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Hearing the final bell of the day, Temperance sighed and stood up, gathering her things. Walking out into the hallway, she looked both ways, trying to remember exactly where she was and how to get to her locker from that point. Realizing that she had no idea where she was, she gave in and reached into the front pocket of her jeans to find the map of the school she had collected from the school office earlier in the day. Turning it a few times to try to get her bearings, she located her locker on the map and decided that she needed to start walking to the left and take the first staircase on the left down to her locker.

Heading in that direction, Temperance rummaged through her bag, trying to get out the books she needed to place in her locker out before she got there. Finally reaching her locker, the girl stopped and dialed in the combination she had already memorized. Swinging open the locker door and placing the books in her hand into the cubby, she closed the door, only to see a friendly face standing directly next to her.

Startled, Temperance jumped and immediately assumed a defensive position reflexively. Seeing her serious stance and realizing he was about to be hit, Jack Hodgins quickly stepped back and held his hands up in a surrender position, silently telling her he wasn't going to hurt her.

What he hadn't realized was that almost immediately after seeing it was only her friend that had scared her, Temperance had relaxed.

"Jack! You gave me a fright!" she told him, smacking him on the shoulder lightly.

Laughing, the boy dropped his hands and replied, "Hey, I wasn't trying to scare you! Not my fault you're so jumpy…" he said, mockingly rubbing the spot she had smacked him in.

As Temperance rolled her eyes, Jack said, "Hey you need a lift home? Angela told me to come ask you if you wanted to catch a ride with us."

Hearing this offer, Temperance was immediately struck by what a sweet girl Angela was, and how this school was going to be different. She already had friends here, who cared if she got home okay and offered her rides without her ever having to ask. Yeah, she was going to like it here.

Thinking carefully, Temperance tried to remember if her foster mother had told her if Seeley Booth was to be giving her a ride home as well. Realizing that no arrangements for her return home had been made, Temperance took the boy up on his offer and said she could indeed use a ride home.

"Great! Come on, let's go catch up with Ange."

Walking swiftly to the parking lot, the pair approached a shiny red sports car, and saw Angela sitting in the drivers seat wearing a pair of sunglasses that practically covered her entire face, and chewing enough bubble gum to stick a person to a wall. Temperance laughed at the thought.

"Hello Angela. I'd like to thank you for the ride home. I'm not entirely sure how I would have gotten home otherwise." She told the girl honestly.

"No problem Brennan, anytime" Angela replied, winking at the new name the group had decided to give to Temperance.

Rolling her eyes, Temperance responded, "You know, I think it's only fair I call you guys by your last names, if you insist on calling me by mine."

Laughing, Jack was the one to reply to this, saying, "that's fine with me! Hodgins makes me sound like a badass scientist!"

"Not me though, Sweetie. Montenegro is way longer than just saying Angela. And plus, Angela is already sort of a nickname anyway…"

Confused, the girl now known as Brennan said, "I hadn't realized that Angela was short for anything. What is your full name then, if you don't mind my asking?"

"I do actually mind you asking, Sweetie. Legally, it's Angela Pearly Gates Montenegro. And that's all you need to know." Angela retorted, smiling at the girl to show she really wasn't mad about her question.

"Alright… Turn up here at the next right please." Temperance told Angela, trying to direct her to her new house.

"This one right here please, thank you Angela." The girl directed.

Pulling into the driveway of the magnificent house, Angela turned to look at Brennan, telling her that it was extremely nice meeting her and that she hoped she had a good first day at Kings High.

"Thanks again. I'll see you guys tomorrow," Temperance said, getting out of the car and sitting the door behind her.

Seeing that there was no one home, Temperance pulled out the key Amanda had given her that morning in case of this occurrence and opened the door. Piling her stuff in her room, Temperance pulled out her school books and tackled the mountain of homework she had been assigned.

After losing herself in the world of quadratic equations for maybe half an hour, she heard a knock on the door. Getting up to answer it, Temperance wondered who it could possibly be.

Swinging the door open, she saw none other than Seeley Booth, shirtless and panting on her doorstep.

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