Hello everybody,

It's your man nutsofthechest, yes I'm alive. I apologize for and and all people that were expecting updates oh so long ago. Life just wasn't going my way and you know it was tough. But life seemed to straighten itself out for me and I've rediscovered my love of writing again.

I currently have 2 big projects I'm working on right now. The 1st is im doing complete rewrite of the True Child of Chaos the first 5 chapters are actually up right now. The 2nd is updating the dark gamer, but I am going to rework all the grammar in the story first before I try to submit more chapter's.

Also I work a full time job and go to the gym every day so it only leaves me with so much time. So sometimes I might be fast or slow with updating so give me some slack lol.



PS: Just PM me if you got any personal questions that you want to ask me. I actually turned on notifications this time.