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Chapter One: Rebuttal and Re-Meeting

"... And Odayakana Konran, do you accept being a Hokage? To do all appointed duties the leader of this village has to do, and to do it sincerely as well?" Jiraiya read, then looked up. He offered his hand in part of the agreement.

Konran stood up and accepted the hand. He tentatively brought out his hand. This was his second time to be elected, but it'd be a better time around this time. He had a plan- and smiled. He knew his answer.


"Jiraiya, it seems like you have forgotten a certain part of the initiation ceremony." Two elderly voices interrupted.

Jiraiya, Konran and all those who were listening immediately either had their veins throb in annoyance, eyes twitch in irritation, or sigh in frustration. Koharu Utatane, and Homura Mitokado, the elders of Konoha (more like the oldest people in the village) stood up.

"I haven't, Koharu, Homura." Jiraiya replied in a nice tone, though it looked like the Sannin was trying not to rip out the elder's head.

"Jiraiya..." Homura warned.

The Sannin looked at Konran with apologizing eyes, who in turn just quirked an eyebrow. Jiraiya sighed, looking at the audience. Here comes the part that he would hate the most right now. "Does anybody have any rejections? Objections? Violent reactions?"

"We do." Koharu stood up, making Tsume, who was sitting across her, glare. Koharu pointed a crooked finger towards the Hokage-candidate.

"The Sandaime was mistaken- That boy is not fit to be our leader. He cannot be Hokage!"

A beat of silence followed her proclamation and immediately the conference hall became noisy with the combined murmurs and protests. Konran had to restrain a very enraged Anko Mitarashi.

"Could you repeat that you old fleabag?" the purple-haired woman hissed in a very menacing manner. "Come on, tell me that to my face, you sack of rotten bones! Come on!" She struggled from Konran's iron grip. "Konran-kun is so much better than you or your old ass wiped on the Hokage Monument!"

"Kami-sama, the images…" Asuma shuddered. "Where the hell does she get them?"

Kurenai smothered her laughter. "That's just Anko for you." Though whatever insults Anko was sprouting out from her mouth left some images that was too disturbing to be seen in reality.

Konran sighed, already expecting this to happen. He pointed a bored gaze over his fellow interrogator in the T&I unit, who was still ranting on how she would make sure that the elders would 'feel their bones creak in pain as she grates them on her favorite rusty knife' and 'to get more wrinkles than a rock-chakra paper after she's through heating them under an oven' and many things after whatever she was going to do.

"Anko." he ordered.

"Konran let me go!" the woman grunted stubbornly.

"Anko-chan, calm down!" Kurenai called as she walked nearer to the raging purple head.

"Why is Konran not fit for being a Hokage?" Kakashi asked the elders, his eye narrower than usual. "Because I assure you, the Sandaime and Konran are close, and Sandaime-sama has always been correct in his decisions. He will not elect him if he wasn't sure about it."

"The Sandaime was wrong then." Homura waved off easily. "He did not take into consideration the qualifications of a Hokage candidate. He just gave it to the man he thinks is best for the position."

"I'm lost." Inoichi recounted. He put up his hands in an apologizing manner as glares were sent his way. "Didn't he, you know, select Konran because he knew he would be fit for the job? Like, he was qualified for the credentials? Because I'm pretty sure that's what you just said." He looked at the table for a second. "So he's not qualified for being qualified?"

"All of you are fools." Koharu muttered under his breath. He suddenly produced a big book out of nowhere. It had the labels of 'Konoha's Law' with colored bookmarks of 'Civilians' (and under it a whole lot of sub-categories), 'Ninjas' (more sub-categories) and 'The Leaders of Konoha', which was the part he opened at. "You have not obviously read the law of Konoha, imbeciles!"

"Sorry, we don't have the time." Konran deadpanned, bringing Anko to her seat earlier. She stuck her tongue towards his retreating figure, as Kurenai sat down beside her with a sweatdrop on her head.

The elder ignored the blonde's comment. "It says here, there are certain requirements for a ninja to be nominated and elected for the position of Hokage. First," he read, looking at the book intently. "The shinobi should have at least a good record in his ninja career."

"He has that down." Hiashi muttered, burying his face into his arms. "This will take a while, I know it."

"Never did a bad thing, always helped others!" Iruka perked up beside the others. "My friend is obviously one of the best ninjas in Konoha, if not the whole world!"

Konran shook his head, rolling his eyes. "Right."

"Second, should have attended the Academy and went through the ranks."

Kakashi looked back at his co-sensei. "You didn't pass through the village Academy, right." It wasn't a question; it was a statement. Konran shook his head in confirmation, making the silver-haired man sigh.

"Third, should have the approval of the current Hokage."

"We all heard what Sarutobi-sensei wanted to say." Jiraiya remarked, yawning. "Could you do it a little faster, jiji?"

Homura glared at him.

Jiraiya stared back.

"Fourth, should at least attained a moniker of some sorts, or has power stats greater than A."

"Okay, okay, we get it, you don't like Konran to be Hokage." Asuma finally stepped in, interrupting the elder. He puffed out a large cloud of smoke from his cigarette. "I'm going to face it; you'd rather get another candidate to run Konoha. You don't approve of him and you'll just keep shoving us your knowledge on the law."

"Exactly." Homura nodded.

Konran leaned back on the wall, smiling inwardly. 'Hm. Look at them, defending me. It's quite nice.'

'Why are you smiling like that, kit?'

'Nothing, just started thinking. Oh, Shikaku's going to speak; I need to hear this.'

Indeed, Shikaku was going to speak. His head lolled back and forth for a while, indicating that the man was thinking on what he was going to say. The elders prepared themselves on whatever the man would say; he always had the toughest questions to answer, being the head clan of the smartest group in Konoha. The pony-tailed man rubbed his neck in annoyance, yawning.

"I don't get why you're fussing about Konran being Hokage. Because if I'm going to be honest, protesting against him is stupid. But I'll humor whatever you want us to do. You don't want Konran to Hokage? Fine. Konran, come here." the lazy man gestured towards the blond-red haired man to stand beside his seat. "Konran backs down. Who's up for the Hokage position?"

Koharu and Homura talked to each other for a moment before looking back. "Jiraiya."

"Excuse me?!" the Gama Sannin protested, turning around in a comical way and hiding his book in the process, though it didn't come unseen as Konran immediately scoffed. He glared towards his way yet looked at the elders. "I told you earlier this meeting I didn't want to be Hokage! Weren't you listening you old geezers?!"

"You will treat us with respect!"

Konran rubbed his temples in contempt. "Treat you with respect?" he chuckled lowly, scaring the others in the room as he never made that tone- except Inoichi and Anko, who had heard the man use that particular laugh in interrogating others. "Excuse me for everything, but treat you with respect? What things have you done to gain respect?"

"'Konran!" Iruka stood up and slapped his head. "What are you doing? You told me you'd act your age, not act like a kid! There's a difference!"

Konran sighed. "Sorry." he whispered.

Homura cocked an eyebrow. "Excuse me to you too, Odayakana. You weren't a full citizen of Konoha, as you came from another village. You obviously did not read much into Konoha's history, did you not? We were here for a long time. We are elders for a reason."

"Because you're old?" Tsume butted in, a feral smile settling on her lips. "Because I think that that's the only reason why you're an elder."

Seeing as the elders will retaliate again, Shikaku stepped up once more. "You didn't answer my question correctly." the Nara clan head started once more. "Have you found a suitable candidate that is actually willing to take the Hokage position? Do not ask the clan heads. I know that they don't want to."

"True." Choza nodded, as well as the other clan heads. "We already have much on our plate, as our duty demands us to be."

No one answered. They tried the village's highest jounins.

"Hatake Kakashi?"


"Sarutobi Asuma?"

"No. After Tou-san? Are you serious?"

"Maito Gai?"

"I would love the position of Konoha's light, yet I have seen the strength of the flames Konran-san has emitted through the short time we have seen each other; I believe he is best to be my beloved village's figurehead."

Shikaku leveled a lazy smirk on the two opposing natures.


"Where's my whole clan?" Sasuke asked as they passed their unit. "Shouldn't I be there?"

Naruto grasped his friend's shoulder. "Nope, teme. Not there, uh, you finally thought that you were mature enough to be on your own! Explore the world!" Naruto looked at his other teammate, eyes pleading to help make a cover story for the amnesiac Sasuke.

Sakura blinked her eyes and followed the two. "Yeah, Sasuke-kun. Your family agreed too- so don't worry."

The Uchiha rolled his eyes. "Fine." he muttered. "But why was the whole unit empty?"

"They went on vacation!" Naruto blurted out.

The pink-haired girl slapped her forehead. 'Oh, that's real smooth, Naruto. Bakayarou…'

"All of them." Sasuke repeated skeptically, his normal look- the Uchiha emotionless look- descended on his face. He stopped walking and turned to his teammates. "All of them decided to have a vacation from Konoha, their home village, and decided to leave me."

"Yeah?" the whiskered blonde could only nod, unsure. "Yeah, they um, went somewhere. You know, family bonding, but since, you, uh…" He waved his hands comically in the air. "They're not here, but you're here, you just came out of the hospital, and they didn't want to bother you, so they had to leave you to us, since we're your sweet teammates that care for you!"

'Eeyuck. Sweet teammates? Where the hell did I get that, sheesh…'

"We're totally sweet." Sakura nodded in a deadened voice, not believing that she was agreeing to whatever Naruto was saying. 'Not that I have any choice. He's fabricating everything. He should have left it to me.'

'What would have you said? That they all died in an earthquake? There was a mass epidemic that had happened and somehow he was the only one who survived?'

'That's better than his whole clan having a vacation!' Sakura argued her inner self. 'He's going to ask where his family went to, sometime afterwards! He's already suspicious this time around! At least when we tell them they all died we'd be better off!'

'Another thing. The Uchiha Clan Massacre's not a secret. How the hell are we going to hide it from him?! Especially since… you know, it was murdered by someone close to him?'

'I don't know!'

"-kura-chan! Sakura-chan!"

"What?" Sakura griped, snapping out from her inner thoughts.

"You just stopped." Sasuke said, quirking an eyebrow. "You lazy to walk? You hurt somehow while thinking?"

Naruto snorted, then laughed. He stopped though when he received a punch to the head. "Sakura-chan~!" he whined, rubbing his head.

"You're such a jerk." she huffed, crossing her arms.

"How am I the jerk?! The teme's the one that made the joke, not me!" he protested.

"You need me to carry you?" Sasuke offered.

The atmosphere became awkward suddenly, and Sakura looked like she was going to burst in joy. Or embarrassment, Naruto didn't know. What he knew was that Sasuke had his serious face on.

"Uh, uh, Sasuke-kun, you don't need to…" Sakura stuttered shyly. 'You go girl!' her inner self cheered on.

"Okay." he shrugged, walking away immediately. He looked back as he saw that his 'minions' weren't following. "Oi, dobe, walk faster. Where was I staying? I can't remember."

Naruto watched as his rival walk away, then looked at a dumbfounded Sakura. More like distraught. "Uh… if it makes you better, he offered to you? He seems to be less of a jerk this time…"


"Alright, what a teme…." he muttered, annoyed. "Just, just follow us when you're ready to, um, follow us Sakura-chan…" and that he sped away.

"Sa- Sasuke-kun…." Sakura pathetically mumbled, still in shock.

"The situation's pretty troublesome." Shikamaru rubbed his head in annoyance. "Konoha getting attacked, the Third dying, Sasuke getting amnesia…" he looked up to the clouds. "Being a ninja is troublesome."

They were hanging out in the Konoha Park since it seemed like everyone was okay, and there was no need of any help from them. They couldn't even get any mission they wanted because their senseis had a meeting of some sorts. Team Seven was absent since they had to help Sasuke and make everything look 'normal'.

"Look at the bright side though," Chouji encouraged beside his best friend, "You get a good life, Konoha's safe, Sasuke seems to be better this time…"

"Totally handsome." Ino agreed. "I mean, I knew dark and handsome suited him, but add in politeness? Oh, he's such a cutie and a handsome guy combined!"

"I don't really see what you see with the ba$ta**." Kiba groaned, rubbing Akamaru's belly. "He got amnesia, big deal! His still an Uchiha, and nothing changed. He's a polite jerk. What changed? That he apologizes?"

"H-He is a lot nicer though..." Hinata agreed.

"Not you too! Come on guys, let's talk about something else!"

"What do you want to talk about, dog boy?" Ino rolled her eyes. "How sad the village is? How we don't have a Hokage yet?"

The two began to glare at each other, until it looked like sparks were forming as they stared on longer. The Hyuuga in the group, being the ever peacemaker, tried to find a better thing to talk about that didn't involve the Uchiha. 'Think, Hinata think! What, what, what…'

"The- The Chuunin Exams!" Hinata remembered. She eep'ed however when everyone's eyes descended unto her.

"That's right."

They all looked up to the extra voice that had talked, and figured out that the one who had spoken was actually the team that had helped them with the medical operation.

'Team Nine?' Shino thought, though he didn't say anything outwardly.

"Hello there!" the one with the bowl-haired haircut greeted, bending beside Ino who just shrieked and rolled out of his way. "I haven't seen you all since the battle for our beloved village! How are you all?"

"That translates to, 'hello'." the Hinata-eyes alike remarked in a monotone voice.

"Ne- Neji!" Hinata greeted, poking her fingers. "N-Nice to m-meet you…Why are you here?"

"Konnichiwa as well to you, Hinata-sama." Neji bowed. He looked at the others with an apathetic gaze. "And to the others as well. Not that I care." He looked back at Hinata. "As to answer your question Hinata-sama, we are here because we have nothing to do."

"Neji-kun!" the girl with buns on her hair reprimanded. She looked at them and apologized. "Sorry there, he's… um, just really like that. I believe we weren't really properly introduced to each other?" As the others shook their heads, she smiled. "I'm Tenten, and as you have heard earlier, this is my teammate Neji."


"And this guy in the green spandex is Rock Lee."

The bushy-browed kid smiled brightly at them and made a 'good guy' poses. "That's me, I'm Rock Lee! But Konoha calls me the Beautiful Blue of Konohagakure no Sato!" he bowed towards them, making their eyes twitch.

"Your cousin is Neji?" Kiba whispered to his teammate. The purple-haired girl nodded. "Great, we lost Sasuke the jerk, now we have the Hyuuga jerk. Great."

"K-Kiba-kun!" the girl mumbled.

"Yeah, whatever, since we already know your names and all." Shikamaru sat up from his lying position and gazed to them. "Are you already Chuunins already, or you're still Genin?"

"Genin, and we're also going to join the Chuunin Exams." Tenten answered for her team. "Which teams are you? Were you also nominated before… you know?" The Konoha Battle a week ago.

"Yeah." Choji nodded. He held a bag of chips towards them. "You want? Oh, and we're Team Six and Team Ten."

"No thanks." the girl shook her head.

"Where are your senseis?" Lee asked, looking around. "Are they also in a meeting for the election of our leader?"

"Yeah, they are." Ino nodded, still green from…. whatever Lee was wearing. "Please sit down!"

The others sat down, and they noticed that Neji sat farther than anyone of them, even farther than Shino who was peacefully leaning back on a tree. Kiba was going to remark something but Hinata put a hand over his mouth, indicating for him to not continue whatever he was going to say.

"Who do you think will be elected?" Kiba just asked in contrary to 'Hey jerk, you talking to your imaginary friends there? Because I'm PRETTY sure we're here.'

"Why the rush?" Tenten asked, quirking an eyebrow as she sat down. "Getting a Hokage is hard; it's not something one just decides upon. We could even reach a month without a Hokage and be okay."

"Don't you remember?" the Yamanaka queried. "Chuunin Exams? We can't participate until we have a leader, you know. If Konoha doesn't have a leader, we can't go."

"We still have three months though!" Lee commented positively. "Maybe they will finally get a suitable ninja at that time!"

Shikamaru sighed as he watched the clouds go by slowly. "We wish. I know Dad says the hardest persons to battle decisions with are the elders, and from his description, they're stubborn as Ino being stubborn about her hair."

The others laughed at the comparison, but Ino just stepped on his head.

"Did you just compare me with old people?!"

Choji and the others watched as Shikamaru got an earful from Ino. Kiba smirked.

"I see what he means."

"So we don't really have a candidate then?" Kakashi asked as they jumped on the village roofs. "Then that means you're the only one up to the position?"

The meeting was paused as everyone had a unanimous decision that they needed to eat, which everyone gratefully agreed with. Aside from them eating lightly as the meeting started early, the day was already ending and they haven't eaten lunch yet.

Konran shrugged, hands in his pockets. "It's up to them."

"But, it was the Sandaime's last wish!" Iruka protested. The scar-nosed man jumped off the building and he was followed by the others. "You just can't ignore a Hokage's proclamation!"

"Like I said, it's up to them."

"What a respectable answer!" Gai approved of the other man's action. "You do not boast of the treasures hidden in your well-being, but wait till the key to the chest is there to unlock it. You are a man deserving for his name to be shouted towards the heavens where the deities above will hear your greatness!"

Konran just laughed lightly at the man's eccentric answer, Kakashi face-palmed, while the others looked stumped, still trying to figure out what the man had said to Konran.

"Really? Thank you Gai-san."

"You are welcome!"

"You seem aloof about it." Asuma noticed. Konran gestured towards the Yakiniku Q, making him stop in surprise. "Hey, I thought you liked Ichiraku Ramen? I'm up for it."

Konran yawned. "I want barbecue, sue me." He smirked at him. "Rather go to Ichiraku's then? I'm paying here." He sat down in the boot seat and Iruka was going to stay beside him before he saw the man's wink, making him pause. In Hunter-nin code, he gestured, 'Lead Kurenai to me.'

Iruka smirked, tapping Kurenai on the shoulder. "Ladies first."

"Oh-!" she was going to move but Anko sensed the joke and sat beside Konran. The man didn't budge however and just asked for a waitress.

"Ahah, not that I care!" Asuma suddenly said, glaring at an innocent-Konran who was already ordering. Kurenai and Iruka just chuckled, and Kakashi sweatdropped.

'Sometimes I just can't figure out Konran.'

As everyone settled down, the silver-haired man looked back towards the table. "Back to our topic," Kakashi reminded as they waited, "who'll be Hokage?"

"I'm pretty sure it'll just end up with Konran." Anko remarked surely, getting a dango from the plate that the waitress had served. "Nobody wants to step up, and sometime later the elders would probably go back to Konran here. It's not like they have a choice."

Kurenai suddenly had an idea. "Maybe they're waiting for Tsunade-sama."

"Tsunade-sama?" the others repeated. "Why her?"

Kurenai poked her barbecue piece and got one. "Think about it- they nominated Jiraiya-sama first, meaning that they actually want someone like them. Since Orochimaru's.. you know," she waved her wand, the others nodding, "I'm pretty sure they're waiting for Tsunade-sama."

"Tsunade-sama?" Iruka put a hand on his chin, looking upwards. "I don't know. We don't even know where she is nowadays. Why wait for her? She doesn't want to be here, if she wanted to be then she would have been here for a long time already."

"Or they just really want to be Hokage and they're trying to coax us to say, 'how about you become Hokage?'" Asuma thought aloud, chewing. "You never know what goes on in their minds. They could be planning about Danzo getting the Hokage position before the Konoha battle."

"Maybe, but doesn't that mean they're traitors?" Kakashi asked, and Iruka had to blink as the serving on Kakashi's plate was already gone.

Konran stretched his legs a little. "I don't even get why you're all fussing about it." he looked up lazily. "I wasn't even going to agree for the title, you know. Going to decline once I took his hand."

The table- and it seemed everyone in the restaurant as well- silenced, and the people with the blond-red haired man gaped.


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