Mixing it up a bit! Sorry for the slight delay, but I had a great idea for this chapter but didn't know quite how to execute it, and after awhile of thinking, I know what I'm going to do.

I decided this chapter will be told 4 times, each with a different character's POV. I thought that would be interesting, so let's start with Pit!

Pit's POV

My conversation with Viridi is getting pretty tense. She's been silent for quite awhile and…

Oh! Forgive me! This is the first time I'm talking to our audience directly! Yeah, the author gave me a keyboard and told me to go nuts, so here I am! I'm Pit! Sorry to keep you waiting!

Anyway, if you've been reading this story, you know that I'm usually a fun and happy guy, but last chapter was a bit dramatic, so I may be a little different than my usual self, as I'm quite honestly really hurt by Viridi right now…

And if you haven't been reading the story… why are you reading this? Who reads the thirteenth chapter of a story without reading the other twelve? What's wrong with you?

Shhh! Viridi's about to talk!

"Pit… I'm sorry" she's saying. "I can't tell you about what's making me upset."

See! This is what I mean! Why is Viridi being like this? I'd tell her anything, because I've grown to truly love her, despite the fact that we've only interacted in a romantic manner very briefly! There's nothing wrong with that! Y'know, I'm starting to feel like she isn't taking this as seriously as I am, and I'm really upset. I mean, she started this whole thing! Why would she lead me on like this! It's just…

"Because it no longer matters," she says, "I'm willing to give this a try, ya big doofus."

Well! That changes everything! I'm really happy now infactimsohappythatimtypingreallyfastidontreallyknowwhymaybeishouldntbecausethismaybetoohardtoreadisthistoohardtoreadguys?

Anyway, I'm glad Viridi's willing to go forward with this, but the others might be getting suspicious. I'm really worried about how Lady Palutena will react to this. I suppose I will have to tell her sometime.

"We should get back to the others" I say.

"Okay" Viridi replies. "I'm sure they have information from Poseidon."

Gilligan Cut

"We have absolutely no information from Poseidon."

Thanks for ruining our hopes, Pittoo.

"That's not entirely true," Palutena says, "He said we should seek the 'all knowing one.'"

"Oh, real specific!" Viridi says. "I suppose that we should also eat 'the food' and drink 'the drink' while we're at it!"

"Huh?" I say. I don't quite understand what Viridi means. She groans.

"Poseidon was being extremely vague. So, as a joke, I made a bunch of vague statements, like 'drink the drink.' It was supposed to be funny."

"Oh. It really wasn't that funny." I say.

"That's probably because you didn't understand it. Jokes are never as funny if you have to explain them."

"I didn't really think it was funny, either." Palutena chimes in.

"I thought the joke was unfunny, unnecessary, obnoxious, tasteless, humorless, annoying, stale, and just plain dumb." Pittoo says.

Wow! Pittoo has such an impressive vocabulary! Neato! Palutena is laughing for some reason, but I really don't know why…

"Regardless," he says, "Who's to say that this 'all knowing one' is really going to help us? So far we've seen, like, 4 gods, excluding you two, and me, of course, and they've barely helped us. Can Hades even reanimate? He does have, like, 22 years left until the next sequel."

"Pittoo raises a valid point-" Viridi begins, before she's interrupted.

"Will you all stop calling me Pittoo!" He explodes.

Woah. I knew the whole "Pittoo" thing bothered him, but this is the first time he seems genuinely extremely upset about it. But come on! Isn't it hilarious? I mean… Pittoo. It's so much fun to say.

"Anyway," Viridi says, "Pi- uh, Dark Pit has a point. The underworld troops are gone, and Poseidon said they needed something in his castle, but considering he doesn't even know what it is, is it really that important?"

While Viridi might be right, I'm ready to keep looking! I won't rest until this is solved, but unfortunately, I don't think the others feel the same way. Everyone's looking really pessimistic at this point, and really, I seem to be the only optimist around. But hey, even that won't crush my spirits! I think… Uh oh. I see a mysterious figure in the shadows. Who can it be?

"I've been looking for you all" the figure says.

Well, you guys like it? Let me know! For clarification, the next chapter will not advance the story. It will be the same chapter, from someone else's POV. It will keep going like this until each main character gets a turn. Who will the next one be? Stay tuned…

Spoiler Alert: Viridi. The next Chapter will be from Viridi's POV. Now you can sleep tonight.

Anyway, I'm having a lot of fun with this. I was so excited when I thought to do this, I was jumping with excitement in a crowded mall. Imagine me, an 18 year old male with an almost full beard, jumping with excitement in a crowded mall. If you actually happened to be there and saw me doing that, I'm so sorry.

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