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The Eight Heavenly Emperors
Chapter 7 & Answers
Clash Of The Dragons! Blood Rage Dragon God vs. the Infinite Dragon God Round 1

"So you're Asia Argento." Naruto said looking at the girl in front of him who seemed to be around 15-16 years of age with long blonde hair and green eyes. Her hair flowed all the way down to her back, with split bangs over her forehead and a single strand sticking out from the top, sloping backwards.

The outfit she was wearing consisted of a dark teal nun outfit with light blue accents, a white veil over her head with light blue accents, on her side was a brown satchel slung on her right hip that seem to be holding a Bible inside. She wore a pair of brown boots that had black straps with an X-shaped pattern. She also had a silver cross necklace around her neck

"Yes. Nice to meet you Naruto-san, I've heard a lot about you from Issei-san." Asia replied while bowing to Naruto.

"No need to add the san to my name just call me Naruto or Naruto-nii." Naruto said rubbing the back of his head.

"So what brings you to Japan Asia-chan?" He asked.

"The church transferred me here." Asia replied "Someone should be coming to get me soon." She continued.

"Well you're staying the night here right Asia-chan? Then I'll let the church know you're here." Naruto told her in a way that made sure she knew she had no say in the matter.

"T-thank you v-very much Naruto-san" Asia replied nervously.

"It's OK Asia-chan I'm a very caring guy, Issei show her to the room she'll be staying in." Naruto said with a smile.

"Right away boss." Issei replied walking toward the door by the kitchen.

"This way Asia-chan the boss's living area is huge. Bigger then my living room and bedroom" he said leading her down the hall

"Heh, such a lovely and innocent girl." Naruto said to himself opening the drawer of his desk to take out a pack of Pocky. "Damn you Itachi you just had to get me 'pocked' didn't you." He said thinking back on how Itachi gave him a pack for his birthday.

"BOSS THAT SNAKE IS BACK AND THIS TIME IT HAS A FRIEND TOO!" Came the loud voice of Issei from the room behind the kitchen.

"Coming. It's just a snake you know, nothing to worry about." Naruto replied putting the Pocky in his pocket.

{In Naruto's backyard.}

"Their right there boss." Issei told Naruto pointing at the small flowerbed by the fish pond that was full with all types of fish.

"I can see them Issei." Naruto replied looking straight at the snakes. One of the snakes was pitch black with glowing white eyes.

Naruto could have sworn he heard it hiss at him when he walked into the room, it also seemed to be the same snake that has been following him since last week. Not too far from the black snake was a grass green snake the size of a small rock but the weirdest thing about the snake was its blood red eyes that seem to be judging Naruto from afar.

"They seem harmless so leave them be Issei. I'll take care of Asia for now you have a meeting with Rias right?" Naruto asked.

"Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Buchou did say something about a meeting. I'll be going then! See you later boss bye Asia-chan!" Issei said running down the hall.

"Um Naruto-san is it really ok for Issei-san to just leave like that he said he would take me back to the church later." Asia asked nervously.

"It's fine Asia I've already got someone going to the church to tell them you're here." Naruto told her picking up her bags.

"No need to be nervous around me Asia-chan. I'm not that scary am I?" He asked with a caring smile.

"N-no it just..." Asia relied looking at the ground.

"Asia stop worrying I'm not going to bite or anything. Let's be friends alright?" He told her with a smile.

"Come on let's put your things away."

"Hai Naruto-sa-I mean Naruto-nii." Asia said when she remembered what Naruto told her.

{Later that night.}

Naruto was sitting at his desk writing some ideas down for his next book.

"Naruto-sama it is done" Came the voice of Sakuya out of nowhere.

"Good. Now that Freed is out the away all we need to worry about is..." Was all Naruto said before feeling a powerful entity's presence.

"What is this power!?" he said, a bit in shock.

"N-Naruto-sama…" Was all Sakuya managed to say before passing out.

"Sakuya!? Are you ok!" Naruto said trying to wake her.

"It's no use. Even if she is a high class devil, my power is way beyond her comprehension." Said a young sounding voice from within the darkness.

"Who are you?! Show yourself!" Naruto yelled looking around the room until he saw a shape at the door way. The shape took the form of a young girl with long black hair down going down to her hips and her eyes were grey. Her ears seemed to differ from a normal human's as they had pointed tips.

"Who are you?" Naruto said looking the girl. "This feeling of malice…" Naruto said to himself feeling the hatred the girl was giving off.

"I'm Ophis. And I hate you." the now named Ophis said as a black snake shot forward towards Sakuya.

"What the hell!" Naruto replied stabbing the snake before it could reach Sakuya.

"If you have a problem with me that's fine but leave my friends out of this." he said while transforming into his dragon mode.

"That…That energy... It is just like his." Ophis said trying to hide her hatred.

"I HATE THAT ENERGY!" she screamed as black energy shot out of her body and started to take on a serpentine shape.

"Crap." Was all Naruto said before his study was destroyed in an explosion. "Oh man I'm going to have to fix that later." He said floating in the sky with Sakuya in his arms.

"Stay still so I can kill you." Ophis said throwing three black spears at Naruto.

"No thank you. I happen to like living you see." Naruto replied blocking the spears with Dream Eater

"What's up with all this hatred I've never done anything to you. Hell I never even met you before."

"Maybe you didn't but that damn red dragon did." Ophis replied summoning a hand made of darkness.

"And by killing you it will weaken him that was what he told me." She said as the hand grabbed Naruto making him drop Sakuya and pulled him towards the darkness.

"And it is done." Ophis said to herself as she landed outside the shop and start walking away but not before she saw someone kidnapping Asia "Not my problem." She said as she kept on walking.

{With Naruto.}

"Have I've always been this weak?" Naruto muttered as he felt the darkness slowly suck away his energy

"Even with Great Red's help I can't even keep one friend safe from harm."

"...ILL..." A voice in Naruto head said.

"What was that?" Naruto asked himself looking around only to see gold and green energy start to flow into his body.

"W-what is this this feeling? It's the same as... THAT'S IT! HOW COULD I FORGET?!" He said slapping himself in the forehead.

Closing his eyes Naruto started drawing in natural energy from the world itself.

"K..L.." The voice from before said louder.

"That voice again. Just what is it?" Naruto asked himself as he felt more and more natural energy flowing into him but suddenly stopped when he felt something wrong with it.

"W-what is this…" Naruto grabbed his head in pain.

"KILL..." the voice said much louder than before.

"No… What is going on? So much hatred." Naruto cried out in pain.

"KILL... EVERYTHING!" The voice roared out inside Naruto's head.

"NOOOOOOO!" Naruto cried out as energy shot out from his body as cracks appeared all around him.

{At Kuoh Academy.}

"Koneko what's wrong?" Asked a worried Risa Gremory as she saw her rook hiding under the table shaking like there was a thunderstorm outside.

"S-so much hatred!" Koneko cried out with true fear on her face

"Rias, this is the first time I've seen Koneko truly scared of something." Akeno said standing beside her king.

"Whatever it is I bet it has something to do with this energy we are feeling." she continued as her king nodded in agreement

{Just outside the city}

Waiting outside the city was Vali and Kuroka who seemed to have fallen down and was shaking uncontrollably.

"What's wrong now Kuroka? We do not have time for your games." Vali said looking down at her.

"So much power and hate… Just where is it coming from?!" Kuroka asked looking at Vali. "Do you not feel it Vali? This malice!?"

"Now that you mention it I do have this strange feeling" Vali replied. "But never mind that for now, Ophis is here." Said dragon god was walking towards them.

"Vali, Kuroka let's go my task is done he-" was all she had to say before an explosion of blood shot out of her own shadow.

[Play Unravel Tokyo Ghoul Full]

From the explosion stood what used to be Naruto, but this was not the same Naruto Ophis had just fought. What stood before the three was something that couldn't be called anything else except a monster. The monster had all the scales on its body ripped off by some unknown force.

Instead, where the scales used to be was now diamond hard blood in the shape of claws on both its hands and feet. Its tail now a tail made from blood that seemed to flow. The wings were the same but what really shocked the three were not its looks or the feeling he was giving off but the look in his eyes which were now pure red with no pupils.

"W-what is that thing" Ophis asked in shock.

"What is this feeling...? Is this f-fear?!" She thought.

"That thing is giving off so much malice." Vali said in shock while bringing out Divine Dividing.

"W-what are you doing w-we can't beat that thing we have to run now Vali!" Kuroka cried out looking at Naruto or what used to be him.

"That is the worlds' hatred given form!"

"What!?" Vali and Ophis simultaneously in shock.

"GRRRRRGAAHHHHHHHH" The beast roared ripping up the earth beneath its feet.

{At a bar in Fuyuki City}

"...!" A young woman around the age of twenty wearing biker clothes looked towards Naruto's location.

"Impossible! How has someone gained Rage God Mode!?" She said to herself standing up.

"I better look into this." She put some money on the bar counter to pay for her tab and walked out the door.

{Not far from Naruto and Ophis}

"Well this could be a problem." Said a man wearing a suit with a top hat his glowing yellow eyes watching the beast that just came out of the shadow "If this keep up Dream Eater will be destroyed." he said to Mil who was stood next to him

"Should we jump in and stop him then?" Mil asked.

"Hell no. For one I like living and two I HATE cats." the man in the suit replied.

{Inside the dimensional gap}

"That fool has gone too far" Roared a still tied up Rozalin "Not even I would go that far."

"Quiet now my dear Rose." Gilgamesh said as himself, Yoma and Harribel watched everything unfold in front of them, "To think that damn mongrel could unlock a mode that far surpasses the gods."

"But if he keeps this up his sword will be lost forever Gilgamesh-sama." Harribel said with worry in her voice

"That is where you are wrong, my dear hollow. He will stop before the sword even cracks." Gilgamesh replied.

{Back with Naruto}

"N-no way with just on-" was all Ophis had time to say before Naruto smashed his fist into her face sending her flying.

"OPHIS!" Vali cried as he shot toward Naruto only to be knocked away by Naruto's tail.

"GRRRRAAHHHHHH" Naruto let out another earth shaking roar.

"Poison Mist!" Kuroka said as a purple mist shot out from her hand towards Naruto.

"RRRRRAAAHHHHH" Naruto let out a roar making the mist disappear shocking Kuroka.

"Vali, Kuroka hold him back I am going to use a spell that I've never used before." Ophis called out to the duo.

"You better know what you're doing Ophis…" Vail replied.

He flew towards Naruto, "Divide!"

{Divide!} A voice from Vail wings called out.

"Poison Palm." Kuroka cried out smashing her hand onto Naruto's back,

"Grrrrrrr" Naruto growled turning his head back to stare at Kuroka.

"Naruto-kun!? What happened?! You said you were a sage, how could you fall to the world's malice?!" Kuroka asked in shock upon seeing what her friend has become.

"GRRRRAAAHHHH" Naruto roared as his tail whipped backwards hitting Kuroka, sending her flying backwards and hitting the ground hard.

"Kuroka are you alright?" Vali asked his injured comrade.

"I'm fine Vali but my Poison Palm didn't even faze him." Kuroka replied in pain as she tried to get up "Vali this is the guy I told you about."

"This is the sage you mentioned? So this is why he so strong… Finally a challenge!" Vali said with a smirk. "Looks like I'll have to use Balance Breaker."

With that said his body started to glow white pure white as his Armour started to appear on him.

"GRRRRR" Naruto growled as he flapped his blood like wings.

"Come on show me your power SAGE!" Vali roared flying towards Naruto once again.

"GRRRRRAHHHHHH" Naruto roared back as he shot toward Vali.

"Ophis are you almost done? I don't think Vali can hold out much longer even with his Balance Breaker." Kuroka asked Ophis who had both her hands together.

"Yes, tell Vali to get out the way now." Ophis replied as she pulled her hands apart to reveal a small black ball "Thank you Hagoromo for showing me this spell." she said to herself.

"Vali get out the way!" Kuroka yelled to her friend, "Ophis is done with the spell!"

"She took her sweet time." Vali replied as he was kicked by Naruto into the earth "Ophis now!" He cried out.

"Planetary Devastation!" Ophis said as the black ball shot towards Naruto hitting him in the stomach. As the ball hit Naruto the earth beneath started to crumble and float upwards towards Naruto and this kept on going until a miniature moon was made.

"Wow Ophis did you just make a moon!? What type of spell was that?" Kuroka surprised to say the least.

"It was a spell an old friend showed me long ago that I am planning to use on Great Red. Come now, we better get out of here before the devils show up." Ophis replied walking away.

"Do you think he's still alive in there Vali?" Kuroka asked with worry in her voice

"I'm sure he's fine Kuroka. He was able to land a hit on Ophis and take us both on with no problem after all. And we are by no means weaklings." Vali replied walking past her.

"*Sigh*I guess you're right." Kuroko then said with a smile,

"I'll see you again soon my lovable sage."

{An hour later}

"Whoever did this better hope I never find them, it was a pain to keep this thing cloaked and then there this whole Asia thing with Issei." A very unhappy Rias complained to her queen and rook.

"True but do not forget that the fallen angels also attacked Naruto-kun's house so I can understand why he was so angry but what worries me is that we couldn't find any bodies." Akeno said as they got closer to the small moon.

"My, that certainly is a massive thing." She commented while Koneko picked up a rock and lobbed it at the small moon only for it to float around it.

"…It has its own gravity…" Koneko said quietly as usual, a far cry from her panicked state just a few hours ago.

"...I also feel a faint energy coming from within it…"

"Hmmm could it be someone is in there?" Rias asked herself.

"Koneko smash an opening please." She requested her rook as if asking her to just open a door instead of punching a miniature moon that has its own gravity apart with her fists.

"Hai Buchou." Koneko replied without even blinking an eye and jumped towards the moon to punch it.

Koneko's fist connected with the surface of the small moon, causing some cracks and dents to show on the surface. Koneko repeated the process about a dozen times causing more and more cracks to appear until a part of the mini moon finally crumbled.

Koneko took a look and found something shocking inside.

"What did you find Koneko?" Rias called out to her rook.

"...Naruto-san covered in blooded…" Koneko replied pulling out a heavily bleeding Naruto who was holding a cracked sword in his hand

"NARUTO-KUN?!" both girls yelled out at the same time as Koneko carefully carried and laid him on the ground.

"What happened to his sword…?" Mused Akeno as she saw the state of Naruto's sword before being interrupted by Rias.

"Never mind that now, the question on my mind is what the hell happened to him?"

"Can we save him Buchou...? He's lost a lot of blood…" Koneko asked with worry clear in her eyes and voice.

"You gotten really attached to him huh Koneko-chan?" Akeno said looking at her. This was the first time she's seen Koneko get attached to someone outside their own group.

Rias thought for a moment before replying,

"Hmm maybe, hopefully this will work." Rias said pulling out a glowing chess piece.

"You're going to use the gift your brother gave you?" Akeno asked at seeing the Devil Piece.

"Yes. He told me to use it when the time was right. Besides, you've seen what Naruto-kun can do."

Koneko nodded in agreement as she thought about the power she saw Naruto wield.

"With him in my peerage there's no way that man can win." Rias carried on.

"I'm afraid that's where you're wrong Buchou… Naruto-kun's energy is much lower then when I first met him." Akeno told Rias while shaking her head.

"What do you mean Akeno?" Rias asked worriedly.

"What i mean is that when I first met Naruto-kun his energy was like the sea, vast and endless but now it feels like his energy would barely fill a pond." Akeno explained.

"It doesn't matter. I am not going let the first person outside my group to see me as who I am die!"

"I Rias Gremory command thou Naruto Uzumaki to rise and live your new life as a devil." As the words left her mouth the body of Naruto started to glow a blinding bright red.

After a few moments, the light started to gradually die down and the three girls saw that the chest piece was gone. Naruto stopped bleeding but something was wrong.

"Did it work?" Koneko asked in confusion.

"It… It did but for some reason he did not turn into a devil... I better tell onii-sama about this."

"We'll take him back to the club room first since we can't really take him back to his house now that a huge part of it is gone."

Akeno and Koneko nodded. Rias turned towards the mini moon, her hands glowing with the Destruction Power of the Gremony.

"And now to take care of this…" A couple of minutes later, thanks to her powers, the mini moon was no more.

The three started making their way back to the club room after they made sure no trace of the battle that happened remained.

"You know Sona will want to know what happen right" Akeno said as she carefully carried the broken Dream Eater.

"I know, I'll inform her as soon as we get back." Rias replied as Koneko looked at Naruto with worried eyes.

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The reason Naruto turned back to normal was because the gravity inside the small moon was so strong he could not move and while it gave him time to calm down the sheer power from using Senjutsu was so strong it was ripping his body apart like how the Nine Tails' did before he mastered it.

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1) Is Naruto apart of Rias peerage?

Answer: NO. He is not nor ever going to be a part of her peerage.

2) Is Naruto a devil now?

Answer: NO. The only thing Rias did to him was save him from death by giving him a little life force and that's it.

3) Why depower Naruto?

Answer: Because Naruto will be getting a huge power boost in the Saber Arc.