Because I like this story, and I had that really long break, this story will now be updated more or less daily (Okay, that's a lie, but expect frequent updates). Enjoy!

Oh, I'm also going to try to put more effort into making the chapters flow better. Like how there would be spelling mistakes, or this little gem from last chapter:

"I'm surprised how upset this is making you Pit. Usually, you aren't this upset."

Grammatically correct, sure, but it's lazily worded. I'll try to avoid that from here on out.

Pit followed Viridi off to the side, while Dark Pit and Palutena went in to see Poseidon and get the full story of Hades' possible resurrection.

"So," Pit said. "I suppose this will be just like Chapters 5 and 7?"

Viridi was surprised. "You seemed pretty nervous both of those times. But now, you're suddenly an eager little puppy."

"Yeah well, I've been thinking about it Viridi. And… and… and I really appreciate the way you have been treating me. Nobody sees me that way."

I wonder why. Viridi thought to herself.

"You've opened my eyes to new things. Just imagining our new life makes me really happy. I know we've been enemies before, but I was blindly following Palutena…"

Damn. Viridi thought. That's the first time he's called her "Palutena," and not "Lady Palutena."

That's a rather odd thing to notice a second voice in Viridi's mind said. Focus on the mission. It looks like the bait's working. Pit fell right into our trap.

Viridi started feeling slightly guilty.

"…but now," Pit continued, "I see things my own way. And I see that you are the most beautiful, benevolent, and caring goddess there is. Nature is outstanding, but all your work goes unappreciated. Those humans don't realize what they are missing out on when they pollute the Earth like that!"

Viridi bit her lip. "Well, Pit, that's really sweet of you, but that's not what I wanted to say…"

"But look. I know how much your work of nature means to you, so here. I made you this present."

"Pit… this… is a chewed up piece of bubblegum."

Pit realized his mistake and frantically took his "present" back. He gave Viridi his real present.

"It's a snow globe," he explained, "because snow is my favorite part of nature. I made figurines of little people skiing, playing in the snow, and generally enjoying your work. All this laughter comes from you, Viridi."

"Awww! Pit! I…"

Viridi stayed silent for awhile.

How can I take advantage of Pit…? He's too… no… NO! I have to go through with this. We need Dark Pit on the forces of nature! But he's… he's…"

Viridi sat down and started to cry.

At first, Pit thought she was crying tears of joy, but he quickly realized this wasn't the case.

"Hey, Viridi? I'm sorry. I guess you don't like your present. I'll take it back now."

"No, Pit." She said between sobs. "It's beautiful."

With Palutena, Dark Pit, and Poseidon

"For the last time, Dark Pit!" Poseidon screamed. "You may not play with my bath toys!"

Pittoo put the bath toys away with an angry expression on his face.

"This whole thing is just really weird." Palutena said. "Medusa made the enemies and the big red button. Why didn't she push the button? She said she didn't want Hades to resurrect. But if that was truly true, why wouldn't she push the red button?"

"Truly true?" Poseidon mocked.


"You just said 'truly true.' Thank you Palutena, for informing me that you work for the Department of Redundancy Department."

"Yeah," said Dark Pit, "And this is the chapter where the author specifically stated that he will try to write better sentences! But no, you had to jack that up."

"Oh, come on." Palutena complained. "Does that simple mistake really devalue the legitimate questions I just asked?"


"Well," Poseidon said, "I'm afraid I'll have to see you guys off. I was only in Kid Icarus Uprising for a few seconds, so I don't see why I have such a large role in this story. In any case, there's nothing I can really do for you, as I have no idea what is going on, other than the fact that there is something in my castle that could possibly revive Hades. Maybe you could ask the all knowing one what to do next?"

"Um…" said Dark Pit "In the realm of gods and goddesses, you're going to have to be a bit more specific than 'the all knowing one.'"

"No I don't. I'm an NPC! I can say whatever useless information I want!"

Pittoo and Palutena sighed.

With Pit and Viridi

"Why are you crying, Viridi, if you like my present?"

"I… just can't tell you Pit!"

"What?" he asked. "What do you mean you can't trust me?"

"No, Pit, it's not like that…"

"I poured my heart and soul to you and tried to show you how much I care, and this is how you talk to me in return? Viridi, I thought we could trust each other… I thought we could be happy together…"

I didn't think I would be happy being with you… she thought.

But now, things are a whole different way…