*Takes place before the events of the Television Show. Will contain smut so rated M. (Possible slight AU depending on what happens in later seasons of the show)* Feedback would be lovely, and please to enjoy!


It was a chilling late afternoon whose sun was already almost diminished from the sky and, with winds stinging each of the victims it whisked by. Those who dared walk in this weather were surely being torn by the menacing winds. However, luckily for her, she was saved by the raging winds. She was cooped up in her small vehicle, tiring hands griping the leather wheel. She was worn-out from her early start at work and eagerly wanted to return home. She looked forward to staying home this Saturday, not wanting to venture out because of the weather being as poor as it was. Normally she would love to get out of the house and plunge herself into the streets and shops, but it was just too frigid for her liking today. Besides she had no problem staying in a night. She found it odd how gelid it was out at this time in the season, but perhaps tomorrow would lighten up a bit. She rounded the corner of a long street letting a small sigh of solace escape at seeing her small, but comfortable home come into her vision. She pulled her car into the garage with haste and quickly ripped the keys out of the ignition.

She spun the keys around her left index finger as she opened the house door. Greeted by silence she dropped her keys on the water cooler next to the door. She bent over balancing on one leg after the other to remove her brown boots. She placed them against the wall and shut the door behind her. She planted her bag on the kitchen chair and opened the silver door of her fridge. Her pale green eyes inspected the vast amounts of food and beverage items available for her. She decided to grab a container of raspberries. She closed the door quietly, but when she turned to leave she gasped out of surprise causing the raspberries to crash to the floor and scatter about.

"Oh! I'm sorry Lisbeth. I didn't mean to frighten you like that." Said the woman with light brown hair and eyes that matched.

"You really scared me, Mom. I thought I was the only one home." Lisbeth said as she bent down to pick up the now ruined raspberries, the woman joining her.

"No no, I've been home all day making sure I had all my work done for tonight." The woman replied taking the small fruit into her hand.

"Tonight?" Lisbeth inquired peeking her eyes up away from the ground.

"Yes tonight. My business's party is tonight, remember?"

Lisbeth and her mother both got up raspberries in hand, throwing them into the near by trash bin.

"Actually, no I don't."

"Really? I could have sworn I told you. Hm, well Lisbeth I have a work party tonight."

Lisbeth smiled at her mother, "So no movie night?"

"Afraid not, but tomorrow I'm completely free! At least I think I am..."

Lisbeth shook her head, "It's a date then."

"Wait don't you like going out at night?" Her mother asked putting her hands on her hips.

"It's the weather today. I really only feel like climbing into bed and sinking into my sheets."

"It is strange the weather is this cold, but mother nature is unpredictable; I've always told you that." Her mother replied.

"That you have Mom. That you have." Lisbeth stretched her arms.

"Seems like you had an easy day at work."

Lisbeth laughed a bit, "It was just a breeze really! Could have done it with my eyes closed."

Lisbeth took a couple of napkins from the counter and wiped the floor clean of any juices the raspberries left behind.

"Speaking of closed eyes," Lisbeth tossed the dirtied napkin away, "I'll be retiring to my room."

"You don't want any dinner? I could make you something before I go?" Her mother asked.

"No thank you. Please enjoy your work party."

"I surely will thank you. I probably won't be home until rather late so chances are I'll see you in the morning." Her mother said extending her arms out.

Lisbeth returned the gesture and embraced her mother in warm hug.

"Do behave while I'm away." Her mother said as their embrace came to an end.

"The same goes to you." They both smile at each other before Lisbeth heads up the small staircase to her room.

Lisbeth discarded her work uniform folding it up and putting it in the hamper. She chose a pair a lounge pants and a sweater to replace her uniform. She stepped into the grey lounge pants and pulled them up her smooth pale legs. She positioned the sweater above her head and quickly brought it down. This caused her garnet hair to frizz upwards slightly. She took her brush from her night stand and gently brushed it back into its normal long length. She laid herself onto the bed grabbing a magazine. She examined the cover the magazine, headlines of various topics bombarded the cover. Lisbeth, despite her better judgement, opened the magazine and began reading the articles. She tried her best to avoid the constant advertisements and tabloid garbage, but it seemed every other page there was one of the two. She stumbled across a few intriguing topics, such as national affairs issues or the one about the legacy of a man in the 1970s. Well, it was better than reading the tabloid filth according to Lisbeth. However, as she turned the pages she found herself loosing focus on the words and began jumping sentences and words started to jumble together creating slurs in her mind while she attempted to keep reading. She could no longer fight the urge to keep the magazine up and so, slowly it drifted downwards along with her eyelids.

Lisbeth awoke with a jolt after hearing the shattering of glass, or what she believed to be glass. Lisbeth sat up in bed pondering if what she heard was part of a dream or actual reality. She waited a moment or two and heard nothing more. She relaxed her body and laid back down onto the bed. She took deep and slow breaths and was once again greeted by the silence, which came to her as feeling of pure relief. She let her eyes close and returned her breathing to normal. Then she heard it. A sound. Crunching sounds. It came from the downstairs. It was quiet, but in the silence it was as loud as a scream. She turned her head to the door with soft shaken breath. She sat up and swung her legs across the bed. She inched her way to her door frame and slipped past the partially open door. She moved like a cat down the hallway towards where she heard the crunching. Her movements smooth and quick, but silent. When she reached the end of the hall. She pressed her body close against the wall. She took a silent breath before peeking her head just enough. She felt her heart try to escape her chest as saw a man donned in black from head to toe standing on pieces of broken glass; which she realized to be their large back kitchen window. She could only see his back, but the man was tall and presumably much stronger than herself. She wished this was a nightmare, an awful image from her dreams, but this was not. It was real. She knew she needed to get out of the house and notify the police. She could use a window, it would not be that large of a height. She inched her way back to where she came. The long hall rug bunched up causing her to trip over it and land awkwardly on the ground. Lisbeth gasped and her pale eyes opened as wide a the full moon. The intruder turned sharply and approached the staircase. Lisbeth looked behind her, and got up quickly no longer worrying about noise. He had saw her. He charged after her with haste as Lisbeth ran knocking down everything in attempt to slow the intruder down. Heart raising, and head spinning she could hardly hold her grasp onto reality. Her mind clouded around itself and she entered the master bathroom slamming the door and locking it. She immediately realized her foolish decision. She was now trapped in a closed off room. The only exit was the window just about the bath. Lisbeth had little other choice so she darted towards her only sliver of salvation. She stepped into the bath and pushed up at the window pans. She heard the stomping of footsteps charging like a stampede. She gave another shove and the window rushed open with a strong blast of ripping air smashing into her. She climbed up, but as she picked up her leg she felt something begin slide out of the pockets of her lounge pants. She looked and saw her cellphone. She didn't remember putting it there, but she didn't care about that now. She snatched it and dialed 911 and she began climbing up.

"911 emergency, what's your emergency?" The operator asked in a calm voice.

Lisbeth replied with panic, "There's a man in my home! I'm climbing out the window now, but please se-" Lisbeth cut herself off with her own scream as the bathroom door swung open.

"Ma'am? Hello?" The operator questioned with more concern.

Lisbeth continued to climb out the window as the intruder was stunned from bashing the door in. "He got in! But I ca-"

Lisbeth was pulled back by her hair and crashed her head on the hard stone of the bath. She saw flashes of random colors before the colors swirled together and made a dark black.

Lisbeth heard ringing, it's volume fluxed as she moved her head from side to side slowly. Her vision blended and blurred swirling all the objects in the room into one mass. The ringing turned into muffles and the muffles formed into distant words.

"Dammit! There was supposed to be no one here!"

Lisbeth's vision began to settle and she was the intruder pacing in short distances.

"Jesus...Fucking shit! I stalked this place for weeks I was damn sure!" He turned to the disoriented Lisbeth noticing she had come to. He began to approach her.

Lisbeth did the best she could to back away, her vision not completely restored.

"I really was hoping I didn't have to use this. Heck I almost didn't even bring it." He said pulling out a small knife from the inside of his black coat.

"But it's a good thing I did."

"W-What?" Lisbeth said finally holding her grip on reality.

"Sorry chick, but I can't risk there being a witness."

"No! I can't even see your face or anything!" Lisbeth pleaded.

"It's nothing personal. Sorry." He said as he swung his knife down at Lisbeth. She quickly swung her legs at his causing him to fall to ground. She didn't waste anytime getting up, but the sudden movement of her body caused her head to spin and a wave a nausea swept up her. She pressed on and ran out of the room. The running made her stomach flip up and down and her head felt like liquid. She couldn't even feel her legs well and her balance was off. She sluggishly hopped over the obstacles she had created. She felt a tight hand grab the back of her neck pulling her back causing the knife to pierce her lower back. She let out a scream as it ripped her flesh and her flesh burned with fire and pure agony. He twisted the blade and pulled it back from her flesh causing more of her blood to flow. She stumbled forward and collapsed down the stairs. She winced and cried staggeredly as she got up, though her back stayed hunched. He then swung his fist to her jaw sending a force of collision through her body.

She yelped, but she still remained on her feet. He swung his knife at her again. Lisbeth, still staggering back was sliced at the side. She screamed again and applied pressure to the new wound with her hand. Her blood passed her fingers and ran down her side. He grabbed Lisbeth and readied to slice the flesh of her neck open. She struggled, but his grip was firm. Straining her muscles she bit down on his arm before the knife could puncture her skin. The intruder screamed out and dropped his knife, accidentally kicking it behind him. He shoved Lisbeth forward sending her into the solid wooden kitchen drawers. The drawers and cabinets shook and fell upon the floors with clatters and bangs. Lisbeth laid beneath some of the mess. The intruder approached Lisbeth as she tried to sit up. He sent his booted foot forcefully down upon Lisbeth's knee. Lisbeth cried out a blood curling scream as her knee cap burst and pieces of the broken glass from his boot stuck to her skin. She fell back down to her side as the man went to retrieve his knife from across the kitchen.

Lisbeth laid there writhing in anguish. Her damaged leg convulsed and twitched rapidly. She cried and tried to move, but was unable to without gut wrenching pain. Her face was against the cold tile as she waited for her attacker to return. She had given up, but then something caught her attention. There on the floor was a spilled drawer where she could vaguely see a large carving fork. She extended her arm, but could not reach it. She then forced her damaged leg strait using her hands to pop whatever was left of her knee into place. She shut her eyes and bit her tongue almost hard enough she thought it was going to fall off. She extended her arms out and dragged herself closer, causing her damaged leg to take most of the weight. She resisted the urge to cry out and continued to reach for the fork. She nabbed it quickly and did the best to sit up. She looked to her attacker and saw he was kneeling down to grab his knife. She gripped the fork tightly, he wasn't that far she could do it. She flung the fork at him, causing it to pierce the back of his clothed neck. His body jolted as it entered his skin, he shakingly tried to reach the fork but his body collapsed.

It convulsed and shook as Lisbeth watched. She could hear gurgling noises come from the intruder. The gurgling slowly dwindled down to mutters and then into silence. Lisbeth let out a cry and the tears that had already stained her cheeks worsened. Her breathing became short and staggered. She collapsed onto her side and her body began to shake quickly. Her vision and feelings became numb. Once again everything she saw swirled and mixed until it turned into a dark and thick black.

"This is the police open up!" The officer shouted.

"I will give you 'til the count of 3 to open up this door." The officer looked to his squad-mates.




The officers kicked in the front door. They entered carefully with their guns in front of them. They entered the kitchen.

"Jesus Christ." The officer said at he sight in front of his old eyes. Blood stained the floors and items were broken or knocked over even both. Some of the remaining continued to search the house further. The officer looked to Lisbeth who was on the floor still and stiff and then to the man who was on his belly, unmoving.

"Clear!" He heard one of them say.

The officer approached the man first, with closer inspection he saw he had a carving fork plunged in the back of his neck. He checked for a pulse, but the man was lifeless. "This one's gone." He said to the squad-mates with him.

He then bent down over by Lisbeth. She didn't appear to be moving and her body had pooled out blood. He felt for her pulse. He was surprised when he felt something. "Medic! We need a medic! She's alive!" The medical team obviously heard him and rushed in to the scene. The carefully picked Lisbeth up and placed her on the gurney they brought with them. The medical team noticed the stab wounds on her body and did what they could to patch them up. They lifted her head up and placed an oxygen max over her face. Another member from the medical team came into the kitchen with an IV and wasted no time attaching it to Lisbeth.

Lisbeth's mother was just about home from her work party. She did expect to stay too late. She glanced at clock in her car. It was nearly thirty passed one. Lisbeth's mother just shrugged her shoulders and continued on her way. However, as she drew closer to her home she saw the red and blue flashing lights and what seemed to be a gathering of people. At first she didn't understand what they were, but when her home came into full view she saw the police cars and ambulances stationed in front of her house along with her neighbors crowding around. She quickly parked her car and unbuckled her seat belt. She panically got out of the car and ran to her house shoving past the neighbors who obstructed her vision of what was really going on.

"Ma'am you need to stay back." Lisbeth's mother then saw a group of officers pull out a gurney with Lisbeth on it.

"Oh my God! That's my baby girl!" She shoved her way past the officer and ran screaming to gurney.

"Lisbeth! Lisbeth!" Her mother cried furiously. She was stopped by an officer grabbing hold of her and stopping her from going any further.

"No let me go! Let me see my baby!" Her demanded with tears carving their way down her face.

"Mrs. Lockett, you're going to have to go over there now." The officer said holding her back.

She struggled against the officer and screamed out for her daughter, hoping she would reply. When she caught a glimpse of Lisbeth on the gurney being pulled up into the ambulance she struggled even harder. She wanted nothing more than to be with her daughter.

"I'm sorry Mrs. Lockett you can't travel in the ambulance with her."

"Why? What's happened! I wanna see my baby!"

"Your daughter needs immediate medical attention please-"

"Oh God no." Mrs. Lockett fell to her knees in the officers still crying and shaking. The neighbors just stared at the house, looked back at each other, or whispered amongst each other in low voices.

The ambulance doors close and the sirens flare up. The police cars follow in suit.

The ambulance sped away into the darkness leaving only a trail of echoes from the sirens and the cries of Mrs. Lockett.

The doctors rushed Lisbeth into the emergency operating room. They kept her heavily sedated as they operated on her wounds, applying pressure in attempts to stop her internal bleeding. They scurried about the room, entering and leaving, bringing in new equipment and new doctors. They pumped blood into her veins, and worked on the stab wound to her lower back, all the while trying to reconstruct what they could with her leg and stitch up the slash on her side. The nurses had trouble holding the screaming and wailing mother from the operating room. They were beginning to wonder if they needed to sedate her as well. The room's atmosphere only grew thick, as if there were a pair of hands and each of the doctor's neck. Lisbeth struggled to breathe, her lungs refusing to let the air out of her body. Her eyes hazed and her fingers strained against the fabric. Her legs twisted trying to move the muscles collapsing on themselves. Everything was slow and was fusing together, painting a colorful yet distorted portrait. It was almost like time was spread out and nothing seemed to move or if something did, it was sluggish. She open her mouth to scream time and time again but all that escaped her lips was a cracked gasp for breath. Her vision sharpened suddenly and focused on the figure at the door. This man was donned in black, no it was the man. Silent screams made their way from her throat as he man stumbled close to her. She tried to move, but the muscles in her body laid still. He stood at the foot of her bed watching her. She felt the fabric of the bed sink in and wrap around her. She raised up her arm as she was dragged down grasping onto nothing but the air. The fabric consumed her whole pulling her into the abyss. She saw the man look down at her and grow smaller until he was out of her line of vision. She was harshly pulled down and finally let out a shirk as she felt herself hit the ground.

Her eyes kicked open and she took in a large gulp of air. She trembled, but stayed silent. Her head was throbbing slightly and she noticed her leg was suspended with bandages tightly wrapped around it. She heard the beat of her heart monitor next to her and saw the IV connected to her arm. She sat up ever so slightly and scanned her eyes across the room. The door opened with a nurse entering it. The nurse looked towards Lisbeth and for a slight moment was surprised to see her sitting up.

"Ms. Lockett?" The nurse questioned quietly.

Lisbeth looked at the nurse, "Whe..Where am I?" The nurse turned her head out the door and called for other nurses and doctors. The nurse and her colleagues entered the room and approached the confused Lisbeth. The nurses checked the machines surrounding her hospital bed while the head doctor took a chair and sat down next to Lisbeth.

"Lisbeth? Can you hear me?"

She turned her attention to the doctor and nodded her head faintly.

"How are you feeling?"

Lisbeth swallowed the air inside her throat, "I um-my head hurts a bit."

"That's to be expected. You took a nasty blow to the head, amongst other things. Do you," The doctor hesitated, "Do you remember what happened?"

Lisbeth bit her lip and nodded, "Yeah."

The doctor exhaled deeply and leaned against the chair, "The police have been wanting to ask you questions."

"The police?"

The doctor nodded, "Do you feel comfortable talking to them now?"

"I'll talk to them."

The doctor reluctantly got up and left the room only to return with a few uniformed men. Lisbeth knew these men were the police.

"If you could leave us alone." The head officer said motioning the nurses and doctors to leave the room. They obeyed without any argument.

Lisbeth waited anxiously for the police to start questioning her, her eyes fluttering around the room quickly.

"Hello Lisbeth," He took a seat into the chair, "I'm officer Hampus and I have a few questions for you." He didn't wait for Lisbeth's reply. "Could you tell me what happened?"

"I was, um, home alone when I heard glass break. I thought nothing of it when I didn't hear anything else, like a dream or something. But, I heard a crunching noise and I went to investigate."

Lisbeth paused feeling her arms shake.


"T-Then I saw him."


"I..I don't know who exactly, but he was tall and covered up." Lisbeth struggled to say. "He saw me and chased me. I locked myself in the bathroom and called the police with my cell phone as I tried to climb out the window. But...he uh, got in. He pulled me down and I think I hit my head..." She stopped feeling the back of her head.

"What else happened?"

"I-I came to and he said there couldn't be any witnesses. I pleaded with him and he said he was...sorry." Lisbeth paused, "He attacked me with a knife, but I ki-kicked him and ran. But he caught up to me. I could have sworn I was running fast, but maybe that was all in my head."

Lisbeth took a breath and swallowed, "He pulled me back onto hi-his kn..knife. and I screamed. It hurt so much, and it cut through me with such ease. Almost as if I was just butter." Lisbeth stopped the memory ringing in her ears.

"I uh, fell down the stairs and he hit me then slashed my side. I tried-I tried to stop the bleeding, but it just kept coming. It wouldn't stop." She looked at her hands and saw them red and dripping. Her eyes widened and her breathing hitched in her chest. The red liquid filled her entire palm and flowed down her arms.

"Lisbeth? Lisbeth?" Officer Hampus called to her. She looked at him and then back at her hands, which where their normal pale color.

"I um, sorry..." She said still looking at her clean hands. She knew she had just seen the red liquid there before just like that night.

"It's fine continue please."

"He grabbed me and tried to cut my throat. I bit him, I think, yes and then he pushed me into the drawers. After regaining his balance he approached me. I was on the floor when he, he uh-he stomped on my knee. Jesus it hurt I didn't think anything could hurt more than that stab, but I was obviously wrong." She could almost feel the pain again when she looked at her leg, which sent the echoic memory of the gruesome snapping noise to her ears.

"I had given up any hope of surviving, I mean I couldn't move-"

"Well you did survive and what happened to the man?" Officer Hampus cut her off.

"What?" Lisbeth questioned.

"Why did the man have a carving fork in the back of his neck?"

Lisbeth looked down away from the officer, "I um, he was getting..."

"Did you stab him in the back of the neck?"

"What? No! Well not really. I couldn't walk up to him to do so."

"What happened then?"

Lisbeth sobbed, "He was going to kill me.."

"Why was there a carving fork in the back of his neck." Officer Hampus enforced.

Lisbeth looked up at him to reply but stopped when she saw the man donned in black standing behind Officer Hampus. His head was bowed down and in his hand was the bloodied carving fork, the blood was crushed and brown and flaking off. Lisbeth's breathing increased and her vibrating eyes moved all over the man. She kept hearing Officer Hampus reinforce the question, but each time his voice faded further and further away from her. The man moved his head upward and stepped past officer Hampus and moved his face closer to Lisbeth's. She tried to back away, but found it difficult on the small bed. Her heart rate increasing causing the monitor to grow louder which alerted the officers as well as the doctors outside the room.

"Lisbeth." The man said. She did not reply, but looked at the man's covered face.

"Lisbeth." He repeated. Her vision blurred everything in the room except for the man, who was only getting closer to her. The air around her grew sharp and stung her like the knife did from that night.

"Lisbeth!" He shouted at her and lunged his face to hers.

Lisbeth's body jumped and her eyes closed. When opened them, the man was gone with officer Hampus still sitting in his seat and calling out Lisbeth's name. Her breathing slowly returned to its normal pace and her heart beat went back to its peaceful rhythm. Doctors were now back in the room and approaching Lisbeth.

"Officer I ask that you leave the room."

"I just need to finish my questions, I need to know the circumstances of the man's death."

"Yes, but clearly she isn't ready to-"

"No, I'm fine." Lisbeth said cutting off the doctor. "What happened was he turned away from me to grab his knife. I saw the carving fork on the ground; it spilled out of the drawer. I grabbed it and when he bent down to grab the knife...I threw it at him. I half expect me to miss, but clearly I didn't. I didn't have a choice. He was going to kill me, was I just to sit there and die?"

"You've heard your answer, now I suggest you leave." The doctor suggested, more or less.

Officer Hampus was silent before getting up from the seat, "Thank you Ms. Lockett, for your time." He and the other officers left the room leaving behind them and uncomfortable silence.

"Lisbeth?" The main doctor turned to her.


"There is one more person here who has been wanting to see you."


The door of the hospital room open and hurrying through was Mrs. Lockett.

"Oh Lisbeth...!" Her mother quickly engulfed Lisbeth in hug only to break away and put her hands on her daughter's face.

"I'm so happy to see you. They wouldn't let me see you, I've had to wait so long."

"Long? What do you mean?"

"Lisbeth, you've been in and out of consciousness for about a week or so. I couldn't see you, but I came here everyday and waited." Mrs. Lockett turned to the doctor, "How are her nightmares? Have they calmed down?"

"Mrs. Lockett we-"

"Nightmares? What nightmares?" Lisbeth questioned both the doctor and her mother.

The doctor sighed, "Lisbeth every night since you've gotten hear, you have been screaming. You aren't awake but you are in a state of panic and each time we have to sedate you."

Lisbeth just stared at the doctor. She could hardly believe she had been out for long, but now she had to wrap her mind around the idea she had been screaming her lungs out each night. She wondered if the dream she had was actually one long lasting dream that actually spanned over each day she was out.

"Lisbeth, I think it would be best if you saw another doctor after getting out of the hospital." Mrs. Lockett take Lisbeth's hands in hers.

"Another doctor?"

"Well I think it would help you after this whole mess."

"You think I'm crazy...?" Lisbeth whispered pulling her hands away.

"No, I just believe it would be nice for to talk to someone."

"But why?" Lisbeth asked in defense of her sanity.

"Lisbeth," The doctor chimed in, "Sometimes after things like this, a person can experience trauma my expertise cannot help with."

"I've called a few doctors who might be willing to help-"

"No! I don't want one! I'm not crazy! I-I don't have any trauma." Her mind pushed the memory of the man appearing behind the doctor into her eyes, but she ignored it.

"After events like these many survivors seeks psychological aid." The doctor informed.

"Please, can I just rest on it? See how I do? I know I've had nightmares, but now that I'm awake...Can I have some time?"

Her mother sighed and turned her attention to the doctor, who in return nodded.

"Alright, Lisbeth. Sleep on it." Her mother replied kissing her on the forehead.

" , I suggest letting your daughter rest. You can wait outside." The doctor said putting his hand on her shoulder.

"Yes of course. Lisbeth I'll be right outside if you need anything." Both her mother and the doctor left the room, leaving Lisbeth to herself in a deafening silence. She lifted her head up and took a deep soothing breath before laying against the cold hospital pillow. Closing her pale green eyes she moved her head to the side and embraced the cool darkness into her mind. She felt the bed shift a bit and groaned, but kept her eyes comfortably closed. A gloved black hand reached up from under the hospital and clawed at the sheets. The sound caused Lisbeth to open her eyes, but upon looking at the clawing hand her expression changed from comfort to sheer terror. The hand continued to pull itself up revealing the man from before contorting his body as he climbed up. Lisbeth's whimper only choked on her own breath. The man slinked his way up the bed griping the sheets as he dragged his maimed corpse up. He reached behind his neck and with a quick tug, tore out the carving fork, using it to now guide his way up to her. The skin and her fingers crawled and tingled like dancing needles. The man inched his way up to Lisbeth, tearing the sheets with the bloodied fork. The man stayed silent and latched onto Lisbeth's healthy leg with his stone hand before moving it up to her chin grasping it with pressure. Lisbeth attempted to make a sound, any sound, but all that made it's way from her body was a small wisp of air. She felt his cold breath fall onto her face. She couldn't see his eyes, but she knew something was looking into her wide eyes. In a flash he brought the fork down into her body causing the colors of the room to dissolve with itself and enter an isolated space.

The doctors struggled to hold Lisbeth down as she trashed about. Her mother had to be pulled out of the room while they tried to prevent Lisbeth from injuring herself. They saw little option and sent one of the nurses away to fetch a sedative. Lisbeth's eyes darted open and her movements calmed down. The doctors still held onto her as her body sank back down into the bed. The sweat from her body running down her face and onto her neck. Carefully the doctors let go of her as Lisbeth stopped all major movements leaving the only movement the rising and falling of her chest.

"Lisbeth? Can you hear me?" The doctor asked putting a hand on her forehead. She nodded with a slow pace. The doctor turned to the door where he saw Mrs. Lockett standing. He solemnly and let the other staff let Mrs. Lockett near her daughter. She looked down at her weary daughter and placed her soft hand on Lisbeth's arm. Lisbeth did not look at any of the people in the room. Her gazed forever fixed on the pale white ceiling. Her eyes burned from her unblinking state and steadily the sweat from her body dried away.

Lisbeth was realized from the hospital after the staff received the news her mother had found Lisbeth a suitable psychiatrist. Lisbeth's leg was not on the easy path to being healed being as it was still wrapped in smaller bandages and she had trouble putting weight on it. She kept her gaze to the window of her mother's car watching the houses and trees blur together as the car zoomed down the road. Her mother's hand extended out to stroke Lisbeth's hair. Her mother ran her hand quickly down Lisbeth's french braid before returning to wheel. Lisbeth cracked a small smile and drew her head away from the window and looked forward. She gripped the smooth fabric of her dress skirt as she saw the office come into view. She had never seen a doctor of this type before nor had she planned on seeing one. The unsettling feeling in her stomach built as her mother stopped the car. Her mother helped Lisbeth remove herself from the vehicle and handed Lisbeth her crutches.

Lisbeth and her mother waited in the waiting room together holding each other's hand, with her mother's thumb gently rubbing against Lisbeth's hand. No words came from the two, but none needed to be shared. The office door opened and Lisbeth's mother got up while helping Lisbeth to her feet. Lisbeth looked to the man who had recently opened the door. His stance was strong but nonthreatening. His presence in the room immediately broke a new atmosphere. The atmosphere was intense and keen, but not overwhelming. He wore a dark blue suit, it was sharp and well-fitted. The dark blue contrasted his tanner skin, but certainly not in a bad way. It was more in a simplistic yet captivating fashion. His hair was neatly and delicately combed back, allowing full view of his small dark eyes and high piecing cheek bones. He offered his hand to Mrs. Lockett.

"You must be Mrs. Lockett, I presume?" He greeted with an accent Lisbeth found both striking and exotic. He voice held elegance and was pleasingly polished.

Her mother accepted his gesture, "Yes, I want to thank you for being able to see my daughter Dr. Lecter."

"It was no trouble at all, Mrs. Lockett." He turned his gaze to Lisbeth, "And you must be Ms. Lockett." He greeted Lisbeth putting emphasis on the 'Ms.'

Lisbeth offered up a smile taking his hand, "Hello Dr. Lecter."

Dr. Lecter formed a thin smile in return to Lisbeth as his hand left hers.

"Lisbeth I'll be back to get you ok?" Her mother said to Lisbeth.

"Yes alright, thank you." Lisbeth said turing her head towards her mother. She watched her mother leave the building and enter the car. She felt her stomach sink a bit seeing her mother leave, but was interrupted when Dr. Lecter spoke to her.

"Please step into my office Ms. Lockett." He said stepping aside allowing access to his office. Lisbeth turned to back to him and nodded,

"Thank you." She entered and he fallowed and closed the wooden door shut.

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