7. Date

Eren was ecstatic after Levi said he would go on a date with him. A massive amount of butterflies fluttered warmly in his stomach, but he was so exhausted and drained from everything that had happened that day, that he just sighed a dreamy "thank you" and snuggled into his chest. How was it, that when Eren was at his most miserable, Levi managed to turn it around and make it one of the happiest moments in his life? He had been there for him when the whole world seemed to turn against him. He had taken care of him and made him feel loved and for that, Eren didn't think he could ever repay him.

He could stay there in his arms forever, if it was possible, because in Levi's arms he felt so at peace and forgot everything else. But eventually.. his happiness had to end and he knew that he needed to face his fears.

He needed to apologize to Armin.

Luckily, it was Saturday, so no school and he dreaded getting back to his dorm, wanting to stay at Levi's the entire weekend, but he pushed him into going.

"If you postpone it, it'll just get worse. Get it over with fast, like a band aid." He had said. And he was right of course. The fears and worries and regrets would only build up if he kept waiting. Though he allowed himself to wait until the evening of Saturday, wanting to spend time with Levi, who was being exceptionally kind and supportive. He even made him breakfast. Just some toast and coffee, but still breakfast! And Eren felt like he would fucking burst of happiness, grinning like an idiot, trying not to let it show too much. They spent the day just watching stupid movies none of them really paid attention to and to be honest, Eren just enjoyed his presence.

The time was 5 pm when he finally built up the courage to head back and Levi actually drove him. It was possible to walk, but pretty far and Eren didn't have a car, so he was really grateful for the ride, since he usually took the bus. He kissed him one last time and got a "good luck", before he stepped out of the car and Levi drove off. Taking a deep breath and exhaled it slowly, he headed towards the dormitories.

He had to take a good long while, just standing there outside their room to collect his thoughts. What would he say? What would Armin say? How would he react? Ok, just take it easy. He said to himself and took another deep breath, before he stepped into the room.

Armin was sitting on his computer, with his hair tied back and his reading glasses he sometimes wore on the tip of his nose. When Eren entered, he looked up and Eren winced a little, when he saw the slightly swollen side of his face. A good long moment filled the room with painful silence and the whole atmosphere tensed up.

"Uh.. Hi?" Eren mumbled, breaking the silence.

"Hello." Armin replied simply and he could immediately hear on the tone in his voice, that he was pissed. His gut wrenched in his stomach as he stood there in the room, trying to find something to say. His throat felt so thick, making it hard to speak and he was starting to cold sweat, but he had to break the ice somehow.

"Look, Armin…" He started, clenching his fists at his sides and staring at his feet.

"I.. About what happened at the party… I'm sorry. I'm so sorry I hit you." A crushing silence fell over the room, and Eren aggressively refused to let the tears come out this time. Finally, Armin sighed and turned towards him.

"I'm not pissed because you hit me, Eren. I know it was an accident. I'm pissed because you always let your anger get the better of you. Why can't you stay calm for once? He would have left me alone eventually! But no. You just have to use violence as a solution for everything."

The words were painfully true and Eren cringed under his words. He was right. If he hadn't lost control, Armin would never have been hurt.

"I'm sorry.." He whispered, his fists shaking slightly.

"I mean how does it solve anything to punch down bad people? The answer is nothing! It just makes things worse."

"I know, ok!" Eren snapped his head up. "I know it's not a smart move! But I can't help it! Whenever someone messes with you or Mikasa or anyone really, I just.. I can't stand it! It just makes me sick."

They watched each other for a good while, until Armin sighed once more and put the glasses up on his head.

"I know, Eren. But just try to be a little more careful ok?"

"Ok." Eren nodded and nervously looked to his feet.

"So.. does that mean you forgive me?"

"Of course I do." Armin confirmed and his whole chest felt lighter with the relief.



"You have to apologize to Mikasa as well."


"Yes, Eren. She was worried sick about you. First she was angry that you punched me, but of course she understood you didn't do it on purpose. When you took off, she, Jean and Marco helped me home. I tried telling them that it wasn't necessary for all of them, but they all insisted. So when no one knew where you disappeared to and you didn't answer your phone, we got a little worried.."

"Oh shit…" Eren mumbled, rubbing his temples. He didn't even think of that. He just needed to get away, he thought everyone hated him.

"Were you at Rivaille's?" Eren's head snapped up, almost forgetting that he had told Armin, but then he nodded shortly.

"Eren… you should tell her."

He knew he was talking about Mikasa, but he wasn't sure if he was ready. There was no way of knowing how she'd react. Either, she would threaten to kill him, or she would be really supportive. There was no in between with that girl. When Armin noticed that he was hesitating, he went on.

"She knows you're keeping something from her and honestly, I don't know how much longer I can keep it hidden!"

Eren thought about it for a long while, trying to think of the possible outcomes, but then certain words rang in his memory: "If you postpone it, it'll just get worse. Get it over with fast, like a band aid." And with those words in his mind, he decided that it was probably time, and he sighed.

"Ok… I'll call her and ask her to come over."

He pulled his phone out of his pocket and felt a sting of guilt when he noticed he had 5 missed calls and a bunch of texts from Mikasa and Armin.

Finding her name in the contactlist, he hesitated and glanced up at Armin for a second, who nodded approvingly. And then he called her.

She picked up after three rings. And she immediately bombarded him with questions.

"Eren? Where the are you? Where did you go? What happened?"

"Mika- Calm down! I'm fine! I'm back at the dorm with Armin now."

"Is he alright? Did you apologize to him? That was really shitty of you, you know."

"Yes, I know… And yes I did and I think he's cool with it. But look… I need to talk to you."

"Ok.. About what?"

"Just… can you come over here?"

"Yeah… ok, Eren. I'll be right there."

"Ok, see you."

After that she hung up and he let out a long breath he didn't even realize he was holding.

It didn't take long for Mikasa to come from the girl dorms and over to their room and the second she saw him, she started examining his wounds, like he had been a hostage of a terorist group and he had to shove her away, trying desperately to say that he was fine. Then she gave him a lecture, much like the one Armin had given him and he explained that he didn't mean to hit him, which she had already guessed. When she had finally calmed down abit, they all sat down on the floor and then there was the big question that had to be faced…

"But Eren… Where did you go? No one knew where you were." She asked and he looked to a random corner of the room, avoiding her eyes.

"Yeah… About that…. I.. was with someone." He started and she eyed him suspiciously.


Shit ok, this was it.. Taking a deep breath to steel himself, he finally faced her and said:

"Ok, so you know I have a crush, right?" He didn't wait for an answer.

"And that crush is not exactly… my age. But he goes to our school… do you follow?"

Mikasa just watched him, waiting to hear where he was going with it.

"Please don't freak out ok? So like… what I'm saying is.. you might not like it that much?"

"Eren, just tell me who it is already." She demanded.

"Alright fine. It's… Professor Rivaille."

Pause. She looked at him like she was analyzing him, trying to deduce the meaning of his words.

"That short, temperamental French professor?" She asked and Eren nodded. Then suddenly her facial expression turned to the most terrifying hatred he had ever seen. Fuck.

"I'll kill him."

"What?! Jesus Christ, Mikasa!"

"Did he hurt you? Blackmail you? He didn't molest you, did he?"

"Oh my fucking God, are you serious?! Believe it or not, it's actually voluntary!"

Mikasa was quiet for a moment, Eren shaking his head in exasperation and Armin just watched the two of them quietly.

"Really?" She finally asked.

"Yes! Oh my God."

"And you're sure about this? I mean.. you don't think it's weird at all?" She tried to phrase it as delicately as she could, but Eren could tell that she wasn't completely onboard yet.

Looking down to the floor, suddenly very self-conscious, he muttered:

"Well… of course I've thought about it. Multiple times. And I've had my doubts, I mean there's no denying there is a risk… But I tried breaking up with him, so he wouldn't get fired or anything bad would happen to him, but I just ended up hurting him, so… I don't think I can do that again. He's not as bad and ill-tempered as people think! He's actually really sweet and kind when he wants to, to me at least. And he's smart and talented and beautiful and amazing and… a-and I think.. I think I love him."

He finished the last words in nothing but a mutter- They words had just kind of fell out of him and both Armin and Mikasa stared at him, with wonder in their eyes. Eren kept his eyes on the floor, not wanting to see their facial expressions, embarrassed for the sappy confession he had just come with. A sudden paranoia that his best friends might judge him for this stung painfully in his chest, but then Mikasa gently placed her hand on his shoulder and he looked up to her.

"Eren." She said in a gentle voice. "If you love this man, which you clearly do, I will support you. If you end up hurt, I will stand by your side. I just want you to be happy."

He hated to admit that his heart warmed up a little at his stupid sister's cheesy words, but he just felt so touched that they supported his relationship so much.

"Same goes for me." Armin chimed in and he couldn't help it anymore. He pulled them both into his arms, hugging them tight and mumbled:

"Thank you guys. Thank you so much."

So at least his two friends he cared about the most forgave him, but then there was school following after the weekend. Everyone was staring at his black eye, small cuts and bruises, and honestly, he didn't blame them. He looked like a fucking mess. The hardest part was his friends freezing him out. Sasha and Connie avoided looking at him and shook their heads in exasperation, as if they'd given up on him, and he couldn't even see Ymir and Christa around.. Maybe they were taking the day off?

At lunch, everyone ignored him, Armin and Mikasa, so they decided to sit by Reiner, Bertholdt and Annie who (except for Annie) looked pretty confused.

"Eren! What the hell happened at the party? Annie said you punched Armin?" Reiner asked confused as they sat down and he felt another sting of guilt. Bertholdt looked confused between both of their bruised faces.

"Eren didn't mean to hit him." Mikasa explained and Eren sighed.

"It's fine, Mikasa."

After explaining to them what really happened and that he really didn't mean to hit him, Reiner nodded in understanding.

"So that's what happened.."

"Where the hell were you anyway? You two just disappeared." Eren countered and they looked nervously to each other, Bertholdt breaking out a sweat. Eren raised an eyebrow at them and noticed that Armin was blushing slightly, mumbling "oh." under his breath. What?

"We uh… we had to go somewhere." Reiner said and suddenly Mikasa broke in:

"They were having sex, Eren."

Bertholdt hid his face, blushing furiously, Reiner broke into a coughing fit and Eren tensed up considerably.

"O-Oh! God.. Sorry I asked, man."

"I-It's fine." Reiner said, straightening himself up. Annie sighed loudly and looked like she was at least a hundred percent done with her gay friends.

"Anyway.. There was this homophobic major dickhead who said some really shitty stuff, so that's why I flipped."

"Right. Then I'm glad you hit him."

"I-I'm just glad you're both ok." Bertholdt said finally and Armin smiled.

"Yeah, lucky for this asshole I'm so forgiving." His best firend said and Eren knew he was joking, but he still felt guilty about it. It was a relief to have at least some people talk to him and the conversation quickly left the awkward subject after that.

He was fine with the stares in the hallways and honestly, he was fine with his friends being mad at him, as long as Armin was talking to him, because he could not have handled that. So it was cool, everything was cool. The others would probably start talking to him after a while and if not, maybe he would explain what had happen, but at the moment he didn't care.

When they were walking from a lecture later that day, they spotted Jean and Marco down the hallway and Jean had a much different reaction to seeing them than Eren thought he would have. His face warped in anger the moment they spotted each other and strode with fast steps over to them, with a confused Marco following him. But to Eren's shock, it wasn't him he turned his attention to, but Armin…

"You!" He said, pointing a finger at the blond. "You forgave him, didn't you? Jesus, Armin, you are too nice sometimes!"

"Jean, it's not what-" Armin tried to explain, but Jean cut him off, with Eren, Marco and Mikasa looking equally confused.

"Do you ever think of yourself?"


Jean suddenly turned to Eren, scowling so much, he might pop a blood vessel.

"And you!" He almost shouted. "You don't deserve him, you know that?! He's too good for you. If your piece of shit ass could just appreciate what you have, he would never-"

"Jean!" It was Armin's turn to interrupt him now, and Jean turned his scowl over to him.

"Don't." Armin warned, shaking his head and Eren had never seen him looking so serious. Like there was a hidden warning in his look that only he and Jean understood. Jean's furious scowl finally turned into a milder annoyance and he shook his head.

"Whatever. Just try not to hurt yourself, Armin." He muttered, before he turned on his heal and strode away from them.

"Jean-!" Marco tried to stop him, but he walked away too fast and he seemed to not bother following him. Marco sighed and they were all left there dumbfounded and looking from Armin to Jean's disappearing form. When he noticed how Armin was standing with his head bent, the hair covering his face and shivering slightly, Eren was suddenly concerned and was just about to reach out to touch his shoulder, when he jerked away.

"I… I have to go too." He said and quickly disappeared in the opposite direction from Jean.

"Wha-? Ok…" He muttered as he watched his friend turn away.

"So uh.. do you know what that was about?" Eren asked Marco and he shrugged.

"No idea. You?"

"Not a clue."

Mikasa was the only one who didn't look completely at a loss and she had probably guessed what was going on, that decisive smartass. Eren just shrugged and decided not to think too much about it. Marco was going the same way as them, so they walked together and Eren got a chance to explain properly what had happened that Friday. Marco was of course understanding, as usual, but he warned him that Jean might not take it as lightly, but he'd guessed as much. He didn't know why Jean was suddenly so protective of Armin, but whatever it was he decided to stay out of it.

Jean continued to not talk to him that week, but Sasha and Connie came around when the word spread and they heard that he and Armin had made up. Jean however, kept scowling at him like he was fucking plotting his death or something, but it surprisingly enough didn't bother him that much, because after all, he kind of deserved it. He still hadn't forgiven himself for punching Armin, so why should they? Ymir and Christa came around the next day and told him not to worry about it, when he talked about what happened. Christa said she saw what happened and knew that he didn't punch him on purpose, Ymir said she didn't care either way.

The week wasn't bad at all though, because he knew that that weekend, he would be going on a date with Levi. The only thing that bothered him was how excruciatingly slow it went. Every day seemed to drag on forever and it was unbearable.

At least he still saw Levi almost every day after school and they did even less studying than before. Levi would always insist he did some French homework, because he refused to let his grades drop because of him, but after that, they would just hang out. They usually cooked dinner together, or cuddled on the couch, watching a movie, or both, in that order. And when they talked, Levi never brought up his mother, or any of the things Eren had said that night and he was grateful for that. He wouldn't have minded talking about it, but it was kinda painful to remember, so he'd rather not. Sometimes, if Levi was really tired after work, he would just nap, with his head in his lap, while Eren read a book or messed around with his phone and them sometimes… they would have hot, steamy sex. Levi always did something that surprised him when they were together, be it binding his hands and dripping candlewax on his chest or suddenly switching positions, asking Eren to top him. And it was always amazing. And each day, he fell more and more in love with him.

Then finally, the weekend came.

It was the cold November now, and particularly chilly that day. The rain from a couple of days ago had frozen over the night and there were now ice and frost everywhere. Eren had never really gotten around to buying a proper winter coat, cause well- he was a broke student, so he wore the dark green Talbot jacket he always wore and the thickest sweater he owned. As he was waiting for Levi, at the place they had planned to meet, he blew on his naked hands to keep them warm, having forgotten his half-finger gloves at home and shifted from his left foot to the right to not freeze up. He had also pulled a black beanie over his head and wore a big scarf, he had drawn closely over his red nose.

When Levi came walking towards him, as handsome as ever in his long black coat and dark blue scarf tucked into it, he immediately lit up in a bright smile and hurried over to him.

"Bonjour, Eren. Ça va?" He said. Sometimes he would test Eren's French and he had actually, believe it or not learned at least a little. It meant 'Hello, my hear. How are you?' and it made Eren's chest and entire body warm and light.

"Ça va bien, merci. Et tou?" Eren responded with somewhat poor pronunciation. 'I'm good, thanks. And you?'

Levi just nodded to this and Eren had to really fight, not to pull him into his arms and hug him tight, but he managed to stay calm. They were in public after all and he didn't want anyone to see too much.

They decided to go to a Starbucks, because Eren was craving coffee and luckily, it wasn't too crowded. Levi didn't really like big companies like Starbucks, but in the end, he didn't really mind where they went. As they got behind the short line, Eren looked up at the menu, trying to decide. He didn't even notice when the lined moved and he subconsciously took a step forward. When it was their turn to order, the girl behind the register greeted them with a cheerful tone of voice.

"Hi and welcome to Starbucks!" She said. "Oh are you two here together? That's so nice. Are you brothers? My brother never takes me out to do anything."

He tried to hold back, he really did, but he just couldn't and a snicker escaped him. Which earned him a knee in the stomach from Levi and the girl gasped in shock.

"Oh my God, are you ok?!"

"Yeah, I'm fine!" Eren gasped, still recovering from the pain. "Really it's alright." He assured her when she looked shocked between Eren and Levi. Levi just came with a short "tch."

They left right away after that.

"If it helps, Levi, I think we look nothing like brothers." Eren tried to comfort him as they were walking down the street, but Levi just scowled at him, clearly pissed.

"Oh just shut up."

After a minute, they found a smaller, but cozy looking café, a little hidden away from the main street. It was a pleasant change to come into the warmth of the café, from the cold November air and it wasn't just the temperature of the place, but the whole interior had a warm atmosphere. It was dimly lit, with a sort of old fashioned interior. There were some couches and armchairs in the corner of the place, and tables of various sizes here and there.

They sat down in one of the couches and shortly after a waiter came over with menus. As Levi stared at the menu, deciding what to eat, and whipped his dark bangs out of his face, Eren couldn't help staring at him with the biggest grin. Peeking over the menu, Levi glanced at him.


Eren shook his head. "I'm just happy."

"Ugh stop it, you're giving me diabetes."

At that, Eren tilted his head in confusion. "What?"

"Nothing." He said and looked back to the menu.

"Pick whatever you want, by the way. I'll pay."

Eren's eyes widened in surprise and once again, he could feel his heart flutter.

"What? Levi.. y-you don't have to do that."

It would just make him feel bad to have Levi waste money on him. Sure, he didn't have a lot of money, but he could at least pay for his own lunch.

"Well you're broke, aren't you? Besides, it wouldn't be a real date if I didn't treat you to food."

"Well.. Are you sure? Cause-"

"Eren." He interrupted him and put the menu to look into his eyes. "Just let me do this."

Eren, powerless under his gaze, just nodded, as a pink color creeped up in his cheeks.

A moment later, the waiter returned and they ordered their food. Eren got hot cocoa and a turkey sandwich and he snickered when Levi got the ravioli, since it was kind of similar to his last name. When he snickered, Levi kicked his shin under the table and he got a quizzical look from the waiter as he whined from the pain.

They didn't have to wait long for the food and Eren didn't notice how hungry he had been until he took a bite of the sandwich. It was really good. And the cocoa tasted like heaven, as the sweet, hot liquid ran down his throat and through his body.

For a while they ate in silence and the great thing about Levi was that silence with him was never awkward. He didn't feel pressured to make small talk and Levi was not the most talkative person anyway, so he felt completely comfortable just sitting with him in silence and it was strangely relaxing. Eventually however, Levi spoke.

"Eren.." He said, and Eren looked up from the cocoa he was drinking.


"You got some.." Levi started and pointed at his upper lip, but he stopped halfway in the sentence and then he leaned over the table to kiss him, wiping over his upper lips, with his mouth.

"You had some cream there."

Eren couldn't help it. He blushed and looked at him with big eyes. He wasn't used to Levi kissing him so openly.. in public. And it caused his heart to jump painfully heard in his chest.

"Seriously are you a kid? Can you not drink cocoa without getting a milkstache.."

"Oh.. Heh, I didn't notice." Eren said and grinned. Levi just ignored him.

"Anyway, do you wanna go? I'm finished at least." He said and nodded at Eren's plate.

"Yeah, let me just finish this real quick." Eren replied and drank the rest of the cocoa in large gulps.

After he was finished, Levi paid the cashier who wished them a good day and they went back into the cold November air. Eren shivered and pulled his jacket closer around him. He just kind of followed Levi, not really paying attention to where they were going, when suddenly he stopped and he bumped right into his back.

"Sorry!" He said quickly, expecting to get a smack to the head or a kick to the shin for 'not watching where he was going.' But Levi just stood there, staring at something on the ground.

"Levi..?" Eren tried but there was no reaction and then suddenly he crouched down and as Eren moved to his side, he saw that he was petting a small, shabby looking, grey cat. He was surprised that Levi didn't complain about how dirty it was, but he didn't seem to care. He just pet it with this incredibly peaceful look on his face and suddenly he looked so much younger. Almost like he was a kid again, and.. was he smiling? It was incredibly cute to watch and Eren crouched down next to him, just watching as Levi cuddled the cat, who purred against his hand. After a while though, he couldn't help himself, so trying not to snicker, he commented:

"So you like cat's, huh?"

Levi immediately straightened up and it was like he was popped out of a bubble of happiness he had been in.

"Oh shut up." He muttered and stood up, brushing the cat hair off his coat.

Oh. Eren smirked, as he mentally noted that cats was probably Levi's weak spot.

"Hey, I'm not judging!" He said instead, as he scratched the cat's head. "It's really cute!"

"It's a she." Levi said.

"How can you tell?" He himself could never see that without studying their genitals, something he wasn't very keen on doing.

"Female cats usually have smaller paws and a slimmer head." Levi stated and surely enough, the kitten did have tiny paws and a slim head.

"Wow you really know a lot about cats Levi!"

"Whatever. Let's just get going." He muttered.

"Bye, kitty!" Eren said, before he gave the cat on last pet on the head and got to his feet.

"Don't say it." Levi warned as they started walking down the road again, leaving the cat behind.

"I wasn't even gonna say anything!" Eren defended, holding his hands up.

"Oh yeah, you were."

He knew what he meant, but he just couldn't help it.

"I wasn't gonna say anything other than the way you cuddled it.. /her/ was really-"

"Don't." Levi interrupted him.

"You looked so c-"

"Eren!" He sounded angry now, so Eren surrendered.

"Alright, alright! I won't say it." He said and then he suddenly remembered something.

"Hey by the way, didn't you teach me something in French about kittens? What was it.."

"Eren no."

"Something.. J'aime faire-"

But before he could finish, Levi stopped him with a hand over his mouth, as someone passed them just then.

"It doesn't mean what you think it does." Levi muttered and Eren's eyes widened as he realized.

"Oh my God, is everything you've taught me in French vulgar things? That's all I'm gonna know in the end."

Levi shrugged with a satisfied smirk on his face.

"Can't help it. You were so hot when you said those things."

At that, Eren fell silent, with a blush spreading over his cheeks. He could never get used to Levi calling him hot. Or Levi complimenting him in general and he just didn't know how to handle it, so he just kind of looked awkwardly down to the ground as they started walking again.

They didn't really do much for the rest of the day, beside calmly walking down the street. But that was ok, because Eren enjoyed all time he spent with Levi. And it was so nice to slowly walk down the quiet street side by side. Sometimes they would pass the occasional street musician and they would sit down for a bit to just talk about anything as happy couples and early Christmas shoppers passed by them. As they continued to walk down the street all Eren wanted to do was to hold Levi's hand and press close against him to steal his warmth, but a warning kept gnawing in the back of his head that made him nervously flutter his eyes from his hand, to the ground instead. The warning that they were in public and they weren't officially dating, and Eren couldn't do anything reckless to mess things up for Levi. So he had to keep it cool. And so he shook the thoughts out of his head and shivered slightly as he pulled his jacket closer around him and blew on his hands to warm them. But Levi noticed.

"Are you cold?" He asked, halting.

"Well.. a little." Eren admitted.

"Here." Levi said and what he did then, surprised him. He removed his left glove from his hand, handed it to Eren and told him to put it on and then he took Eren's right hand in his left, lacing their fingers together.

"There. Is that better?"

Eren blushed red and he couldn't help but look nervously around them, but his smile could never be more sincere.

"Y-Yes. Thank you Levi." He said and they started walking slowly again.

It was so wonderful to have Levi's warm hand warm his own freezing hand, that Eren almost forgot himself and was about to nuzzle into the side of his shoulder. But he quickly caught himself and straightened up. Whenever someone looked directly at them, he would nervously scoot away, letting go of his hand, and every time, Levi sighed a little bit louder.

Eren was just about to pull away for the fourth time, when suddenly, before he could even think, he was pushed into a side alley and Levi pushed him up against the wall. Levi's lips crashed into his hard, his hands still holding onto fistfuls of his jacket and Eren almost forgot how to breathe. Their tongues twisted together for a good minute in a wild make out session, before Levi- just as abruptly as he had kissed him- pulled back and Eren was left breathless and just a little bit stunned.

"There. Got your attention." Levi said with a smirk. "Now will you please, for the love of God stop worrying about everything?"

"But.. people might find out about us…"

"Does it look like I give a single fuck?"

"Well no…"

"That's because I don't. So stop worrying."

Levi was pretty convincing, so with that, Eren nodded like it was a command and they were back out on the street. When he took his hand this time, Eren actually dared to press a little closer to him and the warmth radiation from his body felt so incredibly good, he forgot about worrying.

It steadily got later and it was then and there; walking down the street in November, holding hands, that Eren for the first time since they started seeing each other, was not afraid of anyone finding out.