A/N: I don't own Frozen nor the characters within. Well, I've caught the Frozen bug. And with it, the Elsanna bug. Which brings me to this, my collection of Elsanna drabbles and short stories (as I'm sure I'm going to write more). All of these are their own piece and unrelated unless otherwise noted, as well as, yes, this contains incest, so if you don't like, you don't have to read. With that being said, on with the show~

Elsa's fingers brushed along the back of Anna's neck.

Anna shivered. "Elsa?"

"I'm sorry." Smiling as she moved around in front of her, her hand trailing along the collar of Anna's cloak to meet her other at the clasp to tug it tight, Elsa nodded, "You had a stray hair."

"Oh." Seeing nothing wrong with the explanation, Anna nodded back, smiling, then stood up straight. "Well?" Her lips lengthened into a broad grin, but, trying not to jump up and down on the tips of her toes, her body wavered anyway, "Do I pass the test?"

Tilting her head, Elsa took a step back. With her arms crossed in front of her chest, the back of her right hand providing a place for her chin to rest against, she allowed the corners of her lips to turn up. "…Passable."

"Only passable?" Anna's mouth dropped open. She narrowed her eyes. "Well, I may not be 'Miss Makes Her Own Clothes and Has No Restraint Because She Feels No Cold', but I would think what I'm wearing," she looked down and patted her waist and stomach, fingers catching at the fabric, "Would be more than okay for a quick trip to our neighboring kingdom! Or – or is it not fancy enough?" Panic made her voice rise. "Because, I mean, I picked out the pattern. I like the pattern. But do you not? Do you? …Not? Do you, or do you not not? Not not, meaning you do, well, like it – "

A loud, quickly suppressed peal of Elsa's laughter cut her off. Clapping her hand over her mouth, Elsa's cheeks pinkened, and she stared at Anna from under her eyelashes, obviously fighting between being embarrassed and laughing some more. "I'm so glad that hasn't changed," she exclaimed.

"Yeah, no. Same old me. But you." Anna beamed, "You haven't laughed like that since we were kids!" Her eyes widened. "I mean, I don't think. You might have. When you we-were in your room. I mean. Because obviously you don't need me to laugh like that. I mean, but, maybe you do? O-or, uhm, I mean – "

"Shh shh shh." Pressing her hand against Anna's forearm, Elsa shook her head. She was smiling, her eyes were sparkling, but it wasn't clear if it was from mirth or tears anymore, and Anna's heart dropped. "Anna."


Elsa squeezed her arm. "Whatever you mean," she lightly accentuated, affectionately teasing, her smile growing at her sister's acknowledging blush at how unimaginative her rambling had been, "It's alright. I'm laughing now." She dipped her head, looking at Anna from under her eyelashes again, and waited until she was sure Anna was meeting her gaze, "With you."

The red on Anna's cheek didn't go away even as her lips split into a wide, elated grin, and she immediately whipped out her hands to grab Elsa's. "And you bet that's never gonna change, sister!"

Elsa returned her grin, morphing back into the little girl Anna had known all those years ago. "With everything I have," she swore, dramatically bowing her head. Then, looking back up at Anna's giggle, she laughed as well. Allowing Anna to hold onto her hands for a couple of more seconds, enough so the chill of her lower temperature started seeping into the other girl's palms, Elsa softly tugged them away. "Come on," she turned, looking over her shoulder and motioning for Anna to join her by offering her her elbow, "I'm sure the harbourmaster and captain are waiting."

She was already slipping back on what Anna called her "Queen of Arendelle" mask, but Anna didn't mind. Gladly taking her proffered arm, she waited until they were halfway to the door at the end of the hall before lightly hip-checking her. "I still say I'm more than passable."

Elsa looked at her. Her fine eyebrows rose, and her lips turned up. She nodded, and in the most honest, simple tone, told her, "You look beautiful."

Experiencing the same shiver she had gotten from the feeling of Elsa's fingers brushing along her neck, Anna stared up at her, blushed, glanced down, smiled, and hugged herself even tighter into her sister's arm. "That'll work," she blustered, "But I was actually going for exquisitely radiating."

Elsa hummed in amusement. "Exquisitely radiating?"

"You bet'cha."

Squeezing Anna's arm, Elsa winked at her. "With everything I have."