Hey people! Soo...I KNOW it's been forever since I updated...yeah SOOOOOOO...pancakes for everybody!

Elphaba: *still backstage* I CAN'T FIND NESSA!

Director: *throws an anvil at the people backstage* HEY! DROP THE HOUSE!

*people backstage drop the house on top of Morrible (who just happens to be walking onstage at that very moment)*

Director: NOT ON HER, DIPSTICKS! *runs onstage and slaps them all*

Chanty420: *opens the door and walks out of the house* What the heck? I was just in my bedroom…

Wickedly Hope Pancake: *runs onstage* WELCOME TO WICKED!

NellytheActress: *walks onstage followed by Elphaba's Girl, TheWickedRae, Doglover645 and Throppsister* Oh. HEY CHANTY!

Chanty420: Wait…did I just… *turns around and sees Morrible's feet sticking out from under the house* Oh, nevermind. It's just Morrible.

Morrible: *still under the house* YOU KNOW I'M STILL ALIVE, RIGHT?

Elphaba: *runs onstage* I CAN'T FIND NESSA! *sees the house* What the…?

Glinda: *runs onstage screaming*

Elphaba: *looks over at her* What?


NellytheActress: STEVEN! *runs backstage*

Chanty420: …Who's Steven?

Elphaba's Girl: The Director's tiger who Nelly stole and apparently is keeping backstage.

Chanty420: Oh…

Glinda: Wait! I forgot my mirror! *runs backstage*

TheWickedRae: Seriously? There's a TIGER back there and she just runs back there to get a stinkin' mirror?!

Elphaba: Well, this is Glinda we're talking about…

Nessa: *walks onstage* Hey guys! What did I miss?

*Everyone stares at her*

Nessa: WHAT?

Elphaba's Girl: You don't know how lucky you just were. *points to Morrible under the house*

Nessa: *gasps* Oh my Oz!

Elphaba: *nods* She deserved it.

*Everyone nods*

Glinda: *screams from backstage*

TheWickedRae: …What do you think is happening?

*screaming continues*

Elphaba: Shouldn't somebody go back there and check?...

Glinda: *runs onstage*

Elphaba: Nevermind.


Elphaba: *looks offended* Deal with it! At least your SKIN isn't Green!

NellytheActress: *watching from backstage with Steven the tiger* Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!

Nessa: WAIT! You two can't fight! It says right here in the script that- *Elphaba pushes her into the Orchestra pit*

Throppsister: *fires up her taser* Ookay! It's going DOWN!

*Elphaba and Glinda start fighting*

Doglover645: *throws a chair at them*

Elphaba: *gets hit in the face with a chair* What the HECK?!

Throppsister: *threatens them with her taser* You two need to stop chucking people into the Orchestra pit! *looks over at Doglover645* Am I right?

Doglover645: Umm…I just wanted to throw something…

Elphaba: *turns to Glinda* Noo…she has a point…WE shouldn't be fighting… *looks over at Nelly*

NellytheActress: *looks over her shoulder* Oh…Hi guys…

Glinda: *glares at her*

NellytheActress: ...STEVEN, ATTACK!

Steven the tiger: *rolls over and goes to sleep*

Glinda: HA! *laughs*

NellytheActress: *glares at her*

TheWickedRae: WAIT! *pulls out a bucket of green paint and throws it on Nelly* Okay! NOW you can fight!


TheWickedRae: Well…if you were gonna fight Glinda, you have to look the part! You're welcome!

NellytheActress: *looks REALLY mad*

TheWickedRae: What? Did I do something wrong? *looks back at the others*

Elphaba: *holds up her hands* Don't look at me!

Wickedly Hope Pancake: You're on your own!

Chanty420: I suggest you start running.

TheWickedRae: *looks around* ...TO NARNIA! *jumps into the Orchestra Pit*

Throppsister: …Did she just?!

Elphaba's Girl: *pats her on the shoulder*

NellytheActress: *is green now, apparently* Well…I'm gonna…go now… *runs away*

Director: *is locked in the supply closet having a nervous breakdown*

Steven the Tiger: *wakes up*

Wickedly Hope Pancake: Oh Shiz…

Elphaba: Just…stay…CALM. Calm.

Steven the tiger: *walks toward them*

Throppsister: *screams*

Elphaba: CALM, Throppsister! We have to remain CALM! *freaking out*

Throppsister: *slaps her*

Elphaba: I needed that.

Throppsister: *slaps her again*

Elphaba: …I needed that.

Wickedly Hope Pancake: *slaps her*

Elphaba: *looks dark&scary* You're pushing your luck, HOPE!

Wickedly Hope Pancake: *backs away slowly

TheWickedRae: *climbs out of the orchestra pit* Hey guys! Guess who I found down there!?

*TheWickedRae climbs onstage, followed BY…*

*hides behind a giant flying ferret* Heh heh...review? Please don't kill me!