The characters of Digimon that are being used to make this fanfic are Hiroyuki Kakudo and Toei animation.

Hello, now this story presented to them in English, the original version is in Spanish, but as I started studying English I translate, I hope you like it.

Is a Drabble

In my mind, continuously the word " friends " echoed in my head for a long time and in my thoughts that word at first hated it, did not attach much importance that friends thought were a waste of time, but I was very wrong all that period, as it felt superior to others, to be ready and be a child genius that goes, I'm human, we all make mistakes.

Now that I no longer feel alone, every time I asked why I have friends? Although I have to be honest I never imagined them, until they met the children chosen my life changed, however they treat me well. I do not know why they should hate me after what I did to the Digital World, especially to them. Now my mind was questioning why I was accepted? still let me join in their group despite the pain it causes , I feel good about myself now , all welcomed me , well, not all received me with pleasure , I still have a grudge TK and Cody.

When I walk with they never addressed a word to me, someday forgive me completely. I stared at them for a moment looking at his serious face when I'm with them two; I look at her and just make a face. I think two of them accepted me sometime and wait anxiously for forgiveness and approval. Unlike Davis and Yolei I speak well and especially Kari talking me sweetly.

Right now what matters is to destroy the control spires that I believe was bad I know, but as I mentioned before and left behind. I will not stop to give enough support and reciprocate the gesture they did to me was: I give me their friendship is where I realized I'm not alone and no longer ever be.


I hope you like, is my frist Fic in english...