Hi guys! I decided to take a quick break from Danny Phantom Season 4, because I am all out of creative inspiration and… ok, fine, the real reasons are:

1)I'm having trouble thinking of how to end the third episode: "Faces of Fury"

2)I'm getting a little bored with the story. I get bored with a lot of things though, and by next week I should be, um, "un-bored." But I will most certainly update it soon, so it's not like the story is going on hiatus or anything. I figure if I write a short story like this, and then get back into the Danny Phantom Season 4

3) I've wanted to write something like this for awhile.

4) I may have… accidently… lost the sheet where I wrote down all 20 episode ideas (Yes, I actually wrote up a sheet like that.) I think I know where it is, but I'm too lazy to look right now.

And to anyone who doesn't have a 3DS, I strongly recommend you buy one just for Kid Icarus Uprising. It's that good. Spoiler alert: If you haven't played through the entire thing, this story gives away plot points.

Pit was eating with Lady Palutena, Dark Pit, and the Centurion Army about a year after the defeat of Hades. Fortunately, Palutena knew better than to try to cook the meal herself, since she knew what happened the last time she tried something like that. So, she ordered take out at a new restaurant called "The Light of the Goddesses."

"Yuck." Pit said in disgust. "This place does NOT know how to make food. This is disgusting! If they're going for the 'Goddess of Light' theme, they're doing it well. This cooking is almost as bad as yours, Lady Palutena!"

"Well, Pit, maybe you'd actually get a nutritious, delicious, complex meal fit for a brave warrior such as yourself if you'd stop ordering off the kiddie menu!" Lady Palutena retorted.

"But they give you an awesome toy with every meal! Look what I got this time, it's a little Centurion Strongarm whose pants falls off when you push this little button! That's hilarious!" Pit laughed.

"Pit, you know that technically you're supposed to be under 10 to order off that menu."

"I know, that's why I had Pittoo order it for me! He's technically only one year old."

"That's four years, you idiot!" Dark Pit said. "You would know that if you didn't laze around doing your own thing for three years after the… incident."

"Oh, because I was totally partying it up as a stupid ring!" Pit retorted.

"Both of you, play nice!" Lady Palutena warned.

"Like you're so great yourself!" Pit said, continuing the banter. "All throughout the war with Hades you and Viridi did nothing but pick on me! Even Hades got into the fun!"

"That's because you're so easy to make fun of!" Dark Pit stated. "Oh! Look at me! I'm Pit! I'm such a baby! And a kissup!" Pittoo said, making wild hand motions.

As he was making the hand motions, Dark Pit accidently knocked his dessert, apple pie, onto the floor. As he leaned over on his chair to grab it, he leaned too far and the chair tipped over. He faceplanted into the pie. Pit burst out laughing, while Lady Palutena let out a sarcastic "Niiice." Even some of the Centurion soldiers chuckled a bit.

Just then, Lady Palutena got a call from Poseidon.

"Lady Palutena!" Poseidon said from the other end. "Long time no see! I am glad to be in touch again!"

"Same to you Poseidon, but you're not fooling anyone. I know you want something." Lady Palutena cleverly remarked.

"Ah yes! It appears some leftover Underworld troops are planning to revive Hades. And they need something from my castle to do so. Could you send Pit over to get rid of them?"

"Poseidon, you're a fully capable god. Why don't you fight them off yourself?" Palutena inquired.

"Because I thought young Pitty could use some training and another day in the limelight."

Palutena remained silent.

"Ok, I'm just lazy. Send him over, and I promise I'll pay him something."

"Ok." Lady Palutena answered. "But not for you. Just so Pit and Pittoo can hone their battle skills."

Palutena returned to the dining area.

"Pit, Pitoo, I have a mission for you guys! How would you like to go on an adventure that will not benefit you in any way whatsoever!"

"Fine," Dark Pit said. "I'm itching to kick some butt, anyway."

"Great!" Palutena said. "And you, Pit!"

Pit was still hysterically laughing.