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Safety and Peace


Kakashi raced back to the village, heart pounding in his chest as his mind raced with the new information. "What the hell is Naruto involved with?" This is the one question that screamed over all the others.

It took him almost no time at all to get back, he was sure that the Hokage was more than curious to hear what he had witnessed; especially after what he had Sakura and Sasuke tell him. Moments after arriving at the village gate he was before the Hokage's door, waiting patiently for permission to enter.

"Enter." Saratobi said halfheartedly, absently looking at papers as his mind was preoccupied with the Naruto situation. Looking up his heart picks up just a bit as he sees Kakashi enter; "What have you discovered?" he asks leaning back and folding his hand under his chin. Eyes sharp and intimidating as he stares Kakashi down as if to force him to show him the events witnessed.

The door's little click was Kakashi's cue to speak, a cold sweat dusting the back of his neck as he holds Saratobi's stare for those few seconds. "I assume Sasuke and Sakura have already informed you of the first encounter we witnessed as well as his odd wardrobe change?" His voice was breathless despite his best efforts to control it, the crash from the pill finally rearing its ugly head.

"Yes, they did. I found it somewhat odd and will look more into it… I hope that isn't all you came to tell me." Saratobi growls out the last bit, getting anxious and irritated with Kakashi to just tell him what else he witnessed.

"He met up with a large group of men, all wearing similar or identical outfits as him. I was able to eve's drop on most of it, they were talking of their targets; an organization named Akatsuki and a few we know to be involved with Orochimaru. They referred to them as 'Templar's' multiple times throughout the meeting." Kakashi had finally managed to control his breathing; however hints of fatigue were starting to set in as he forced himself to straighten his spine so as not to slouch.

"Hm…" is all Saratobi offers to Kakashi's report. Finally he raises his head to look at Kakashi once more. "Have you mentioned Akatsuki to you team?"

"No sir."

Closing his yes, Saratobi reminded Kakashi of one of the old men that he sees near the memorial sometimes. Head bowed and a peaceful look on his face.

With his mind panicking with worry, Saratobi forms the beginning of a damage control plan. "I should gather all the Jonin and inform them of this new unknown group and its mention of Akatsuki…"

"Your students informed me that Naruto had called one of them 'Brother'… they also explained Naruto's odd behavior and a change in aura once he changed his clothes…" Saratobi mumbles, head still bowed in thought.

Kakashi stayed silent, not sure if this was rhetorical or if the Hokage was expecting an answer from him.

Taking a deep breath Saratobi tells him "You may leave" and dismisses him with an absent wave of his hand. Slowly he gets out of his chair to look out the window; this was how he thought threw things. Watching the villagers go about their business calmed his mind and reminded him of how important these decisions were. He couldn't help but smile as he watched two young children weave through the crowd with a father playfully chasing them.

Kakashi couldn't help but worry for his blonde, knuckle headed student. He just kept thinking "What have you gotten yourself into Naruto." Looking for answers he makes his way to the memorial stone to speak with an old friend and team-mate, Uchiha Obito, in hopes that somehow an answer would materialize and his old friend's voice would carry in the breeze with it.


The Sisterhood had apparently just finished up their briefing as well. There were clusters of women everywhere; listening in on them Naruto found that they were chatting of everyday life. The prostitutes whispered about the supposedly 'holy' men that dropped by as well as the politicians who were cheating on their wives. They whispered about the drunkards, beaters, and of gifts men would bring to them in an attempt to steal their hearts. One boasted rather loudly of a man that had brought her a bouquet of flowers with diamonds lacing the ribbon. Another was saying that one of her regulars had asked her to marry him, but that she had slapped him hard enough to leave a bright red mark. She explained that he was married and had three kids with his wife who he refused to leave.

There were also some merchant wives who told stores of their sons and/or daughters. One proclaimed that her son was getting married and complained about her soon to be in-laws. Apparently the mother-in-law was a royal bitch. Another said that her daughter refused to follow her foot steps in joining the Sisterhood, instead she wanted to be a stay at home mother; this woman held a look of disgust and disbelief on her face as she recalled what her daughter had said. However; Naruto could tell she was proud of her daughter by the smile that barely lifted the corners of her lips.

"Safety and peace sisters" came an all too familiar voice just ahead and to his left; a small smirk lifting the edges of his lips as he turned to see his love waving goodbye to her friends as she headed his way.

"Naruto, it's good to see you…" she sighed as she wrapped her arms around his neck; her small smile and big, beautiful lavender eyes making her look like the mischievous little girl he knew she was.

"It's good to see again as well, Hinata." He replies taking on Altair's signature smirk as he did so, slight irritance at his non challent tone evident in her lavender eyes. 'Even after all this time, my sweet Maria hasn't changed a bit.' He mentally sighs as he plays with her silky hair.

"Why do you insist on speaking as if you have no emotion?" She pouts, her lower lip slightly sticking out as her yes portray mock hurt.

"Because I'm a soulless, emotionless asshole" Naruto states, a smirk dancing on his lips as he teases her. "Plus I make it cool unlike Sasuke…"

"I'm sure I can coax some emotion outta you…" Hinata claims, pulling Naruto closer to her; eyes bright and mischievous.

"Oh really" Naruto questions, cocking his head to the side ever so slightly as a blush dusts his cheeks; leaning in he kisses the top of her head thankful he had kept his hood up like the good old days. "So, what briefing did you get?" he whispers into her hair, his voice slightly deeper.

"We got a heads up on the Akatsuki and Malik's half plan on what to do about the problem concerning the apple." Hinata sighs, breathing his sent in deeply then sighing in contempt. 'It feels like it's been forever since I've been able to embrace him like this… I miss it so much…' She thinks as she hold Altair a little tighter and breaths him in a little deeper.


Saratobi was still sitting in his office at sunset. Usually he had finished up paperwork for the day by now, or at least some of it, but Naruto kept his mind racing. He saw the boy as a grandchild in a way so all of this was hitting close to home for him. "Templars…" he mumbles the word releasing his breath, smoke lazily drifting up from his pipe as smoke urgently escapes his lungs. "Naruto, what have you gotten yourself into…"

After spending the day with Obito, Kakashi's stomach demands some attention. "Fooodddd" he groans as he heads to Naruto's favorite ramen shop. He was attempting to read Icha Icha on the way there, however between his stomach and thoughts of Naruto he just couldn't concentrate. 'I've never seen or heard him so serious like that. He actually looked and sounded like a threat…' he thinks before his stomach interrupts him with another growl.

"Kakashi-sensei!" Sakura calls, pink hair bouncing as she made her eat to him. An un-happy Uchiha being dragged along, "Sensei!" she calls again, a little more than halfway to him.

"I think he heard you the first time…" growls Sasuke, slightly wincing as it turned out she was shouting in his ear.

"Hey you guys." Kakashi greets, acting as though nothing had changed. "Did you guys get any more training done today?" he questions in all honesty.

"You're joking right?" scoffs the Uchiha while giving Kakashi a funny look. "We have bigger things to deal with right now, or are you going to take this like everything else and not care." He questions, slight recoiling as realizes how disrespectful he sounds.

Kakashi just stares at him for a few seconds in disbelief but just sighs, too tired and hungry to care at the moment. "You're right Sasuke. In the morning let's go to Naruto's apartment, maybe we can find some helpful information there." Then he just turns, returning to his quest to find food as his stomach growls yet again from the neglect. 'This is one reason why I hate using those pills…' he mentally groans.


"The sunset is beautiful today." Hinata whispers as she leans more into Naruto.

"Yes you are…" he states as he just stares at her, not caring that he stated the wrong thing and loving the small laugh that escaped her lips. He had missed being able to do this, it was one of the things they would do back in their time no matter where they were.

They spent a few more hours here after sunset, just enjoying each other's company and embrace, knowing that when they went back to the village they couldn't be like this.

When they returned to their respective camps, Naruto found that Malik was waiting to speak with him.

"You wished to speak with me old friend?" Naruto says as he enters Malik's tent, not bothering to signal his arrival.

"Yes, when our gathering is over I want you to head back to your village immediately. We have heard rumors of the Apple being in the Hidden Mist village." Malik states not bothering to look p. After a moments silence he adds "I miss the days when all this paperwork and planning was mainly your job brother." His voice smiling as he finally looks up at Naruto.

"I miss the days when we were young and lived in Masyaf." Naruto counters, a smile in his voice and a nostalgic look on his face. "I hope you're not too old as to forget about home brother."

"Ah, yes. I do believe I can vaguely remember it." Malik plays along, petting his invisible goatee. Both chuckle at themselves, in private back then they were good friends and would always joke. Not a day went by when they didn't laugh. "So how is Maria?"

"She is just as perfect as I remember; feisty and beautiful just like in the old days." A heart beat passes "I miss being able to hold her every day. Isn't there some way…"

"You know I can't exactly allow you that privilege. I am truly sorry… by the way, did you know that your teammates and sensei followed you out here?"

"I did. What could I have done to lessen suspicion…"

"Agreed, from now on be on your toes. And please, brother, try not to mess up like all those years ago in Solomon's Temple." Malik states with a teasing smile. However, as the look of regret passes over Altair's features, he finds himself feeling like a douche. "I'm sorry, I didn't meant to say…"

It's fine brother, if that is all I would like to get some sleep." And with that Naruto walks out of the tent, his shoulders heavy with the all too fresh memory. "It's been so long since that incident and yet it feels as if it was just yesterday…"

Absently his had reaches up to trace the invisible scare on his lips, then goes to feel for the once missing ring finger. 'I miss the old days…'

About half way to his tent he froze, 'Shit… is that a bear?' Silently he follows the noise, 'It can't be, it's coming from inside the camp…' The 'bear' lead him to Feheem's tent. '… It's his own fault…' Naruto justifies as he enlists one of the novices passing by to help him move Feheem's tent onto one of the rafts. The poor novice kept asking Altair if he was sure this was ok to do's and "I don't think I should be doing this…" as well as "I can't believe I'm doing this…"


Kakashi, Sakura, and Sasuke had met up at Naruto's apartment to do a little recon that morning. Upon entering Naruto's home, Kakashi was immediately impressed by how neat it was. He was half expecting to be a huge mess that smelt odd. Once he gets over that though he tells his two remaining students what to do and what to look for.

"Okay, remember to put EVERYTHING back like you found it you two. Sakura, you look in the kitchen/dining area. Sasuke, you take the living room and porch area. I'll be in the bedroom and bathroom." He says as he starts walking to Naruto's bedroom, behind him the two just nod before heading to their respected areas.

Entering Naruto's room, Kakashi was surprised yet again to find it was nothing at all as he imagined it. Instead of being a mess and looking a bomb had gone off, it was clean and as close to O.C.D as one could get without actually being O.C.D. He had a few decorations like a few posters hang on some walls. One was the villages' symbol and the other, you guessed it, ramen. Kakashi started his search with the drawers; taking out one at a time with the utmost care, as if they could set off a bomb if he did it wrong. Next up was taking everything out and searching it. He did so with care so as not to disturbing the folding or layout. "I don't know how much attention he really pays to detain… better safe than sorry." He mumbles to himself, not really wanting to believe that he has to take such care and precaution the knuckle-headed blonde.

Each drawer he did like this, the top drawer contained small weapons like shuriken and kunai along with the supplies to keep them clean. The second drawer contained his boxers. Kakashi was genuinely surprised at how neatly folded Naruto kept these. Not even he was like this… he didn't know anyone was until now. The third drawer contained close to nothing, a few darts, a vials of something (presumably poison), and the supplies to maintain weapons. Taking out the last vial he found that this drawer had a false bottom. Lifting it up he discovers that there is something missing, there are what looks like two either gauntlets or bracers missing. Their imprints were obvious in the purple material.

'That's odd…' Kakshi things as he gently places his hand in one of the indentations as if feeling the empty space would give him the answer.

After he was done replacing everything, he started on the bed. He torn the sheets from it and thourghly inspected the mattress for any holes. Once he was sure there were such things he started to replace everything, carefully inspecting each one before replacing it.

"Sasuke, Sakura! Have you found anything?" he calls out as he opens the closet.

"No, just normal stuff the dobe would ha…" his words stuck in his throat as he opens a drawere next to the TV. In it were two drawn, black and white, pictures. One of what appeared to be a fortress and the other of a beautiful woman smiling.

"What did you find?" Kakashi asks, walking into the living room, curios to as to what made Sasuke stop mid-sentence. Walking up behind the Uchiha he sees the old looking drawings.

Because Sasuke is inspecting the drawing of the woman, Kakashi picks up the fortress to inspect it. It was an old looking stone fortress somewhere in some mountain region. The attention to dtail was mesmerizing, it was like Kakashi could almost see the small flags waiving in wind. Turning it around to see what was on the back, if anything, he found 'Masyaf 1176' written, further down was 'I wish I could return home…'

Staring at the drawing of Masyaf, Sasuke asks "do you think he drew these?" The buildings high walls looked cold and strong, the small flags seemed to dance in the breeze a small symbol of some sort decorating them. The building looked old, weathered, fierce, loyal and somehow comforting.

They both just stared at the pictures, each seeming to memorize every little detail before putting them back.

"Sakura, have you found anything?" Kakashi says walking away from the pictures and heading to the kitchen, effectively getting Sasuke out of the trance he was in.

"No Kakashi-sensei… the kitchen had nothing unusual or helpful. I'm starting on the dining room now." She replies, pink hair bouncing as she jumps up to try and see on top of some cabinets.

"Okay, you guys keep looking; I'm going to check his room again before we leave."

Looking around the room Sasuke realizes that it's rather dull for Naruto's high spirits and energy. He actually expected his teammate to have the place a wreck or to reflect his annoying personality. Yet it was the complete opposite with clear tan walls, a modest TV set and a somewhat antique couch. There was hardly any decorations on the wall, well now that he thought about it he did suppose one could count the two or three lamps as decoration, maybe.

When they were all finally done searching the apartment, Kakashi was surprised to know a few new things about his student. He wasn't really surprised to find the stash of Icha Icha books hidden in the closet and was rather impressed with Sasuke and Sakura with covering their tracks.


"Orochimaru-sama, the Assassins are already onto us." Kabuto states, disgust dripping voice as if the very word Assassin has a horrific taste. The room was dark and damp, barely light by candles whose flames danced on his glasses. He can hear the sounds of Orochimaru's 'pets' from deep in their layer. The key to immortality was hidden somewhere in these 'pets' Orochimaru had one told him 'just look at them Kabuto, isn't it wonderful how far we've come?" he had said with a sadistic grin. The man who was the focal point of the current experiment was begging for death as he clutched his stomach, blood seeping from his eyes like tears.

"Hm… We'd better keep an on them then." Orochimaru replies, pre-occupied by the body lying on the table in from of him, blood seeping to the floor in small rivers as its occupant slightly moans. The screams for mercy, help and death finally silenced with time.

'Looks like he got his wish…' Kabuto thinks as he recognizes the man who cried tears. "How do you propose we do that?" he asks, curiosity as to what his Master is doing slowly growing as soft moans of that poor soul drift to his making him smile ever so slightly.


The next day Naruto and Hinata trained, they had gathered a small crowed when they started sparing in the morning and it grew to a crowd as their spar turned into an outright fight. They spat taunts at each other as they 'danced' and the crowed loved it, so much so that they even started placing bets on who was going to win. Most were betting on Altair, their reasoning was that he's got the spotless record as the undefeated champ. He didn't disappoint.

Going off for a well-deserved break, Naruto and Hinata eat lunch near the river.

"These new groups, we suspect them to possibly come to the village." Naruto states, as if it's the same as chatting about the weather.

"You still are the leader of the Assassins, straight to business..." Hinata teases, smiling at river as if its whispering sweet nothings to her. Looking back to Naruto she sees only Altair in his blue eyes, "Okay, so how are we going to hide the Order if that happens? She asks, her voice lowering in case anyone is nearby.

"The village will have no reason to know of us, they need only to know that these people are enemies to them and that's it. HE replies, already getting ready for what is possibly to become an argument.

"Altair, we have to think of the innocent." Hinata protests, her lavender eyes sparking with what Naruto recognizes as a warning.

"They can fend for themselves. Anyway they won't find out about the Brotherhood, we take precautions in this… or have you been slacking off? Plus, have you forgotten how they treated me all these years?" He questions her, looking up at the trees as the sun dances through them. Breathing in deeply he calms his mind of the memories threatening to boil.

"Naruto, this is a concern you should share as well. Our friends live there, my FAMILY lives there. Have you grown so cold as to abandon them and now worry for their safety?" she retaliates, standing up she places her hands on her hips with that mother chiding look on.

'Oh shit, I screwed up…' Naruto inwardly groans his features giving no hint of his worry, instead becoming cold and distant like Altair is known to be. He knows her temper and it's just as fierce as his. This was just the tip of the iceberg. "If you are so worried they will find out go discuss this with Malik. He will know what to do."

"Altair, you will be wise to remember to keep your tongue bound when speaking to me." She growls, eyes as sharp and deadly as her short sword. "If you allow anyone of them to be harmed for your misguided idea of our creed, then you will be making all the same mistakes as you did in Solomon's temple. The only difference is that this will be of a greater cost." She warns, slits of lavender looking at him as if he were death.

"We must follow the creed at all times. Go and speack with Malik if you are so worried for their safety and not of the Creed… Maria." He growls her name with such anger and poorly hid irritation all hidden behind Altair's façade. Hinata retaliates in the form of a slap, snapping his head back and eyes wide with shock. The sound of it ringing in his ears, Hinata fully expects him to be enraged.

Stomping away Naruto can barely control his temper. "That woman! How dare she do that to me… she will get hers during training, when Malik can do nothing against our sparing." Malik always had a soft spot for Maria, saw her as a little sister of sorts. The trees around Naruto rustle in the slight breeze, the air carrying along with it the thought of his village, what little friends he had… sighing he realizes her concerns are his as well.

"Sasuke, Sakura, Kakashi…" he whispers closing his eyes. 'When I get back I should figure out how to teach them to be aware of their surroundings on a higher level.' He thinks before entering his own camp, the bright red handprint almost completely gone by now. 'I hope my face isn't still red from that slap…' he thinks as he makes his way to the small stream to wash his face and hopefully what is left of the slap.

Entering Malik's tent, yet again unannounced, he is surprised to Maria there as well.


"Altair." She states before saying her goodbye to Malik and leaving without a second glance at Naruto.

Sighing, Naruto takes a seat across from his old friend. "What am I to do Malik? That woman is very outspoken…" he says while rubbing his face, the presence of his ring finger feeling odd on his face. "I assume she has told you of your argument…"

"Yes she has, and as I told her this is why the two of you are so good together my friend. She is one of the few people either stupid enough or brave enough to cross you. If memory serves me well, it's also one of the reasons why you fell in love with her I believe."

Glaring at his friend he sighs yet again in defeat "You are right…"

"Now… fix it…"

"How? She is still mad at me, you saw…" he gestures to the entrance.

Laughing, Malik wags his head "Try some 'private' training…"


Silence fills the tent for a moment before "Oh, and one more thing. I always wanted to know, why is it that you always keep your hood up? Malik questions, smile on his face.

Altair just laughs as he walks out of the tent, leaving Malik with a smile on his face, slightly wagging his head yet again.


That morning Saratobi was exhausted, this whole business with Naruto had left him restless. He was in no mood for anyone's bull today, so when the appointed time he had given Kakashi and his team to appear for his 'meeting' passed he was less than thrilled to see no one before him. He had already had three huge mugs of coffee this hour alone and was debating a fourth when, finally, a knock sounded. "Enter" he practically growled, not bothering to look up.

Kakashi was the first of his team to walk into the impressive room. He knew they were late, and well it was his entire fault. He didn't get much sleep either and it showed, his shoulders were slumped, voice breathless and ready to give out and if it weren't for the Monster he had drank he very well doubts he would be able to walk. "You wanted to see us?" he asks, trying to sound respectful around a yawn that he wishes he could have stifled.

"You're late." Saratobi states while still staring at his mug like a child staring at an empty cookie jar. Then he notices the papers below it, 'when did I fill those out? Must have been last night…' he thinks.

"I'm sorry, it's entirely my fault. That damn alarm clock"

"Do NOT make excuses!" Saratobi yells, anger flaring as his mind finally registers all the caffeine. He can see Kakashi flinch, as well as his students who slightly shift a bit close to Kakashi. "I called you about Naruto." He states, calming down just a bit. "Until now, have any of noticed anything out of character with him?"

"No sir." They all say in unison, Sakura fidgeting with her hair.

"From now on, keep a better eye on him. Take careful note of all his habits, even if you think it's nothing. I want all of you to get closer to him, see if you can get any information out of him, but make sure he doesn't suspect you of knowing anything."

'Hopefully Saratobi waits for Naruto to tell us on his own..' Kakashi thinks, images of torture techniques running through his head.

"Yes sir." They all say in unison yet again.

"Sasuke, Sakura, as his peers I want the two of you to get especially close to him. Get to know his secrets; share his pain, become his family; understood?" He questions, the two of them a little straighter as they just nod their head in acknowledgment. "If you don't do this there will be dire side effects…" he states for good measure.

"Yes sir." They say finally with a bit of fake enthusiasm. Saratobi just smiles.

'I swear, if that dobe gets me in trouble I'm going to kill him.' Thinks Sasuke as he awaits the Hokage to either continue or dismiss them.


"Pein-sama, I have gathered all the rouge shinobi you have requested." States a woman with blue hair and labret stud, her golden eyes uncaring as the leader gets up and heads towards the door.

"Very well, let's go meet the new members of the Akatsuki, Konan." Is all that he states before entering the foyer.

When he enters the foyer where all the men are gathered all eyes are instantly on him. Looking around he notes that Konan did a good job of convincing all those he had asked for in coming. "I will pare you with your partner. You will stay with them until either one or both of you are dead." He proclaims, pausing to let that sink in and for the affect. The power kin his voice reflecting everything about him; "Deidara and Sasori, Kukuzu and Hidan, Itachi and Kisame and Zetsu will be our eyes and ears."

"What about Tobi?" asks a man with an orange mask with a swirl on, raising his hand as if he's in grade school which earns him a few odd glances.

"Tobi, you will be with Konan and myself until further notice." Pein states before leaving everyone to 'socialize'.

"Your rooms have been prepared. Rest today, tomorrow we assign you missions." And then Konan left as well leaving the room quiet for the moment.

"So what are we supposed to do in our free time, un?" Deidara asks no one in particular. The mouth on his hand chewing on some clay, a very bored look plastered on his face as he glances to his new 'partner' in crime. 'Wonder what's up with that guy… he doesn't look like can do much…"


Naruto was busing himself, being a firm believer in 'idle hands are the Devil's play things'. Aside from that he had already cause enough mischief as it was. Earlier he had switched Malik's favorite, rather expensive, ink with some invisible ink he found in a nearby village. While Malik was busing himself trying to figure out what was wrong with the ink or if he had run out somehow, Naruto had stolen some rather important scrolls from him then hid them in Faheem's tent.

Now during lunch he was taunting poor Malik. Hinata was sitting across from Naruto failing to hide her smile and barely able to contain her laughter. Naruto was busy attempting to feed Malik, seeing as he has only one arm and he had two. "It has to be difficult for you to eat with only one arm." He reasoned a broad mischievous smile on his face.

Malik could only respond in one way, by throwing anything and everything he could get his hand onto at the man. Naruto could be heard screaming, and laughing, as he ran from the man with fire in his eyes. "I was only trying to help!" he could be heard yelling as he ran as quickly as he could. Finally he managed to hide behind Hinata, knowing full well that Malik couldn't hurt her.

To this Malik warned "Altair, if I catch you when she's not around there will be Hell to pay!" before stomping back to his tent where he was heard yelling "and someone find me those scrolls damn it!"

Altair just laughed until he spoted Faheem looking at him suspiciously.
"Altiar, what did you do?" Faheem asked, knowing full well that behind Altair's façade he was a trickster sent from hell.

With Faheem's question Altair found a reason to pick a fight. Maria knew from years of experience that when it came to Faheem, Altair would and could find every reason under the sun to pick a fight. It almost always started with Faheem pointing an accusing finger at Altair for some trick, such as his saddle falling off just as his horse jumped over the river. Altair would always play innocent but Maria knew better, she also knew he would never admit it and so he would claim to fight for his 'innocence' in the matter. She would just watch with an amused look upon her graceful features, but at the same time wondering if she should do anything to stop it. In this case it was Malik who stopped the fight; he had come out of his tent to see what all the commotion was about. He sent them all to the designated training area like a bunch of children being sent to time out.