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Marcus was in Davenport's lab, trying to get a machine to work. He had already found a way to make himself last longer, so now he's 16 and alive. He Had been going into Davenport's lab secretly. He never left any evidence that he was down there. Anyway, the invention he was trying to start up was the one that pulled Leo in to a parallel universe.


"Grace, is the popcorn ready yet?" Grace's friend called from the living room.

"It hasn't even started popping, Riley," Grace answered. They were getting ready to watch the avengers. School had just gotten out and they decided to celebrate by watching a movie then doing whatever popped into their minds afterwards. "Is the movie ready yet?"

"No." The popcorn started popping. "YES!" Riley shouted as she made a mad dash towards the kitchen. "I'll wait here for the popcorn, you go set up the movie," she said without taking her eyes off the snack. Grace sighed and put the disk in the DVD player.

Back to rats...

"What are you doing here, Marcus?" Chase asked. Adam, Bree, and Chase walked in the lab to do some training...Leo came in to watch. They were surprised to see Marcus alive and in their lab. The debris should have crushed him, and if that didn't kill him then he should have run out of power by now. "Shouldn't you be dead?"

"I found a way to make my self last longer." After he said that, the machine he was working on started up.


"YES! Go Loki!" Grace shouted as she threw her fist in the air.

"Why do you like Loki so much? He's evil." Riley never understood why Grace liked the bad guys. She just liked them because she thought they were epic or cute.

"Because he's EPIC."

"Epic isn't a thing anymore."

"I do what I want!" She's too much into Loki.


Bree super sped towards Marcus, but he super sped towards her, too, and sent her into a wall. She forgot that he was faster. Adam shot plasma blasts at him...every shot was dodged. He sent a sonic blast towards Adam, making him unconscious. He sent the same blast towards Chase, but he blocked it with his shield. Leo would've gotten Davenport or Tasha, but Davenport had to stop another birthday party in a nuclear reactor and Tasha was on another news trip.

While Marcus and Chase were fighting, Bree came from behind Marcus and super sped him into a wall. He turned around and super sped her into the portal. Adam just gained back his consciousness. "Bree!" He jumped in after her.

"One left," Marcus smirked. He liked not having to fight all three of them at once, but he didn't want them to go where he was going. After kicking Chase in the head with a roundhouse kick, he jumped through the portal.

"Leo, you stay here. I'm going to find Adam and Bree." Chase jumped through.

Leo, wanting to go with him, jumped in.


The movie just got done and the popcorn was gone. Grace and Riley were arguing over Grace's obsession of bad guys. "Why do you like so many Bad guys?"

"Why do you like so many good guys?"

"Because they're good. Are you into any good guys?"

"The only bad guys I'm into are Loki, Marcus, Herobrine-"


"Minecraft." Riley took Grace's phone and started going through her pictures.

"You must really like Marcus. I can't believe you took Adam out of the picture with the yogurt guy and replaced it with yourself." Grace was confused. Wasn't that picture from her dream?

"I can't do photoshop on that phone. Maybe my kindle. But if I did that on my kindle I would still have no idea hoe to get it on my phone. And I remember that picture from my dream." The pair studied the picture. It had been a while since Grace went through her pictures.

"You mean the dream where you and Marcus kissed twice and you yelled at Leo?"

"Uh, duh." A short pause. "So, what should we-" -Thud-. Grace was cut off by a thud coming from her room. The girls stared in that direction then at each other. "What was that?" Three more thuds-another coming from her room and two coming from the guest room. Then a blue light shone above the center of the living room.

"It the tesseract!" Grace shouted. She was half serious and half joking. Then a kid fell out. Said kid looked up at them. He seemed to have realized something.

"So that's why he went through."


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