Meeting by chance, is how all tales tend to go. Two unlikely people catch one another eye, forming a bond that others can't seem to understand. But the two give no care of what the others have to say. But how the bond plays after such time has passed, is when knowing if it'll break or not.

This tale may follow it, who knows?

Having a light frost grace the land with a quick blow from the northern winds, soft hues from the moon and street lamps only things giving the sparkle of diamonds glittering through the land.

Bare feet settle on the top of roofs when the wind calmed down. Looking over in case of any land has been missed. When seeing the person's job was done. Starting, to rashly leave for the next place, in need, of the, person's gift. Taking for a running start; off from the edge of top of the roofs. A wooden staff ready in the air, when the person's thin lips cracked open in a shout.

"Wind, let's go!"

The gale picked up, able the lifted the body into the air, weightless into the sky, nearing where lack of clouds were, and close to the full moon. Giving in much hast the bright sphere a quick sign of greetings, before leaving too.

Arriving with the skies still dark, filled the town in frost. Landing once again; with bare feet care on a familiar home. Mindless to what the effect could be, use the wooden-staff in the person's hands, to hang off, the side of the house with little care. To quietly be lower down, outside of the window of said house. Upon, finding, within in matter of seconds, inside the window, a young boy. Still up and doing some kind of crafts in the middle of the night.

The person lightly tapped on the window.

The boy inside, looked to the sound, gasping with a quick smile, glancing to the door the lead out of the bedroom and into the hall. Listen for any sounds from parents, when hearing nothing, let the other person in.

"It's good to see you Jack."

"You too bud." Jack said, giving a short hug to the boy and leaping over to the ledge of a nearby table. Finally getting a better look at what the boy was working on, to speak out. "What are you working on, Jamie?"

"My costume for Halloween, what else would it be, Jack? Mom's letting Sophie and I go pick out costumes this year, so we have to work with what we can. It's really as a letdown as is sounds, really." Jamie stated, going back to his work in the floor.

"Huh? What are you trying to aim for?" Jack asked, trying to keep his laughter from leaving as he spoke.

"On Halloween I'll tell."

Jack just rolled his eyes.

"That's no fun."

"I am telling after what you did last year."

In a matter of fake drama, Jack gives a phony stab to the heart movement and in mock said. "How hurt I am from you saying that, Jamie. The plan was better in my head anyway, and far as I know, it was worth it."

Jamie just sticks his tongue at Jack to his joking matter.

"Don't you have to meet up with others for something?"

"Want to get rid of me that badly? One simple mouse ice-trap and now I am the foe?"

Jamie gave a sigh and moved all the crafts off the floor, far away from Jack, and fully looked the winter spirit.

"What do you think?"

Jack just frowned at the other.

But the silence didn't laugh before the two ended up laughing. Before, getting ahold of them from, awaking Jamie's parents.

"It was really a good trick!"

"Jack! Keep it down."

Yet, the laughter was taking a moment. And they soon did.

For, that is how the rest of the night went. The two bonding, just as they would always do when they get the chance. Seeing when it came to mortal things for Jamie or fable things for Jack, it was the normal route for them.

Finally in some time, it was taking its toll on Jamie that he needed to rest.

"Hey Jack?"

"Yes Jamie?"

"How many other spirits are there?"

"Lots, why?"

"You think the Halloween on will come?"

Jack took a moment to think about it, remembering all the spirits he had met through the ages, making allies and distance greetings.

"I think so."

Jamie nodded, not fully taking of how Jack said his words through the tiredness that rake through the young boy's body. Before having Jack taking a chance to leave, still in thought of Jamie's question. Simple as it was, not much to put so much thought into it, but it was a bit bothering.

Such as, no one really has met the Halloween spirit. Saying the sprite kept to oneself. So well, not a name was given. Or knowing what the sprite looked like. Closest thing others might have gotten was to what Halloween was about and what it held.

Sensing the travailing pulls of the wind picking up broke him little from his train of thought. Already feeling, the slight ache from using his brain for too much.

"Wind, let's head for North's for now."

And with that, the gusting air took him off to where he wanted to go, after he took care of some other things that were in need of his season.

Later into the next three days, pass noon. The Yetis and elves moved about the workshop. Seeing, that Christmas; was rounding the corner, with everyone working overtime. North nowhere in sight, but least to check his study, for he might be adding some new touches to the latest toys he's been working on.

Jack entered through an open window, getting some of the elves and yetis. Getting a small head knock from one yeti named Phil, before going to look for North. Using the loud and somewhat off key Russian singing that was echoing from North's study.

No even knocking, walked right in, and almost getting hit by a combat solider riding a jetpack made of ice. Luckily able to duck in time to miss it and it flying out the room.

"Morning, Jack Frost! How are the cold seasons playing this time of the year?"

"Good. Met up with some of kids and one of them, asked me something I wasn't sure how to answer. I thought to come and ask you if you might know."

"What's the question?"

"Who's the spirit of Halloween? I know asking this might seem kind of pointless, but I just thought to ask is all."

"Halloween's sprite is not something to be around others. I have only met afar with this sprite. Shy one it is."

"What do you mean, It?"

"As I said, shy one, keeps to oneself. Scares children, but awards them for fighting back. What a strange one that spirit? Like you, Jack Frost, but you are mostly known for fun. Not scares."

Jack leaned against the wall nearing the window of the study, looking out. Before glancing back to North, finding that thinking really sucks, but asked the following.

"Is there a chance to find this spirit, North?"

"Why asked that, Jack Frost?"

"Just thought that maybe, I don't know, maybe that spirit is like me, thought . . ."

"Jack Frost, it is best, that if this spirit doesn't want to be around others. It's to best interest to leave at that."

"Yes I get that, but . . ."

Before Jack could finish, a yeti enter the study, knocking on the still open door, muttering in yetis that some work is need of North's insight. The jolly man answered back that he would be there in a moment, looking back to Jack.

"We speak another Jack, I am needed now."

"Yeah, okay. Later."

Jack watches North leave with the yeti, having to leave Jack in the study alone, in a hurry, again, with nothing, but his thoughts of the subject at hand. But with his eyes glancing around the study, there had to be something in those books, besides anything to do with Christmas.

After some time, Jack found a book, kind of a daily check book on the spirits worldwide. Upon opening it, finding some information about Halloween sprite and where it could be found.

Ripping the page out of the small scale map on it, dashing out the room, out to where the window he came from before, leading through it, having the wind take him where he wanted to go.

Not much as a surprise that the location to start would be a cemetery. An aging grave yard like this, would take someone forever too walked through, if not having the map. With that, Jack started through the stony land in search of that pesky question to be answered.

Passing some tombstones now and then, having barely understanding the chicken-scratch like words engraved into the slabs.

"Hello, is anyone here?" Jack yelled, enough to have some birds scattered from their resting places from the sudden noise.

The winter sprite gave a second shout. Having the echoes reach back to him, leaving Jack to think, he was alone. About to do so again, a crumble of stones falling to ground stopped him, on reflex grabbing for his wooden staff, and stuffing the paper into his pocket.

Turning to where the sound came from, nearing where a large monument rested. The door left an ajar. Being one not to run off from danger, went closer, using his staff to pry the door more open to look in, having the soft glow of the setting sun to enter.

"Hello, is anyone here?"

When he had stepped in far enough inside, the door slammed shut, having Jack locked inside the monument. In a panic started to batting his hands against it, ready to use his power to blast the door open, the a flicker of a match catch his ears, having him turned, seeing a sets of candles lighting the room.

The walls stood tall with shelves holding many coffins in place. There was a coffin in the center, set up as a table. With some clatter of candles laying there in the middle, plates as well, aged but clean, a chair pulled out for Jack, as he guessed.

"Strange thing having someone out of the blue coming visiting me, ever the reason, winter sprite, you'll share with I?"

Jack looked to the sound that was airy and hard to know what gender it was, where the other once empty chair was. Some kind black mist formed a human like shape, though Jack almost missed the bluntness tone from the other's voice.

"I . . . ah, don't really have anything to share, but more trying to find out something."

"And to what could that be?"

"You're the Halloween's spirit, right? Ever since a friend of mine asked about you, I couldn't drop it, and I have been told many times to have a clear head when doing my work. Or things happen." Jack stated, walking over to the coffin, taking a seat that was left out for him.

"Meaningless wasn't it?"

"Why would you think that?"

"I am sure you have heard of others speaking of me, being interweave with the master of nightmares, Pitch Black, yes?"

"If they did, I wasn't listening then."

"Doing something like that could get you kill, yes?"

"If so, then you would have killed me already." Ending a small smirk to the other, who showed no sign of giving it back, not even in a mocking way?

"Oh, you're the winter wander, Jack Frost?"

Jack nodded before asking. "And your name would be?"

"Hollow Eve, if that's what you came for, you may go now." The other said, getting up from the seat, moving down to the side of the wall, about to walk through it like an apparition.

"Hey wait . . ."

Yet, the ghost was gone, just like that.

Leaving Jack alone, seem to be happening a lot right now. In a matter of respects blew out the candles, having the door open when they went out, like it was password to set him free. Before leaving, said without much care.

"I'll come again next time, Hollow. Bye!"