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Year: 1960

Location: Planet Aguilar (currently orbiting the star VY Canis Major)


There sat a woman in the tallest building on the planet Aguilar (it's about 40 times larger than earth) over one of its seven continents of the world (I'll get into detail later about those later). Her skin was absolutely flawless like the most expensive diamond. She had no wrinkles no blemishes and was just the right amount of color from her tan.

Her hair was black and fell down to the middle of her back and gleaned like obsidian, in the moonlight of one of the 3 moons of Aguilar. Her legs were long and if you saw them they would make you feel the need to grovel before her in obedience.

She wore no jewelry except for earnings that seemed the draw the darkness into them, she had red lips but just the right amount making it overbearing.

The face that should make any man drools in lust and leave them to wonder, but the thing that caught the most attention were her eyes. They were black but in that blackness there was a swirling galaxy that were so mesmerizing you couldn't look away you could spend hour looking over them and never get tired of them.

She wore a black dress with no shoulder straps and split at her hip it hugged her hourglass shape and made every one of her curves now. With the dress it showered her D cups and very proportional assets. This women was none other than the creator of the universe and all of its life, this was chaos.


She looked in a hologram with the scene from earth of some children playing tag and running around a fountain. They were laughing like they had no care in the world. Their parents were chasing them and they squealed in delight as they were tickled by them.

As she looked at this she couldn't help but smile at the scene she remembers a time sort of like this when she created the primordial, but unfortunately it only lasted a day as they grew to be adults in a mere week. As she looked on into the screen she didn't notice a man walk into the room.

"Chaos you there?" He asked waving his hand in front of her as she wasn't paying any attention as he called her name three times before.

She let out a very girlish eep and jumped out of the chair and fell onto the floor to his surprise. He couldn't gain his laughter as she tried to get black in chair until she stated to glare at him with and I'll-get-you-later look.

"Damit don't sneak up on me like that Order!" She yelled as he just shook his head and chuckled at her reaction as she brushed herself off and sat back down.

"For the creator of the universe I'd never expect to hear an eep out of you." His tone had a slight chuckle.

"Well why are you here before I decide to hurt you." She growled and looked back to the screen. He glanced at the screen only do a second and he's saw her face as she started on, a smile, not one of her fake ones she wears everywhere but a true smile he has not seen for a millennia.

"Well I was here to talk about some matters with the chaos-corp, but I have a feeling that isn't something you want to hear right now."

As he looked away from her he looked out the window to admire the view. But as soon as he said that he felt a sigh of relief wash over her. But as he looked back she was staring into space but her face showed sadness and depression, he was worried by this look and decided to ask what was wrong.

"Hey sis what's wrong for the past few weeks you have been acting different from normal? It's started to worry me immensely about your well-being." he spoke with a worried tone, but as he said this to her look of sadness turned into one of relation of what he was talking about.

She just starred at him for a little until she hung her head in her hands and just let out a breath she hadn't realized she held in.

"Brother I...I feel empty on the inside like I have nothing to live for anymore! Nothing to care for anymore!" As she said this she let out a whimper of sorrow and her eyes threatened to tear up he walked over and held her in his arms.

"Hey it's okay it's okay, you have lots of things to care for what about the planet's with life on them!?" He asked frantically trying to think of something to help her in any way. As her said this a servant walked in the room silently but as order saw him he shot him a glare so scarce it nearly made him kiss himself but he got the message, and left the room instantly.

"They are able to take care of themselves and their God's are able to help when needed." She said with tears in her eyes as she cried into her brother shoulder for comfort.

He was flustered about how she got to this point of her thoughts; she was the creator of the universe. He kind of understood though, she had lived for billions of years and watched her creations fade or grow in her presence.

Some have thrived though such as earth but it was currently having a war between two nations, and that wasn't really helping much. Then he turned to the screen and saw the children playing by the fountain and laughing as their parents based them. Then it hit him like a truck hauling steel bars and the truck exploded into a million pieces.

"You want a child don't you?" It was more of a statement than a question. But when she nodded in response he couldn't believe it she was chaos she created the primordial wasn't that enough, as far as children went.

"How long have you been like this? What about the primordial that you made? Aren't they your children?" He kept shooting off more and more questions for at least thirty minutes, so fast she couldn't get in a response until she finally decided to say something.

"Yes is see them as my children but what I want isn't something I created with my powers, I want a child who I nurture in my womb that I have with a man." She said just above a whisper. At this point he had no idea what to think all he knew was that his sister the creator of the universe, wanted a blood born child one from her own womb at that.

He just sat there for what seemed like hours not responding, his brain going a thousand miles an hour. Thinking out all of the possibilities of what would happen. Until he finally managed to say something.

"Okay so you want a true son or daughter." She just nodded as she was still in his brotherly hug. He let out a breath in a manner that suggested he was going to have to help some way then she finally spoke again.

"I'm not letting you change my mind about this, but if you want to help you can chose them man that is most suitable for the position." As a blush crossed her cheeks but he couldn't tell in this light. Order was currently at a loss for words at the time he just kept opening his mouth like a fish gasping for air. He finally got himself together when he heard his sister calling for him.

"Hey you still their bro?" She had a worried look on her faced, thinking she had short circuited his brain.

"Ya just thinking, and when you say man you mean his sperm of the man himself because I don't want a filthy mortal or God defiling my sister?" He said the last part like it was venom, but he was hoping she world say the sperm because he did not what to go man hunting for his sister. He would much rather look through files of what they put down than man hunting.

"Oh ... OH!" She frantically came to realization about what he just said to her. She panicked for a second about some stray thoughts coming into her mind. To be honest the thought of her and a man was kind of unnatural in her mind.

She could all ready imagine the first date when she told them how old she was. She snickered at the thought as it came to mind, but she thought back to reality as her brother was waiting for an answer.

"Well I want to have an in vitro fertilization, I can't bear to see someone I have a child with die of old age, I couldn't stand that feeling."

"Okay so I will check for males in their prime, other things as well like skin color, nationality, and what planet they hail from." As he said this she lit up like a firework on the fourth of July. He could tell by her face that she was already picking out qualities of the male. This was going to be a long day.

One day later


After what seemed like forever and countless hour of chaos listing off detail of the man the final got it all down. So far there was loyal, handsome, black hair, green eyes, came from earth, about 6' feet tall, built like a warrior but not overbearing in muscle, and finally a rebellious attitude but not always. After all of that he had three people for her too look at.

"What about the first one what is wrong with him!" I asked wishing to get this whole ordeal over with.

"He's to prideful look at his face I don't want my child to be so prideful that it gets him killed when he fights, pulse I don't want any true son of mine to have any genes of Zeus in his blood."

Well I couldn't argue with that I didn't want to be related to Zeus as much as I was. As I ran my hand through my hand through my hair in relief, on to the next thought 'yay'.

"Well we have two left one is a legacy of Poseidon and the other is a grandson of a legacy of Hermes, I would go with the legacy of Poseidon all of his children have fierce loyalty to who they serve."

"I agree with you Order on that, so I guess I have decided on who the sperm donor is, it looks like you get to get to go get it for me now." Chaos chuckled as she said it, but the look on my face as she said it was priceless for her.

'Great I totally forgot about that thought.' well this is going to be one hell of an awkward conversation with the guy. So I started to get ready for my trip to earth in a week.

Earth: New York

Time: one week later


In a New York alleyway, the only sign of life ways a rat picking through a garbage can, a white portal opened and out stepped out a man wearing an all-white business suit. He had light gray hair, and a handsome ace if one might.

He emitted a power than even mortals could sense, but it only felt like a person of great power such as government official. He closed the portal and stated on the task at hand.

After about an hour of searching through the streets of New York he finally laid eyes on the restaurant that he was looking for. As he walked in the restaurant he was greeted with a chime of a bell that alerts them of his presence in the building. It was high class restaurant it had three levels and a doorman.

He admired the style of the restaurant; it was classic Greek art with some Roman as well but only a little. He's seen better but that is we're he lived but it was pretty good by earth standers.

There were about twenty people in at the time all looked high class or just plain out rich. He was brought out of his wonder by the person who normally asks if you have a reservation.


"Hello sir do you have a reservation with us tonight sir, or are you hear to set one up later?" He asked in an irritated tone like he has something better to do than this.

"No I will be joining a friend; I already paid for a VIP table in the overlook." He snapped his finger and the man s eyes glazed over.

"Sorry sir I just didn't recognize you at the time sir, let me show you to your seat." He had an 'oh shit' look on his face as he showed him to his seat.

As I got to the VIP section there was only one other man in the room, he was gazing out the window with the look that he was thinking of a loved one. As I sat down and the man had left, I got up and sat myself by the man gazing out the window. I sat there for a while he didn't realize I was there, just kept starring out the window. So I cleared my throat to be his attention.

*cough* "Oh sorry I didn't see you there, and why are you sitting at my table. I don't know you from anywhere. Have we met before by any chance that I can't recall?" As he said this I could see him physically tense as if waiting for me to turn into a monster and try to kill him.

So I decide to prod his mind a little to see what he was thinking.

'Who is this man? I don't since that he is a monster. But I do know that if he is here to kill me I will die with the amount of power radiating off of him.' After peaking in on his mind I decided to speak.

"Ha-ha, trust me if I wanted to kill you I would've already done it and be halfway away from New York without anyone noticing me, legacy of Poseidon." At the mention of the man stood up, drew a dagger for under his suit and held it to Orders throat.

"Who are you and why are you here, answer before I decide to slit your throat." He spat at him.

"I am not here to hurt you in anyway. I'm actually here to strike a deal with you, I will pay you an immense amount of money and I will be able to hide your sent from all monsters and God's for the rest of your life."

"Seeing as you are the last mortal decedent of Poseidon. Your sent is also as powerful as any normal demigod also even if you are a legacy! But I will help you if you accept that is." As I said this I saw the expression on his face true from one of worry to that of curiosity.

He withdrew the knife slowly and raised an eyebrow. "So your saying you can take from this awful world I was born in!?" His ton grew into that of a happy one as he finished.

"Yes I can. I can also make it so any child you have won't have the genes of Poseidon in them. But you must agree to my offer before I can make it all happen. But yes I will make it so." As I said this he sat back down with a happy expression on his face.

"Finally! A way out of it all! You have no idea what it has been like for me these last 20 years. All of the killing of monsters and people the nights worrying if I'm going to see tomorrow or not. But what can I offer to get this!? My soul! If so please take it I can't stand this anymore." As he finished his rant all I could do was wonder.

'Was it really that bad?' I thought. But I decided to not ask him.

"No. I don't need your soul, or anything as valuable as that for the matter. No, what I want is some of your..."

'God how am I going to ask this ' I thought

"um man juice... " I said, man that came out a whole lot weirder than it was supposed to.

"Um ya that stuff... baby making crap." When I finished speaking my face was red from the sheer embarrassment of that. But his face remained stonic, until he cracked a smile and just started laughing. So hard in fact he fell on the ground and rolled around.

After a couple of minutes of that he finally regained his composure. "Ha-ha... so that all you want? A little weird of a request don't you think? But I won't question on why you need it. Just give me a cup, a couple minutes in that bathroom and I'll be good." He got up and started walking to the bathroom.

"Hey... aren't you forgetting something?"

"Oh!" He walks over to me, "You would have a cup on would you?" He said with a flushed face.

"Yeah I do." I flashed in a crio-chamber (so it doesn't die on the way there) and handed him a cup with a smirk on my face.

"You might also want this, my friend." As I handed in a Playboy magazine. He took both, and then hurried off to the bathroom with a blush on his face.


After about thirty minutes he came back with a look of satisfactory on his face. As he's sat back down he put the now closed container on the counter.

"Okay here it is my friend. It's all yours now." He smirked at that.

"Thank you very much. So the deal is completed." I snapped my finger and the container put itself in the crio-chamber and disappeared.

"So you want what I previously suggested. Or something else entirely?"

"Yes I want the first offer as soon as you possibly can get it for me." He spoke enthusiastically as a child getting a gift for Christmas.

"Yes that I can do those right now." I snapped my fingers again and everything set itself up for him.

"Okay my friend it is done. In your bank account there is over a hundred million dollars. Also I set up some stocks that will make it so you never have to work again. You'll find yourself never begin seen by monster again, you're hidden from the gods also."

"So go out there and have a life away from this way of living! Have some kids, you won't have to worry about them getting attacked by monsters either. They won't have powers either."

He just stared at me like I was joking, but he got up walked over to me and shook my hand frantically while just saying thank you.

"Don't worry my friend you did something for me, so did something for you. May our paths cross again my friend?" I just stood up and started to leave him to his new world. But he stopped me just before in left.

"I never got you name friend, so what may I call you I we ever meet again."

"Ah... I must have forgotten to tell you my name are Order, I am brother of chaos creator of the universe." As I ended my introduction he just looked stunned. Before he could bow I disappeared in a pure white portal leading back home.



Zeus was doing the usual. Boating about him and how amazing he is and how much better he was than everyone. Nobody was listening to him and Artemis and Apollo was doing the usual.

"I'm older than you! Dammit! Why won't you get it through your thick skull?" Artemis yelled.

"Whatever you say little-sis." Apollo said with a smirk.

Demeter was telling everyone to eat more cereal. Aphrodite was doing her makeup and changing her clothes to match. Ares was sharpening a sword. Hera saw militant and just staring into space. Hermes was checking his emails and ignoring everybody.

Hephaestus was working on a machine in his hands. Dionysus was reading a wine magazine and almost asleep in his chair. Poseidon was focused on something completely different. After a while Apollo stopped mid-sentence and started to have a glazed over look like he just felt something.

"Zeus did you just feel that!?" He said with a worried look.

"Yes I did something powerful just appeared in New York somewhere." Zeus said, "Let's go and see what it is so we can see if we must destroy it."

That all proceeded to flash out. The first one to flash out was Hermes but in the flash they all heard a sound that sounded like someone hitting a brick wall. 'Smack' ...

"Owwwww!" They all heard as Hermes fell from the calling and hit the ground with a large thud.

"Good Hades that hurt! I think whatever that powerful force was, put a barrier on the throne room. We can't leave at all."

Zeus being the prideful god he is walked over to the doors to the throne room, with all of his strength strides to pull them open but had no give. After he stopped he walked back to his throne and at back down. He just sighed in frustration

"Looks like we're stuck in here if I can even get out." The arrogance heavy in his voice.

"Hahaha! All of you together couldn't open the doors!" Said a looming voice over the whole room. (Order)

"But don't worry I will let you out. After my business here is done that is. So do not fret Olympians you will be let out when I am done."

Zeus at this point was fuming over with rage. Steam was literally coming off of his head. Everybody else was just in aww of the person, who had so much power they could trap all of the Olympians in one room. After a second of silence everyone started yelling at the voice, mostly just Zeus sporting that he couldn't do that.

"SILENCE!" Everyone started to quit talking.

"Thank you! I am almost done than you may proceed to *Chase* me if you may. But trust me you won't be able to find me even if you send your best hunters after me. So don't even try Olympians."

As Order finished his speech they could tell he left the area. The powers just vanished as if they were never there. They could also feel the barrier lift its self from the room.

"Well I know for one thing I'm not risking my hunters to track him he is too powerful for them even me!" Artemis said with venom in her voice because she had to compliment the male on his power.

"I agree with little-sis I'm not risking it." Apollo said with worry. She just glared at him but nodded in approval.

"You will follow him even if you can't find him, you will search for him. We must find out his motives. Why was he here? That is what I want to know! I will give you each a section of America to search. You all have two months! Got that? Now go before I explode in how he humiliated me so much." They all rolled their eyes but all proceeded to flash out to search their sections assigned. Leaving Zeus to do nothing like always.

Back on Aguilar 9 months later


"TARRTURUS DAMMIT! FUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKK!*hph*hph* get this baby out of me!" After 9 long moths of constant morning pains, constantly feeling sick, and bloated. The cravings! God what was I thinking back then pickles dipped in ice cream? Good Lord that was horrible! But it tasted so good at the time.

"Now Chaos please keep the cursing to a minimum. I'm sure your baby can hear you." Order said as he ran beside the patient bed as they pushed me to the labor ward in the hospital.

"You shut up. Help me somehow, if anything lets me squeeze your hand it may help. Okay?" As I said this I felt another, pain wrenching contraction hit me again. God what was I thinking when I decide on this.

As they got me to the labor ward Order was told that he had to say behind and wait with all of the other fathers that were expecting today. As they got me to their station they lifted me up on the bed. Then they started to hook me up the machines, as I laid there in pain waiting for someone to come over and help. As a doctor ran in and told me to push.


After a long five hours there was a cry. Not of one of death but one of new life taking its first breaths in the world. A cry so loud it could be heard throughout the universe. Some just played it off as just something else; some heard it and it made them remember the time their child was born.

On Olympus when Artemis heard it, she instantly diagnosed the baby on weight, gender, and health (goddess of childbirth thing). But the happiest was chaos herself. After agonizing hours of pushing she was finally holding the fruit of her labors. A baby boy, he already had a tuff of hair on his head, he looked like he was smiling to.

But someone else also heard the cry. He knew immediately knew what it meant, he got up from his throne and teleported himself to the atmosphere of the planet chaos just had her baby. Order just rushed into the room chaos just had her baby and couldn't but smile.

"Hey chaos you felling any better. You look more tired than you should be." As he said this she just nodded and looked back to her sleeping child.

"Yeah I'm exhausted I took almost all of my energy to have him." She said with a tired look.

"Sister if I may. Can I do something I've always wanted to do?" He said with a pleading look.

"What do you want to do?" She asked holding her baby closer to protect it.

"Well... I'm never going to have children, so I was wondering... if I could adopt... him. If it is alright with you that is, since he is never going to see his... father." He chose his words carefully as he said this and waited for her response. After a little while thinking it over, she answered.

"I'm fine with it, as long as you help me take care of him." He was delighted, couldn't wipe the smile off his face if he tried.

"Thank you sis! Thank you!" Then he proceeded to officially make him his son.

"I Order brother of chaos, creator of energy's and light officially adopt chaos's son and in turn he will be able to use all of the power I possess." As he finished a light covered the baby. He radiated a warm white light that mixed in in with his already black aura. To make it a calm black and white one, that had a sliver of sea green in it also. That had a certain piece to it.

"So, have you decided on a name for him yet?" Order asked.

"Yeah... I have. How does Perseus sound?"

"It's a beautiful name for him. I think he shall grow into it as a great man someday." But as he finished this sentence he sensed something horrible going to happen.

"Chaos! We must leave now! I think HE felt you in your weakened state. We must move. NYX! Come here immediately!" As he finished his sentence you could see the worry in Chaos's face, as she held her new son tighter.

But out the window you could see the physical destruction that HE already caused. As Nyx showed up, she had worry in her face.

"Listen you must takes chaos to her vacation home HE doesn't know we're it is." Order said with haste in his voice.

"What about Perseus? He couldn't survive such a long distance portal!" Chaos yelled. As Nyx took him and gave him to Order.

"I know! I'm going to have Eros take him to Earth. It's the second farthest habitual planet that is away from HIM. It's the only way he won't find him. Because I'm sure he'll find us in a month or less. It's the only planet that HE doesn't know about. I'm going to put a anti-aging spell on him. So that when he gets there he will start to age. Okay?" Order said as Eros flew in.

Chaos knew this was the only way to protect her new son.

"Okay. But Eros, if you hurt him I'll throw you in the void. Fly careful I don't want you to get hurt either." As she said this she gave on last look to Perseus and kissed I'm on the head. Nyx grabbed her arm and teleported away.

Order looked at Eros and gave a simple nod and put the spell on the baby and teleported away, as Eros left with the bundle in his hands and a long journey ahead.

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