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Back in New Orleans…

"Are you stalking me again?" she asked with half a smile as she put the gun back into the waistband of her pants.

"Kind of." Billy replied and ruffled through his hair. Kate had seen this gesture enough times to know that something was bothering him.

"Barney's sending you." she stated and his look proofed her right.

"He wants me to check on you- if you are mission-ready."

"And what will you tell him?" Kate asked, genuinely interested in this particular answer.

"Already told him that you're the best he can get. He didn't believe me." Billy smirked and it was not the first time that Kate thought that his smile was infectious.

"So maybe I can bribe you, Mr. Timmons?"

"You wouldn't do that." Billy laughed as he saw the amused sparkle in her eyes.

"Oh, I would. How about some coffee? Maybe I can make you drunk of caffeine and send you back to your boss."

Billy shook his head with laughter. She hadn't changed one bit.

"Fine, but you have to tell me how you got involved with a guy like Church."

"Likewise." Kate rolled his eyes started walking out of the alley. They went to a small coffee bar and sat down at a table at the window after they'd ordered. A small but not uncomfortable silence fell upon them before Kate spoke.

"You've quit the service." she stated and Billy nodded. "What happened?"

"You don't want to know."

"Yes, I do." she insisted searching for his eyes.

They shared a long look and Billy wondered how he'd borne it so long with her not around. The sincerity and kindness reflecting in her green eyes; it hit him that he'd missed her ever since she'd left even though he'd kept himself telling that he was just as fine without her.

Taking a deep breath he started telling her about the events that had led to the end of his military career and to start working for Barney's group.

Hearing about the loss of his entire team, Kate felt incredibly sorry for her friend. When he finished his story, silence feel upon them.

"I'm sorry." she whispered after a few moments.

"Don't be. It's in the past." he said with a small smile. "I am happy with my new job and the Expendables are really nice. They are!" he laughed as he caught her disbelieving look. "You have to get to know them better."

"I am not sure if I want to." she scoffed. "But Church left me no alternative."

"How comes that he has you by the short and curlies?" he asked and Kate told him about her meeting with Church and that he'd practically threatened to put her in jail if she wasn't going to play along.

Hearing her story, Billy was not overly surprised that she was doing what deemed right in her eyes but it somewhat shocked him that Church had cornered her like this. He knew firsthand that the missions he and his team were doing weren't a walk in the park and he could not help but worry about her wellbeing.

"Maybe you can cut some kind of deal with him?" he suggested, but Kate shook her head.

"This is the only option I've got left."

"But if you are going to work with us…" he paused searching for the right words "It's not like we've got any backup."

"I know how to handle dangerous situations." she said defensively.

"I am well aware of that, but…" he trailed off and she knew exactly what he was thinking about. "It could end badly."

"Yeah, tell me about that." she replied sadly.

FOB Griffin, Afghanistan…

Over the next months Kate and Billy hung out together whenever they got the chance. Their time in between missions, training or other tasks was very limited, but they sneaked out to their little hideout whenever possible. Meeting at their place in the camp's backyard they would talk about everything that got to their mind. Sometimes it was about their missions, then about random things from their everyday life or stories from home. Or they would just sit there, one telling about the things he'd experienced when being on a mission while the other would patiently listen. SECDEF had declared the entire operation to be humanitarian one, but as time passed both Billy and Kate had their doubts about it. Kate and her team came under fire more often and at some point they couldn't go on without more protection.

One day, Kate was already sitting on top of 'their pile' when Billy showed up. He climbed up and sat down next to her, obviously in a good mood.

"What's with the smile, Mister?" she asked as she spotted him.

"What can I say? I am a happy person." he smirked as he leaned his head back closing his eyes enjoying the blazing sun. Winter was approaching fast so they took every opportunity to catch the last rays of sunlight.

"Spill it."

"My squad leader finally listened to me about the safety problems. I told him that we couldn't go on like this and that I know from you that your team has similar problems. And guess with what his second in command came up with? A joint Army- Air Force op. First my squad leader wasn't too happy to have a joint op with the Air Force but it turned out that he and your captain are buddies and wanted to work together for a while. Mission starts tomorrow at 0500."

Kate gaped at him.

"You mean…"

"Yep, I'm seeing you in actual combat." he smirked. Ever since he'd learned about her being involved in ground action, he would tease her about how she would look in her combat gear. She on the other hand would complain about him being a chauvinist and they would end up laughing about each other. But now the smile was wiped from his face as he saw her look. It was filled with worry.

"Billy, do you really think this was a good idea?" she groaned. "Us working together?"

The sniper sat up straighter.

"What do you mean 'us'?"

Kate waved impatiently with her hand.

"Us. You and me."

"So there is an 'us'?"

Kate could not help but wince as she heard the hopeful tone in his voice. She liked Billy, she liked him a lot. But this was neither the time nor the place to think about personal feelings let alone a relationship.

"There is no 'us'." she said.

"But you said 'us'." he pressed on.

"Billy, for heaven's sake…" Kate all but whined; then she caught sight of the smirk on his face.

"Relax." he laughed. "We'll be fine."

"I swear if you prank me just one more time…" she tried to sound angry but she could not stay solid for long. She chuckled quietly and they resumed their position leaning against the boxes enjoying the sunshine. Little did they know that the next day would change their life forever.

The next morning, Kate got up way before dawn. She packed her things and put on her uniform and gear. Over the past months she'd become used to carry the almost 45 pounds of gear and weapons, but today it was not the physical weight that lay on her. Ever since she'd woken up she had a bad feeling about this mission. But as Brian knocked on her door to tell her that they would leave in a few minutes, she pushed the thought aside and tried to focus on the mission.

Following her team mate through the cold morning air, they gathered at the parking lot. The maintenance crew was already preparing the vehicles. Watching them for a while they waited for their backup team to arrive.

Last night, Kate's Captain had briefed them on the upcoming mission. It was their biggest so far and it had an entire different aim than their previous ones. The group would contain two Air Force teams, Billy's team as backup not to mention the usual patrol set that participated in their actions. They would head to a village where Army- Intel suspected the heads of the most recent attacks on Kate's team.

"We're done getting shot at every time we go out there. Now we show them what happens when they mess with us." her Captain had said and the others had hollered in approval. But Kate just couldn't shut out the doubts about this operation. Not that she was afraid of the danger they would be heading into. It was just a gut feeling she had ever since Billy had told her about the joint op.

But the young woman had no time to pursue her thoughts, because a few minutes later, the Army support group showed up. Kate watched the twelve men exchange friendly nods with their groups.

Then her Captain started to check everyone's attendance and went for a short mission briefing. The other Air Force team would take the lead when breaching into the village, followed by Kate's team. The Army would provide cover fire if necessary, covering both: the close perimeter and the whole area with Billy and his spotter and a second sniper team. He pointed out important landmarks and escape routes and asked for questions.

"Anything. Don't hesitate to ask." he said in a deep sincere voice. His gaze wandered to each soldier under his command. Finally, he nodded satisfied. "Alright, wheels up in 5. Good luck, gentlemen."

Everybody went for their respective vehicles to buckle up. While Kate took her usual spot next to Brian, the Captain came to their truck.

"Masks on, this is mandatory for everybody." he ordered with a short look to Kate. Everybody nodded their understanding. The procedure was necessary to protect her. If the insurgents would see a woman participating in the raid, they would consider her an easy target and possibly try to take her hostage. So everybody in the team would mask their features to prevent this.

But before this would be necessary a two hour ride lay ahead of them. Shortly before they arrived at their destination, the convoy came to a short halt, letting the two sniper teams exit the vehicles. They would set up on top of the ridgeline near the village.

While Billy and the three other men made their way to their spot and set up shop, he could not help but think about Kate. He admired her courage to participate in such an op and he was glad for her that her team leader put such faith in her abilities.

Now peering through his scope he watched the convoy coming to a halt in close proximity to the village. The soldiers were dismounting one after another and taking place in their formation. They all looked alike, but after a short period of time, Billy saw her. Despite her being a tall woman, he recognized her by her slender frame which was almost completely concealed under her gear. Like the rest of the ground forces she was wearing a mask under her helmet and was now readying her rifle.

After a short com-check, the mission started. Billy watched the two Air Force- teams sneaking into the village. Hearing their whispered orders, he got an idea where they must been located. The houses were very close to each other and he had no continuous visual on the troops all the time.

Then all of a sudden, orders were yelled; then shots cracked and echoed through the valley, most probably coming from his people returning the hostile gunfire. Then, everything happened very fast.

"We got four down, where the hell is number five?" someone from the USAF guys yelled.

"I got him! Five down! Let's get the hell out of here!"

"I've been hit, fuck! I repeat, I've been hit!"

Billy sucked in a sharp breath, it was someone from his team, but he couldn't tell who. But then his blood froze.

"I'm going back in. He was the closest to my last position." It was Kate talking.

"No, it's too dangerous! He's caught in crossfire."

"We have to get him out of here!"

"Fine, then I am going with you, Ma'am." This voice was familiar to Billy. It had been his team mate Ben to offer his help. Still not sure who they were trying to get out, he radioed his team mate.

"Ben, this is sniper two. Where is your location?"

"Sniper two, we are adjacent to the green building to your one o'clock. Do you see our guy?"

Billy peered through the scope and saw what he wanted. One of his team was crouched behind a mud wall, clutching his right side.

"Roger that. He is about fifty meters to your right. But I have no clear visual on the insurgents."

"Copy that. We are going in. Where is everybody else?"

"Retreating to the vehicles. Seems like they're just waiting for you."

He could hear his team mate swear and wondered why the others were retreating when some of their own were still in danger. But he had no time to find out, because Ben was talking to him again.

"Won't take long. Ma'am, are you ready?"

"I'm good. Let's go."

Peering through his scope ever so hard, Billy watched Ben and Kate make their way to the wounded comrade. They came under heavy fire, but Billy could not see the shooters. He silently cursed, but was relieved to see that they'd got to the wounded soldier unharmed.

"Come on, let's get you out of here, Donny." Billy heard Ben shout over the gunfire that still rang through the air.

"Retreating to the vehicles now." Kate radioed in, as she and Ben helped the soldier named Donny to his feet.

"Roger that, Evans. Hurry up."

Ducking their heads, guns raised as good as possible while guiding the injured through the narrow streets, Billy tried his hardest to stay calm and focused. He had to keep it together in case they needed his support. But he didn't like the heavy fire the three were under, he didn't like it one bit.

But by some miracle they made it to the outskirts of the village within minutes. Now, they had to travel a short distance to the vehicles where they had no cover at all. This would be the most critical point.

"Alright, here's the plan." Billy heard Ben pant, as they took cover behind another wall.

"I finally got the radio back online. Air Force and the patrol set will provide us cover fire, while we make a run for the trucks. Do not return fire, do not look back, just run as fast as you can. OK?"

The other two nodded their understanding.

"Alright, on three!"

He counted to three and with his last word they took off for the vehicles. Gunfire rang through the air and this time Billy saw some of the shooters. They had been laying on the rooftops and where now standing to get a better aim on the three soldiers. One after another he took them out with precise shots. But he was not fast enough. He was about to go for the last target, when he saw Ben collapse just in front of the first truck. A round had pierced his upper body, gone through the vest.

Kate and Donny had made it to safety, the others beginning to threat his injuries immediately, but Kate had already turned around to go for Ben, when her Captain stopped her. The gunfire was unbearable heavy and there was no way to get Ben out of harm's way without being shot. He was hit by another round, his body to jerking up in an odd way.

"Noo! We have to get him out of there! We have to get to him!" Billy could hear her scream, fighting her Captain tooth and nail. But he was pinning her down relentlessly.

"Noo…" she cried, but it was too late. Ben was gone.

"Sniper one, sniper two. Clean up and head to rally point alpha. Be ready to be picked up in five." The Captain's voice came over the radio and the last thing Billy saw through the scope were the vehicles forming a shield around his dead friend to pick him up.

The way to the rally point, the way back to the camp- everything passed in a haze. Billy didn't realize that they were home until the convoy came to a halt at the gate. They passed the gate and the vehicles were parked in their respective spaces. Everybody was dismounting and talking about what had just happened. It seemed that the radio had been broken temporarily so nobody except the sniper teams, Ben and Kate had been able to communicate with each other.

Suddenly, he heard raised voices, accusations were shouted and a turmoil erupted. Billy turned to see what was going on.

"This is all your fault!" he heard his squad leader yell. Making his way to the small crowd, he could now see at whom he was yelling. It was Kate. She stood there, mask and helmet in her hand, the palest he'd ever seen her; looking incredibly fragile and lost. She'd been crying, but her eyes were blazing with anger.

"What? It's my fault, that the radio broke and your man got shot while we tried to get one of your guys out of there?!"

"This would never have happened if we hadn't allowed you to participate in this. I knew it was a mistake to take a woman with us. You are not suitable for this, you are weak…"

He didn't get to finish his sentence, because Kate had jumped on him, her fist connecting with his jaw.

"How's that for weak?!" she yelled and was about to engage a second time, but one her team mates stopped her. Some men where hollering in approval because they were seeing a fight. But fast as the small riot had started it was brought to a sudden end. Her team mates were pulling Kate back from the Army squad leader who spat blood on the dusty ground.

"This will have consequences!" he hollered, also restrained by his team members to prevent that he was going after her.

"Bring it!" Kate yelled back, brushing off the hands of her team mates and headed for her bunk.

As desperately as Billy wanted to go and check on her, he knew her well enough that she needed some space right now. So he followed his team back to the mission debrief and sighed with relief when he heard that his team mate Donny had been severely wounded but would be OK in a few weeks.

The debriefing lasted for hours. A man had been killed in action and even though everybody was more or less in shock about it, there were a lot of questions to be answered. But Kate didn't show up. Eventually, they were released and went to their bunks. Unsure what to do, Billy found himself wandering to their hideout, but he wasn't surprised when he found it vacant. He felt empty, he felt angry and he was mourning the loss of his friend, still disbelieving that it had really happened. One of his team had died. Rubbing his tried eyes, he turned and went back to the camp. He wasn't quite sure if he was ready for this, but there was only one way to find out.

Kate didn't show for the group debrief because right after the incident with Billy's squad leader she had been pulled aside for a special interrogation. She sat there with lots of important people she didn't really care about and she answered their questions mechanically, still in shock about the latest events. When her CO finally had dismissed her from the debriefing, it was nearly midnight. Still wound up in her thoughts she walked aimlessly through the camp. She didn't realize that her feet had taken her to the small makeshift chapel on the base. Fallen soldiers would lie in state here and comrades could come to pay their respects.

Slowly, Kate approached the doorway. Two soldiers stood honor guard at the entrance and Kate recognized them as Billy's team mates. She nodded her condolences, but their faces remained impassive. She walked past them and stepped inside. The room was lit with candle light and a few chairs stood in front of the coffin over which the flag was laying. She approached the coffin unsure what to do, when a familiar voice spoke to her.


Billy was standing in one corner of the room, bent over a book where everybody could write down their condolences for the fallen soldier's family.

"Billy…" she said faintly. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to disturb you." she backed off, but he stopped her.

"No, please stay. I could use some company, I guess."

His voice was shaky and by now Kate noticed the guitar in his hand.

"Come, sit down with me."

Kate complied and settled next to her friend watching the candles flicker in the silence. Memories of the past hours rushed back to her head, smothering her, making it unable to breathe, to think. I was her fault and there was no way to make it right.

Billy's soft voice eventually roused her from her dark thoughts.

"Did you know Ben gave me this guitar?" he asked. Kate shook her head no. "One day we talked about music and he would just give it to me saying that he'd bought a new one. He taught me how to play. … He taught me so much." his voice trailed off and silence fell upon them once more.

Kate could feel that he was mentally debating with himself if he should play, if he was able to. But she knew he wanted to show his brother in arms how much he meant to him. Gently she placed her hand on his back, feeling his unsteady breath under her palm.

"You're not alone on this, Billy. Not ever." she said using the exact same words as he had when she had been shot. He looked up to her and gave her a small smile. Taking a deep breath he reached for the guitar and concentrated on the instrument.

She didn't know the song but it was quiet and sad and uniquely beautiful. It was as if the tunes were telling Ben's whole life here and back home as well as the appreciation and friendship of his comrades. It was Billy's personal farewell to his friend.

He didn't know how long he'd played but when he ended the song, he felt a lot calmer than before. The anger and the sadness had been replaced by silence and peace. Slowly, he turned to Kate only to find her crying next to him.

"Hey. It's OK." he said gently as he put his arm around her. It hit him hard to see her that upset.

"This is all my fault. He could still be alive." she whispered her eyes fixed on the coffin. Then she was turned around with a start, Billy's eyes locking with hers.

"Kate Evans, don't you dare say such thing." There was such decisiveness in his voice it made her hold her breath. "Ben knew exactly what he was doing and he was well aware of the danger he put himself into. He helped you save his friend. So don't you dare desecrate his memory by blaming yourself! You helped him do something he believed in."

Slowly, Kate began to process his words finally nodding with a faint smile. He was right. Billy was right. She'd made the right call and Ben had helped her save Donny and sacrificed his life for the life of his friend.

"Yeah." she nodded and wiped away a tear that rolled down her cheek. "But your team thinks that I am responsible for…"

"Stop. Just stop beating yourself up for what you can't change anymore." he said soothingly. They sat in silence for a short while before Billy rose.

"Come. Let's get some fresh air."

She glanced at him and nodded. They got up and as Kate stood in front of the coffin Billy's words were loud and clear in her head. 'He helped you save the life of his friend.' And she would not let anyone dishonor his memory or what he'd did for the one's he cared about, Kate thought as she saluted one last time for their fallen comrade.

When she followed Billy outside, she turned to salute to the guard of honor. Given the hostility she'd felt when she came here, she was surprised that they stood to full attention as she raised her hand to her temple. She gave them a small smile and as she looked from one to another she could have sworn that she'd seen a tear shimmering in the men's eyes.

They walked in silence for a while both dwelling on thoughts. Kate absentmindedly rubbed her hand. Her knuckles were bruised and still hurting from the punch she'd delivered to Billy's squad leader.

"You have a mean swing." Billy said with a quiet chuckle as he saw her movements.

She rolled her eyes at him, but was glad that he tried to enlighten her mood.

"Yeah, probably not good enough."

"At least everybody in the camp knows not to mess with you."

Kate smirked, but turned serious immediately.

"I've a gut feeling that this time, I don't get off the hook that easily." she confessed and came to a halt turning to face her friend. "Billy, if this goes up the ranks to SECDEF, this could end my career."

"Hey, relax. They won't kick you out of the service. You've saved a man's life."

"Yeah, but I've disobeyed a direct order. I've taken action in a live fight and I didn't have the clearance. This could end badly." she whispered ruffling through her hair. "I've spend my entire life in the Air Force and even though I had my doubts about this mission, I don't really know what else to do. I cannot imagine a life without this." she made a hand movement including their surroundings.

She was about to round the next corner, when Billy stooped her.

"Kate, they won't kick you out and even if they do: you are a wonderful person and I don't know anybody that caring and courageous as you. You will find your way; with or without a uniform." A sheepish grin crept onto his face as he added: "Even though I would really miss you in your cammies."

"Thanks, Billy." she whispered barely keeping her tears at bay. It had been an emotional day and hearing such a sweet thing from her friend was something truly special.

"Shh, come here." he said gently as he pulled her into his arms.

Kate placed her head against his chest and inhaled his scent. It was calming her instantly. She felt his hands rubbing comforting circles on her back and she could not help herself but to lean into his touch. Flexing her wrists behind his neck, she placed her hands on the back of his neck feeling the warmth under her palms. Without actually realizing her upper hand began caressing the soft skin under his hairline.

"Kate…" he murmured leaning into her touch his breath hitching. But she could not bring herself to stop it. She needed to feel him. She needed to know, to physically know, that he was right here.

"Hm?" she hummed as she continued exploring his neck. She felt his hands moving from her upper back to her waist, gentle but firm.


His tone was something between a warning and a whimper. The sound of her voice and her touch almost drove him crazy. He could not think clearly. All he knew was that he wanted the woman in his arms. He wanted her to be OK. To be with him. So he reached up, gently cupping her face with his hands and bent down, his lips finding hers.

For a second, he felt her go stiff in his arms; then she leaned into the kiss reciprocating it ever so passionate. But the soft moan that escaped her lips as his hands found their way under her shirt brought him back to reality.

"I'm sorry. I can't…" he panted; a look of shock in his eyes about what had just happened.

"No, I get it." Kate said; her cheeks still flushed from the kiss. He was right, this was insane. They could not do this. Not after all that had happened.

Billy shot her a suspicious look.

"Get what?"

"That you don't want this."

Billy sighed and pulled her close once more, his eyes fixed on hers.

"I do want this. But not here, not now, in this situation we're in. You know?"

Kate shook her head yes, but he wasn't convinced.

"Kate, you've become one of the most important persons in my life and I don't want to lose you."

"You're not gonna lose me." she said softly tracing his features with her index finger. It took Billy all his self-control not to lean into the sweet tempting touch.

"This deployment is over in two months. Why don't we finish up here and when we get back to the States..." he trailed off, his words with a hint of uncertainty.

"Are you asking me out, Billy Timmons?" Kate smirked about his unspoken suggestion.

"No." he replied but his smile proofed him a liar. He pulled her into an embrace once more. They held onto each other for a few moments before they reluctantly get go.

"We should probably get back to our bunks." Billy said and Kate nodded in agreement. She looked up to him with a shy smile and together they went back to their bunks.

Finding more sleep than she'd expected Kate got up the next morning to meet with her team. When she entered the room, she instantly knew that something was going on. She shot her friends a questioning look, but they remained silent.

Deciding that she was not in the mood for any sort of games, she was about to ask what was going on, when the door on the other side of the room opened and two strangers stepped inside. Kate recognized them as MPs. Before anybody could ask any questions, one of them spoke up.

"Tech. Sergeant Kate Evans, we need you to come with us right away."

Kate was about to step forward, but her team leader stopped her.

"She's not going anywhere."

"I'm afraid this is not up for discussion, Sir. Ma'am."

"Fine, then I'm going with her. I am her CO."

Kate looked to her Captain, thankful for his camaraderie, but she shook her head. Her gut feeling had been proven right. She had known it all along and she would face the consequences of her actions without being afraid. Or at least she would try. Her thoughts wandered to Billy and the events of last night. She'd enjoyed his presence so much, but she could not bring herself to tell him that she was leaving, most likely forever.

"Let it go. I will be fine." she said softly and took in the sight of her team. "Can you give me two minutes?" she asked the strangers who exchanged an uncertain look. "I just need to write a quick note."

They finally agreed and Kate sat down, taking a sheet of paper and the pen Brian offered her. She collected her thoughts then began to write in a swift neat handwriting. Flying over the lines once more, she finally folded the paper and handed it to her team mate.

"I trust you on this. You know where to take it."

Brian nodded; a sad look in his eyes.

"We have your back, Kate. Always."

"I know." she replied with a smile and squared her shoulder. "I am ready."

Back in New Orleans…

"After Church came, I called my contacts, but nobody has ever heard from you guys. So I figured this kind of job would come without any backup." She took a sip of her coffee. "Billy, I've been taking down drug dealers, extortionists, all sorts of criminals over the past months and I've done it on my own. I know how to take care of myself and just because your boss has some issues with women I will not back down and risk going to jail."

"I know and it's not like that." Billy replied wriggling on about his chair.

"What is it then?"

"I can't tell you." he replied visibly uncomfortable with the situation. "But if he sees you in action he will be less…"

"Hostile?" Kate offered.

Billy laughed.

"You will get along with him, I promise."

The ringing of Billy's phone interrupted them. Kate observed him askance as he answered the call. Even though he'd been out of the service for quite a while, his stance read military through and through. But he had changed in some way and it took Kate a few moments to place it. Though they'd picked up where they'd left after they'd been separated, he kind of seemed to have lost some of his playful manner. Something else than the incident with his team must have happened that had caused this change. And Kate dared to know what it was.

"Yes, Sir… Will do that… Goodnight."

Kate raised her eyebrow.

"Barney. He wants me to pick you up tomorrow. We're heading to our safe house to prepare for the mission."

"What you are not only working together but actually living under the same roof?" Kate gaped.

"Just for the missions. Makes things easier." Billy explained. "I guess we will drag you along for some time. Ready to go up against seven mercenaries?" he teased.

"You have no idea what I am capable of, Billy Timmons." Kate laughed, but turned serious immediately.

"So that settles it then, does it? Me working with you guys?"

"Us working as a team." Billy corrected her. The young woman smiled at his kind words.

"That's really nice of you, but I think it's a long way until then."

"Relax, Kate." And if he'd read her thoughts he added: "Barney will treat you nicely. I'll make sure of it."

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