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Chapter 4

They had been following the compass for two whole days now. They had stopped briefly every now and then to quickly eat something, but nothing else. You feel your eyelids getting heavy but refuse to expose yourself as the weak link of the group. So when you finally hear Zedd speaking up, you sigh in relief. Internally of course.

"I think we should get some rest. It's been two days now. We will be wrecks when we finally get to Richard. IF we ever get to Richard this way." He pulls his horse to a stop, shortly followed by you and eventually Kahlan.

Her blue eyes intensely stare at the two of you for a while before she finally sighs. "You're right of course. We leave at first sunlight again though, okay?"

Zedd gives her a short nod before he slides off his horse. The two of you follow his lead and in but a few minutes you are all lying on the ground. Well, matrass, but it could as well be ground. You start to wonder if it is even worth dragging this thing along, but you decide to let the thought go for now as you feel your eyelids getting heavy once again.

-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-The Compassionate-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-

You're somewhere in between a 'dreaming' and 'partly awake' state when, once again, you hear rustling to your right. It has been going like this for about an hour, you would guess. You roll over. Surely enough, you find Kahlan still wide awake, staring at the black sky.

"Hey." You whisper quietly. For a moment you wonder why you don't just try to get some sleep, because you're still as tired as you were before you actually lay down, but the soft smile gracing Kahlan's features as she flips onto her side makes you forget that thought immediately.

"Hi. I'm keeping you awake, aren't I?"

"Pretty much." You reflect her smile, showing her you don't really mind.

The brunette still apologizes, however. "I'm sorry. Go back to sleep. I'll try to lie still." She quickly flicks her eyes to Zedd, before they land back on yours. "Zedd doesn't seem to have a problem with it though."

You smirk. "Does that even surprise you? We could be eaten by wolves and he wouldn't wake up."

A small laugh fills the air and you feel a weird feeling in your belly. It's been a long time since you've heard Kahlan laugh, which is a shame, really. Silence fills the air once more as you just look at each other. It feels nice, natural.

"Are you okay?" Whether it was because of how tired you still were, or because of how vulnerable Kahlan looked; at this moment you didn't really care. You would worry about your reputation in the morning.

You see a slight frown coming up but it is quickly replaced again by a bright smile. "I am actually. I am just kind of nervous about what we'll find."

After an internal debate in your head, you decide to be impulsive and take her hand in yours, giving it a soft squeeze. "It'll be fine." You give her a somewhat awkward smile, not really familiar with situations like these. Instinctively you start pulling your hands away, but you find that she is now holding yours instead of the other way around and that she is not willing to let go.

You flick your eyes up again seeing small twinkles in blue eyes that, even in the dark of night, are still bright as clear water. You don't know what it means, but it definitely has an effect on you. You suddenly feel your body heating up, the sticky leather not helping at all. You feel your heartbeat throbbing in every body part and you wonder whether she feels it too through your hands. And suddenly it all becomes clear to you. All these weird things you have been feeling. You have never really 'loved' anyone before, but you would imagine this is what it would feel like. Normally it's just physical for you. You take what you want, when you want it. But this was different. You part your lips, releasing the breath you were holding for god knows how long. The movement causes Kahlan's eyes to drop down to your lips, which only makes your breathing even heavier. Why was she doing this? You close your eyes, quickly trying to picture Richard in your mind before-

A warm breath on your lips forces you to open your eyes again. Her nose is practically touching yours and you start to panic. "What are you doing?"

Her eyes keep alternating between your own green ones and your still slightly parted lips. "I… I don't know." Her voice is low, husky even. She seems genuinely confused and it leaves you paralysed. You don't know whether you should pull away or just give in to this natural pull and close that small distance right now.

She doesn't make any attempt to move either, blue eyes now fixated on your lips. You breathe in deeply, taking in her scent before clenching your jaw, gathering all the willpower you still have left and start pulling away from her face. You swear you see disappointment in her eyes, but even so you are convinced you made the right decision. You don't know exactly when you have developed a conscience, or these 'feelings' for that matter, but it wouldn't have been right. It wouldn't have been fair to Richard. You feel Kahlan finally pulling back her hands and even with your gloves on, it leaves them cold.

Whereas the silence before was peaceful, it leaves you both feeling incredibly awkward. Neither of you seem to have anything to say and eventually you both end up in some sort of sleeping position. Faced away from each other.

You are more awake than you have been for the past two days, and you imagine Kahlan is also not getting any sleep as her breathing doesn't seem to steady. You hope you will find Richard tomorrow. As much as it pains you, you know that Kahlan was probably just lonely, missing Richard. You suppose you should be proud for not taking advantage of her, and you are! But… Some part of you would kill just to get the opportunity to get so close to those lips again. To feel her warm breath on your face again. Well… it was ruined now.

"Get a hang of yourself. Mord'Sith don't have feelings like this." Even though you repeat it a thousand times in your head, you know it's already too late.