Hello there! I know, I know. It has been ages and I have no excuse really except for the usual schoolwork one. Apart from that, I guess I just didn't feel like continuing this? I am now, however. I am so motivated I even watched the whole show again just to get back into it (And okay, because I missed Cara, but who doesn't o.o). I wasn't quite comfortable with continuing something I had started more than a year ago (Yes, I am embarrassed, I know, let's try not to talk about it!), soooo, I just rewrote the whole thing. I hope you still like it, because I really do plan on finishing it now. There are no fundamental changes, the plot is still the same, I just changed the pace and the characters a little because after rewatching I felt like they were a little out of character? Anyway, other big change is probably the biggest one of all; It's a little try out really, I wrote it in second person for a change! Took me (and probably you) some getting used to but I hope you will like it! ANyway, that's it, I am just going to shut up now. Enjoy!

The compassionate

Blue-ish grey, sharp corners, some darker speckles. You have been staring at the same rock for minutes… Hours? Too long. Waiting was never something you were good at. Without something to do, you get nervous, unsettled even. Even so, there was no other option but to do just that. "I'm starting to get concerned. Zedd should have been back by now." The company wasn't great either. You sigh loudly enough so as to make sure Kahlan heard it. "I for one enjoy the silence we have for once. Well, the silence we –had-." You give the brunette an annoyed look which has been perfected over the past months you've travelled together. "It's going to be dark soon." Kahlan simply states, completely ignoring Cara's statement. Rolling your eyes, you decide you've been studying that certain rock for long enough and get up. "I will search for some wood to start a fire then." You try to keep the annoyed tone in your voice, but you're pretty sure even Kahlan knows you are glad to finally have something to do.

You pick up a few branches here and there, but it doesn't take long before you hear Kahlan call you back. "Cara! Zedd is back."

"Finally." Making your way back with a total of four branches, you catch a glimpse of the wizard. "You don't look so good," you state blankly, which only gets you an angry look from Kahlan. The latter turns her gaze right back at Zedd, however, concern spreading over her face. "Zedd, is everything alright? Did you get the answer you were searching for?" The wizard takes place upon a certain speckled rock with a huff. "Maybe. Or maybe Shota has just gone completely out of her mind. The latter seems most likely too." His eyes fall upon the four branches you have dropped on the ground. "Why haven't you made a fire? It's getting dark." You stare at him for a while before opening your mouth, hostile response ready. You are stopped by a pale hand on your forearm.

"Zedd, why don't you just tell us what you discovered?" Kahlan loosens the pressure on your arm and you yank it free before she decides to tighten her grip again. "Yeah, Zedd, why don't you tell us?" Giving the brunette one last annoyed look, you divert your gaze to Zedd again.

"She said I should name a new Seeker."

You frown, "that doesn't sound too insane given we don't know how long Richard will be gone exactly." Kahlan nods her approval, "we need to stop the keeper as soon as possible. As much as it pains me, we have no time to wait for Richard."

"Well yes…" He absent-mindedly throws some more branches in between them before lighting it with wizard's fire. Kahlan gives you a confused look at which you can only shrug in response. "Then what's the problem? We should figure out where to start our search for this new seeker as soon as possible."

Shifting your weight, you cross your arms. "I doubt it will be as simple as that. Seekers do not just gather on an island. He could be anywhere."

"She." Zedd corrects.

"She? Well, we might even get the job done sooner than we had expected then!" You are unable to hide the smirk forming on your face. "You don't happen to know where to find her, do you wizard?"

Zedd purses his lips, looking at you. Just when you start to feel uncomfortable he opens his mouth, just to close it again right after. Instead, he reaches inside his robe, pulling out a book and handing it to you. You take it hesitantly, keeping your eyes on the old man. "What is this?"

"Read it." Letting out a small laugh you look at the book and back at him. "Look, I have put up with you for months but this is insane. I am not going to read a book because you feel I should." When you look at Kahlan for some back-up, her eyes have gone wide. You are clearly missing something. "Read it," the brunette repeats the wizard's words softly. Letting out another small chuckle, you arch your eyebrows and open the book. "Okay, whatever you want, confessor." You give her one last look, but her eyes are focussed on the book.

"The truth of the words of the book of counted shadows can only be insured by a confessor." You frown, realisation slowly dawning upon you. You quickly close the book, handing it back to Zedd. "No."


"This can't be right."

"That's what I said." You feel strangely satisfied when Kahlan gives Zedd a soft punch to shut him up, even in this situation.

"Cara, only a seeker can read it." You have always admired how Kahlan succeeds in remaining calm, no matter the situation. "I don't know if you have realised, but I am a Mord'Sith. I am an enemy of the Seeker."

"And yet you have been travelling with him, with us, for months. You have protected us, even saved our lives on several occasions. I don't think that just any Mord'Sith would have done that."

You tilt your head, muttering under your breath, "clearly only a foolish one."

Zedd finally raises, making his way toward you again. "Cara, you have read the book. It's the only proof we need to establish that you are the Seeker… seekress..?"

You scratch your head, trying to process everything. "I… -If- it is true, nothing changes. We just continue our quest then and hope that Richard returns soon." You keep staring at the same spot on the ground, avoiding looks from both the brunette and the old man. Zedd raises his finger, "well technically, we still have to do the rit-"

"Oh you've got to be kidding me." He just shrugs apologetically. "There is no other way."

You close your eyes, thinking about how this is the worst day ever. "Fine, let's get it over with. Oh, and don't expect me to use that stupid sword."