RUN. That's all that the team could think of as they run to the Bioship. Something was after them but couldn't see what or who it was. Miss Martain sensed the presence that was tracking them and quickly informed the team to evacuate the island immediately. Kid Flash was ahead of the team when he tripped over a log not seeing in the dark.

"Kid let's go!" Robin screams to his fallen friend.

As Kid Flash tries to get up something grabs his leg and yanks him away from the others.

"NO!" The team screams as they see Kid Flash get taken.

"Go! Get out of here!" KF shouts to his teammates from the darkness.

"All of you go. I'll get him." Aqualad orders.

"And let you get taken too great plan," Artemis says.

"Go Now! Go!" Aqualad says before something burns his feet.

"AH!" Aqualad screams as he falls to the ground.

"Kaldur!" Miss Martin screams rushing to his side.

"He burned me feet." Aqualad moans in pain.

"Aqualad to Batman can you hear me. We need backup. Now!" He screams into his com link.

"The coms aren't.." Robin starts but doesn't finish as he too is taken.

"Robin!" Artemis screams.

"This is my world now." A voice speaks.

"Who the hell are you?!" Superboy screams.

"I have many names, but call me Torture." The voice says as several long tentacle-like arms grab Miss Martin and Artemis by their legs.


"Superboy look..Ah!" Aqualad starts but doesn't finish when something zaps him unconscious.

"Aqua.." Superboy says but faints suddenly.

"Nice job Torture." Lex Luthor says.

"Indeed." The Black Manta purrs.

"What of them? You know that their mentors will come looking for then." Sportmaster asks.

"Leave them to me." Torture says.

"If your going to torture them can we at least watch?" Professor Zoom asks.

"I have a better idea. You can participate." Torture suggests.

"Oh game changer, I like him. The bird is mine to pluck though." Joker says.

"As long as the Justice League watches I don't care." Torture says.

"What of you? What do you gain by this?" Black Manta asks.

"The Justice League took away my family. Now it's my turn. Get them inside." Torture orders his lackeys.

Torture's servants rush in and take the fall heroes into the building. The rest of the men were thinking of how many ways to torture them.