Yeah I know it's another story, but oh well.


She woke up again, and the day was no surprise. She wanted to cry again. But she learned that crying wouldn't give her sympathy to the god she once thought was magnificent. She still loves him, but how could she not be angry for letting her suffer during the possession. She was good; she followed every commandment, every single day she prayed, asked for forgiveness, thanked God for everything she had even though she had very little, and forgave all the people who hurt her in the past. She in no way ever thought of having her revenge. And there were a lot of people who had hurt her deeply.

"I'm sorry monsignor. I'm tired of fighting." She cried. As she looked up at him, she had made a decision that had been set aside many times. But now it wasn't a choice. It had to be done. "I want to let go." She felt freedom was closer and closer. It hurt but she knew it had to be done. She knew every dark secret, and she couldn't live with them. So she decided to die with them.

Her eyes were open, and she saw the angel of death. Relieved that this nightmare was finally over. "Take me," Her last words she ever said while her soul was still in her body.

"I'll take both of you,"

Mary Eunice was finally able to move on, knowing that the devil will finally go back to hell. And she to heaven.

But that didn't happen. She instead had to relive the first day over and over. She finally gave up and let the day go by, doing the same thing every day. Except the small things she accidently missed in the beginning. She didn't forget to knock the last time. But she did forget to 'find' Sister Jude when Lana arrived. This Time, she'll do everything right, and maybe this time she could move on.

Dressing up for what seemed for the hundredth time for the same day, and doing the same things she did before all this, brushing her hair, teeth, showering, and washing her face. She felt ready. Wearing her habit, she felt like she was wearing a lie. She didn't feel as comfortable wearing it, as she was before.

"Good morning sister Jude."

"Good morning. Today, a reporter will be here for the bakery. When she is here, come find me first, and then let her in. You got that,"

"Yes sister." Having to follow the same order every day was boring. And she felt even more stupid at how simple Sister Jude's order was.

"And if I ever hear you call yourself stupid again, I'll cane you bloody."

Those were the words she said to her when she wanted her punishment. The original day, she called it. But her memory was so strong, any similar words would pull her right back to her last months alive.

If she was stupid enough, she'd do the same exact mistakes. In some points, she decided to do them anyway, out of boredom. Or after she had lost hope of ever getting out, that's when she decided to just play along, then change some things along the way.

It was morning, and usually, without her boss knowing, she would go out into the woods, and pick up her basket that had been once filled with unknown meats. Well, now she knows. She decided after several days of spending the same day, that she should just do as she had done once. Collect and ignore.

Swinging her basket back and forth, almost dragging them, she realized she was running late yet again to fetch the lady reporter. Who will probably experience a nightmare soon. Or never, if she can't get out of this first day.

And as she predicted (cruel joke) Lana was there, with pepper. Pepper, like her was a victim. Because of how she looked, she was judge, when Mary was only judged because of what she was, weak. If the devil knew, she knew. So, Mary of course knows Pepper was blamed for her sister's baby's death.

"Pepper! Leave the lady alone,"

"Oh, it's fine. She was only trying to make friends. It was harmless," Lana smiled politely, smelling the white rose pepper had found outside.

Mary couldn't possibly pretend Pepper was the harmful one.

She smiled and nodded instead. "Will you follow me inside? Miss?" Lana was once again lost in the amazing scene before her. She looked afraid, and nervous.

"Sister Jude calls this her 'stair way to heaven,'" She said again. She was getting sick of retelling her words over and over, so her excitement of the little stairs was gone. Instead it was a tone of 'as a matter of fact.'

When she first opened her eyes to the day or should she say re-day, coming back to Briarcliff, and reliving her nightmare all over again, was so shocking, she nearly lost it, and almost got herself into Briarcliff. With every bone in her body shaking with fear, every time she glanced at the stairs. This was where her death will be, and this place will be the place she'll be in possession by the devil himself…or herself.

She'll never forget her experience. Ever. But now, she had to get over it, because it would happen sooner or later. And it would be better sooner, than later.

"Stay here, I'll make sure Sister Jude is ready for the interview, Miss…"

"Oh I'm sorry, I'm quite nervous, I forgot how to introduce myself," She gave out a small nervous laugh. "Lana Winters." She held out a hand, and they shook hands.

"Sister Mary Eunice," She usually didn't have to introduce herself to Lana, sometimes she didn't have to. But living out the same day, with different possibilities, she didn't really count how many times they actually did. "I'll be right back to get her." She smiled.

Mary Eunice stopped for awhile, cleaning her habit with her hands, before she knocked. Before this day, she had told herself many times before getting to the door, to knock. 'Knock, knock, knock. Don't forget to knock.' Getting nervous every time she got closer. But this time, she didn't have to.

She knocked, and she heard the razor cutting the side of Shelly's hair. Oh how she feels bad for Shelly. It was her fault. It really was. If the devil hadn't…that's something she doesn't ever want to relive ever again. But all though he did reject her, she just felt ashamed. If it weren't for his background, and his sadistic ways, she would have thanked him for not taking the bait.

Dr. Arden. That was someone she hadn't thought about all day. She doesn't know what to think of him anymore. He was there with her through the very end, making sure the devil didn't harm her, but the things he did for the devil to keep her safe made her feel guilty. This man had feelings for her. She knew that for sure, but when the time comes, what will she do? Stop him? Figure him out before Jude will? Or thank him, and save him before he could do more damage.

Her thoughts about that will have to come back later, when it does, she'll probably be ready. Because there are bigger things to worry about. Like how to get away from the devil when this day decides to move on.

"Who is it?" Sister Mary Eunice turned the knob and came in.

"The Lady reporter, Ms. Winters is here." She said. Judy Martin. The one who had a secret. The one who punished her for her sins, when in reality, she was the sinner. The greater sinner who punished those who sinned less than her. Now she really was a whore. Mary jumped at the name. 'I don't mean that,' she felt guilty calling Jude that. After all, she did try to save her from the devil, and she was the first one to find out she was possessed. But after finding out her past, she really didn't care for judging her. But then again, the devil did put her through hell on earth.

"Very well then. Send her on in." She said, as she was cleaning off Shelly. "And take Shelly to the common room, make them see her new look,"

"You think I feel ashamed for what I've done now sister? You can…" Her words went through Mary's ear, and out the other. Re-watching this really sucked. "Come on now Shelly."

Shelly Followed Mary down the stairs and Mary signaled Lana to go right ahead. "It's the door right in front." Mary smile politely. Lana nodded. Questioning the woman behind the young nun. She didn't want to know.

In the common room, she let Shelly go free. Moments later she would have Frank McCann tell her about Kit. She decided to walk back to Jude's office and tell her without him telling her. But her spotted her anyway.

"Where is Sister Jude?"

"Let me guess, Kit Walker is here?"

"How did you—,"

"Lucky guess." And then there were her victims. Killing Frank McCann was something she'll regret for the rest of her life. She wasn't the one who killed him, but it was her body. It was her face he had seen last. "I'm sorry," That's what she told him the first time she saw him alive. But it was more like "Please forgive me for what I have done! I'm sorry, it wasn't me who killed you, it was the devil," Carl had to drag her to Dr. Arden's office. The third time she acted out that day.

She knocked again. "Sister Jude," She said as she opened the door. Sister Jude excused herself, and came out of the office. "The man is here." She said, only making three seconds of their conversation.

Mary Eunice couldn't face Kit's face. She was ashamed for not being able to help him, and watching him go into Briarcliff, AKA hell no. 2, she felt guilt climbing through every bone in her body.

Willie. Now that's someone who was actually too late to save. Willie was fed to the creatures who lived in the woods. And thinking about that, made her cry easily. And she remembered the feeling she got when she was in elementary. The feeling to cry, when something was wrong, and when someone asks you what was wrong, you start to cry, it happens so easily when Jude walks to Mary asking her why she's collecting Willie's checkers.

"Sister, what's wrong." And then the waterfalls.

"Willie's gone. Dr. Arden had him taken to his wing," She took another breath. Sobbing was what she was getting good at.

"Willie? Why wasn't I informed?!"

"It was an emergency, Sister." She betrayed Arden at some point. Told Sister Jude about the creatures, and how she 'thinks' he feeds them with patients who have no homes or family.

That was a mistake she never wants to go over again.

"What are you talking about?!"

"He's been begging me not to tell you but I can't take it anymore!"

She marched out there with some guards to see what creatures, but unfortunately, they saw them first, Jude was killed. Because of her big mouth, several guards and Sister Jude were dinner.

So she learned to never go to that path again. Betraying Arthur was a no no.

Sister Jude charged out of the room, and racing to Arthur's office.

If she did pass this day, what exactly would happen, would she wake up in heaven?

"Sister, is there something wrong?" Dr. Arden asked the young sister. It was almost dark, and the time to sleep was near. If she were to sleep, she was to replay this whole stupid day again. This is a question he always asked, but before all this, he would give that smile that he somehow managed not to make it creepy, and politely asked how her day was. She would say everything was fine, and he would get closer to her and look her in the eyes. She was always oblivious to his actions, but this time, she sees everything. She grew tired of everything now.

She ignored his question as always, "Do you here that? The creatures are getting hungrier."

She wanted to laugh. This should be a joke.

He didn't see her struggle of keeping from laughing. He looked out at the window where the creatures were. "They'll need some meat,"

The hard part of the day, was the last part of the day. She sighed. Walking slowly towards the creatures. She was still afraid of them, but not as much as the first few tries. Now that she knew what they were, she wasn't so afraid anymore. The hard part of this, is whether to have Lana talk her into going in the asylum, or whether she should blackmail her back since she knows of Lana's lesbi-honest secret.

She ran, as she always did, as soon as she placed the buckets down. Lana Banana didn't scare her anymore.

"Why are you in such a hurry sister? Why are you out so late at night?"

She decided to save her.

"Sometimes I sleep walk." With many practices, she finally figured out which lie worked best. Since she learned how to lie, Lana believed her. But she knew it wouldn't stop her from asking more questions.

"Oh, really? How did you get past the security guard?"

"How should I know, I was sleeping." That was a trick question. She failed the last time.

Lana nodded. Now it was time for the second question, "And why were you running?"

"Wouldn't you be afraid, if you woke up in the middle of the night outside of your room?!" Failed twice with that one.

Lana raised an eyebrow, crossing her arms.

"The real question here is, what are you doing here out in the woods?" It was Lana's turn to answer, but she was the one sweating now.

"You know why I'm here."

Mary Eunice grabbed her by the arm, and dragged her to Sister Jude's office, the night guard waited with Lana while Mary fetched Jude.

A man of police came and took Lana back home with a warning.

"Sister, I'm proud of you. But, why were you outside in the first place?" Mary didn't hesitate this time.

"I know reporters like her Sister, I knew she'd be back," Jude smiled, proud of her little protégé's success after all the hard work of teaching her. "You'll get your reward in the morning."

Mary sighed, as soon as Jude left. Another day of this day. She'll never know what her reward will be. Probably cake.

Morning came again. Jude's order came again. Running back to tell Jude of Kit's arrival came again.

"Sister Jude, they said to tell you the bad man is here." She whispered. She didn't know why she did, when they were both clear of the lady reporter…Lana banana.

Everyone was out of place, Dr. Arden gave a small smile to Mary when they were to greet the new patient. More reporters were outside, taking pictures, interviewing other nuns about the man.

"I can't take much more of this," She thought. She backed away a bit, and forgot Dr. Arden was behind her. "Sorry doctor."

She said, "It's all right Sister. Don't be afraid, that's why I'm here," He gave her another smile. She was distracted for just a little, and she didn't realize they had taken Kit out already, until she turned around. He glanced at Lana winters.

It had been awhile since she really looked at him, but she never forgot his reaction. He was angry and afraid.

But that wasn't what he had in his eyes. This time it was different. When he looked up at her, he looked exactly how she looked. Tired. When she realized the difference, her expression changed to full curiosity. And so did he. He was surprised by her reaction, and vice versa.

He was different too! And this might mean that he was going through the same thing. That she was probably not the only one. They never crossed paths at all in this day, so it is a possibility.

This made him stop, and he used all his strength to focus on the odd one out. The young Jude. Sister Mary Eunice McKee.

The guards were now struggling to push him.

"He's trapped too."

I had to borrow some of the dialogue from the episode. But basically, I'm going through every episode, having Mary and yes, Kit too, go through this horror, not once or twice, but many times, until they get the day, or days right.