Hi Sorry. School. Fanfiction. There is no time to write on my baby. That sounded weird. Lol. I promise a longer chapter this time. I've also decided to add POV's because being in the heads of the kings of sass is Way more interesting. -SDoA

Wills POV

Scouting around a large city in the middle of the day hunting demons. Is only exciting if Tessa asks questions the whole time. Jace asks Very different questions from Tessa. Mostly sassy ones because I mean like I've mentioned before. We could really be related. But we're not. He's never been to Wales and I've never been to America. So it all works. Jace asks another question

"Have you and Jem ever gone Anywhere outside of the UK? I mean come on! The world is my playground! Do they Have playgrounds in England?"

"No Jace little kids play in the middle of the streets. OF COURSE WE HAVE PLAYGROUNDS." We found a demon in the back alley of some side street. I have no idea where we are. But if this were London I would. Hold that thought. Can't. Go. Back. To. London. Too. Painful. Thankfully Jace lept on the demon. I swear. He has no sense of how back up works. Oh well I don't either. Jem... STOP THINKING OF JEM YOU IDIOT. IT WILL ONLY HURT MORE IF IT DOES! Hehe. Will and my name is... Will. Angel I'm a little kid.

Jace screams with fury in the background. Whoops. I am supposed to be helping him. And my mind goes... Tessa. I jump into action without thinking. I slink around Jace who is having fun playing peek-a-boo with the demon who's yelling.

"I can tell you where he is, Valentine!" Jace stops. I decide this would be a lovely time to stab it with my seraph blade. It explodes. Demon blood everywhere. This is the stupid kind of demon who when stabbed... explodes.

"Lovely, great job Will. I look even More stunningly attractive now with demon guts all over me, then I did Before I had demon guts all over me."

"You are most definietly welcome, Jonathan." Jace freezes turns around with an odd look on his face.

"What did you just call me?"

"I'll wager that when Johnathan the Shadowhunter slew his first demon he got covered in demon blood too. However he did Not have to go in public with it." Jace relaxes. Sass is the major best thing in the world. I swear.

Clary comes around the corner of that street. She has a bag in her hand but she doesn't see us. This must be right near her apartment. We nod and start to follow her. Try to scare her ya know... she heads into the store and we wait on either side for her to come out. But she doesn't. We look up and it's a shoe store. We both groan because we knew Isabelle was dragging Clary to one today. Simon of course slobberly approved. Some vampires will do Anything for love.

LOVE... TESSA...MARRY...STOP. I focus back. Clary must be meeting Isabelle. We head back to the Institute.

Iratzed and washed the day ends. Jace is too tired for anything else and everything is quiet. I miss Jem's music playing. It used to soothe me so. I miss Tessa in the library. Mouthing the words of Dickens to herself. Not knowing I'm there. I have to wait. For he wedding to be over. I emailed them my new cell today. and it pings with a text. It's from Tessa. It says

'We all miss you Will. Please come home soon.' There is no way I'm falling asleep now.