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The eight Heavenly emperors

Chapter 1

The scarlet heavenly emperor

Falling into an endless abyss was a young man around 17 years of age. He was wearing a torn up orange and black jumpsuit. Underneath his torn up jumpsuit was a fishnet shirt that hid many scars. On his feet he was wearing black sandals on his head he wore a headband that kept his sun kissed blonde hair from covering his sky blue eyes. On his cheeks were three scars that looked somewhat like whiskers.

"So this is how it ends huh my friends; enslaved by a madman and I get sucked up into a small black hole" the young man said as he kept falling into the endless void. He kept falling for what seem like hours when suddenly he heard a load roar that ripped through the silence.

"What the hell was that" thought the blonde man as he looked around to see where the sound was coming from and that was when he saw it. A massive red Western Dragon with a horn on his nose. Its overall length was about 100 meters. The dragon roared again and started to fly toward the young man.

"Oh crap that thing going eat me... So not cool Dattebayo" the youth thought as the dragon got closer to him.

"WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE STARING AT HUMAN" the dragon roared as he knocked and pinned the blonde to a rocky wall that looked like it was made up of Golems.

"Get the hell off me you oversize lizard" the boy yelled as he pushes himself off the wall pushing him and the dragon foot away from the wall.

"YOU DARE TRY AND FIGHT ME HUMAN DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHO I AM BOY" the dragon roar as he nose dived toward the boy.

"I don't care who you are you could be god for all I care, I am kicking your ass for knocking me into that wall. That hurt a lot Dattebayo" the boy yelled making a small blue ball appear in his hand he then started to float toward the dragon.

"Rasengan!" the boy said as he pushed the blue ball into the dragon horn with all his might but it was not enough the dragon broke though the blue ball and knock the boy back into the wall.

"THAT WAS CHAKRA BUT YOUR HUMAN HOW CAN A HUMAN USE IT UNLESS..." the dragon thought as he looks toward the boy who was laying on a floating rock that had broke off of the wall.

"You boy, who are you? Did you come from one of the seven worlds beyond the Dimensional Gap? How long have you been here" the dragon asked as he looked toward the boy.

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki you oversize lizard and If you must know I hail from the elemental nations. I've been here for god knows long maybe about two hours or so" the now name Naruto replied, looking at the dragon.

"How in the hell are you still alive no one can survive within the Dimensional Gap without magical protection?" the dragon asked.

"I do not know but I do feel like am losing chakra every minute and without kurama to heal my wounds I do not know if I'll make it back home but I will sure as hell try" Naruto said as he felt more of his chakra slowly drain away.

"Kurama as in the nine tail fox? So you were a jinchuuriki, which explains how you have survived this long in here" the dragon said as he landed on the rock that Naruto was on.

"Ha ha yeah but it doesn't matter. I have to get back to my world and save my friends no matter what" Naruto said trying to stand back up but failing to do so and so falling back down on his ass.

"Look boy there no way you can go back now! You have fallen too deep into the Dimensional Gap to even think of going back to your world. Hell, you will not even make it to Earth and that is the closest world to here right now. You'll be dead soon anyway" the dragon said as he started to flap his wings to take off but stopped when he felt a bust of energy come from the sitting blonde.

"No I refuse to give up here. I will save my friends no matter what and I will not die here Dattebayo" Naruto said as he started to stand back up and move toward the dragon slowly.

"Give up already boy as I said you will not make it even if I help you. You will die before we even get there so give up already" the dragon said as he looks towards Naruto in shock as he asked himself how in the hell is he still moving.

"Give up... on trying to make me give up!" Naruto yelled as a bust of chakra came out of his body. Kicking up small stones from the ground and throwing them into the air shocking the dragon even more before he started to laugh.

"Finally a human with a will of a dragon and a heart of a lion you interest me Naruto Uzumaki. How about we make a deal?" the dragon said as he lowers his head to Naruto's level.

"What kind of deal are we talking about?" Naruto asked looking the dragon right in the eyes.

"I will save your life and give you the power to save your friends back home as well as help you get back to your own world" the dragon told a shocked Naruto .

"And what would I have to do for you then" Naruto asked knowing there were always two sides to a deal.

"You're have to go to earth and help out there I have a feeling something big is going happen soon plus if I give you some of my power I can see what you see I always wanted to see the human world" the dragon said as he looked at the sky.

"Find I'll help but how will you save me and when can I go back to my world" Naruto asked as he stood up.

"I'm going to give you some of my power and flesh. You can't return to your world right way because you need to get you used to your new power and body. It should take maybe two to three years" the dragon reply.

"But my friends would be enslaved by then but this is the only way to save them... fine you have a deal if it mean saving my friends. I would go to hell and back to save them so how are we going do this are you going to rip off some flesh and put it on me and if I am going to be putting on your flesh I should know the name of the dragon who I'll be taking it from" Naruto asked as he looked up at the dragon.

"Sure I am known by many names. Apocalypse Dragon, the True Red Dragon Emperor God, True Dragon, and the Dragon of Dragons DXD for short but you can call me Great Red and am going to eat you" the great red dragon said with a big smile and he move to eat the poor blonde.

"Nice to meet you great red so you're going to eat me huh wait... EAT ME!? NOOOOOO" Naruto all but yelled before he was eaten by great red.

Slowly sliding down the dragon throat Naruto felt bits of flesh and saliva fall onto his skin. His skin then started to soak up and suck in both the saliva and flesh he could feel the power of the flesh with every bit his body took in. His body then started to glow a bright red as he fall into the stomach.

Great red's stomach started to glow red with Naruto inside it as the glowing got brighter and brighter something started to move up toward the dragon mouth. Great red then throw his head back and fire of a ball of fire towards a floating Golem that was destroyed as soon as the flaming ball hit it leaving it as noting but dust.

Floating in the air where the golem was destroyed now was Naruto with a whole new look. His jumpsuit was all but gone only leaving a little bit of the pants that now looked like shorts. His feet to his knees were cover in scarlet red scales as well as a long scarlet tail that was connected to his lower back. His upper body also had the same scales outline his six pack and his pecks. His arms were cover with the same scarlet red scales that his body. On his back were two large wings that were feathery in appearance, akin to a bird's. His hair was no longer sun kissed blonde but now a blood red color his sky blue eyes was now yellow with a slit-like iris. In his right hand was a double edge sword, with a slim handle. At the end of the grip was a scarlet red sphere and, towards the hilt was an again red cross. It has a long silver blad bit was engraved with scarlet diamond markings. It was long and thin.

"AAAARRRRGHHHHHH" roared Naruto as he started to fly away from great red and towards the humen world

"huh to think he turn out so powerful from just a little bit of my flash hopeful he can help" great red said to himself as he turn around to fly away but stopped when he saw a bright white light coming from the highest part of the Dimensional Gap

"n-no way what is that thing doing here it only show up when a new world or a saviour is born" great red said in shock as he saw the bright white light take the form of a white bird and start to fly toward naruto's home world

"so that boy is a saviour huh who knew" great red said as he started to fly again

{Human world Rome}

Walking outside a church where 2 girls. One of the girls had short blue hair with a green fringe in the middle and dark yellow eyes she was wearing Church battle outfit, which consists of a black, skin-tight unitard with short sleeves and pauldron, matching fingerless gloves that extend to her biceps, and thigh-high boots all of which are adorned with straps outfit is worn under a white hooded cloak with gold and blue accent. The 2nd girl had long light brown hair and violet eyes. Her hair was styled into twin side ponytails, each held with a blue scrunchy she was also wearing the same thing the 1st girl was wearing. Looking up into the sky they show a red star falling towards them

"Oh look Xenovia a red shooting star let make a wish" the brown hair girl said to the now name Xenovia

"Stars are not red Irina they are white" Xenovia said not even looking at the falling star

"Um Xenovia i think it coming right for us" the now names Irina said as the star got closer and closer

"What are you on about" Xenovia said before she had to jump back as the star cashed right in front of her

"Ow need to work on my landings" the star said as he passed out

"It a boy with red hair what do we do Xenovia" asked Irina

"What else we take him to the higher up now come on and help me" Xenovia tells Irina as she picked the red hair boy

"Hai" Irina reply as she helps Xenovia

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Character: Naruto uzumaki

Age: 17

Race: human/dragon god

Title: scarlet heavenly emperor, the swordsmen of dreams

Equipment: dream eater (sword), senjutsu, dragon skin, dragon fire, ninjutsu, taijutsu

Home world; elemental nations (former)

Things known; Naruto hails from the elemental nations after fighting a big war he was sucked into a black hole after getting the nine tails pulled out of him after that he find himself inside the Dimensional Gap where he met great red after getting some of his flesh Naruto finds himself on earth

Character; bright white light

Age; unknown

Race; unknown

Title; the light of beginnings, the pure white dragon, the pure white bird, the light of life

Equipment; unknown

Home world; highest part of the Dimensional Gap

Things known: not much is known about this light all that is known is that it has been in the Dimensional Gap even before Ophis it only shows itself when a new world or a saviour is born