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Will awakes to early afternoon sun shining in his eyes. Its 2012.

"Shit!" He yells. He has a job interview today at around 3. Dark curly hair stuck up in seemingly impossible and unnatural ways. He throws on a pair of jeans and a button up to look slightly nice. Yes, Shadowhunting is a large part of his life but he still needs money for taxis and stuff. New York City is .SIVE. and he had just moved here about a month so to hell about knowing his way around the city. Mundanes he thinks why can't they be simple like us and have everything for free. He walks down the stairs and Jace smiles that smile.

"It's 2:30. I figured you'd need your beauty sleep. Angel knows how much you need it." His golden eyes shining with amusement.

"By the Angel Jace. Girls look at me more than me. Just be grateful that I'm there so they notice you a little too." He grinned and Jace had a come back but Will ran out the steps of the Institute and merges into traffic gracefully. He heads to gas station where the interview. When you're a shadowhunter you need a work place that you can easily find demons in and am able to take work off easily. So naturally a gas station is an excellent choice. It's 2:59. Thank the Angel. He's not late. His blue eyes shine. After all he had left behind in London. He just needed to leave. For Tessa, For Jem and more importantly himself. They spoke often over Skype and facetimed with Jace's iPhone he hadn't registered one yet for The States. He knew Jem missed him but that engagement ring on Tessa's finger got to him. Every single time. Ugh. He also knew that this much distance between him and his parabati was unhealthy but until the wedding it was necessary.

"Welcome" said a fat gray haired guy in front of him. It pulled him out of his thoughts quickly. "You must be Will Herondale."

"Yeah." He said stupidly.

"My name is Mike. Can I bring you to the back to get you set up?" He gave Will the tour of the small shop and station. How to work the cash register and stuff.

"So Will. Can you start tomorrow? I need all the help I can get. This is a very popular place for taxi drivers to tank up."

"Yeah. Probably." All Will really needed was the job.

"Great see you then. 8 o' clock sharp." And Will left. He caught a taxi that smelled like heavy perfume and the taxi driver was chewing a cigar loudly in the front. Disgusting. If you want to chew tobacco then go buy it. Don't chew unlit cigars.
Back at the Institute. Clary was over doing her simple shadow training. Jace obviously helping her was busy staring at her form in her dropping off high beam. He knew Jem would have been awesome at this and helped Jace teah her because he was nice. He however was a lonely, miserable pit of anger who decided to go read comic books in the garden. Oh Angel. Isabelle was cooking. For all her morbid songs he missed Bridget's cooking. Alec was probably out with magnets. Will was all for Gay Rights. But it looked like they were having some issues lately. The Lightwood parents as he liked to call them were picking up Max from a shadow camp in Idris.

Will mostly kept to himself. Shadowhunting he only went with Jace. They're a good match. Almost always in sync and they sing the same funny song about Demon Pox. He headed through the library. He stopped when he saw a necklace with an angel made of clockwork in front of him. For some reason he felt a connection to it. He doesn't know why. But it does.

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