Chapter Four: Hello... and you are?

That night, after the interesting conversation Erza had had with the tailed beasts, Erza pulled Master Makarov over to one side to tell him what Kurama had said.

"So let me get this straight. Kurama said that we might get to meet their last hosts even though they are dead?" Makarov questioned the young red head in front of him. She seemed both nervous and puzzled at the same time as she tried to solve this conundrum that was staring her in the face.

"Yes master, that is what I think he implied anyway."

"Leave this matter be for the moment. I have a feeling that answers may soon find us instead of us seeking them." And with that the S-Class Mage and the Guild Master parted ways for the night.

The next morning everyone was up early to wave off Master Makarov and the nine Tailed Beasts as they departed for the council meeting. It had been a week since the last meeting and the bijuu turning up unexpected. This meeting would decide what was to happen to the tailed beasts.

The compartment of the train that they were currently occupying was anything but dull. Makarov, Kurama and Saiken were discussing the shinobi ways of life whilst the other bijuu, not including Shukaku and Matatabi who were babysitting the hosts in the mindscape, were arguing over trivial topics such as who is the most powerful and whose host was the best...

The mindscape was also in a bit of a mess. The hosts were working on a way of accessing the outside world so they could be by the side of their partners. So far they had figured out that they would each need a different method to access the outside because they all had different chakra levels and different bijuu.

"Has anyone got an idea yet?" Yugito said exasperated after her last attempt failed. This was a common occurrence by now and nobody paid it much attention.

"Yo, we need to get from A to B, just leave that to the amazing Killer Bee!"

Everyone groaned at Killer Bee's horrible rap. That was yet another reason why they were trying to get out, was to escape the constant rapping from Kirabi. Many were questioning how Gyuki put up with it for so long.

"Shukaku?"Gaara said. Shukaku just grunted in acknowledgement of his host who had disturbed his rest. "Can you draw upon my chakra like I used to with yours?"

"Where are you going with this kid?" Shukaku looked slightly interested but did as he was asked and tried to pull upon his host's chakra. Sure enough a small treacle of sand jumped up from the ground. "It seems I can access your chakra."

"Interesting." Was all Gaara said before he walked off a little bit to think. Shukaku followed interested in what his host was planning. The others grew bored and went back to working on their own methods.

Back in the at train carriage, Makarov was learning about the ninja techniques that used to exist and how the shinobi worked.

"So a when a ninja graduates they would become a gennin. Then they would have to sit the chunnin exams to become a chunnin, and anyone who shows the right skills will become one at the end. Then they have the jounin exams and if they pass that they become jounin." Makarov summarised.

Saiken was about to say something else when they were interrupted by Shukaku who had left the mindscape.

"You might want to step back a bit. Gaara wants me to try something." Everyone moved out of the way and Shukaku focused Gaara's chakra into a sand clone.

Sand swirled in a miniature tornado and collected in a pile in the middle of said tornado. The sand formed a body almost instantly that if you blinked you would've missed it. Colour appeared just as quickly and a distinct red coloured hair could be seen in flashes through the tornado which was slowing down.

The sand slowed until you could see the individual grains of sand floating in front of the familiar form of Gaara.

"It appears to have worked Shukaku." Gaara's raspy voice spoke to his partner. The hosts had all agreed not to call their bijuu demons but partners instead. This was a new age and with it there would be a change in how the Tailed Beasts acted and how they were treated.

Gaara wore his Kazekage robes but without the hat. His face looked the same as it always had been with the dark eyes from lack of sleep. Gaara looked to be around his late teens.

"Who are you?" Makarov said to the one tails partner.

"My name is Gaara of the Sand, the Fifth Kazekage and General of the Unified Shinobi Taskforce of the Fourth Great Ninja War. I was the last host of Shukaku."

Makarov was speechless at the teen in front of him. To have done all of that in his life as well as fighting in a war was just amazing. Yes it was amazing but terrible none the less.

"Do you mind explaining how you are outside of this mindscape I have heard about?" Makarov questioned. Gaara nodded and started to explain.

"We were brought back to life by the Sage of the Six Paths. When we woke up our Tailed Beasts told us what happened. All nine of us decided to try and find a way to get out into the real world. This was my idea," he said nodding to the sand around him, "I asked Shukaku to control the sand and use my chakra to do so. The mindscape recognised my chakra signature and dragged my consciousness into the sand clone and formed me a real body for the time being anyway."

"So will the others be able to come out to the real world any time soon?" Makarov was intrigued by the idea of getting to meet the other hosts.

"You can be guaranteed that you will meet the others if Naruto has anything to do with it."

"What do you mean by that?" It was Kurama who answered this question as he had been listening in on the conversation but found nothing to comment on until now.

"Naruto has a way of making everyone around him his friend. Heck Gaara here was once his enemy and completely mad from Shukaku forcing him to kill people and Naruto still managed to make him his friend. Naruto never abandons anyone. He's going to find a way here and bring everyone with him."

Kurama's voice filled with pride and happiness at his partner.

"Well I am sure he would fit in at Fairy Tail." Makarov said with a small laugh. This Naruto was starting to sound interesting. "What are you going to do now Gaara?"

"I need to go back and tell the others how to get out." Gaara then turned to where the majority of the Bijuu were and spoke to them. "See if you can manipulate your partner's chakra. Then make some sort of clone with their chakra. Don't do it now or we will be squashed. Wait until we leave the train."

Kurama turned to Gyuki who was by his side. "Are you going to summon Kirabi out?" Kurama asked hesitantly. He didn't want to listen to any of Kirabi's raps any time soon.

"And ruin this moment of quiet? No way. Enjoy it whist it lasts Kurama." Gyuki and Kurama laughed.

Meanwhile in the mindscape, the hosts had only just noticed that Gaara and Shukaku were missing.

"Have they managed it do you recon?" Yugito whispered to Fuu who was standing by her side. The two female hosts had been working together and had become quite close. It helped that they were similar ages.

"They must've because they are not anywhere in the mindscape now." Fuu responded.

Sounds of bangs and curses drifted over from where Kirabi was working on his method out. The two girls looked at each other, sharing a look and burst out laughing at the rapping host's misfortune.

The girls were so caught up laughing at Killer Bee's accident that they missed the return of Shukaku and Gaara who were standing behind them with an almost identical small smile on their faces.

"What happened?" Gaara said making them both jump at the unexpected noise. Shukaku let out a laugh and walked away to find Matatabi who was over near where Naruto was working.

"Oh you know... just another incident with Kirabi. It's nothing to worry about." Yugito explained.

"Did you find a way out?" Fuu asked hardly containing her excitement. Fuu was an interesting jinchuuriki. She was extremely shy around new people who she didn't trust but once she got to know the person a little more, she opened up and was quite a happy person to be around.

"I did but we should all stay here until Makarov and the bijuu reach the council meeting then we can introduce ourselves." Yugito and Fuu nodded then went to tell the others.

Nothing else happened on the train journey. Naruto made a comment to Yugito about how she should've made a silencing jutsu to use on Kirabi. Nobody saw Yugito for quite a while whilst she tried to make such a jutsu much to Matatabi's pleasure.

Soon enough the train ride was over and Makarov and all the bijuu departed. They were in a small town named Clover Town which was located in the middle of rolling hills in the middle of nowhere.

The bijuu looked at the open space with glee. Finally there was enough room to summon their ex-hosts now partners. They took turns to summon the hosts. Gyuki went into the mindscape to tell the hosts what was happening.

First was Gaara who was dressed as he was before. Next Yugito came forth in a small burst of flame. Yagura and Ukatata were summoned through water clones. It continued on until it came to Kirabi's turn. Everyone just groaned and Gyuki summoned Killer Bee with so much reluctance.

As soon as he appeared he was threatened by Gyuki and Yugito saying that if he rapped a single line, he would be locked in the mindscape for a whole week.

It came to be Kurama's turn to summon Naruto and Makarov was waiting anxiously to see the hero he had been told about. Kurama summoned as much of Naruto's chakra as he could and made a shadow clone of Naruto.

There he stood garbed in a black and orange cloak and his usual ninja wear that he was wearing in the battle between himself and Madara. His blonde hair glistened and shimmered like gold in the sunlight. He wore his leaf headband and carried the toad summoning scroll on his back just like Gaara was carrying his gourd of sand. He still had the fox-like whiskers on his cheeks but they were less defined now that he wasn't the host of Kyuubi.

"Fresh air again. This is nice right Kurama?" Naruto spoke to the fox, who was sat in front of the blonde with a happy smile on his fox face.

"You are right Kit. Now you know how I felt when you let me out." Kurama jumped up and sat on Naruto's shoulder shocking the teen with his sudden movement. Kurama then whispered in Naruto's ear, "I thought you were dead kit."

"I'm not going anywhere now. You and me against the world, remember. We are partners and we are not getting separated again." Naruto whispered back with his signature smile on his face.

"So you must be Naruto." Makarov smiled and Naruto turned and looked at the guild master of Fairy Tail. 'He is pretty small,' thought Naruto.

"That's me, Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze at your service. Thank you for taking care of our partners for us. We know how much trouble they can be sometimes, so thank you Makarov-sama." Naruto bowed slightly to Makarov.

"No problem and just call me Makarov." And so the slightly larger group departed for the council meeting mansion.

At this point in time, the gang of Fairy Tail members were departing on their own mission with Erza. They were calling it the strongest team in Fairy Tail, which could only mean trouble in the future.

The mansion for the council meeting was grand and looked pretty expensive. The group approached and could soon hear the chatter of guild masters talking. Each Bijuu was now riding on their partners' shoulder or head. Kurama joked that he couldn't ride on Naruto's head because he would get stabbed by his spiky hair.

Makarov opened the double doors and the group entered to a now silenced room.

"Well this is a reception." Naruto whispered to Kurama with a fox like grin on his face.

"Makarov what is the meaning of this! You were meant to bring the Tailed Beasts only, not all these people." A council member shouted. Makarov was about to speak but Naruto interrupted him.

"I am sorry for our unannounced visit but we come with the Tailed Beasts. We are their ex-hosts now partners, after all." Naruto's voice seemed to echo around the room before his words registered in the minds of everyone gathered.

"You are meant to be dead though. Your partners told us you had all died." Another shouted. It was Gaara who spoke this time.

"My name is Gaara and I was the fifth Kazekage and general in the Fourth Shinobi War. I promise you we did all die. I was there myself when Naruto passed and ended the war with the help of Kurama."

Staring was becoming a common aspect of the tailed beasts lives now. Sure their jinchuuriki had been stared at before, but this was slightly different. These people weren't staring at them in hate, anger, disdain or disgust, but with curiosity and awe. After all it wasn't every day that a major person from the past turned up.

"We come with a solution to your problem as to what to do with the bijuu as well." Yugito spoke clearly to the crowd.

"Bijuu?" Someone spoke out from the back of the room.

"The Tailed Beasts as you call them were once called the Nine Bijuu. They were captured by the Village Hidden in the Leaves, Kohonaand given to different villages as peace offerings. Of course that was before they were sealed in humans and used as weapons." Ukatata said in his calm and collected voice. It seemed like his voice alone calmed down the tension in the council members.

"Very well, let us hear your idea."

It was Naruto's turn to step forward and explain the idea. It had been his to start with after all. Kurama wrapped one of his tails around Naruto's neck to comfort him a bit. Crowds of people had never been good for Naruto as it often ended in him being beaten half to death.

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze and all of us came up with this plan." Naruto started hesitantly. He was watching the reactions closely. "We thought it best to split up with a tailed beast going to each guild. The tailed beast and their partner could then help out with the guild and help keep the peace."

So far no one opposed the plan and most people were nodding in agreement of the idea.

"We decided that one of us would stay with the council, whilst the rest chose a guild or guilds to belong to. Whilst we may not be mages, we are ninja and are equipped enough to handle ourselves in a fight against almost anyone."

"You won't have to worry about the tailed beasts going rogue either as we can keep them under control." Yugito commented. The council looked intrigued by the idea. They were each looking at the other members and the guild masters to gauge a reaction.

"Let us discuss this idea. We will give you our answer in a minute." The council walked off to a separate room and Makarov and a few other guild masters approached the tailed beasts.

"Kurama, who will go to which guilds?" Makarov asked curiously.

"Well, Fu and Yugito want to stay together so they might go to Mermaid Tail with Matatabi and Chomei."Kurama started and the guild master from that guild smiled at the two females, who smiled right back before whispering to each other.

"Kirabi and Gyuki said that they would go to Phantom Lord. Naruto and I will probably stay with the council but we would like to go to Fairy Tail as well. I have to introduce Naruto to Natsu."

Gaara stepped forward and spoke, "We will go to Fairy Tail and that way I can meet up with Naruto every so often." Naruto smiled at his friend. Makarov knew that both of them would fit in well with Fairy Tail.

"You are both welcome to join. I know that you would both fit in wonderfully."

A few of the other hosts stepped forward to say where they would go. All except from Han were going to a guild. Han had decided to travel the world and see what had changed. He would return every so often and would catch up with Roushi.

The council members re-entered the room and one stepped forward to speak.

"We have decided to accept your offer. I would presume that you, Naruto and Kurama would be the council's link to the Tailed Beasts." Naruto nodded, "Well, let us take a break and then we can see about finishing this meeting."

Everyone departed to enjoy the fresh air. Yugito and Fu decided to go and talk with the Mermaid Heel guild master and get to know her. Kirabi went to make a new rap whilst Gyuki travelled in the opposite direction to his host and jumped up on Naruto's other shoulder. Makarov walked over to a seat and pulled out a magazine to read in the sun.

Other Guild Masters came up to talk to individual bijuu and their partners. They all seemed to be having interesting conversations and some ninja techniques were shown off to the Masters.

When the meeting was going to restart, a man approached Makarov with a sinister looking flute in his hand. Kurama, Gyuki and Naruto watched the man unnoticed from the side lines.

"Naruto, I sense some kind of demonic energy surrounding that flute he is holding." Gyuki whispered in Naruto's ear from his perch on his shoulder.

"What should we do?" Naruto whispered back to the two bijuu on his shoulders.

"Wait and see what Makarov does but be ready to intercept. We may have to put a demon wannabe down." Kurama replied.

It wasn't long before Erza, Natsu, Gray and Lucy burst on to the scene. They had obviously been chasing the guy with the flute. They were stopped in their by Bob, Master of Blue and the guy with the flute were talking but Naruto and the two bijuu were unable to hear any of it.

The man then dropped the flute to the ground. Kurama and Gyuki tensed whilst everyone else breathed out a breath of relief. Naruto noticed the two bijuu tensing on his shoulders and got ready for a fight. It was then that the demonic voice spoke from the flute.

"I'm starving to death! So I'm gonna eat your souls!"

"It's a demon from the book of Zeref!" Someone yelled in terror.

"We might need to bring this demon down to size, Kurama. Are you ready to fight?" Naruto spoke.

"We need more space if I am to assume my true size." Naruto instantly ran away from all the people that had gathered outside the building. He ran to the nearest hill and Kurama grew to his true size. The giant fox gained the attention of everyone. Kurama waved his nine tails behind him and Naruto jumped up onto Kurama's head. "You call yourself a demon. More like a wannabe demon." Kurama yelled to the flute before he hit it with two of his tails. This drew its attention away from the humans.

Erza and the other mages of Fairy Tail started attacking the flute with everything they had. Ice and fire hit the flute creating holes in it. Erza attacked with swords and Lucy summoned a spirit to help. Naruto saw his opportunity and aimed.

A rasengan formed in his hand swirling around, he then added wind chakra to it and fired it at the flute.

"WIND RELEASE: RASENSHUIRIKEN" Naruto yelled. It was a direct hit. The damage was devastating to the flute and it was completely destroyed.

"NO! I can't be defeated by mere humans! I am a demon from the Book of Zeref! I can't..." It never got to finish its sentence before it was completely destroyed by the wind powered rasengan.

"Kit, have I ever told you how much I love that rasengan?" Kurama commented to Naruto as he assumed his smaller form once again.

"You could mention it more often." Naruto laughed. He walked back over to the Mansion were the meeting was being held. Everyone was outside waiting for them, including the Fairy Tail mages. The Bijuu and the hosts were a little bit in front of the others and were smiling at the power of their friend. It truly did seem that the Nine Tails was the most powerful of all the Tailed Beasts.

"I never thought I would get to see that again after the war." Gaara said. Naruto just gave him a smile and placed a hand on his shoulder, the one that was not occupied by Shukaku. It was a friendly gesture between the two. They had been growing closer to each other since returning and their friendship was stronger than ever.

"So shall we finish this meeting so we can all get home for the night." Bob said from beside the Fairy Tail members.

"Are we needed in this part of the meeting? If not we can wait outside with the Fairy Tail members. I never thought I would miss the sun this much, but I do." Yagura spoke out. The Head council member shook his head and smiled at Yagura who politely smiled back.

The Guild Masters all filed back into the manor to finish the meeting and all the bijuu settled down to rest in the sun like they used to do when they were little. The hosts sat down near the trees and started to talk and reminisce. The Fairy Tail members approached them cautiously which caught Naruto's and Gaara's attention.

"Come join us you lot. We don't bite, that's the Tailed Beasts job." Naruto joked. Kurama had gotten up and started to walk over to the group.

"Who are you guys?" Natsu yelled.

"Natsu, meet Naruto Uzumaki-Namikaze my last host before we both died. These are the last jinchuuriki of the Bijuu."Spoke Kurama. Everyone smiled at the confused Fairy Tail members.

Once the confusion and caution passed, all of them were talking animatedly. Erza was talking with Fuu and Yugito as they all hit off instantly. Natsu was talking with Gaara who found it interesting to talk with a mini- Naruto once again. Lucy was talking with Roushi who was interested in her spirit keys. Finally Gray was talking with Yagura with Han listening in about the old shinobi ways and the villages.

When the meeting ended the bijuu and hosts split up to follow a certain Guild Master back to their Guild. Only Han along with Kokuo weren't going to a guild, instead choosing to roam the new lands in search of any signs of the Elemental Nations. Of course he would still report in with Naruto every so often, but he was free with only Kokuo for company.

It was as it should be.


Hey guys, first thing first... Sorry for the no updates for the past month and a bit. I have had test upon examination and so much homework. There has been no end to it. This has been written between the exams and is a bit of a rushed effort. Once again sorry if it is terrible but I have been very busy! Hope you all have a nice Easter and there may be a shorter chapter posted in the next week or so.