. I need to tell you something but first..promise me you won't say a thing at first." Natsu looked at her and tilted his head slightly.

"Alright. Promise. By the dragon and bro code even. Even though you're not a bro but y'know its the code-"

"Anyways! Natsu..I'm sorry...I am so sorry. Yes, it was a dare at first. Yes, I didn't want to do it at first. But then I got to know you!" Natsu grit his teeth, trying to maintain his promise and his emotions.

He noticed Lucy taking deep breaths before continuing. "And...I fell in love with every part of you, but I didn't want that. I didn't want to after how harsh I've treated you. But I did! And I'm happy I did but so devastated of what I did!" When she looked at him, his eyes were wide, his cheeks a burning red. She didn't realize she was crying before the tears started dripping onto her shirt. She started wiping them furiously, before Natsu mustered all the strength he could and taking her hand with his. She looked up at him, clearly surprised, before seeing the smile on his face. Well...more like his signature grin. Tears started streaming down her face one by one, and she instantly shot back a grin.

Their moment was broken when Gray cleared his throat and Erza started clapping slowly. "How beautiful to be in love."

"Dear Mavis, so cliche-"

"Gray, Wendy, lets give them some time to themselves."



Gray and Wendy hurriedly left the room, being closely followed by Erza. However, before the door completely shut close, Erza shot a quick thumbs up to Lucy, causing the blonde to turn a deep red. Natsu simply stared at the two, deadpanned. "Alright, then!" he said as he cleared his throat. Lucy felt her ears turn red and instantly covered her face.

"Forget that ever happened! I can't believe I just said I love you in front of them!"

She started rambling but quickly came to a halt when Natsu grasped her hand once more. He smiled, but this time...it was genuine. Soft. Comforting.




At that moment, Lucy felt a feeling of warmth, and squeezed his hand gently. "..For what..?"

"For saying that. Say it again."



"I love you, you dumb idiot."


Erza smiled, hearing their conversation. She felt a sudden weight on her shoulders, and realized Gray had placed his favorite jacket on her again. "What? Gray, this is your favorite."

"Don't care. It looks hot on you."

"What did you say?!" The two started to bicker as Wendy covered her ears and turned a deep red.

"Such a romantic atmosphere...I'm not ready for this!"

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