Robin's pov

When Kal knocked out the guards, I toss him the keys. He gets the door unlock and we bolt out of the room with Wally dashing in front. I hope that Wally is ok without any

food for days it seems. We find a control room and I get to work. Kaldur And Conner guard the door while Megan, Artemis, and Wally look for a way out. I find a way to get in

the leagues system to Bats know where we are. I send something dad will be able to figure out where we are.

Batman pov

We head out to the jet to get the kids when the lights shut out and music starts to play. The song playing saw so familiar than it hit me. It was Dick's song he made for me on

my birthday "Beware the Bat."

"Dickie!" I scream as I run to the computer.

"Bruce where are you going?" Clark says.

"It's the kids. Robin is trying to tell me something." I explain as I enter in the computer.

"Robins is sending me a code. It's says "we are planning an escape. Kaldur doing something stupid. Have to stop him. Dad you have to help us." then he gives the coordinates. But it not complete. All I can tell is that they are, on the island I out them on." I explain in shock.

"So the whole time they were on coast island? The same coast island we sent them on?" Dinah asks.

"We need to go now!" I order as we run as Flash to the ship.

"We should drop some of us off in Louisiana if the kids go there instead." Barry says.

"Fine. Dinah, Roy, and Barry will go. The rest will..." I try to finish.

"I'm going with you!" Roy says looking me dead in the eye.

"No you're not." Oliver orders.

"I promised him I would find him. I keep my promises." Roy says with venom in his voice.

"And you will I promise Roy now go." I order glaring at him.

"Fine. But you make sure you bring them back or I swear to God I will kill you." Roy says to me with pure anger in his voice.

"It won't come to that." I say as we leave for the ship.

"Batman can you really keep that promise. Knowing Kaldur he will kill himself to save others. Can you honestly say that Kaldur is even alive. Or that he won't just sacrifice himself when we get there. Or even waiting to be killed. So again I ask, can you really keep that promise." Dinah asks me with worry lacing her voice.

"Honestly I don't know. I can promise though I will bring him back. Dead or alive." I reply with a little fear hidden in my voice.

"Lets go get our kids." I order as we go to the island.

Back with Torture

Robin's pov

After I send the code we signal Kal to come to the computer. I found something on Torture that he might want to see.

"Robin what did you find?" Kaldur asks with curiosity in his voice.

"He real name is Matthew P. Anderson. He was a grad student at Yale. He majored in science and psychology. He had 2 other brothers Thomas and Erik Anderson. They were known as "Judge and Executioner." They were serial killers all over the U.S. They were arrested several time for child abusive, rape, murder, torture, everything. Even DUI's. They killed kids from the ranged from 8-16 years old. None of them lived. In total they murder 17 8-10 year old, and 26 10- 16 year olds. They were honestly worse than Joker." I explain in shock.

"Whatever happened to the brothers." Wally asks zooming over to the computer.

"They were arrested by, the Justice League 9 years ago. Before we became a team. They're father was deadbeat. His name was Frank Anderson. Died by electrocution ,and then stabbed. Several times by the way. Rumors says that he used to beats his kids and his wife. She died by falling 4 flights of stairs. Head trauma. Now this is the weird part. He told the cops that she slipped down the stairs, but his sons snitched on him and told them he pushed her. That's the day when he died. His father's death was not even a day after their mother's. Which brings up a question Kaldur. How did you know that he was abused?" I ask with pure curiosity.

"Yeah how did you know that." Megan asks.

"Simple. I took a guess." Kaldur says plainly.

"You what?!" We all scream.

"Stop scream they might hear you." He orders harshly.

"How did you, you know what never mind. What are we going to do? We have the info we need how do we use it." Conner says.

"Did they have a hideout?" Kaldur asks while he looks like a light bulb when on in his head.

"Yeah an island. Why?" I ask absolutely confused.

"Where?" Kaldur says.

"An island on the coast why does it, oh my gosh. It's the same island that we were sent on." I answer in shock.

"So let me get this straight. We have been on the same flipping island Batman sent us on the whole time." Artemis tries to shorten it with slight anger and annoyance in her voice.

"Pretty much." Wally says.

"So the Bioship has to be here right." Megan says somewhat happily.

"Can you hack into the cameras without getting caught?" Kaldur asks with his usual serious look on his face.

"Can I hatch into the government files without getting caught?" I answer with a smirk as I hack the camera feeds.

"There she is!" Megan shout quietly pointing to the ship.

"Where is it?" Artemis asks.

"The same way we tried to leave from." I say sadly remembering what happened last time.

"Great. Now what do we do?" Wally asks.

"Robin can you shut off the traps." Kaldur ask.

"Yeah what are you thinking." I ask as I shut off the traps.

"I need to get you all to the Bioship quickly and quietly. When you get on the Bioship you turn on the traps for the guards. That is only if we are not being followed." Kaldur explains.

"Alright lets go." I order as I get out of the chair with the flash drive I put in the computer before Kaldur came over.

As we run to the entrance we take guards down one by one. Quickly but quietly as we move through the hall. We get to the entrance and make a mad dash tot he Bio. Wally

foot gets caught in a trap but the vibrates out of it with his super speed. I look back at him to see if he's ok. He smiles at me softly and keeps running to the ship. Suddenly

Torture's foot soldiers come out from the ground and grab Kaldur and Conner horse style with chains.

"Conner! Kaldur!" Megan scream as she breaks the chain with her telepathy.

"Keep running!" Kaldur screams as we run to the ship.

As we board the ship massive tidal wave crashes the soldiers, knock them off-balance and throwing some of them in the sea. Kaldur looks at us with a smirk on his face. He

boards the ship but is shoot by a laser in the back knocking him out. As the goon come to use another lazar come down from the sky and knocks them back a couple of feet.

The Justice League runs out of the jet and attacks. I have never been happier in my life.

"Batman!" I scream happily.

"Robin!" He shouts to me as he turns to see me.

"What is happening?" Kaldur asks with hoarse a voice.

"My son!" Arthur screams as he starts to run to us.

"Annex! Move!" Kaldur screams as he bends the watch to push his mentor aside.

"Not so fast boy." Manta says a he shoot a laser at him a dragging him to the Manta.

"Let go of me!" Kaldur screams as he's being dragged to the Manta roughly.

"Kaldur!" Arthur scream faces Manta as we move to surround him.

"Take a step and he dies. Your move." Manta threats as he holds a gun to his head.

"Let him go now!" Arthur orders.

"Papa let him do. I dare him." Kaldur says as he fights his captor harder.

"Believe me I will." Manta purrs loudly.

"Over my dead body." Arthur snarls.

Kaldur smirks gently and gets out of the ropes and head butts Manta knock him out. The gun falls to the floor and Kaldur grabs it before Manta can even think. Manta pulls

out a gun but stopped by Kaldur.

"Give me one why I shouldn't." Kaldur challenges Manta.

Kaldur comes closer to Manta and hits his head with the back of the gun, knocking out.

"We need to get out of here." Kaldur says running back to the ship, tossing the gun in the water.

"Batman we're leaving now!" I scream to him.

He knocks the last guy out and runs to the jet and nods to me. Letting me know to follow him. The rest of the league gets in the jet quickly while Arthur stays with us. We

climb in our seats and the belts morph around us Megan takes off in over drive. After a good 30 seconds in flight we look back to see that island shrinking and laugh or in the

girls cause cry in relief. Arthur and Kaldur stand up at the same time and hug each other tightly.

"Are you aright my son." Arthur asks pulling away from Kaldur to look at him.

"I will live. I have had worse remember. Oh my gosh Roy! What happened to him! Is he ok!" Kaldur ask now surprising panicking voice.

"He is fine. He is with Black Canary and Flash." Arthur says placing Kaldur in a chair to clam him down.

"In Louisiana?" Kaldur asks already knowing the answer.

"Yes he is. Why?" Arthur answers as Kaldur laughs slightly.

"He always wanted to go there. He said that it is the shrimp capital of the world. He especially wanted to go during Mardi Gras. He promised me that before I died he would take me." Kaldur explains with a small smile on his face.

"That sound like fun Kal." Wally says as he hold Artemis tightly.

"Yeah. It does. How far are we from Louisiana?" Kaldur asks looking at me.

"We are about to land actually." Megan says landing the ship.

The door opens and Kaldur runs out the of the ship. Leaving me and everyone else in shock.

Kaldur's pov

When Megan said we were the at we were about to land, I thought instantly of Roy. When the doors opened I run outside ad see Roy pacing the dock nervously. I smile in

relief seeing him alive.

"Roy!" I scream as I run to him.

"Kaldur!" Roy scream as he turns to see me.

He runs to me and stops to catch me when I reach him. I let out the breath I did not even know I held in when his strong, muscular arms circle me. I can feel him shake

while tears fall on my neck. I did not tell him though. It would have ruined the moment. He pulls away slightly and does something unexpected. He kisses me roughly in

front of everyone around us. At first I want to pull away since we have not told our mentors or my team of this but I seriously do not care. I wrap my arms around his waist

tightly as I kiss him back. We stay like that for several seconds until he lets me go and I cry silently in his neck.

"Sorry for the crappy anniversary." Roy apologizes softly in my ear.

"Next anniversary we have , I'm calling in sick." I laugh to him.

"Don't do that to me again. Please. I thought for 3 seconds every time he called, that I would never tell you goodbye and I love you. I heard you sing. You were beautiful." Roy says.

"Thank you. I knew that you would understand." I explain to him in the same soft tone we kept this whole time.

I know that he understands what I am saying to him. When I sang that song to him all those months ago, I told him that it was supposed to make him unafraid. I

needed him, at that time to not be afraid of me dying. He understands why I sang him that song and I didn't have to do a thing but sing. That is the bond we have.

"I know. Would you like your ring back now?" I ask as I take off his ring off my finger.

"Yeah. I didn't take my off." He says slipping off my ring off finger.

It was about a deal we made. We would switch rings when one of us had to leave. It is like having a piece of us with each other. We give each other the rings and look at

the team staring at us.

Robin's pov

We follow Kaldur outside to see them kiss. They talk for several seconds then look at us. I look to see dad walk off the ship and I run to him as fast as possible and jump in

his already open arms. I could feel him shake slight and squeeze me tightly.

"Dad I was so scared." I admit to him softy.

"Yeah. Me too a little. I'm glad you're ok." He whispers while quickly kissing my forehead.

We look back at Kaldur and Roy blushing slightly while we stare at them

"It's about time!" Artemis scream in relief as we walk to them.

"Finally!" Megan and BC say as they give Kaldur and Roy hugs.

"You knew?" Roy asks in shock.

"Well no ,but we had an idea." Canary says.

"My apologizes my king for not telling you about this, but we have only been a couple for 9 months." Kaldur apologizes with hesitation in his voice.

"As long as you are happy I can live your love life. Just please, keep it professional as possible." Arthur says a bit uneasily.

"Of course my king." Kaldur says as Roy pulls him to his chest.

"We still have a problem. What about a Torture? We still have to find him." Barry says.

"We have that covered. Robin the flash drive if you please." Kaldur says.

I give Bats the drive while I hug his waist. I didn't feel too embarrass since Artemis, Conner, Wally, and Megan clinging to their family.

"What's on it?" Batman asks.

"Everything on Torture." I say with a usual smirk on my face.

"So what now?" Conner asks with his arm still around Superman's.

"Simple. The team will recover, and all of us will find Torture and makes that he never sees the light of day." Batman say with his usual Batman glare on his face.

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