Percy POV

"I think thisis where The Leaning Tower of Pizza is. Right around this corner." Annabeth was saying. And she was right. It was there right in between Target and Gamestop.

She was worried like crazy that she wouldn't get into DHU (Demigod Heroes University), so I've been trying to find ways to take her mind off things. But, since she's a child of Athena, there aren't many options for me to choose from. I decided to just take her to eat some pizza. She seems distracted, so I'm just hoping this works.

As soon as we're inside, me and Annabeth gasp. It's lined with a scenery of Rome on the walls. Wow. That brings back memories. We take a booth seat, and a waitress with black short hair brings us some menus. Even though Natalie (I read her name tag) has a smile on her face, it's easy to tell that this is probably the last place on earth she wants to be.

"So, what do you want to drink?" Natalie tells us, boredom clear in her voice. She takes out a notepad and pen, and gets ready to write our orders down.

"I'll take an ice water." I say. "Make that two." Annabeth adds. "Okay. I'll be right back with your drinks." Natalie says, and she walks back to the kitchen.

"What kind of pizza do you want, Wise Girl? Annabeth?" I ask. She doesn't answer. I look up from the menu, and see that she's checking her email.

"Annabeth, you are going to get into DHU. You don't need to worry about it. Besides, they're gonna mail it. We'll check tonight, when we're all at home." I tell her.

She sighs. "I know. It's just that this is one of the only demigod colleges out there, and if I don't get in, I don't know what I'll do. All I kno-"

"Stop." I interrupt. "Annabeth, you are getting in. Trust me on that. If anything, it's me we have to worry about. I might need Piper to charmspeak the board." I said.

"But you're the son of-"

"Ok, I have your drinks. Do you need another minute to decide what you want to eat?" Natalie comes back with our drinks. We both ask for one cheese pizza. I take a slice.

"But you're the son of Poseidon. They'll want you'd you, and besides, and your dad only has you and other Cyclopes. They can find any child of Athena off the street."

I look at her. "How many have succeeded in getting the Athena Parthenos, went to Tartarus and back - without going insane, I might add -and stopping World War 3?" I ask her. With the look on her face, I knew I had her.

"I guess you're right. I should stop worrying, and relax." She sounded calm, but she kept fidgeting. A couple times I had to keep her from reaching from her phone. After about 3 slices, I see how anxious she is, and decide to just take it home with us.

To our surprise, only Piper and Jason were the only ones not home. They said they were going bowling or something. Everyone else seemed pretty excited that we brought back some pizza (especially Leo). Before long, Piper and Jason are home. And not a second too soon, because Annabeth looks like she's about to loose it.

"Calm down, Wise Girl. It might not even be here, yet." I say, taking her hand. I look at Piper pointedly. Thank the gods she understands immediately!

"Annabeth, calm down. We all know you've already made it in." Obvious charmspeak in her voice. Thankfully, not even Annie can resist charmspeak. I feel her hand relax, and she lays her head on my arm.

"Okay, who's checking the mail before Annabeth goes insane?" Hazel asks. "I'll go." Reyna volunteers. She's back, with eight envelopes in hand. Annabeth grabs hers first, and sits down on the couch, looking at it as if memorizing it, and she doesn't let go of my hand, so I just sit down next to her.

"Ladies first?" Jason asks. We all agree, and Annabeth looks relieved. She opens hers, reads it and jumps up from the couch. "I made it in! Full ride!" She said, shaking with happiness. We all look at her with smiles on our faces. She sits back down, and Piper checks hers.

"Me, too!" Piper says. It goes on like this until we all checked ours.

"Wow. Full ride, all eight of us? Not just seven?" Frank asks, looking at Leo.


"Guys. We need to figure out how we're going to get there. It says here that it's in Miami." Jason said,`

"Ugh! You're right!" Annabeth said, while calling herself an idiot in ancient greek (vlacas).

"We could take a plane?" Jason asked. Percy shuddered at the thought. "No. Boat?" He suggested.

"Nope. Um..." Jason trailed off.

"Any suggestions?" Reyna asked. Leo seemed to have one. He started to smile with wild excitement

"Road Trip!"

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