First of all I would like to thank my first reviewer! Thanks for reading! Also they brought to my attention that my protagonist is not old enough to live by herself. I'll clear that up. Her neighbor is a retired government agent, and is going to check up on her daily. She also inherited a lot of money because most of her family members died. The government provided her a house that they jointly pay for because of who her father is. You'll find out more about him later on in the story.

That night I had nightmares.

"Stop that!" I screamed, " Get away from her!" He was doing it again. hurting my little sisters and mom. then he came to me.

"Stay away from them!" I cried out.

"You know I can't do that Serenity," he said," Besides what can you do about it? It's all your fault this is happening first anyways. Who shall go first?"

"Me." I said.

"Now, Now don't go all heroic on me now." His voice gives me shivers.

"Will it be Mom, Kate, or Mia." He asked me, making tears stream down my face.

"Nobody." I whispered, as I tried to lash out at him.

"Sorry Serenity, if you won't choose, then I choose." He yelled, as he through a knife at my mother. I tried to get her, and struggled against my bonds, but it was no use, and soon enough she was dead, and it was all my fault.

I jolted upwards in my bed with a sheen of sweat covering my body. I was shaking too. He's right you know.A voice whispered in my head repeatedly. Soon enough I couldn't take it. He is right it IS all my fault, and with that thought in mind, I broke inside, again. i ran to the bathroom and got an old razor from where i had unpacked it. I pulled my shirt sleeve cut for it being all my fault. A second for not saving them. A third for being worthless, and more and more for the pain. just to relish it, and make me forget about the rest of the world for a little bit. The blood trickled down over my arm, and soon enough I just started to cry. About everything. All the pain and crappiness in my life. My tears mixed with my blood. I cleaned up my arm and wrapped some gauze around it. I looked at the time and saw I had an hour before I had to leave, so I decided to get dressed with my normal. Skinny jeans, a hoodie, and a t-shirt. I grabbed a long sleeve shirt and some new shorts for gym class. I went downstairs and decided to grab a few strawberries and rinse them off for breakfast. Then I grabbed some juice and sat down to eat and take my pills. when i was done, I washed the dishes and put them away. After that I went upstairs and straightened my hair, got my backpack, and went back down stairs. I noticed it was almost time to go, when the phone rang.

"Hello?" I asked.

"Hello, this is from next door." I heard a reply.

"Oh! Hello Mrs. Mayer, is there something you need?" I questioned her.

" I was just calling to let you know that I'll be coming over and making some dinner for you this afternoon for you, and just checking up on you after school. That's basically what I'll always do. You'll eat by yourself of course, but I'll just be over there to make sure things are running smoothly." Mrs. Mayer said.

"Alright, I'll see you then Mrs. Mayer." I told her. I hung up the phone, picked up my backpack again, and started on my way to school. I walked, and this morning there wasn't really rain, it was just one of those cloudy and what some people call dreary days. Before I knew it I was at school again, and as I entered the parking lot Renesmee came walking over to me.

"Hey Grace!" She said.

"Hey Nessie!" I responded.

"I was wondering if you wanted to sit with my family at lunch." Nessie asked me.

"I'm not sure Nessie, are your siblings okay with it? Because if they're not, I can always just sit by myself or outside. I don't want to intrude on your family." I told her.

"Yeah they're fine with it, so will you? It will make me happy!" Nessie pleaded with me, giving me the puppy dog eyes.

"I guess I will then." I told her. I just hope nothing would go wrong.