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Chapter Four - Immoral Memory II

As soon as Len had left the room, I pressed myself against Gakupo again and laid my head between shoulder and neck. "Looks like we should go back to changing. The others wait for us." Although I couldn't see his face I knew he was grinning when his leg grinded against my crotch, making me moan once more. "You really want to leave this unfinished?" I started to grin as well, let my fingernails trail down his muscular back before I gave him the most pitiful facial expression I managed. "Mhhh… I'm sorry, but my fans are waiting for me. You know, work before pleasure", moaning the last word. I stole a peck from his lips as I pulled away from him. "Work before pleasure?", he quoted me, but it was more a question. "That's what I said", I commented while I let my coat slide down on the floor so I could finally change into the other clothes (I could feel his eyes on me), "Work, driving home and getting into our room as soon as possible before pleasure." This answer seemed to be enough for the violet-haired.

It took its time until I was cooled down again, but giving in wouldn't be any faster and I didn't want to get in trouble with some important people because we would not appear at the shooting and they would surely not be amused if they found us in the middle of something. If I had time, I would not give a fuck if we would do it in the changing room. Not at all. I've done it before and it would work a second time as well.

I didn't even care about the fact that Len had seen us. Maybe we destroyed his so innocent mind. Or we have turned him gay. It didn't bother me anyway. Of course it was possible that someone would find you, but the ones who found me with someone else most of the time tried to ignore or left the room as soon as possible. Real problems have never occurred to me.

However, most of them had one thing in common: They hated me for my lifestyle. They say that I am nothing but a male slut. They say I am sick. They don't know anything about me but that I have a pretty active sex and party life. I'm still young and they all know it. I didn't understand why I should hold back? Sure, I wasn't a teen anymore but still, I was young enough to party, I just want to enjoy my life in the way I want.

When we got ready Gakupo gazed at me again, scanning my outfit from head to toe before he pulled me into another sweet lingering kiss that made me feel dizzy again. "These clothes fit you," , he whispered, "you should really wear them every day." I smiled against his lips. "So you prefer this to my Electronic Neko outfit?" - "I didn't say that. You could wear these clothes all day long and your Neko outfit at night." – "Hmm? What's the point of wearing it at night. I'm sleeping at this time", I commented innocently. Gakupo just smirked. "There are other things, you can do at night and not only at night."

We left the changing rooms to get back to the others who were waiting for us. I was pretty sure that Len hadn't told them about what had happened. Good boy. He was probably was to shocked because in my opinion, he was the cute little innocent boy who didn't even dare to think about anything perverted. Although… when I had been in his age, I wasn't that innocent anymore, but we're talking about him, not me and he didn't seem to be that just stared at us as we reached the table, looked away blushing in the next second which was a pretty cute reaction.

"Wow, guys, you look gorgeous!", Rin stated, nearly drooling. The photographer and a probably important woman started to explain the important points of this photo shooting and to what we should pay attention. I've heard it often enough. That was why I wasn't listening at the instructions with my full attention but rather looked at Gakupo to admire his appearance.

At the same time I met Meiko for the first time, I bumped into Gakupo after many years again. He had been an important childhood friend to me and we had spent much time at singing together and were hanging around with each other but in the end, we had lost contact when singing hat become our job. He had been in this part of the country and I was heading in the complete opposite direction for another song or concert. Most important, he had been my first big crush. Sometime in my puberty I had discovered my feelings for him but had been way too shy to even think about asking him out. Just look at him! He looks fantastic in every way but my feelings for him weren't only because of that. I had enjoyed my best years with him. He understood me. However, some time after we separated to start our singer careers, my feelings for him vanished, mostly because I had other boyfriends and girlfriends. Or at least I had thought that those feelings had vanished.

Then this evening when I left the studio before Meiko came back from the meeting she had in the same building. I would see her at our flat and we would go to a bar this evening as well, knowing that she would try to deny that she was more than just tipsy and then, we would have sex again. It would be the fourth time we did since our joint project.

"Kaito?", a voice asked behind me, startled me as it broke through my thoughts. I knew this voice, like it was the voice of someone singing in the radio and it's odd to hear this voice not singing but talking. Suddenly, I realized that this exactly was the case. I had heard this voice singing, 3 hours ago, on the radio. I spun around. "Gakupo?!"

His hair was longer than back then. Stupid that this was the first thing I noticed. The next thing were his clothes. Black and white with a light-purple cravat which hung loosely around his neck. Finally, I looked at his face. It was breathtaking. I had seen him on TV and in magazines, but seeing him in real life was something completely different. The years we hadn't seen each other hadn't made him older, there was just a more mature air around him.

"Wow…", I breathed. I must have stared at Gakupo as confused as he did. The world snapped back into reality. "I mean… er… eh… shit, sorry." The tension between us vanished as we both started to laugh. "Hello Gakupo", I started again, "I didn't know you were in the same town." Very smooth, Kaito… But my mind had transformed into pudding and I had no idea if the connection between brain and mouth was stable because with every time I dared to look into his blue-purplish eyes, this connection sustained a short-circuit.

I didn't wait for Meiko this evening. Not in the flat and not in front of the studio. Gakupo invited me to a restaurant where we had dinner, chatting the whole time. I learned so much more about Gakupo in this 3 hours than I had learned about Meiko within 5 days. He had a recording on the next day, so we didn't stay to long in the restaurant. He accompanied me on my way home and gave me a chaste kiss on my cheek.

The second evening happened in the same way. Again a nice restaurant and hours of talking but when we said goodbye again, he kissed me on the lips tenderly what I returned with pleasure.

On the third evening, we didn't even bother to go to a restaurant but went straight to the hotel Gakupo stayed in and I spent there probably some of the best hours of my life.

I didn't do bottom very often, especially when I knew that it was going to be rough and fast. Some guys simply didn't understand that I wasn't a woman, that lube was necessary and that if fucking hurt when they try to put it in without preparing. Gakupo was different. He understood me, he knew what to do. And I trusted him. I didn't regret a single second in this hotel room.

On the next morning I left the room before Gakupo woke up because I had another meeting for some songs. Some hours later, I received a text message from him. He wrote that he was awake now, that he was sad that I wasn't with him anymore, that he hoped that I wasn't sore, that he would leave the town again, that we would meet again.

It would take two years until we met again. And again, I had no idea how to react. So I tried to act as normal as possible. I was a bit disappointed when Gakupo didn't react at all when he saw me standing in the dining room of the Vocaloid-flat. But I hadn't expected that he would jump at me in this moment. And it would have been strange because all the other guys who were living with me now were in the same room. So I guess, doing nothing at all was the best.

The whole play worked until Gakupo closed the door to the room we would live in now and pushed me onto the bed. I didn't have any time to protest because his lips on mine silenced me. They were soft and warm but demanding, the same as two years ago. I tasted him again and it felt very good. The kiss didn't stay reserved very long when tongues and teeth began to be involved.

Our now red swollen lips parted, we were both breathless and flushed but Gakupo didn't stand up again, his face was hovering only milimetres above mine and his eyes were fixed on mine. "I didn't know I could become addicted to your sweet lips", he whispered before he laid his head in this space between neck and shoulder. "Welcome home, Kaito"

"You're not listening at all, Kaito, are you?" I heard Gakupo's voice and my view snapped back into focus. "Mhh", I said, but it sounded more like a question than an affirmation. My lover leaned over to me and whispered in my ear. "What's going on in your perverted mind?" Believe me, his voice was even more of a turn-on when he whispered. I looked at him with my most innocent face. "What should I think about? Do you really think I'm that spoiled?" The purple-haired man gave me no answer but I was sure he would ask me again, later.

"Ok, let's start! Would you please come over to the photoset?"

The shooting took several hours, I stopped counting after three. I knew that we should do our best for the songwriter and for the fans, but after such a long time, I was just too tired to care if someone shouted at me because the pinkie on my left hand was not in a beautiful position.

Len was still a nervous wreck. We had some pictures together and every time I was close to him, I could see a blush on his face and he avoided to look in my eyes when he didn't have to. I really hadn't Len expected to be that damaged from what he had seen in the changing rooms but somehow, his shy attitude made him pretty cute.