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The next day, the liars sat at the table outside of school, all on the same topic.

"So Ali is alive, and I think A knew it." Aria says quietly.

"So why is A still bothering us? I mean we led him to her. What does he/she want now?" Hanna says, angrily stabbing her fork in her salad. The girls stared at her, shocked.

"Do you not care about Ali anymore?" Emily exclaims. "I mean I know she put you down but how can you steep so low?"

"It wasn't only me you know, it was you guys too! And you guys don't seem to care that she's back from mocking us from her so called grave, to mocking us in reality. It gives A a better chance to hurt her now!" Hanna angrily says.

"I just don't know. I guess it was time Ali actually did this. It's weird saying Alison is alive. We just found out Alison is alive, really alive. Why don't I feel insanely happy?" Aria asks.

"I thought it was just me." Emily speaks up as the girls look at her.

"It's not." Hanna says. The girls all share blank expressions with one another.

"What about Board shorts?" Hanna questions. "I mean, what is he going to do?"

"We don't even know if that is a person." Emily says.

"It was a real person. He attacked me in the lake house!" Spencer exclaims.

"I don't even know how to feel about this." Aria says.

"Me neither." Emily quickly responds. They all look at Spencer who hasn't really spoken about Ali.

"We can figure out how to feel about her later. The thing is, Ali's alive. She's been hiding all over this whole time! She could've hidden in Rosewood or Ravenswood. Or even Philadelphia!" Spencer roughly says.

"Well the minute we find her again, we are sitting her down and telling her what the hell is going on and why she got herself into this crap." Hanna exclaims. The girls just look at her, with a crazed expression. "Or maybe we could just do whatever Spencer says." Spencer just smiles.

Suddenly all the girls phones ring. They all check it.

"Thanks for the information, besties!" Aria reads from her phone.

"A." Spencer finishes. The girls just look at each other, shocked of what they had just read. They all spot Shauna talking to Mona.

"What the hell? They know each other?" Aria exclaims. Mona looks at the girls suddenly, and smiles at them briefly.

"I didn't even know this. It seems they have this whole pact, Cece, Mona, Shauna, and Jenna." Emily says.

"Who can we trust anymore? It could be one of us next." Aria exclaims. "First it started with Mona, and then it didn't stop."

"Let's go back when Grunwald told us about the one Ali fears the most. Who did she mean?" Spencer asks. The girls give nervous glances to each other.

"It couldn't have been Caleb. He's in Ravenswood caring for a girl to find her uncle." Hanna says quickly.

"We've gone through this with Toby already." Spencer says. She sighs and looks down remembering how she felt. The girls just look at Aria.

"Ezra? Come on. That's insane. He didn't even know Ali. Besides, if he did, he would tell me." Aria says with a smile. The girls just keep staring at her. "Fine, if you want me to prove it, I'll ask him."

"Go ahead. He's over there." Spencer says. Aria walks over to Ezra.

"Quick question." Aria begins. "Did you know Ali?" Ezra just looks at Aria.

"N-No of course not." Ezra says nervously. He smiles. "Why?"

"I was just asking. My friends were just wondering if you did so," Aria says with a smile. "I'll see you later maybe?"

"Yeah." Ezra answers. The minute Aria walks away, Ezra makes a nervous face and stands up. He dials a number on his phone. He walks to the side of the coffee shop. "They are getting suspicious." Ezra says.

"I'll take care of it." ? says.

Hanna goes to her locker, and Mona wildly appears behind her.

"Hey stranger." Mona says with a laugh. "You haven't talked to me lately, why is that?"

"Maybe you could answer that yourself." Hanna says and rolls her eyes.

"How long are you going to hold a grudge?" Mona says with a frown. "After what I did for you."

"That's just it Mona. I don't know if you did it for me." Hanna says and walks away. Mona frowns and stomps to class.

Afterschool, Hanna goes in her car. She drives all the way to the coffee shop.

"Can I have a tall mocha coffee?" Hanna asks. She suddenly spots Travis. After the employee gives her the coffee, she goes over to Travis.

"How did it go at the police station?" Hanna asks.

"I couldn't do it." Travis says with a sigh. "It was too much. Luckily they helped your mom. I'm happy for her."

"Thanks." Hanna says and drinks her coffee.

Aria arrives to her house. It was quiet the minute she opened her door. "Um, what's going on?" She says as she sees Mike, and Byron sitting down.

"Nothing, we're just having a talk. A man-to-man talk." Byron says.

"Well okay…" Aria says slowly as she walks upstairs.

As soon she arrives in her room, Ali is sitting on her bed, reading one of her books.

"I knew you had a thing for mysteries." Alison says quietly.

"What are you doing?" Aria exclaims.

"Look, I know you still aren't happy with this." Ali says with a sigh.

"You're expecting me to forgive you from all the crap you gave us?" Aria exclaims again.

"Obviously not." Alison says as she flips her hair. "I missed you, Aria." Aria just frowns and looks down at the book she's reading, and back up at her.

"I'm sorry." Alison says quietly. Aria looks at her again.

"For what?" Aria responds calmly.


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