Duo was driving home after work with Hilde sitting in the passenger seat, looking out the window when they passed the towns rodeo grounds.

**~**Flashback: 4 Years Ago**~**

Duo had taken her horse back riding for their first date, Hilde hadn't ridden a horse since she was little, so Duo thought it would be a real fun idea. The horse she was riding was a dark brown mare that was stubborn yet kind natured, her name was Minnie.

"Duo she's not turning for me, I don't know what I'm doing wrong." The raven haired girl told the braided boy.

"Hold on Hil, I'm comming." He called back from his own horse. The horse Duo was riding was a chesnust stallion named Rookie. Reaching his date, Duo got off Rookie and led him over to Minnie and Hilde.

"Why don't we switch?" Duo asked "I would really like to ride this sweet gal and Rookie here was a perfect gentelman for me."

"Sure why not, what's the worst that can happen right?" She asked to nobody in particularly, little did she know that later she would deeply regret saying that. The two switched horses and things were going smoothly, Hilde was having a blast and not just because Rookie was listening to everything she asked of him although that once part of it. She was having a blast because it was so long since she was last on a horse.

There was another horse in with them currently not being ridden, she was just in the far opposite corner eating hay, not paying any attention to her stable mates. Not knowing Rookie would do anything for some hay Hilde turned the stallion towards the hay eating horse. Trying to turn him around to face Duo, she found that he was ignoring all of the commands she was asking and he started walking to the hay.

"Um... Duo, Rookie isn't listening to me. How do I get him to stop?" She tossed over her shoulder.

"Pull back on the reins and say 'Whoa', make sure you mean it too." He called back.

Hilde did as instructed but no matter how hard she pulled, how demanding she made her voice, Rookie would not listen insted he started trotting then galoping and going faster until he was sprinting down the field. (A/N" For those of you who care or want to know, the field is really freaking long and wide.) Trying to get the speeding horse to stop the reins slipped out of her hands, with nothing to hold onto she grabbed onto the saddle horn and hung on for dear life and screamed. Rookie came to a very sudden halt and started eating the other horses hay, Hilde slid off in a prominent heap on the ground. Getting onto her shaking feet she ran to Duo, who was running after the run away horse, and flung herself into his arms crying. The stable hands gathered to see what all the commotion was about and gathered the used horses to untack them, figuring the two of them have had enough for one day and left the pair alone. Duo stood there holding his sobbing date, reasuring her that she was alright and it wouldn't happen again.



"HILDE" Duo's voice broke through her reminising.

"Yea Duo?" She asked, Duo shook his head.

"I said we're home now." He said with a laugh ten continued. "What were ya thinkin' 'bout?"

Hilde's face lit up in a smile. "Our fist date." She said kissing her boyfriend. Said boyfriend started laughing once his lips were released. Looking back on the whole event it was funny to the couple. His face took on a mischievous look. "Is that so. Well what do you say we go horse back riding this weekend then? He asked knowing full well what the answer would be.

"Not in this lifetime." Was the reply he got. While the whole thing was funny to look back on it also left a sore spot, Hilde had a fear of riding horses now.