*Part two, still takes place before the events of the television show.*


Lisbeth entered further in the room her lips unconditionally formed a warm smile as her eyes gazed upon the room. The room gave her the peculiar feeling of serenity and charm. It was well organized, the most efficient and spotless room she would probably ever lay her eyes on. Perhaps it might have been a tad extravagant for an office, but Lisbeth appreciated the decor and taste. Many different pieces artwork, furniture, and bookshelves helped fill the spacious room. The light in the room was faint, but pleasantly so. She noticed a light ladder leading up to a vast assortment of books and novels. The entire upper floor's walls lined with bookshelves, tempting Lisbeth to dive into each and every page. She brought her gaze back to the main floor. The room all together felt like an oasis of tranquility and all around security in the midst of this small town. Lisbeth pondered if any other office would be this eloquent, she highly doubted it but never the less kept the idea within her mind.

"Would you care for help getting into the seat?" Dr. Lecter asked pulling Lisbeth away from her observations.

"No thank you for the offer though." Said Lisbeth turning her head to the doctor.

"Then, please, take a seat." He said gesturing his arm to the dark leather chair. Lisbeth obeyed, resting her crutches carefully next to her as she took a seat in the chair. She felt the cool fabric against her legs sending a jitter up her spine. She flattened her skirt and pulled on the sleeves of her shirt as Dr. Lecter sat down in a matching seat across from her.

"How are you this afternoon, Ms. Lisbeth?" Asked Dr. Lecter casually.

"I could be better, however I could be much doing worse." Lisbeth returned.

"A fair answer, Ms. Lockett."

"I have to say Dr. Lecter, your office is beautifully magnificent I've never seen anything quite this extraordinary."

"Why thank you. It's taken me some time to acquire all what is in my office."

"And I thank you for giving the pleasure of seeing that." Lisbeth complimented.

Dr. Lecter smiled slightly and crossed his long longs opening a manila folder. He examined it silently before his dark eyes reached up to Lisbeth's pale green orbs.

"You're studying the communication field yes?" He asked.

"That is correct, Dr. Lecter." She confirmed.

"Your mother seemed quite worried about you Ms. Lockett." He said suddenly.

"Yes, she tends to do so a bit." Lisbeth replied, not really understanding where this was all going.

"Do you know why you're here, Ms. Lockett?"

Lisbeth was sure he was aware of why she was here, but she thought perhaps it may be part of the office procedure.

"Mostly because of my mother. She's concerned about my wellbeing ever since the..." Lisbeth stopped and pressed her lips together shifting in her seat uncomfortably.

"Ever since the what, Ms. Lockett?" Pushed Dr. Lecter.

Lisbeth took in a silent deep breath and averted her eyes from the doctor's. "You know.."

"I may know, perhaps you could help refresh my memory?" The doctor urged. Lisbeth knew he had knowledge on what she was talking about, her mother would tell him everything over the phone for sure.

Lisbeth swallowed the anxiety down her dry throat, "The break in."

"Ah yes the break in. Would you mind sharing your memory of the event?"

Lisbeth huffed a gulp of breath from her lungs, "Do I.." She paused.

"Do you trouble recalling the event?" Dr. Lecter questioned.

"No it's not that. I just...Is it entirely necessary I talk about what happened?"

Dr. Lecter inhaled a deep and firm breath, "What you do with your hour is entirely your decision. We can sit in silence or perhaps talk about other things."

Lisbeth looked to Dr. Lecter's eyes, which seemed unmoving from her own. She knew his words where neither a taunt or sarcastic. Yet, she felt strangely compelled to tell the doctor about what happened that night she honestly wanted to erase.

"Well, I was home alone..." She began causing Dr. Lecter to lean forward carefully listening.

"I heard a noise downstairs. I didn't think much of it when I didn't hear anything immediately following." She saw a quick image of the intruder invade her mind making her to stop, but only for enough time to blink an eye.

"I went to investigate and there was a man. He saw me and chases me into the bathroom. He attacked me there; I managed to get away but he stabbed me." Again the man from that night appeared in her mind making her stomach turn sideways.

"We ended up in the kitchen where he broke my leg, but before he could kill me I stopped him." She summed up with haste not wanting to give details compared to when she did with Officer Hampus.

Dr. Lecter stared intently at her the entire time she spoke even when she finished her story his eyes never left hers. He placed his hands together setting them on his knees. "You suffered a hard blow to the back of the head resulting in a concussion. The stab wound to your back caused internal bleeding more than it did externally,"

Lisbeth muscles tensed and her body cringed as Dr. Lecter filled in the details for her. The pins and needles feeling returned to engulf her entire body. She tried to ignore the feeling as well as the random flashes of memories which seemed to flash in her mind only as Dr. Lecter continued.

"Your side suffered from a gash wound and your kneecap was shattered. When the authorities arrived they were surprised to see you had a pulse." He finished before leaning forward again. "You stopped your attacker by piercing his skin with a carving fork."

"You say that like it's a bad thing." Lisbeth said with a thought.

"Not my intention at all Ms. Lockett. However, I am curious as to how you feel about it."

"I'm sorry, about what exactly?" Lisbeth questioned furrowing her brow somewhat.

"About taking another human's life."

Lisbeth's facial muscles worked on their own, forming her expression into one of incertitude. "I never thought of it as that."

"Then what did you think of it?"

"I saw it more or less as self defense." She answered simply.

"A justifiable answer. However, I went to know how you felt when it happened."

Lisbeth wasn't sure how to answer the request. She had never taken thought about how she felt when she killed the man.

"I...I didn't feel anything to be perfectly honest. I mean I was scared, but necessarily about what I was going to do. I knew I had to do something or I would die. While the fork was in my hand I felt a void inside me, but when I heard it hit his skin and when the life left his body that void was filled with relief."

"Relief he was dead?"

"No, not that he was dead. Relief it was glad it was over."

Dr. Lecter took his eyes away from her's and moved them not a random point in the room. Lisbeth looked to the clock on the wall discreetly, only seeing about ten or so minutes had passed. She was sure it had been longer, but didn't want to send time looking at the clock waiting for the session to be over.

"You were in the hospital for quite sometime. Your mother told me you experienced some nightmares while you were there. Care to explain?"

"Not really much to say about them. Every night I was there I experienced nightmares. I was unaware of it when I was sleeping. I thought I only had one dream, which was right before I woke up."

"What was the dream concerning?"

Lisbeth blinked rapidly, "It was about him, the intruder. He was watching me."

Dr. Lecter nodded, "I was told the police questioned you. What happened?"

"They asked me some questions about what happened." Lisbeth explained with confusion lingering in her tone.

"I was also told that during the questioning you lost focus."

"Yeah I did. Probably because of my concussion or sometime along those lines." Lisbeth said avoiding his gaze.

He sat back against his chair, "Ms. Lockett we won't get very far if you hide information from me."

Lisbeth pushed her lips together and bit the inside of her pink flesh. "I saw something." She uttered almost as silent as a mouse.

"What did you see?" He asked almost in the level of auditory as Lisbeth did.

She looked down at her hands. The hair on her arms pressed against her sleeves while the hair on the nape of her neck tingled against her skin.

"I saw him. The man from that night. He was standing behind the officer just watching me. He moved to me, his movement like a snake's. But he disappeared and everything come back."

"This happened when you explained what transpired that night?" Dr. Lecter questioned.

Lisbeth only nodded in response.

"Did you see the man when you told me?"

Lisbeth replied, "Only in short flashes. Like memories."

He nodded softly, "Talking about it seems to trigger the hallucinations. The more detailed the more vivid the hallucinations." He paused for a minute, putting his two index finger up to his lips.

"I must seem crazy." Lisbeth said bluntly with a small laugh.

"No not crazy. You are a young woman Ms. Lockett, just scratching the surface. It is normal for such an event to have this impact on your life. After you spoke with the officer, did you experience anymore nightmares?"

"Yes, right after. He was in the hospital room; I woke up screaming with doctors surrounding me. After my mother was determined to find a doctor for me. It took her quite some time and in the meantime I still needed work done on my leg."

Lisbeth continued, To try and handle the nightmares they put me in, well, it was almost like an induced coma. It allowed the doctors time to operate further and stopped my screaming."

"Did it stop the nightmares?" He asked.

Lisbeth looked to the side her smile was one of solemn, "No. Just the screams." Lisbeth halted, "He was always there, always behind me. Always next to me."

"I'm sorry to hear that, Ms. Lockett. I may have something that could help you." Dr. Lecter spoke getting up from his seat and heading over to his desk.

"Pardon?" Lisbeth wondered. She watched him as he pulled out a small notepad of paper and a black ink pen.

"I'm writing you a prescription for your hallucinations and anxiety."

"I'll be taking medication?" She inquired.

"Yes, is that a problem?" He asked looking up from his notepad.

"No of course not. Anything that will help I greatly appreciate it." She expressed with gratitude.

Dr. Lecter tore off the first page of the notepad putting the rest away back in the drawer. He walked back to his leather chair taking his seat. "I'll start you off 20 milligrams of the prozac and .5 milligrams on klonopin."

Lisbeth leaned her head to the side, the entire explanation sounding nonnative to her.

"It is import you take the prozac once a day. It will take longer to kick in but it will help. The klonopin should be taken as needed, it will kick in very rapidly and last the remainder of the day if take in the morning or the remainder of the night if taken at evening." He explained in more detail.

"So I should take it closer to night then?"

"Regarding your situation I would say yes you should." He pulled up his sleeve a tad looking at his watch. "It seems our time is up for today."

Lisbeth eye's opened a bit wider, "It is?"

"Yes indeed," He got up and walked to Lisbeth's chair, "I'm surprised you didn't notice seeing as how your eyes were fixated on the clock earlier." He finished offering his hand to help Lisbeth up.

Lisbeth looked to his and then to his eyes, "I'm sorry I didn't mean any offense; I was honestly nervous about the idea of therapy." She took hold of his cold hand.

"I take no offense to it Ms. Lockett. Though, I hope you reconsider your feelings about therapy." He spoke helping her to her feet and handing her the crutches.

"Believe me Dr. Lecter," She stopped at the door "I already have."

Dr. Lecter angled his head and grinned, "I'll call in the prescription when you leave. You will able to pick it up on your way back home."

He placed his hand on the dull silver door knob, "Our next appointment will be same day and time next week."

Lisbeth nodded her head, "Thank you Dr. Lecter, for seeing me."

"No thanks needed Ms. Lockett." He said before opening the door revealing Mrs. Lockett sitting anxiously. Upon seeing the two she stood up. Lisbeth smiled to her mother taking her place at her side.

"All ready to go, Lisbeth?" Her mother asked with kindness in her voice.

"Yes." She returned simply.

"I'll be calling in your daughter's prescription after you both depart. I'm sure you can pick it up on the way back." Dr. Lecter informed.

"Oh, a prescription?" Her mother asked looking from Lisbeth to Dr. Lecter.

"I've decided your daughter would do well on some medication. She's an adult, but are you alright with the idea?"

"Oh I'm completely fine with the idea. Anything that will help her." Mrs. Lockett complied.

"Good, I will see you next week then. Have a lovely evening." He farewelled.

"Thank you. The same goes to you, Dr. Lecter." Mrs. Lockett guided Lisbeth out the office, but not before Lisbeth could catch one last glimpse of Dr. Lecter's eyes.


For majority of the car ride home, it was spent in a blissful silence. Her mother didn't want to push Lisbeth to describe what happened during her session with Dr. Lecter, but she was growing curious. Lisbeth, on the other hand, wanted to get her hands on the medicine. She desperately wanted to rid her mind of the nightmares and put her life back on the correct track which had been harshly derailed. This wait at the pharmacy drive through was not helping either.

"Oh! I forgot to give you this earlier." Her mother said handing Lisbeth a small paper card.

"What is it?"

"It's Dr. Lecter's business card. Has all of his information on it. I thought you should have one yourself incase of well I'm sure you know what I mean."

"Thanks." He took the card. Holding it lightly with her fingers she studied the information it held. It was basic, his name, office address, office phone number, the works. Still it could prove useful to have. However, the silence engulfed Lisbeth and her mother once more.

"So!" Her mother chimed, "How was your session with Dr. Lecter?"

"It went well." Lisbeth answered.

"That's good to hear. Do you think his therapy will be good for you?"

"Well," Lisbeth shifted, "It's hard to say, but he's quite the gentleman and seemingly knowledgable."

"Is that a yes...?"

"It's a probably."

"Fair enough, fair enough." Her mother exhaled.

"Do you think the prescription is ready?" Lisbeth wondered.

"It better be after all this waiting." Her mother retorted.

Lisbeth laughed.

"Don't you laugh at your mother. It's getting late and driving in the dark makes me a bit nervous."

Lisbeth swallowed down her laugh, "I'm sorry. I would drive but." She gestured towards her leg, "Afraid I can't at the moment."

Her mother's smile faded into a sad frown, "You'll be able to use your leg in a couple of weeks."

"I didn't mean to make you sad."

"I know, it's just my maternal instincts." She put her hand on her daughter's cheek, "I'm sorry I wasn't there."

"We've been over this, mom..."

"I know I just," Her mother let out a sigh, "I'm sorry, it's best not to bring up the past."

Lisbeth smiled at her mother before jumping at the sound of a car horn behind them.

Lisbeth's mother frustration masked itself in a sigh and she turned back to the wheel and noticed it was finally their turn.


Lisbeth finished putting her long garnet hair into a loose ponytail for bed. She sat down on her bed holding the klonopin pill bow between her fingers. She had already taken the prozac, she took it as soon as she got it. She unscrewed the cap off taking the tiny pill in her palm. She didn't hesitate to place the pill on her tongue and swallow. Resting her head on the smooth pillow she took one last conscious deep breath before falling into the sleep her dreaded.


She awoke with shattered breathing. The sweat on her body clung to her like glue. She placed her hand on her forehead before slowly swiping it down. She got up, deciding it was best she have some water.

She walked down the stairs sending an all too familiar scene into her head. She looked at the large kitchen window, which had now been replaced. She shook her head and pressed forward. She opened the fridge and grabbed a water bottle. The cool bottle felt soothing grasped in her hand. She took a small sip before sitting down. She picked the water bottle up again and took a large gulp, upon setting it down she noticed the clear liquid was black. She immediately spit back out and stumbled out of her seat with the open water bottle crashing to the ground. She frantically wiped her mouth standing back up.

"What..?" She began before noticing the black liquid collect together and start to form upwards.

She placed both her hands over her mouth as the mass formed into the man donned in black. He lifted his head up to stare into her quivering eyes. "Lisbeth." He voice spoke with a slight whisper.

"Lisbeth." He repeated again with force.

Lisbeth felt like death finger's were shoved down her throat.

"Lisbeth!" He shouted.

Her head shook slightly as her awoke.

"Lisbeth we're here. At Dr. Lecter's." Her mother informed.

"Oh," she removed her head from the window of the car, "Sorry."

"You ok?"

"Yeah I'm fine."

"Do you need help getting up the stairs?"

"No I can manage. I'll see you in about an hour." Lisbeth said exiting the vehicle. She maneuvered her way up the stone stairs and into the waiting room of Dr. Lecter's office.

She didn't wait long until she heard Dr. Lecter open the door for her. His hair was again combed back neatly. His maroon suit fit him well and was dripping in elegance.

"Hello Ms. Lockett, please come in." He stepped aside allowing Lisbeth into the office.

"Thank you, Dr. Lecter." She entered the office.

"It feels as if I just saw you the other day." Lisbeth confessed.

"Really," He shut the door, "How so?"

"Well this week has almost been a blur," she took her seat, "Or one flash."

Dr. Lecter took his seat across from her, "Is that a good thing?"

"Well, it's not anything terrible." Lisbeth smiled.

"Very fair, Ms. Lockett. Tell me about the nightmares. How have they been?"

"They're still there, but I don't scream out anymore. I just don't want to worry my mother." Lisbeth admitted.

"How do you mean?"

"I just don't want her to worry about me."

"It would seem you're more concerned about your mother's well being than your own."

"Is that something bad?" Lisbeth questioned

"No, very noble, but it may get in the way of your treatment."

Lisbeth sighed.

"How is your mother's behavior?" Dr. Lecter questioned.

"She's normal, she's been going back to work and generally happy."

"From what you say it seems your mother is doing perfectly fine."

"When she saw me in the hospital she looked so scared. I never want to see here like that." Lisbeth explained.

"I would expect the feelings are mutual." Dr. Lecter spoke.

Lisbeth bit the inside of her lip.

"Ms. Lockett I suggest to manage stress you consider joining an activity."

"An activity?" Lisbeth furrowed her brow.

"I believe it would help you manage stress which would reduce the amount of nightmares."

"I'll look into it. Thank you for the suggestion Dr. Lecter." Lisbeth thanked.

"Whatever the means be to helping you get back on track." Dr. Lecter smiled. "Now, back on the topic of the nightmares. It always involves the man who attacked you, correct."

Lisbeth nodded slightly, "Yes."

"But he is dead. What is there to fear from him?" Dr. Lecter asked.

"I-I don't know. I just have a feeling he will come back."

"I don't believe he will be coming back anytime soon. He was stabbed with a carving fork in the nape of his neck." Dr. Lecter continued.

"It...It just doesn't feel like I didn't put the fork there."

"You feel as if you didn't kill him?" Dr. Lecter crossed his legs.

"I didn't kill him.."

"You threw a carving fork at him." Dr. Lecter interjected.

"Yes, but to say I killed him makes me seem so heartless. I didn't want to. I gave him a chance, he didn't give me one. I told him I couldn't see his face, but he still was going to kill me."

Dr. Lecter sat back and listened very carefully.

"I needed to defend myself, it seemed the only way. An-And the way those officers questioned me made me seem like a murderer. I was just trying to survive!" The hot tears escaped from their cage in her eyes.

Dr. Lecter picked up the box of tissues getting up and offering them to Lisbeth. She looked up at him confused at first, but then realized her current state.

"I'm sorry," She said taking a tissue.

"It's perfectly fine." Dr. Lecture took his seat. "I think we've identified the problem. You're worried about what others will think regarding the action you took with the attacker."

Lisbeth wiped the tears from her cheeks, and held the tissue tight in her hand regaining her composer. "I know in my mind I didn't have any other choice, but will others think I'm a killer?"

"No I don't believe they will see you as such. I certainly do not." Dr. Lecter said his gaze never breaking from her's.

"You don't?"

"No, I see a woman who defended herself." Dr. Lecter clarified.

"Thank you Dr. Lecter. It makes me feel better you think that. I hope the rest can have the same mind set." Lisbeth expressed.

"I'm sure others will not see you as a killer. If they do, they should be the ones in this office." Dr. Lecter grinned.

Lisbeth chuckled, "I do apologize for getting emotional. I wasn't expecting that."

"It's nothing to be ashamed of, Ms. Lockett. I've seen my share of tears while practicing therapy."

"Yes, but I'm sure you don't want to add more to the list." Lisbeth smiled.

Dr. Lecter looked at her, his eyes filled with a hint of amusement and a dash of mirth. "I would be lying if I said you were wrong. Or maybe it could be I personally don't favor the look of tears on you."

Lisbeth flushed an almost untraceable pink color at his comment, "Really. Well don't worry either way It won't be happening again."

"I take your word for it." Dr. Lecter mused before looking at his watch. "And it would appear our hour together is up."

"My mother is probably waiting in the parking lot. Thank you for your time Dr. Lecter." Lisbeth thanked before getting up slowly and approaching the door.

"I look forward to seeing you next week, Lisbeth." Dr. Lecter spoke firmly. Lisbeth paused. She was fond of the way her name rolled off his tongue. How it complemented his accent. However, she pushed that peculiar thought away and turned flashing the doctor a slight smile before opening the door and leaving.


Lisbeth looked online for activities she could possibly join around town. A few options caught her attention while others completely rubbed her the wrong way.

"Whatcha doing Lisbeth?" Her mother asked peeking into her room.

"I'm looking for an activity around town to join. Dr. Lecter said it would help manage stress."

"So a club? I think that's a wonderful idea!"

"Yeah I'm a bit excited myself, but I can't do much until my leg is all fixed up, but at least I'll have ideas." Lisbeth shrugged.

"Your last surgery is next week. You'll be able to join sooner than you think." Her mother brought up.

"Yeah, I'm not looking forward to laying in that hospital bed again." Lisbeth admitted.

"I know, but after that you won't have to be there again."

"That's probably the one good thing about it, besides being able to use my leg again." Lisbeth smiled.

"Get some shut eye ok?" Her mother said before departing.

Lisbeth hesitantly shut off her computer and placed herself comfortably on the bed. She took her klonopin pill before closing her eyes.

Lisbeth rubbed her eyes softly as she stood in the waiting room.

"Hello Lisbeth, pleasure to see you again. Come in." Dr. Lecter said as he opened the door for her.

Lisbeth smiled in return and entered the room.

"You seem a bit jumpy today, Lisbeth." He commented after closing the door.

"I have my last surgery tomorrow morning." Lisbeth said fighting urge to stutter as she sat down.

"Isn't that something to be celebrated?" He asked taking his seat.

"I'm just not looking forward to being in that hospital again. More or less unconscious there as well." Lisbeth explained placed her hands together.

"Have you found an activity that you may be considering?"

"Yes, I'm planning on taking a self defense class." Lisbeth said with a smile.

"Self defense?" Dr. Lecter questioned. "A fitting choice."

"I'm thrilled I was able to find something. The only problem is I can't start until my leg is healed."

"Are you nervous about the operation?" He crossed his legs.

"I'm more nervous about being in the hospital again."

"Considering the emotions and the memories it triggers I presume?"

"Your presumption is correct." Lisbeth said moving her eyes away from his.

"Your stress levels have been up then?"


Dr. Lecter put his two index fingers together placing them upon his narrow lips. Leaning back into his chair he kept his eyes to Lisbeth. "Hmm." He hummed, "Lisbeth I would like for you to lie down on the chair over there. " He gestured to the long sofa with a back rest. Lisbeth had taken note of this seat before.

"Oh, ok." She got up and gently placed herself on the soft cushions.

"Now close your eyes."

Lisbeth found it an odd request, but still obeyed. She heard Dr. Lecter stand up and, assumed, he walked up to her.

"I'm going to teach you a technique called muscle relaxation." Dr. Lecter explained. "You take deep breaths and also tense the muscles in your body for five seconds and release for ten seconds. You start at the body of your body and work your way up."

Lisbeth started with her toes. She curled them up and then slowly let them go. A strange feeling was sent through her body as she slowly inched her way her body. Her body with filled the the sensation of elation and euphoria. Time seemed something foreign as the sensation travel up her body. She reached her the top of her head and opened her eyes upon the completion. She looked to the side to see Dr. Lecter sitting at his desk. Noticing her he stopped what he was doing,

"Did the technique help, Lisbeth?"

"Yes, in fact. It was so relaxing."

"I'm glad it helped and just in time too. Our session is over."

Lisbeth shot up, "Pardon?" She uttered breathlessly. "Did you say our session is over?"

"That I did Lisbeth."

"I closed my eyes for two minutes well at least I thought I did." Lisbeth said placing a hand on her head.

"Afraid it was well over two minutes."

Lisbeth felt pure shock. Had she truly lost herself in relaxation and in bliss she lost all her time. "I'm sorry."

"No need to apologize. I wish you the best of luck on your surgery tomorrow." Dr. Lecter said his eyes hooking onto hers.

"Thank you Dr. Lecter enjoy the remainder of the day." Lisbeth rushed up out of the seat and even more quickly out the door.

Dr. Lecter paused from keeping records of his patient sessions. He admitted to himself he found Lisbeth Lockett a person of keen interest. He had been observing Lisbeth's mannerisms cautiously, a lochetic advance. The young woman, to him, brought a graceful presence with her celadon eyes and her hair which spilled with lambent. She spoke with brevity and dulcet. She was strangely demure and yet articulate. She was reserved but not milquetoast. Her mind was fragile however held a robust outer layer. She was a labyrinth; delitescently placed. A puzzle he wanted to elicit.


Lisbeth saw little to worry about when the next morning arrived. She had practiced the relaxation techniques before she left with her mother for the operation. It served her well considering she faced no complications before during and post of the operation. The doctors also informed her she would not need to spend the night and her leg would be able to use in just about a couple of days. She was ecstatic upon hearing such rapturous news. She was looking forward to moving on her own, just like before.

"Lisbeth?" Her mother spoke up.

"Yes?" Lisbeth turned her attention away from the glass. "And mom you realize I have the ok to drive, right? You don't need to keep driving to Dr. Lecter's."

Mrs. Lockett took a deep breath, with her hands gripping the wheel, "I've been meaning to tell you this, I just didn't know when."

"Tell me what mom?"

"I need to go away for work, like I've done before."

"Oh..." Lisbeth answered breathless.

"I don't want to go, Lisbeth but..." Her mother tried to explain.

"I understand mom, it's ok." Lisbeth smiled.

"No it's not ok. The last time I left you," Her mother took a long pause before biting her lip and continuing, "An alarm is being set up and I'll be calling you everyday. I'm sorry."

"Mom it's fine. Don't feel bad; I'm taking self defense classes anyway, right?" Lisbeth joked.

Her mother smiled and turned to her daughter she looked like she was going to say something, but decided to stay silent and run a hand down Lisbeth's braided hair. She planted a soft kiss on her forehead before speaking again, "We're here."

Lisbeth nodded and got out of the car she gave her mother one last smile before heading inside the building. She didn't wait long before Dr. Lecter opened his office door.

"Hello Lisbeth," He looked down to her leg for a brief moment, "It looks like the operation went along well."

"Indeed it did, Dr. Lecter." She replied stepping into his office.

"Well, I believe a bit of celebration is required then." He smiled closing the door and walking to the back of the office.

"Come again?" She questioned, her eyes following where he was going. He returned shortly holding two glasses of red wine.

"I hope red wine suits your taste." He offered her the crystal glass.

"Oh, thank you." She gently accepted the glass. They pressed their glasses together sending a soft 'cling' noise to echo in the room.

"Now," Dr. Lecter began as they both sat down, "Tell me how things have been."

"Relatively well. I just received some news my mother will be leaving for some type of work for awhile." Lisbeth confessed.

"And how do you feel about that?"

"I brushed it off when I was around her, but I'm actually a bit torn up about it." Lisbeth sighed looking at her small reflection in the red liquid.

"You're afraid she's abandoning you?" He questioned.

"It's more of I'm going to miss her being around. I mean, she has done these trips before, but it's different now."

"Since the attack?"

Lisbeth nodded her head, "She'll be calling each day and we are getting an alarm installed for the house so I'm going to be fine. It's still a bit sad though."

"That's very understandable considering what has happened, but you strike me as a young woman who can handle herself with ease. Surprised you need my help." He stated before taking a sip from the glass.

"Perhaps I enjoy your company." Lisbeth said after drinking a bit of the wine. Dr. Lecter grinned in response and slightly raised his glass towards Lisbeth before taking another drink from the wine.


The day Lisbeth's mother left appeared very quickly. The sorrowful goodbye between the two left both of their cheeks stained. Lisbeth attended all of the self defense classes and enjoyed the time she spent there. Her mother phoned everyday and spent talking for quite sometime. Lisbeth almost felt her mother was still with her. She continued her visits with Dr. Lecter each week; and with each week she felt the memories and the emotions that came from the attack were dwindling away until it seemed it happened a life time again. They would still chat about from time to time, but after awhile it was never brought up in conversation. Chats about brighter things replaced it; which Lisbeth found herself happy about. From time to time they would enjoy a petite glass of wine together while chatting. Lisbeth throughly enjoyed the conversations spoken and the time spent with the Dr. Lecter. She was not the only one to notice. Her mother also took note of the remarkable progress Lisbeth showed each time they spoke. Her mother no longer saw the need for Lisbeth to attend therapy. She knew her mother was right, but still felt saddened upon hearing her mother suggesting to only schedule one last appointment. Lisbeth agreed she knew she longer needed to see Dr. Lecter and she was beginning to worry if she was now wasting his time. Still the connection between the two was an enigmatic hymn of pure captivation and ardor. A mystic and refined rhyme which swirled around the two whenever they happen to speak to one another. Never the less, Lisbeth waited in the waiting room for her, seemingly, last visit with Dr. Lecter.

"Lisbeth come on please." He greeted as he opened the door. She only smiled in return and entered the office she had grown too familiar with.

"Is there something on your mind, Lisbeth?" He asked closing the door.

She sighed slumping her shoulders before regaining her posture, "I'm afraid this will be the last appointment between us Dr. Lecter."

"How do you mean?"

"I've been chatting with my mother and she no longer sees therapy necessary." Lisbeth said turning to the doctor.

"Your mother is no doctor, Lisbeth."

"Then tell Dr. Lecter," she approached closer to him, "What do you honestly think?"

He moved his gaze away from her's, but said nothing. She smiled sadly, "I want to thank you, for everything."

He inhaled, "It was my pleasure, no need for thanks."

"I do believe there is a need for thanks. The medication, talks, everything here has helped me tremendously." Lisbeth and Dr. Lecter were both quite for what seemed hours. The silence is the room was deafening and thick; a fog of sorts that washed over the entire room.

"Then Lisbeth I would like to invite you over for dinner later tonight." Dr. Lecter broke the silence.

"Dinner? I couldn't, I mean I would, but you don't need to feel obligated."

"I feel no obligation Lisbeth. You said you wanted to speak your thanks; I'll be willing to accept your thanks over dinner."

Lisbeth tried to force her smile down, "That would be lovely, thank you."

He grinned at her, "I'll write my address down for you."

*That's it for part two! Shmexy time will be in the next part. And sorry for grammar and spelling! Hope you enjoyed!*