As it comes to meeting people of all walks of life, there comes of time where, a simple meeting is for the best, less of a chance to scare off those, who want little of something they don't understand. Heartless as it sounds, some find it, the most content feeling there is. Wither is calls friendship or a modest hello; it works all on its own.

"Small steps, young Frost." A whisper called out through the night, before fading away.

May the next chance of meeting again, be as kind and worth, when not looked down by others eyes? But to say that to someone as Jack Frost would only be pointless to call out on.

"Hollow, are you here?"

"Yes, young Frost, what is that you want to bother with me now?"

Jack only gave a deep laugh to that, sitting down at the coffin table.

"Anything you want to do for once?"

The End.