1. The French Mistake

When he first entered college, Eren Jaeger had never anticipated that he would end up dating one of his professors. He wasn't even sure how it had happened. All he knew was that he was head over heals in love with the French Professor, Levi Rivaille. And when Eren Jaeger wanted something, he fought until he got it.

As usual, Eren headed to their next lecture with Armin and Mikasa. They hadn't been at this college long, but they had already noticed who was in what in groups, who was in head of class, who was in head of sports etc. It hadn't been too bad so far and even though he would never admit it, Eren was really glad he had his sister and childhood friend with him or else he'd feel kind of lost, both in the literal sense and in a more metaphorical way. For one, the school was huge, with three different buildings. The oldest were called Maria and had been there since forever. It was also the biggest one, so it held most of the dorms. Then there was the Rose building, that'd been made in the early 90's or something and lastly, Sina which was a recently built, taller, more modern building. So to say it the easy way, it was hella easy to get lost at this college. It wasn't too bad though, after all you get used to it after a while.
Another problem was that since Eren and Mikasa's familly wasn't the ritchest, their dad had decided that only one of them could go to college and of course since Mikasa was the wonderchild with straight A's, she had been the choosen one. Eren would have to save up on his own, or make due in some other way. Luckily though, he had miraculasly got into Trost Uni on a special scholarship and was able to go after all. This word had quickly gotten around the school, whiched caused alot of people to shoot him annoyed and jealous glances and whisper behind his back and since Eren wasn't exactly... a people person to begin with, it didn't really help him to climb the social ladder. But Eren couldn't care less about popularity. He just wanted to get through the years of college, survive and maybe get some good grades.
He had never anticipated how little he would care about school later on.

An early monday, Eren, Mikasa and Armin arrived a bit early to their French literature lecture and took their seats. Since this was an international college, there was some foreign languages they could choose from. Eren had wanted German, but it was already full when he applied. As they waited for the teacher, Eren and Armin chatted about random things, while Mikasa was mostly silent as usual. He barely even noticed as the room filled up with sleepy, chatting students, seeing as it was their first class that day. That was until he walked in. Silence fell immediately as Professor Rivaille walked into the room and slammed his books down on the desk, the noise echoing through the room. Eren jumped alittle at the sudden noise and as he stared down at the Professor this weird feeling that he had never experienced before peeked his interest. The professor was short, with dark hair that hung loosely over his eyes, cut short in the neck and sides, and he wore an intimidating scowl that sent shivers down Eren's spine. He seemed to be really strict too, because every time he shot a scowl at someone, they whimpered and hurriedly looked down in their notes. But Eren could not tear his eyes away from him. His clothes were kind of old fashioned, but stylish and elegant. Like 18 century England or something. He seemed to take his job very seriously and talked fast and intense, not pausing for a moment for students to take notes. His voice was… hypnotizing. It was kind of low and just a little husky, but at the same time smooth and the sound too sent shivers down his spine. He had never experienced anything like it and as he stared at this fascinating man the words that flowed out of his mouth like a river of honey did not connect with his brain at all. He didn't listen to any of the context, just the sound of his voice and the look of his intense eyes.
Before he knew it, the time had passed and the lecture was over. Without realizing, Eren had spent the entire time staring transfixed at their Professor. Shaking his head to recover from the somewhat shocking experience, he decided that he needed to know more about him.

After the class, they separated from Mikasa, who had economy and headed to their own history lesson (Armin's favorite). They sat down next to a small, cute blonde haired girl, who smiled brightly at them. Eren figured maybe he could ask around about the teacher and he might as well socialize while he did it.
"Hi!" He said, grinning at the girl. "I'm Eren and this is Armin. What's your name?"
"Nice to meet you. I'm Christa." She answered, a bit shyly.
"So Christa… Do you mind if I ask you something?"
She blinked her big blue eyes, looking confused at Eren's sudden aproach.
"Not at all."
"Ok, so I was wondering.. That French literature Professor. Rivaille? Do you know anything about him?"
"Oh uh.. I don't know a lot. I know that he's French originally and that he's been here quite a long time. He's also kind of scary and apparently really harsh with his grading."
Eren nodded intrigued. He'd figured as much, seeing all the students flinched under his glare.
"Hm.. I see." He murmured.
"Why do you want to know?"
"Oh, I was just curious." She smiled politely and they didn't talk much after that.
Eren asked around a little in his other classes, but no one seemed to know much and gave mostly the same answer as Christa. Although he did find out that Professor Rivaille was apparently quite close with this biology professor, Hanji. Which was interesting.

At lunch, Eren was thankful to get a break from the classes, but he still couldn't get a break from his thoughts. Desperate for a distraction, he shook his head in exasperation and glanced around the dining hall. He noticed Jean, a lanky, horsefaced guy with gay hair, who he'd attended the same high school with, sitting next to Connie, a short and energetic dude with a shaved head and Sasha, a goofy brunette who ate a lot. He'd also attended high school with the two of them. They all sat at the table across from where him, Armin and Mikasa were sitting and he also noticed a fourth person, a kind of tall guy with dark hair and freckles. Sasha and Connie were chatting loudly about something over Sasha's gigantic plate of food and the guy with the freckles were talking cheerfully about something to Jean. Jean just watched him with a dreamy look and a tiny smile on his lips. Eren narrowed his eyes. What was that all about? Probably just Jean being a dork, he guessed. Finding no distractions in the four of them, he glanced further around the room. The inseparable powercouple, Bertholdt Hoover and Reiner Braun were sitting quite close to them, talking to the small blonde girl called Annie. Reiner was the muscly star quarterback of the football team and Bertholdt the incredibly tall star of the basketball team and after they started dating, they definitely became the talk of the town. Eren smiled softly as he noticed their hands entwined in each other, and wondered faintly if he would ever have something like that.

The day went by pretty slow and boring after that and Eren could not stop thinking about Professor Rivaille. He didn't even really know what it was about him that intrigued him so, he just felt an immense attraction towards him and he wanted to find out everything there was to know about him. He was really glad his roommate was Armin at that point. Cause Armin was cool. Armin didn't ask questions and respected your privacy. He shuddered at the thought of having to share a room with his sister, who would probably baby him 24/7.

That night, in their room, Armin was sitting on his bed, reading in that history book he was so obsessed with and Eren was scrolling lazily through his Facebook newsfeed on his phone. When he had scrolled thorugh the same posts for the 5th time, he finally threw the phone aside. Looking up at the ceiling, his mind started wandering. He thought about Bertholdt and Reiner and how happy they looked. He wondered when and how they'd fallen in love. If it had been difficult or if they had found each other right away. He thought of Jean and the way he looked so stupidly in love when he watched that other guy and he suddenly felt a stab of jealousy. He sighed heavy.
"Hey Armin.."
"Hm?" Armin mumbled in response, as he looked up from the book.
"Do you believe in love at first sight?" Eren didn't look over, but he could tell by the pause that he was surprised.
"Er.. that's a bit random. Why do you ask?"
"Just answer the question." There was another pause.
"Uh.. I don't know, Eren, I haven't really thought about it before."
Eren sighed and turned over to his side in the bed, closing his eyes.
"Yeah, me neither." Before now.
Eren's night consisted mostly of Professor Rivaille. Professor Rivaille walking up to him after class and stroking his cheek, kissing him, undressing him, sticking his tongue in his mouth, straddling him, pounding him, binding him up and taking him over his desk.

The next day, Eren woke with a start, his eyes flying open. What. The. Fuck. Eren had had sex dreams before, sure, but never this intense. Never so… hardcore. And most definitely never about his teacher. He cursed the tent he was pitching to hell and prayed to God he hadn't said anything weird in his sleep. He very often talked in his sleep and had said some pretty weird shit, according to Armin. But luckily Armin seemed to be acting normal and was up sipping coffee as the early bird he was, so Eren let out a breath of relief and raced to the bathrooms so he could get rid of this… problem.

Thank God he didn't have French that day. He would not be able to look his Professor in the eye without blushing furiously after that dream. He could not stop thinking about it though and it became a pretty annoying distraction. His first class that day was biology and he suddenly remembered that this teacher, apparently knew Rivaille.
Professor Zoe was the most energetic teacher Eren had ever had and she spent most of biology talking really passionately about anatomy, while using a creepy looking anatomy mannequin with all muscles and no skin. She had big brown hair and glasses and insisted that everyone called her by her first name. It made him really wonder how such a quiet, angry man as Rivaille knew such a loud and energetic woman as Hanji.

The rest of the day went by with Eren trying to tell himself to stop thinking about his damn teacher. What the fuck is wrong with you Eren? You've only been here a couple of weeks and you get into this shit? You haven't even talked to him! Stop it! A voice inside his head yelled at him, but it was no use. He spent the rest of the week watching Rivaille intently in his French classes and thinking about him the rest of the time. He studied him like a hawke and marked down everything he noticed. Everything from what kind of clothes he had to the small things he did unconsciously when he talked. Like when he paused, looking down in the book and shook his hair away from his face or the way he held his coffee cup, not by the handle, but by holding around the top. Sometimes he wrote on the blackboard so fast and harsh that he broke the chalk multiple times and eventually got so pissed that he gave up the blackboard and said it vocally instead. And while he watched, Eren subconsciously licked his lips and his heart rate quickened. Yeah… he was fucked.

So yeah. A terrible week went by and by Friday it got so bad he actually had to excuse himself to Armin and Mikasa and go to the restroom to splash some cold water in his face. Jesus, pull it together, Eren! He thought to himself as he looked up in the mirror. He sighed as he exited the restrooms and prepared himself for the rest of the day.
"What's the matter Jaeger? Someone take a piss in your cheerios or something?"
Eren groaned audibly when he heard the voice behind him. Great. Now he had to deal with that horse faced jackass.
"Not now, Jean."
"Gee! What the hell happened to you? You look like you just got mercilessly friend zoned or something."
Eren whipped around and glared at him.
"I said not now! I'm not in the mood."
"Holy shit, did you?"
His eyebrow twitched slightly and his hands balled up in fists.
"I'm warning you, Kirschtein."
"Oh you are? And what are you gonna do?"
Ok that was it. He was just too frustrated to deal with any kind of shit at that point. Eren grabbed the taller boy by the shirt and slammed him into the wall.
"WILL YOU FOR ONCE JUST LEAVE ME ALONE, ASSHOLE?!" He shouted, his eyes wild with fury.
"DUDE, WHAT THE HELL?! YOU ALWAYS OVERREACT, YOU CRAZY FREAK!" Jean shouted back. Then suddenly…
They both froze and turned to where the voice came from. It was him… Professor Rivaille. Eren's heart leapt to his throat and his legs suddenly felt weak. Rivaille stepped closer to them and Eren dropped his hold on Jean. The professor's dark eyes darted between Eren and Jean for a moment, before he turned to Eren.
"Jaeger. My office." He ordered in a plain voice.
"Ah.. y-yes sir." Eren replied. Normally he would protest and childishly complain how it was Jean who had started it, but with Rivaille, he was powerless and he could see Jean eyeing him quizzically in the corner of his eye.

Later, Eren swallowed hard and tried to ignore the rapid heartbeat in his chest, as he knocked on the door to Professor Rivaille's office.
"It's open." He heard from the inside and as he stepped through the door, he was met by Rivaille standing by the window and flipping through a book.
"Ah, Jaeger. Sit." He ordered and Eren obliged, sitting in the empty chair in front of his desk. He flinched a little as Rivaille plumped down in his own chair and slammed his legs on the desk, crossing them.
"Are you scared of me, Eren?"
"W-What? No, sir." The last thing he wanted was for him to think he was scared of him, but he could help stammering a little.
A silence fell for a while and Eren noticed how the rays of sunlight danced over his dark strands of hair. Trying not to stare, he tore his eyes away and looked to the side.
"So what was that all about?" Rivaille finally asked.
"What? Oh... it was nothing, sir. Me and Jean Kirschtein can just… be at each other's tops sometimes." There was another long pause, the shorter man's intense gaze glued to Eren and he was starting to get slightly nervous, his heartbeat going even faster.
"Er.. It won't happen again, sir."
"…Are you going to send me to principal Pixis?"
"Oh. Well uh.. thank you."
He just nodded shortly. After another painful pause of silence, he finally said:
"Oh and Eren?" Wha- He… He used his first name.
"Yes, sir?"
"Call me Levi." Eren's eyes widened.
"Er… Professor Levi?"
"Just Levi."
"Oh… ok, sir. I mean uh… Levi."
"Good." He nodded in approval. "Right then. You're dismissed."
And that was that.

When he exited the office, Armin was waiting for him outside.
"Eren! I heard what happened. Did you get in trouble?" Armin said, but Eren was unable to answer at the moment, still a little shocked from what had just happened.
"Uh… Eren are you ok? You look kind of white."
Armin asked concerned. He still wasn't able to answer.
"Come on… Let's just get back to our dorm."
Armin took his arm carefully and led him back to their dorm room like he was going to puke at any moment and thanked God, or whatever it was that controlled the universe, that Armin was his roommate and not some stranger he barely knew.

Safely back in their room, Eren's mind started spinning. A thousand questions raced through his thoughts. He'd used his first name. And he had asked him to call him by first name. What did that mean? Did it mean he was special? That he was being praised? Or should he be nervous or concerned that it actually meant he was in deep shit?
It was in that moment Eren decided 'fuck it' and kind of stopped giving a shit. He didn't give a shit that Eren was Levi's student and that he had weird sexdreams about his teacher. All he knew was that he had to get to know him somehow, no matter what.

"Hey Armin." He muttered quietly and looked up at his friend.
"What's up, Eren?"
"What do you do if… If you want to get to know someone, but you don't know how to talk to them?"
Armin blinked his blue eyes a couple of times, before he sat down on the bed next to Eren and brushed his blond hair behind his ear.
"Well I guess… you should try spending more time with them?"
That suddenly hit Eren with a brilliant idea and he lit up.
"Armin, you're a genius!"