*Enters with a walking cane* It's been 84 years... Or something close to that. If you are still reading still story after, you know, 84 years, Respect! Such patience! I should also mention, however, that I have basically rewritten chapter 1 & 2 again too... The basic storyline is still the same but it might be a good idea to read it again anyway. You probably don't remember what was in there to begin with after such a long period. ANyway, I am just going to leave this chapter here and hopefully you enjoy. And yes, I will update soon! o.o For a change

Chapter 3

You check the compass again, pulling to a stop. "Erhm… looks like the compass changed to the opposite direction…" You poke the metal housing several times but it seems to be steady. Your two companions also pull to a stop, Zedd frowning in your direction. "Are you sure you're reading it right? We've been going in this direction for three days now. It seems unusual it would change direction now." You just tilt your head, giving him a hostile stare. "Thank you Zedd, I do know how to read a compass." As usual the peace is once again kept by Kahlan. "I'm sure the compass has its reasons… Let's turn around."

Zedd just mutters something inaudible to himself, his hand disappearing inside his robe and reappearing with a pair of peaches. While trying to ignore the wizard's way too loud smacking, you see that Kahlan has caught up with you and is riding next to you. Richard's sword resting by her thigh, her black, almost silk-like hair being thrown behind her by the wind. It was quite mesmerising and you wonder how you never noticed it before. Probably because you're usually riding way behind her and Richard. You could get used to this though.

You must have been staring as you suddenly notice Kahlan's eyes resting on your own. You clear your throat, trying to fight the blush that is rising to your cheeks. You never blush. "So where do you think the compass is leading us?" Kahlan shrugged. "Probably not the Stone of Tears. Unless it got moved somehow. My other guess would be to Richard."

"Right. That would make sense. He could handle this better." Once again you feel those piercing eyes on you, but you refuse to return the gaze this time. "That is not how I meant it Cara." She softly places a hand on your shoulder. It feels weird. "it was very hard for me to accept that we were going to need a new seeker, Cara. But I am glad it was you. With Richard unavailable, there is nobody I trust more than you to get the job done." She squeezes your shoulder before letting go. It feels even weirder.

-.-.-.-.-.-.-The Compassionate-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-

You ride almost a full day. Mostly in the quiet, with a little chit chat every now and then. It never lasts long though. Zedd sighs profusely when you finally decide to call it a day and set up camp, doing a strange walk when he finally gets off his horse. Kahlan giggles and her lips move towards your ear. "I think Zedd has some bottom problems after a day on the horse." You quickly jerk your head away from her, unprepared for the sudden closeness. She doesn't seem to notice, however and continues unpacking her horse.

It is only when you start fiddling with your own horse bags you notice just how unsteady your breathing is. It angers you how she manages to do that. Sure she was pretty intimidating, she was a mother confessor after all. But you weren't easily intimidated, most definitely not by a whisper in your ear.

After another five minutes of unsuccessfully fiddling with your bag, you finally manage to get it open. You pull out your sleeping matrass, dropping it on the ground and settling yourself on it.

"Cara, are you okay?"

There it was again, that annoying voice that sounded way to calm and beautiful. It sent shivers up your spine. "I'm fine." You grumble, immediately noticing the huge contrast between your voice and hers. "Don't you want to eat something?" Putting your hands over your ears, you close your eyes, trying to ignore the world, trying to ignore this weird thing that is happening to you. "No."

After that it's silent once again, apart from Zedd's continuously disgusting eating noises of course. God, you would never get used to that. The otherwise calm evening gives you the opportunity to clear your mind, however, and you try to rationally think about what has changed these last days. It was all Richard's fault. Not only had his absence made you responsible somehow for this quest, HIS quest. It had also left you alone with these two people who were now looking to you for an answer… An annoying wizard and an even more annoying confessor. You don't understand why the latter annoys you so though. She was definitely not as annoying as she used to be. She was quite the opposite; helpful, kind… A friend even, dare you say. At that thought the annoyance came back. You feel like it's an almost permanent emotion for you, baked upon your very being.

Rustling. Your eyes shoot open and you decide to sit upright. Your eyes fall upon Kahlan and Zedd who are still eating. "Hey, did you guys hear someth-," Suddenly you hear the whistling sound of something flying through the air. It is more a reflex than actual decision, but somehow you end up in front of Kahlan, holding your hands up in front of you. You feel the magic, you twist the magic, you send it back. "We are under attack… again."

Suddenly there's a lot of whistling objects in the air, red cloth blowing in the cool evening air. Zedd jumps upright immediately, blocking the objects with magic forcefields.

You once again equip your agiels for the fifth time or so in three days. You don't mind. The fight makes you feel alive. Alive and free. You start running in the sister's direction, hearing all too familiar footsteps behind you, reassuring you for some reason.

-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-The Compassionate-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-

Kahlan extends her hand, the dark sister's eyes becoming large before they turn black entirely. "Command me, mistress." You suddenly realise just how much confessors and Mord'Sith are actually alike. Well, in some aspects of course. Kahlan would probably go on a rant if she ever said that out loud.

"Why were you attacking us?"

"A new prophecy appeared, it asys: 'As long as the Mother Confessor's pure heart beats, the Keeper is doomed to fail.' I am sorry mistress, I did not mean to attack you."

"They were here to kill me." She looks at you and Zedd, her eyes growing wider. "Richard isn't safe."