A/N: I found the beginning to this in my odds 'n ends file and felt compelled to finish it. (Not to mention having something happy after my last one? Yes please.)

On the first day of spring after Arendelle's first proper winter after the Great Freeze, Anna's so incredibly excited to go out and find the first blooming mountain flower from under the snow that she sneaks out of the castle before dawn. Finding it just as the sun's rising, she treks back to the castle, sneaks back in, and makes her way to Elsa's room, still in her muddy dress and boots and messy hair. Barely able to keep herself from jumping onto her sister and waking her up, fingers trembling as she lays the flower on the pillow next to her sister's white-blonde hair, Anna brushes a soft, barely there kiss along her brow.

She's just settling her hand onto Elsa's bedroom door, muddy boots having tripped on a rug just moments before and having let out a gasp of relief from preventing herself from stumbling, when a low, husky, "…Anna?" stops her. Closing her eyes with her teeth biting into her lower lip, Anna smiles painfully, turning 180 degrees so her palms are against the door, shoulders up and upper back high and rigid.

"E-Elsa, hi," she stutters, hoping her sister will just go back to sleep, thinking her a dream, "Fancy seeing you here!"

"What? This is my room." Elsa rubs at her eyes, yawning, pausing as her hand, supporting her as she slides up, bumps up against something odd.

Anna blushes, for once truly feeling the mud and slush splattered on her dress and shoes, even in her hair. Her fingers flutter as she stops herself from self-consciously playing with the dried muck in her braids. "I, hmm, so it is! Your room, I mean. Not mine. So I should - "


"Go. I should go!" And Anna's just turning around again, hand on the door knob, when, along with the rustle of Elsa sliding out of bed, her sister's voice stops her.

"Did you… For me?"

Anna's heart thumps at how touched and full of awe Elsa sounds, and she turns back, peering at Elsa from behind her shoulder. "…Maybe?"

Cradling the flower in her hands, Elsa, hair mussed in sleep and still tired – beautiful – smiles at her, cheeks flushing. "Well, maybe or not, thank you." Gazing at her, her eyes fall and, just as her brow starts to crease, as if truly seeing Anna for the first time, mouth opening, Anna successfully opens her door.

Pushing back, nodding and smiling at her sister, Anna mumbles something about you're welcome and I should go clean up, hah hah, and doesn't stop until her forehead's pressing against the door from the outside after it's shut. The position almost as mimicry from the many, many times she did so growing up, she groans under her breath, and straightens, making her way down the hall to her own chambers.

As she's in her room, sloughing off her stained clothes and bouncing as she tries to pry off her boots without getting the mud everywhere, Anna can't help but laugh, falling back onto her bed. Though Elsa waking up had not been in her plans, Anna had still found and retrieved the first blooming mountain flower for her. And Elsa had loved it!

Anna beams, hands pressed over her mouth to stop herself from squealing, eventually having to reach up to find a pillow to do the job instead.

Morning first day of spring forage (and ensuing embarrassment)? Absolutely worth it.