Hey! It's the long awaited second part to Different!


When I awoke from my much needed sleep, I realized I was in a different environment.

Opening my eyes and lifting my head slightly, I looked around the room.

I was in a cage. Well, that's not very fun….or roomy. My wings were strapped down and my legs were chained to the sides of the cage. I noticed the cage was an opened bar one, meaning I could break out of it easily.

Well, it would explain why I was still in Phoenix form. If I had changed in my sleep now, I would have probably broken the cage and been locked in an even tighter and more protected cage.

Hearing voices, I lowered my head, but kept my eyes open and out of sight; so it still looked like I was asleep.

I watched the door open, in came Bunny and North. Both wielded weapons, as if expecting someone to ambush them; if there glancing around had anything to say about it.

I reached toward the cage with my magic, I immediately felt the wards placed on it; probably meant to keep me in.

Everything in the cage had magical wards on them; though they were all weak compared to my magic. I quickly dispersed them; starting to listen in on the conversation between Bunny and North.

"…and I'm tellin ya! Manny was warnin us of em! 'Es dangerous!" that was Bunny, his accent really was noticeable…

"Bunny, you over react! Boy iz just different. He only defend himself! You made him angry, and he reacted; iz not like he actually hurt you."

"Ya wrong mate, he didn't attack me; but he did call in them Nightmares! He must be wit Pitch in some way if they were listenin to em, Nightmares only respond ta Pitch's command!"

I heard enough, he was blaming the Nightmares and accusing me of something that he doesn't know! Ignoring North and Bunny, I quickly started to hollow out every piece of metal on or around me with my magic. In seconds I had all the metal hollowed to no thinner than a sheet of paper.

Slowly rising up, I stood to my full height; I stole a glance at North and Bunny, they still hadn't noticed my movements. I made a soft cooing noise; just loud enough to be heard. Once I was sure I had their attention, I snapped open my wings; growing so that I was about two times bigger than an eagle at the same time; I let out a high pitched screech that seemed to carry on even after I had stopped.

North and Bunny were quick to cover their ears when I screeched, seeing as their ears couldn't take it at this close range.

I stopped after a few seconds. The call had been sent; now all I needed to do is transform into my Spirit form and comfort them until my…'transportation' arrived.

Quickly moving I jumped off the table I had been placed on and transformed in the air midway; landing on the floor in Spirit form. I whirled, staff in hand, (it converts into a small necklace when he transforms) to face Bunny and North.

They had their weapons raised, ready in case I attacked. I didn't. I stared them down for a few seconds before speaking.

"I can't believe you… first you insult me, believe I purposely called in Nightmares and associated me with Pitch, locked me in a cage; believing that I'm dangerous, and even go against the yetis and elves wishes; more than likely their warnings!"

"Ahm sorry ta say mate, but with what ya did; its hard ta believe ya ain't."

I growled, "I didn't do ANYTHING! The only things I did were helpful! When I opened my wings, I ruined many things; but I fixed them! When the Nightmares came, I sent them away; before they even touched anything!"

"He iz right Bunny, worst he did was screech in your face. He fixed anything he broke in shop; even sent away Nightmares!"

"You don't know if it true though! For ya could know, he sent them away to the shadows, waitin' to strike at his order!"

North began to speak, but was interrupted by a yeti slamming the door open and yelling about something. Though he wasn't talking to North or Bunny, all his attention was on me, the yeti; Phil, was waving his arms around wildly as he spoke.

I gasped, than growled. I shot past North and Bunny, yelling to follow me as I zoomed by on Wind.

I zoomed to the globe room, bursting in; I immediately saw the problem, though the others (the Guardians) didn't seem to notice until it happened. Sand swirled around the globe coming up to form a laughing black shape.

Growling, I shot exploding frost through an open skylight; telling my 'transportation' to wait and be ready to come at my call. Not a second later, Moonlight came through that same skylight. Somehow Sandy and I were the only ones to notice the Moonlight, somehow he missed my frost.

Seeing Sandy wasn't going to get their attention, I slammed my staff down; blowing an arctic wind through the workshop to gain their attention. It worked. Though Bunny getting in my face was not appreciated, I managed to keep my cool and wordlessly point in the direction of the moon.

North, completely oblivious to Bunny and I's stare down; faced the moon and called out a greeting. The others, not including me, drifted over to the circle of Moonlight. Instead I flew up to near the skylight, a Moonbeam rested in my out stretched hand. It told me that Manny didn't know they were here, they said they saw what the Guardians did and wanted to get back at them.

They asked if I would help them in their little scheme, I smiled and gave a silent agreement.

Excited, the Moonbeam told the others consisted in the Moonlight. I gave a soft chuckle at that and looked down; I noticed the Moonbeams had already brought out the crystal like planned and seemed to be preparing to show an image.

Quickly, the Moonbeams obscured the image; they hadn't decided on an image yet, so I told them to blur it until they decided.

They did.

When the image appeared, it was extremely blurry; all the Guardians moved closer to see if they could figure out why the image was blurry. The Moonbeams asked if I could roar on the count of three. Nodding, I moved behind the Guardians, but staying above them; I got ready to let out a dragonic roar.

As said before, when the Moonbeams said three, the image became a Dragon head, with its maw open and showing long and sharp teeth. When the image appeared, I let out a roar; not very long, but long enough to scare the Guardians to the point of screaming their heads off and tripping over each other, landing in a heap on the floor.

I stopped my roar and dissolved into a fit of hysterical laughter; Wind barely keeping her grip on me and at the same time laughing hysterically at the Guardians faces. The Moonbeams were no different; dancing all over the place in their merriment.

The first to recover was Sandy, then Tooth, then North, and the last to recover was Bunny. I was still laughing when I felt something rap around my ankle and pull me down. When my world stopped spinning from the sudden movement, I realized I was upside down and the Guardians were all staring down at me.

They didn't seem too happy at being scared like that; though the memory of their faces sent me into a laughing fit again.

"Just vhat iz zo funny?"

I wiped my eyes and looked up at North.

"Your faces!"

Bunny hoped closer and bent down so he was level with me.

"That was your idea, wasn't it? Ma question is, how'dya do it?"

I grew defensive, "Woah, woah, woah! None of this was my idea! I only did what the Moonbeams asked me to do!"

"Yeah, what the Moonbeams told ya; they don't 'ave a mind of their own" Bunny scoffed.

I starred, slowly looking behind me; I gave a sigh of relief to notice the Moonbeams had left. That would have been catastrophic if the Moonbeams had heard that little statement. Turning back, I opened my mouth to speak only to be interrupted by a Tooth Fairy flying into my face and speaking rapidly.

Willing the Dreamsand to let me go, I flew up to the skylight; only stopping at Tooth's shout of where I was going.

"Unless you feel like losing your home and belief, I suggest you leave quickly" I said without even turning around and continued my flight to Tooth Palace. I may not like the Guardians much, but he was taking that too far.

Upon arrival, I noticed the Nightmares were scattered everywhere; snapping up Tooth Fairies and, as one passed by, I noticed they were stealing the teeth as well.

Quick as lightning, I snatched a fairy before a Nightmare could get it; and at the same time, barely missing the sleigh flying over my head.

Landing In a dead shadow(1), I watched the events taking place.

(The next events play the same as the movie, just take out Jack)

I watched on and waited. When Pitch summoned a Nightmare, I shot from the shadow and landed just above Pitch; I saw the Guardians eyes widen while Pitch continued his rant.

Rising to my full height, my eyes flashed to red.


Pitch jumped at the name, only two people could call him by that name and get away with it; those being Manny and me.

Pitch backed up till he was nearly on the edge of the platform, arm rose in front of him in surprise.

"L-Lord Kami! W-what a pleasant surprise! May I ask; what do I owe to be in your presence?"

I'm the only one who can make him stammer like that though, not even Manny could pull it off no matter how hard he tried. I had to give him credit though, he managed to straighten himself out and bow like he knew he was supposed to.

"I have a question, where are the Tooth Fairies?"

"Collecting the teeth of course!" rising, Pitch looked at me; though he never met my eyes. Well at least he knows how to treat his superior…to a point.

"Right, Right, then why does she tell me otherwise?" I showed the fairy in my hand, she didn't even flinch at the glare Pitch gave her; I could sense her fear though, and I'm sure Pitch could as well.

"Well you see ah…" I watched Pitch leave on Onyx the Nightmare. He knew he was in trouble, but I knew he was going to try and carry this out; even with me on his tail.

Hearing a gasp, I looked down at the Guardians. Tooth was staring horrified at the feathers that had just fallen to the floor.

"The children are losing their belief."

The Guardians glanced up at me before focusing on Tooth again. Sighing, I ignored their senseless babbling and focused on the fairy in my hand. I made a couple of twittering noises before Baby Tooth nodded and flew off to the south; toward Antarctica.

Flying down towards the Guardians, I landed next to Bunny who took a step away from me.

I listened to Tooth exclaiming about how 7 continents was a lot to cover and collect teeth. Bunny and North boosted about how one hides eggs in one day and the other presents in one night. Sandy just made a sand image showing he was in. I smiled and said I was in too.


Pitch's P.O.V.

(Sorry, but I felt this just needed to be added; even though this is meant to be from Jack's P.O.V.)

I couldn't believe it! How had Lord Kami known I was there?! I had made sure I was low grid until I had enough power to hold him back!

Growling, I continued to struggle with figuring out how he knew I was there. Then it hit me. The Guardians! They had to have something to do with it. I had seen the surprised look on their faces when Lord Kami had appeared.

I don't think they realize just who they were dealing with. A smirk slowly formed on my face; if I could manipulate this just right…I could reveal who Lord Kami is and make him seem like a horrible ruler.

Yes, this could actually work; I just needed to time it right…


Tooth collecting had been fun as always. I managed to best even North with my sack size and had been the only one leaving gifts. I did have a large coin collection from over the years…

North celebrating with his large sack; a bit too loud though as he had woken up the child, Jamie I believe.

I didn't say anything as the flashlight's light shone on each frozen figure, though it shined through me.

The situation had soon grown chaotic when Abby had spotted Bunny. I had accidently set off the alarm clock causing Abby to chase Bunny around the room and Sandy to knock everyone but him and me out.

I had chased little Sophie through a portal she had opened to the Warren when I was about to leave. I managed to get her to see me and as I herded the egglets Sophie and I played and painted some of the egglets. It was a little bit before Bunny and the others arrived that I had at least over half the egglets done. I already knew what had happened to Sandy when the pouch of Dreamsand I had jerked then settled into a morning state.

Bunny took over after that. Baby Tooth came back and reported that teeth collection was going well and was currently being sorted for when they got the teeth canisters back. I nodded. I told her to make sure operations stayed in order and check back when possible. With a nod and a few twitters Baby Tooth was off.

I floated down from my position in the air.

Aw, little Sophie is tired the Wind cooed. I smiled and nodded. I offered to take her home as I knew where she lived and that I would be back as quick as possible.

I tried to keep my promise, but being attacked makes that a little hard. Eventually I had made it past the swarm of nightmares and shot towards the Warren only to stop halfway. I knew what happened as I had heard the egglets screaming in my head. Using my magic I summoned one of the two last baskets of eggs and told the Wind to go hurricane speeds to the closest place that had yet to do an egg hunt. The closest place was in New York Central Park.

The egg hunt had just started and as quick as I could I hid the eggs.

I sighed in relief when I child cried out they had found an egg. Soon the little family had found all the eggs and left the park.

I floated into the air and asked Wind to locate the Guardians and take me to them.

I found them in Britain and noticed Bunny had failed to make it in time to keep a few more of his believers.

They all rounded on me, asking why I was with Pitch. I had told them I wasn't, but the nightmare sand still on my cloths had given them the wrong idea and they just wouldn't LISTEN!

I felt the tears prickling my eyes and looked down. The tears silently falling; I willed the grass to take me away, away from here and somewhere where I could calm down.

Bunny's magic was affecting the area to much with his anger and frustration. In other words I couldn't leave by way of the trees or grass.

Bunny growled out how they should have never trusted me, and that I should not even exist. My head snapped up, blood red eyes narrowed in rage and the tears still flowing down my cheeks; freezing about half way down.

"What do you know?! Couldn't you keep your trap shut long enough to let me explain?! Tell you I was attacked?! That I had actually managed to save a couple of believers?! No! All you care about is what you want! You jumped too conclusions! All of you did!" I yelled.

A loud roar filled the area and a large dragon landed in the small clearing. The dragon was dark grey with white markings. Jumping onto the back of Glimmer, I stared back at the slowly diminishing group and said just above a whisper:

"I'll help you defeat Pitch, but do not expect my forgiveness"

With those words Glimmer shot into the sky and we traveled to Burgess.


When I arrived in Burgess I had sent Glimmer back home and floated beside a random window in my own sorrow when I saw it.

Looking into the window I saw Jamie. He was talking his favorite stuffed rabbit, asking it to give him a sign; anything. Seeing a chance to save the most likely last believer I frosted over the window and drew on it.

Jamie gasped and stood up in bed, watching the rabbit jump around the room before exploding into snow. A single snowflake landed on Jamie's nose and he blinked a few times. He said the name I forgot, since I hardly remembered the name I just went along with it.

Soon enough I had all of Jamie's friends and the Guardians with me. Pitch sat on Onyx who was on top of building across the street, ranting about something I didn't bother listen to.

(I forgot what happens next in order so I'm going to wing it)

I watched as the kids came forward, saying they would protect us. I smiled. It was a sweet gesture, and I had a feeling it would do more than what they thought.

And indeed it had.

When Pitch sent forward the Nightmares Jamie had turned his head and shoved a hand forward, hoping for the best. When the sand hit his hand Dreamsand immediately erupted and started taking forms. Excited the others started touching Nightmares, turning them back into Dreamsand. It wasn't long after, with the help of Sandy who had comeback, we defeated Pitch. The Nightmares turned against him when they sensed his fear.

In the end, I joined in the Guardians celebration, said bye to the kids and left. Once I was high enough into the air I called the Nightmares and Fearlings to me. They knew I was their new king and that I had no fear of them, and willing completed the ceremony to become one with me. My staff now had points at each end and small black pikes that would hurt anyone but me covered the entire thing. I gained a navy blue cloak and two triangle markings appeared under my eyes, which stayed the same. I remained shoeless and my pants turned black along with the new dark blue tang top I gained.

Smiling at the completed ceremony I flew back to the home of the dragons, now truly Lord Kami, ruler over all that lives.



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